Pets And Extra Lives

Discussion in 'NOTD 2 Discussion' started by Kith, Dec 27, 2016.

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    Long story short, Pets are getting cut. In their place, players will receive one additional Extra Life.

    Pets were a legacy item from NOTD, which in turn was a legacy item from NOTD: Aftermath. In Aftermath they were intended to hold the player's attention until such time that reinforcements arrived, and in NOTD they were more or less there to encourage people to stick around.

    The problem is that pets further complicate an already complicated system and add a great deal of additional work for not a lot of reward. I know that you folks enjoyed customizing your pet model, but NOTD 2 will already have a ton of customization as-is with armor pieces, camo patterns, custom paintjobs, and weapon shenanigans.

    The upside is that pets aren't going completely down the drain. The currently implemented and planned portions of Pets are going to be re-used for a character class, so for those of you who enjoy running around as a little robot buddy, you'll still be able to do that.

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