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  1. ProbeGst

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    If it's a stupid question.
    What happend after System Failure?
    you get a Motion Sensor
    and more?
    LVL 80 Tauren?
    It wil get a ranged splash?
    Mind Controle?
    ReConstruct?(choose character of your choice when they die you will be same level)
  2. ArcturusV

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    System Failure used to give a Predator Reactive Armor. However that was deemed too overpowered as it allowed the Predator to tank the Queen. So it was removed.

    It should give you extra Karma however. As I recall games where I usually reached level 10/11 with a Predator I would end up with something like +8 Karma for it.
  3. Kith
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    The RA bonus was fine. It was removed because of the pet leveling fiasco and never replaced once it was adjusted to something a bit less retarded. The only players that would be getting the bonuses would be the ones killing themselves off at the very beginning of the game, and even though it would be easy sailing from there on out, there's really no difference between an overleveled predator and a T3 Protection Assault with RA and Crowbar other than the Pred player getting no experience because they're fucking dead.
  4. Arturia

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    From what I Observes, This is what the standard Predator's Leveling Looks like:
    5% Increased Health
    30% Increased Shields.
    10% Increased Max Energy.
    (Not sure about Regeneration of Energy & Health)

    It appears to be likely this is the same for all units. The buffs stack with itself. EX:Lets say you level up 10 times.
    It would have B * 1.05^10 where B is the base Health. (488 for normal Predators)

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