Original Gravity gun and Shiva spawn times?

Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by stanK, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. stanK

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    Hello guys,

    I need some information from any members of this forum that played when gravity gun and Shiva were around.

    Do you remember when ggun/shiva dropped in game?
    Did kenny drop them?
    Did they drop in every campaign?
    Did they drop on every difficulty?
    Did they drop late or early?
  2. Stereo
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    Stereo Paper Boy

    Ramirez had a very rare chance to drop Shiva, but not Grav Gun.

    Seth I am pretty sure did not drop either.

    Grav Gun dropped in EC, even in Recruit. The Wiki says it cannot spawn in Survival, but it was more than likely present in AC and Sec. In EC Rec I know it was always available in Ch3, but I can't recall if it dropped during Ch2.

    EC Recruit had it, so I think it is safe to assume it could drop in all difficulties.
  3. Silvercrysta

    Silvercrysta New Member

    as far as I can remember the original Shiva and GG could spawn in any mode and difficulty (GG may not have been in Survival)

    I think worked a bit like the L3 in that you had to A click to fire it but it wasn't hampered by vision
    I would say the area of affect from the epicenter would be the entire screen and maybe half a screen up/down and what ever that works out wide
    The damage was a constant drain to the hp of anything in its area of effect, kind of like PO's storm only way more damaging. (I can't recall if it gave a venom effect)
    I could be wrong on the time but I believe it lasted 1 min -3 min
    From what I remember in like 100 games it appeared once after Mutas and once before Tart EC Recruit, and only 2 times for queen (so 4/100 and we used to scour the map back then). It may have been random weather Sting or Shiva would drop. (in that same time I believe we had sting in 46/100)
    For some reason I believe it was reusable but each shot took and entire mag and around 1 min to reload (no gold reloading)
    The above is simply what I remember having only seen it 4 times (in which we were near instantly TK'ed) and held/fired it once.

    The Gravity Gun was something I saw a lot more of.
    It could appear even at the start (though rare), it was capable of grabbing any entity (player, enemy, item)
    I believe it had a toggle-able button (or it may have been 2 different buttons) which changed your A-click from "pull" to "push" which meant the player had to pay attention to pull in and throw out what ever they were using. (this is one of the things I don't recall 100%)
    Any enemy picked up by the GG could still be attacked and killed,
    when you threw something it caused a stun affect to what you threw and anything in a small area around the impact site.
    I think it had a push (like the PO) like affect if you threw something through a group of enemies they would be knocked back a bit and stunned
    The Stun was roughly 1-2 seconds
    Range of Grab and Throw of the GG was probably about the same size as the M-45 or maybe a little large though I believe it was less then the Bar
    To grab something you had to see it, but you could throw at areas you couldn't see. Which I will admit let people get to some out of bounds places or enter some places early.

    That's about all I can recall at the moment.
  4. Stereo
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    Stereo Paper Boy

    How they work wasn't what Stank was asking, but rather when they could spawn in the drop pool and what possible spawning conditions could be met for them (like Kenny).
  5. Silvercrysta

    Silvercrysta New Member

    and he had asked about functionality in discord, I was merely putting word to text
  6. stanK

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    Yep, I asked about spawn times, but ty for the detailed info. It fits quite well with what we have.

    I found some info about Shiva that may or may not be accurate. My guess is it may have been changed over the years.

    Kenny had 1 in 250 chance to drop.
    1 in 10 chance to drop in non-recruit EC chapter 3
    AC chapter 3
    Sec-a and Sec-b chapter 3
    Start of survival.
  7. Stereo
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    This looks accurate.

    Also Gravity Gun had an energy cost to use and fire.
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  8. VickHead
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    Better late than never... We definitely had grav gun in AC by cronus, I remember stacking the squishies and minis on the high ground with it when the lasers couldnt hit up there so they wouldn't wipe... Yes, people used to try to save the minis instead of murdering them in the first few minutes.
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