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Discussion in 'NOTD 2 Discussion' started by Kith, May 27, 2015.

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    Testing has revealed to me that the Parasite enemy type needs updates, so here's some stuff.

    • The Infestor gains a cloak on spawn that lasts for 4 minutes on Normal and 8 on Nightmare, taking damage disengages the cloak early (this is to cause early Infestor kills to require more effort)
    • Parasites no longer have a lower than normal threat rating
    • Parasites are no longer invulnerable to weapon splash damage
    • Parasite Mounds only spawn 2 Parasites at a time
    • Parasite Mutations (Crab, Tick, et al) are only available on Nightmare Mode
    • Parasite type enemies, when spawned, attack-move towards the players - they are not part of the Ambient or Horde AI (this is to aid players in locating the Parasite Mounds and also to prevent them from clogging up the map)
    • On Normal Difficulty, Walker Type enemies have a 20% chance to spawn a Parasite on death and Heavy Type enemies have a 40% chance to spawn two
    • On Nightmare Difficulty, these chances are increased to 30% and 60% and the Parasites in question can be mutated
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  2. Blaqk
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    Only concern would be the spawn chance from walkers, but that's as simple as "wait and see". Overall, "am fine".

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