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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by stanK, Oct 29, 2017.

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    Tested extensively with active playerbase, this change adds long awaited difficulty boost for teams of players that consider this game "too easy".

    Players 1-2 can type -ob or -outbreak during the first 20 seconds of character selection to activate the mode. A message is displayed and [outbreak] should appear in -sq on successful activation.

    After about 6 minutes, numerous dangerous enemies start spawning around team every few minutes. The "waves" are randomized, their size increases over time.

    Waves aren't composed of weak enemies, that would allow for easy leveling. Players will have to fight early ones under-leveled.

    There are NO REWARDS, no medals, no tracking of any kind for outbreak for now.

    While EC, AC and survival are pretty straight forward, Sec mode will require some creativity to beat, strong coordination and communication over discord/teamspeak helps a lot.
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    Will also add that this is NOT hell mode, and has nothing to do with it.

    This is a mode that was born out of my tweaking and messing around with what made AC hard, upgraded to make it even worse, and made available for all modes as a switch, like -nc.

    I don't envision -ob becoming a common mode, cos it takes a team of 7-8 players who know the game well. It is a mode tuned for players with a mindset for challenge and teamwork, and they will enjoy it most in heavily coordinated games.
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    Let the fail-train commence.
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    And the last addition, if I made myself sound like an arrogant asshole who takes all the credit again, it's cos I am an arrogant asshole :D

    There was a LOT of feedback and play testing involved from multiple members of the community. Thank you for seeing it through and pushing for this mode.

    I really did not make a mode designed for team play, without a team first.

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