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    Yuey Warden

    So I was bored again at work and decided to whip this up for the heck of it. OSOK damage calculations in easy Excel form to be editted however you see fit. Credit all to the Wiki and Thermidor for all the numbers I needed. Formulas are done by myself and as such, not necessarily 100% accurate as I don't know how all damage modifications are coded into the game and what interacts with OSOK and what doesn't. I am also uncertain if the mods amplify that 1.2%/1.5% boss HP damage or not. As it is, I assume that it is not amplified although its an easy fix if it is. I also assumed that it is based off current and not maximum health. (Yeah I made a lot of assumptions, I haven't kept up with every changelog for MM >_>)

    This is a slap dash job of 1 hour followed by a quick 30 minute editting session for any errors that I could catch so there could still be mistakes.

    I don't have Inception among the buffs because it just isn't (read: I'm a lazy ass and don't want to calculate the relative DPS increase that Inception gives over its time period since this calculates for long periods of time and sustained boss fights.)
    I don't have HE ammo in the ammo mod buffs (really? give that HE to someone who can use it better)
    Armor reduction isn't accounted for. (Is OSOK even reduced by armor?)
    The calculations assume a vacuum in which only the MM is OSOK-ing the boss and nothing else is hurting it. (You know, like every NM game ever.)

    Other notes:
    I left the effect of crit in in case someone wants to compare the previous version of OSOK when crit was in AMM instead of concentration. Damage amplification is 1.5x. If you want to test even older versions, simply change the value beside Crit and Perception to 1 for the 2x crit amplification.
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    OSOK's percentage damage is un-buffable, and factors current health, not maximum. That was one of the major sticking points about the Marksman Solution, because anything else made the Assassination Marksman too powerful.
  3. Yuey
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    Yuey Warden

    Yeah, I was following that thread on and off, wasn't sure if everything in there was implemented. For one, I didn't even realize the cooldown was at 2 instead of 3 until I actually went over the changelog for recent changes I missed. In that case, every formula should be correct baring factual mistakes on numbers from the wiki and/or random typos I missed.

    Also, do tell if I missed any damage buffs that affect OSOK. Targetting Array was pretty much stuffed in at the last minute when I remembered it.

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