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    This is my Alpha Company fanfic, please leave any constructive criticism for me, it'd be much obliged.

    Pvt . James Small - Rifleman
    Dr. Joanna Hayes- Medic
    Cpl. Mike 'Flamey' Smith - Flamer
    Pvt. Charlie Fawbert - Recon
    SSG. Austin Hunt - Marksman
    Lt.Carl Grana - ForwardObserver
    Cpt. Stephen Voy - Commando
    Eng. Jim Lamond - Engineer

    Backstory for characters:
    James Small was born in Texas, always wanted to join the UGC from when he was a boy. His first mission was with Alpha Company, and he hoped to see his cousin whilst up on the moon.

    Joanna Hayes was always planning to be a combat nurse ever since her father got his legs blown off whilst working as a Mechanic. He died of bloodloss because nobody could save him.

    Mike Smith was thrown in prison for Arson and Mass Manslaughter after he set alight to an office block. He is a massive Pyromaniac and had to go through a lot of Psychiatric tests to become a Flamethrower. He is also a firm believer in religion.

    Charlie Fawbert was a runner as a kid, and wanted a career in long distance. He was denied that but was offered a place at the UGC Reconnaissance Academy, he was deployed in a few missions before the crisis.

    Austin Hunt was a sharp eye and was spotted at a rifle shooting competition. He was deployed at multiple rebellion quells before Apollo.

    Carl Grana was a UGC success story. Effectively born into the military, he rose through the ranks to become a Forward Observer and have the command to barrage and bring down extra troops.

    Stephen Voy is one of the best soldiers the UGC has, earning him Commando status. He is the leader of Alpha Squad.

    Jim Lamond was always interested in how things work, ending up as an Engineer. He was assigned to Alpha Company as a support, along with his trusty bot he nicknamed 'Graham'.


    Chapter One: The Arrival.

    The dropship eased it's way onto the landing pad. It spluttered to a stop and Lamond shut down the systems, looking out the windows. The sight horrified them. Colonists lay dead on the floor, gored open. Cpt Voy lead them out, weapons ready. The company made their way into the starport. More dead bodies awaited them. "Dear God.." Dr Hayes muttered under baited breath.

    Suddenly, a large pack of giant spider like creatures unburrowed from the ground and charged towards Alpha Company. "Engage!!" Cried out Voy. Smith rushed forwards, unleashing his arson suit, laughing manically as he did so. SSG Hunt fired monofilament rounds into the crowd, decimating them. The marines noticed smaller, humanoid zombies lumbering through the group. They fired upon them nonetheless.
    "Granna here, scramble all mobile infantry. Drop when possible." The Forward Observer said into his comms. 
    Suddenly a large elephantlike creature with massive talons swathed through the crowd. Fawbert used his built in Laser Targeter, marking all the weakspots in its massive frame. Pvt. Small fired a single shot into its brain and it fell dead. Slowly the crowds thinned and a single drop-pod fell from the sky. A marine emerged and ran over to the Forward Observer.

    "Stop fire, friendly, friendly!!" A voice called. The Marines heard running footsteps and a group of men, lead by one man, rushed into the Starport. "We're the remnants of the Security Team. We've got Corpsmen trapped in the armoury, but the hordes are too thick." Cpt Voy stepped forward. "Alpha Company, lead the way." Pvt. Small stepped forward. "Sir, what the fuck are these things?" Sheng grimaced. "Zombies. What's left of the colonies." The group fell silent as they made their way out of the Starport, northwards.

    That's all I've managed to get around to doing, I'll be releasing a chapter a week :)
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    replace with cease. you don't say stop fire. it's stop firing, cease fire/ing, or hold fire.

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