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Discussion in 'Universe' started by Ability, May 1, 2012.

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    Just some general guidance, moderators will use their judgment.

    1. Everybody will have varying levels of expertise in each field of discussion (some of us are soldiers, some medical practitioners, others economists, etc). But please appreciate when input is genuine. If it's ill-informed and you know better, share the information in a constructive manner. Sitting on the sidelines and complaining is not constructive. NOTD Universe is an endeavor that is very new for all of us and we're learning as we go.

    2. While we aim for realism, gameplay feasibility will be a primary factor. E.g. 'there's no sound in space' won't make for exciting games. We'll use our judgment on this - going for selective realism.

    3. Feel free to discuss anything that interests you in the NOTD Universe. It could be fan fiction, character analysis, universe/organization history, historic events, culture/language, fan art, etc. This is a very broad forum for now and we'll slowly fill the gaps over the coming years.
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