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Discussion in 'NOTD 2 Discussion' started by stanK, May 28, 2016.

  1. stanK

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    Hey guys!

    Betcha thought notd2 is completely forgotten haven't you? A few days back me and elCapitane hosted some pub games, so time for another batch of feedback.

    1) Lobbies take a LONG time to host. If you think notd1 private game lobbies that last 20 minutes are long, then compare that to at least 30-40 minute long NOTD2 pub lobbies. Unlike usual newbies we were persistent -- we stayed in lobby, watching as players come and go, until we finally got to a playable state.

    2) When we got into the game, dRyRain used a crowbar to wipe half of the team. They rage-quit, and the lobby process started all over. After another 30 minutes I gave up hosting.

    3) The next day created another lobby, waited "just" 30 minutes, nobody TKed cos I ninjad crowbar first. Was demo tank, captain was medic. Team moved out of starting area, and split up. Some rambos ran straight to civs, while others went in opposite direction. Team further split when civs needed rescue. Banetrains wiped half team, remake.

    4) Roughly half the players joined the remake, after waiting for few new faces we started. Went demo + med again. Ninjad crowbar. Told the noobs to stick fucking close. Told the noobs to pay attention to hard-to-see map markers and objectives. Told the noobs to press "b" to use talents that they had no idea about. Successfully got to civs. It was a "holdout" variation, and just as enemies started appearing -- crazy lag turned the game into a slideshow. Watched as team with 2 assaults and a recon was completely helpless against swarms as they were chewing at my fat demo ass. Wipe. Remake.

    5) Core players remained, while others dumped the game for something better. Again waited for few new faces. Assigned classes -- whole team went assault DPS, with 1 medic to help out. Ninjad crowbar. Told new teammates to stay close AGAIN. Told the noobs to pay attention to hard-to-see map markers AGAIN. Told the noobs to press "b" to use talents that they had no idea about AGAIN. Successfully got to civs, holdout variation. Laged as hell when a banetrain started pouring in, but since I taken precautions -- team had fucking firepower. Wiped the floor with those banes, lag settled down and we moved out to armory. Took shotguns, flamers. Then we set out to move comm arrays as a single blob of assaults. Assaults are slow, had to stop when 2 teammates couldn't catch up. Got only 4 arrays done, fail. Proceeded to reactor. Melted the boss along with some banetrains. Proceeded to lab, making a small detour to get lasers. Once the lab was done and we were about to exit -- another SLIDESHOW LAG. Much worse than the usual -- impossible to move. After camping for a while and killing some banetrains lag subsided. Moved out of lab as a team, everyone sticked close. Boss appeared and another unplayable lag hit -- team wipe to boss on one side and banetrain on other. Remake.

    6) Repeated the whole thing again as in 5th step, but didn't move out of lab. Stayed in chokepoint. Tank dropped in front of us. Boss came, along with huge swarm behind it -- no idea how big exactly cos it was 3-4 FPS at that point. Tank was melted and enemies attacked team -- assaults who lost lives jumped behind teammates that had them. After a while we managed to kill the boss with only 1 casualty.


    What can I say...
    1) Crowbar should not be used to Tk team in 1st minute of the game after 40 minute lobby.
    2) Banetrains should not force team to pick all assaults just to handle it.
    3) Banetrains should not cause unplayable lag. Seriously, who cares about a game that plays at 4-5 FPS every holdout?
    4) Things like "stay close" and "assign talents" shouldn't be explained by anyone except the game.
    5) If players need to go somewhere it should be crystal clear to them where that is.

    So does anyone on development team wants to focus on "important" things like:
    Bubbles instead of models?
    Dumb camera panning when someone gets starting area ammo/meds late game?
    Not working skills like charge?
    Not working guns like hmg?
    Just minor annoyances in comparison to a broken game. No pubers will play unless the basic issues are fixed first. Working on similar things Is like designing a nice leather seat for a car that lacks wheels and engine.
  2. Drunk

    Drunk Well-Known Member

    Also been a while since the last update post. Not that I'm rushing you devs, but you guys gonna keep up with the updates if you're trying to convince us the game is still alive.
  3. Stereo
    • Development Team

    Stereo Paper Boy

    We're alive, and I hope all of us are well.

    Kith or AP can comment later and correct any of my mistakes, or clarify things where I don't understand them, but here is the situation as I currently understand it.

    For a bit now we've been trying to get someone to do the mule coding because AP isn't in a position where he can. He still works on NOTD2 stuff, but to what degree I really am not able to make a comment on it.

    At first, I tried to get one of the wizards from UAC to come and help. Kithrixx was receptive to the idea, Ability gave the a-okay, and RPS was all set to get started. However, nothing ever happened once everything was set up. I don't really know why RPS didn't get started, but I can't exactly ask him right now. He's also been MIA for a few weeks now, but the general consensus is that he is on a vacation right now.

    After RPS, it was Bounty (maker of Doodad Hunt and Haunted Forest). While that looked promising, it ended up not panning out for reasons that I will not discuss.

    After Bounty was taken off, Kithrixx looked to grab another guy named FunkyUserName (maker of The Rising Dead). He'd been interested in joining the project for a while, but was unable to. Once Funky got on board, in like a week and a half Rifleman was updated to the 3.0 version. The first bit of progress for a while. However, Funky ended up disappearing shortly after that. I mean really disappearing. Some of his closer constituents from TRD don't even know where he went. Kith had arranged to pay him and he doesn't know where Funky is, or why he pulled a Houdini on us. I certainly hope he's okay, though.

    We've been trying to get things moving forward, but things just aren't going our way. It is kind of disheartening, really. Kithrixx offhandedly mentioned learning some coding just to get things moving again until we can find another coder, but things are just moving so slowly right now. There's not much that I can do, except tell you Apollo was an inside job.

    The most promising thing at the moment looks like this, and I'm gonna spill the beans so you all can know we're still trying to get things moving.

    We've arranged a sort of work exchange with the UAC team. Kith gives them some help with terrain, and we get some time with RPS when he gets back from his vacation. Commlink is currently working with them to give them new models too, but I think that was an arrangement between him and Xempest, I really don't know what's going on there. RPS has yet to come back, so we're kind of in limbo right now.

    I really want this to pan out, because if it doesn't there isn't much else that I can do for NOTD2 except eventually put something in Universe.

    A bit of a rant, but hopefully that clarifies what's going on at the moment.
  4. stanK

    stanK Member

    It does clarify things, more specifically -- why there is not much new content.

    But it doesn't clarify why one is able to TK with a crowbar after all this time... things like that have been around for a while, and they don't take a coding wizard to fix. In-game teachings about "staying close", "go there", "press b" also aren't rocket science -- notd1 managed to deal with them. Overpowered bane-trains also don't seem that advanced, just a couple of extra checks and tweaks of enemy numbers and hp.

    The only real problem that I see is the enemy lag, most likely due to AI path problems. I guess having a complicated map and having a shitload of enemies with collisions aren't exactly compatible things.
    Welp... sucks guys. I don't see any plausible reason why players would have to tolerate lag instead of going to play something else, so patiently waiting for news on this.
  5. Stereo
    • Development Team

    Stereo Paper Boy

    First I'm hearing about TKing crowbar, but that's a funny one. Report bugs you find in the bug forum, it makes things easier. I'll go ahead and do it for you, but make some of your own!

    A lot of this is stuff that will have to be addressed later once we get things moving. The laggy bits have been around for a while, I usually notice them at the same spots you mentioned. Though, they are not a problem when I solo. That's something AP will have to figure out eventually.
  6. Kith
    • Development Team
    • Designer

    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Stereo more or less said it all - we're trying to get stuff done, but we just lack the manpower (although not for lack of trying). Currently, Arcane is working on getting all of the new models and animations that Commlink made (by Commlink's request). As Stereo mentioned, I've more or less struck a deal with the UAC team for a bit of a work exchange, in hopes that we can get NOTD's outstanding legacy bugs fixed and get NOTD 2 up to speed. I myself am working on picking up more of the editor's more complex functions so I can do more than just terrain, something that is often sidetracked by real-life issues.

    I do appreciate the feedback, though. I promise we're trying to get things going, it's just that we're in a tough spot and have been for a while.
  7. AllZergDed

    AllZergDed New Member

    I've noticed some rediculous glitches while solo-ing with terrain, ledges specifically, aside from areas you can jump to that are inaccessable to zombies, it's rather easy to strafe and end up, climbing a ledge, over walls and the like, i'm unsure if anyone else has noticed this while playing, it's almost game breaking, being able to sit atop a wall and cheese not only bosses, but all of the enemies aside from the few - and far between flyer waves.

    I've no way to record this right now but it shouldn't be hard to replicate via hugging certain walls and strafing along their base.
  8. stanK

    stanK Member

    You can post a replay or screenshot, not necessary to record.
    Stereo reported some clif walk bugs here but not as game-breaking as you describe.
  9. Stereo
    • Development Team

    Stereo Paper Boy

    Didn't know Heroes could do it. This is hilarious.
  10. Mystes

    Mystes Member

    Oh NOTD2 is actually ready to play? Just snagged myself a legacy of the void today and I'm planning to play it this coming monday so I came to see how things are going but I can't seem to see anything worthwhile in the announcements. Is NOTD2 playable then? :O
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  11. Stereo
    • Development Team

    Stereo Paper Boy

    It is functional in a bare bones way. XP will stick around to when it is finished though (soon™).
  12. Mystes

    Mystes Member

    Oh that's pleasant to hear knowing that the XP will stick around and won't reset when it gets finished. Guess I'm giving it a wild try after I'm done updating :D
  13. AllZergDed

    AllZergDed New Member

    I have been for a very long time, experiencing some sort of issue, where upon starting a game, solo, (no idea if it happens with other players) I cannot begin playing, I am stuck on the hero selection screen. Nothing I've tried seems to work and I'm unsure what is causing this problem.


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