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    It is stated that Barrett M112 is a suitable weapon against Erebos on higher difficulty.

    I would like to ask given that Barrett M112 is effective against massive armored and Erebos is light psionic Heroic unit.

    I would say that M112, compared with M45, the DPS output is a very poor tradeoff.

    2 rounds of M45 vs 1 round of M112. Simple mathematics. exclude buff as well

    M45: 50 Base + 25 vs Light = 75 dps per 1.4 sec.

    M112: 135 base DPS per 2.3 sec.

    Wouldnt it be fair to say that the wikipedia should change the write up?:)
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    Whose adding bullshit again?

    Also, it's a Wikia, not a Wikipedia.

    Woohoo, Page locked out to Anons, hate having to do that.
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