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    After my first post on my developer welcoming for notd 2 i mentioned i would post screenshots or rough drafts..
    So guess what here it is, but before i jump into giving out screen shots i took the time to ask around and players seem to have misconceptions about whats actually happening as regards to the models. As i understand it players assume its going to be 1 new model per class, yea that's not how its gonna work something much more adventurous and challenging is taking place for notd2.
    Think of the models more as war gear collectable items that you can remove switch around to customize your unit as you please. Certain models will of course be class defined, but the overall look is completely up to the player. You can collect pieces to make a set, possibly trade with other players if you want to complete a certain look. I'm sure if anyone here has played dawn of war 2 you will understand how this will work.

    All images, textures, models and animations below are subject to change, alterations or removal depending on development and feedback. e.g. its a rough draft.

    First up size comparison

    NOTD2 basic armour is on the left while standard bill and bob marines to the right and yes his holding a pistol and no it won't be held like during gameplay. The Basic Armour as you can see is a little bigger then an sc2 marine/warpig (his sideways on) The bigger marine allows for better visual reference to different armour, weapons a player may use and not just colours.

    Second i have done so far about 11 armour sets
    I forgot to mention some weapons as well. I'll state this again everything is subject to change and development.

    So you have around like 11 armour sets now what does that mean?
    That means you can pick from ...
    11 helmets/shoulders/torso/waists/arm guards/leg armour and mix it up to suit your tastes or just collect a whole set, newer models can be added over time, improved and refined older ones. im sure you get the idea...

    The heavier units that use bigger armours/mechs will have a completely different set or armours that wont be compatible or useable on the standard marine. This will be defining 2 sets of armour groups.
    so if you want your say or have ideas that you think would look good as an notd2 marine then lets hear it.

    Feed back is appreciated as well as constructive criticism.. but if you think it just looks bad post why and what can be changed.
  2. RoboMonkey

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    Lolz, so we've gone from Space Marines fighting on the moon, to Kamen Riders fighting on Mars. But.. idk, some of this stuff feels more World of Warcrafty/Fantsay than StarCraft II/Sci-Fi. It doesn't quite give off that NOTD vibe.

    Maybe if the model's were to be more based after the original NOTD classes...

    What made the original NOTD classes so unique was that each had it's own different mode.(like the Commando used the Warpig Model, Assault used the Tychus model, Engineer used Rory Swann Model, tec.)

    Now that they have interchangeable parts, it's gonna call into question what makes a class a class(visually speaking), cuz if you can throw a Mando head on a flamer's body, add medic legs, and Chem shoulders... it's not gonna look like a recognizable class. Also how is this going to affect the NOTD lore variable with the game.

    More questions that rise up are how are these armor changes going to be administered in game?

    Will the be selection be on one class you use or will every marine class u play look the same cuz it has the same selection of armor you used?

    How will these armors be obtain?

    Will these armor selections be stored on player banks or will they go back to basic default every game?

    There are just so many unknowns cuz this is a system that was never even thought of until NOTD2.

    But again, you've said these aren't 100% final.
  3. Shooz
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    Please re-read what you wrote and do a little proof reading RoboMonkey. I can't even understand what you are trying to ask here.
  4. Commlink
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    RoboMonkey, the original NOTD classes are based on sc2 models so they are in no way original to notd. This is also why i've created a variety to suit different peoples tastes and try to set notd2 apart from sc2 or notd, lore can follow through later after you have a working base set for armour.

    I mentioned before that there will be more defining model additions later which are class dependent, currently i am going for looks on armour, class specific comes later on in the process. A good example though would be the weapons you can clearly see no matter what armour you have on the difference in weapons.

    How its going to be achieved ingame and stored is more programming, but i would hazard a guess as to say you can save armour combos into banks. That can then be auto selected/loaded on game start or changed. e.g. suit up before going into combat, but don't quote me on that.

    Marine classes in terms of armour are all the same apart from the heavy/mech types which has another armour set groups.

    Obtaining armour pieces i believe will be more reward based for doing something ingame.

    I think that answers most questions you had or all of them
  5. EdAWACSdenyY

    EdAWACSdenyY Member

    I like the way you took the time and effort to create a unique customization system for the armor design. very well done Commlink. However things I would also like to see screenshots of would be different exotic colors and skins and maybe weapon designs??? Cause so far theses units I've observed in your screenshots are although very unique and special as well as aesthetically excellent are all in red color. Maybe display some custom skins and colors perhaps??? and
  6. Commlink
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    Basically anything in red and i mean anything glowing or otherwise is your colour of choice, i will give out a more boarder colour approach when i do next screen shots.
    Skin/texture i have only used sc2 textures with minor tweaks for what fits, looks ok. I will be working more on that at a later date.
    Weapon designs some of the weapons are in the image shown and will focus more on that later as well.
  7. Eagle 11

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    Mmh.. dont want to sound specifically negative but that guy on the left seems like an 'space elf' with halo master chief helmet minus pointy ears compared to standard humans on the right. Isnt that guy too tall with nimble looks ?
    As for the 'armor sets' id have rather gone for another route than completely different personalized designs. They all in the same unit in the end and thus should have their equipment in common, it looks more like a rag-tag group of hastily assembled specialist space-mercs than an military unit sent to conduct an operation. Look at fe. what Wh40k SM does, you can still tell different roles without turning the battle group into a foundry fashion contest.
  8. RoboMonkey

    RoboMonkey Well-Known Member

    I have to agree with eagle.. it looks more like a mercenary group than a military force.
  9. Shooz
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    Shooz NOTD Staff: Killjoy

    Remember that it is a "rough draft" all things are subject to change here and nothing is set in stone. Wait until you see a few more examples before you start judging the entirety of the concept.
  10. Commlink
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    Commlink Programmer/Asset Designer

    Those 2 pictures are not close ups of any sets they are mixed pieces of different armour sets.

    I will try to give a bit more information in terms of this, in the first picture we have the basic armour minus any class specific additions its all one set. So new players would start all looking the same, As you gain xp or rewards and unlock other pieces a more hardened battle vet would look different then a standard marine. Why because his more customized to how a player wants his unit to look or believe he should look. You pointed out it looks more like rag tag group of specialists hastily assembled is that not what happened? something goes wrong on mars and in a very short amount of time they need the best of the best from all over earth so it can be written in as lore. Each company on earth like a country would outfit itself with different tactical based armour, some more high tech others older some newly produced and others in need of testing. I tried to show something along those lines in the rough drafts hence why you get a space-merc look. No one would ever be forced o wear armour pieces they don't want. What one person might think does not fit the look or feel of notd2 another person perspective might be that it looks awesome and fits perfectly.

    Well with that all in mind i will take what was said under advisement, but if you have images of what you want an notd marine to look like let me see, show a picture and give a small brief overview of why it fits into notd2 or your image of notd2. If you put in the right amount of passion and effort i might pick the image to base an armour set on.
  11. Drunk

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    May I suggest adding a few more models/armor customizations to make the class roles look more visually apparent? From a first glance at the second picture, one may think they're just different variations of one class since most of them look as lightly armored as a terran marine. Perhaps making some of the tanky/support classes look more/less bulkier than others would help? Making a darker colored range for the default armor customization would help as well, to make the models more military-like rather than the "Kamen Rider" look that Robo pointed out.
  12. Commlink
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    Commlink Programmer/Asset Designer

    That is because they are meant for the standard marine class roles, the tanky/support class will use a completely different armour set type more bulky and mech type as you mentioned. Textures i have not touched yet and as mentioned put what ever fit at the time, i will be working on textures soon. That is after i complete some rough drafts on the heavy types.
    Thank you for the feedback it's much appreciated i will end up making the suits darker with better team colouring.
    Personal preference i like the colouring on back 2 units middle, middle picture top left, dark colours with some yellow glow.

    Keep the feedback coming guys and girls if you don't speak up i will assume everything is ok.
  13. Commlink
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    Commlink Programmer/Asset Designer

    Heavy classes include assault, engineer, demo, and flamethrower.
  14. Scary
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    Scary (unspecified)

    Hello, could you give us the compositions of the other sets groups? Like you did for the heavy classes?
  15. Commlink
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    Commlink Programmer/Asset Designer

    I believe all the others will be using what i posted already.
  16. AlbertW[RCDF

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    As you said you're going to have these class-specific armor sets, I suggest that you make sure that specialist classes such as FO, Commando, Marksman, etc, have armor suits that clearly match their Specialist status (take for example Ghost's armor from SCII, or SAS armors, U.S.S agents from Resident Evil suits, etcetera)

    Note: thinking about it, U.S.S suits from Resident Evil would actually make very very nice specialist armor types which could perhaps add very low armor but however increase evasion chance or movement speed? Idk, ideas. :p

    Note #2: Nice job, lookin' good.
  17. Niktos

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    Did i miss out on some info about tech being booted?

    As for armor sets thingies, how will they interact with different levels of settings (models/lights/effects ect).
    Second picture first row from top, third guy from left -> Is this sword-like thing in his hands extremely evolved variation of crowbar or should we disregard what lego wariors hold in hands.
    Lego warriors seems appropriate as they have interchangeable parts.

    And back to serious stuff will custom models end up with terribad animations as we got now or is it avoidable? [Demo shooting fast gun is best ilustration of bad animations we got now]
  18. Commlink
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    Commlink Programmer/Asset Designer

    There are no class specific armour sets only class specific additions like for example a backpack on the standard classes. Only the heavier types of units will get a different set of armours for more bulky/mech.

    so thats 2 armour groups
    1 for the smaller group
    1 for heavy group

    That being said i'll take a look at he armour you suggested and see about how i can use it(you can always just use that armour set per your choice if you wished once you obtain it that is).

    I don't know all the classes of the top of my head so my mistake tech should be still in there.

    Can you be a bit more descriptive and expand on this? The models would work like a normal sc2 unit only it would be all attachable armour parts. Think of it like terratorn where all the differnt buildings form into a unit.

    Thats a rail-gun as the pictures been squashed into 4 sections less detail can be made out

    If what your referring to is where the current marine in notd kinda sticks in a side ways pose and back again and flicks between them both fast?, its actually a programming issue and not one solved through max. Its a bug where the marine is told to hold fire and has no animation set for that so it trys to use Stand Ready as a hold fire animation as thats the animation is uses to blend from Stand > Stand Ready > Attack. I'm pretty sure if it was rigged up Hold fire to play the Stand Animation it might flow more better.
    Any ways to answer your question if required I can take as much time as needed to get animations to work, for agood example go play soem undead assault 3 and use the prone that whole animation set was done from scratch and should give a limit concept of what i can do.
  19. Niktos

    Niktos Well-Known Member

    On the left is how mm looks on low-mid settings, right is everything ultra. Edges are generally sharper, some details differ like gogles on head/you can see where gloves end/torso is not a mashed potato.
    With armor pieces being details there is a question rephrased:
    Do you have control of display differences between settings
    If you do:
    a)will they be uniform between settings or
    b)will we get later previews in form-> Ultra: /Mid: /Low:

    //Sidenote: ask someone with magic powers to move this thread into other subforum. This one got restriction for attachments and if someone would decide to throw some concept it needs to be done by 3rd party hosting while attaching file is simplier and quicker.
  20. Commlink
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    Now i can see why this is important, but your skipping a head a few stages in development. Usually such a task is done through alpha pretesting with a wide array of users/graphics cards to give feedback.

    That being said i can give you low and high images on my own personal machine:


    You also get a closer look at the railgun.

    Both tests are done with everything on low/medium then everything on ultra/extreme, hope this helps.
    You will also notice the colours get a lot darker/duller under the higher end lighting.

    The only way to really be sure how it will look on your own machine would be to become an alpha tester, information on that should be up in about a week or so maybe.

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