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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by Ramses II, Feb 5, 2012.

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  1. try today on EU at 3 PM GMT time that is the rush hour i almost always get a decent game at that time (i am 2000 xp so AC is my decent but usually there are 4 or 5 20k or higher so you can do what you want if you coordinate with them )
  2. ChocSix

    ChocSix Member

    What: Seekers should be reduced in attack speed (50%), HP (60%), maintain movement speed and zero armor OR Reduce movement speed to 2.0, reduce HP (60%) maintain attack speed and maintain zero armor
    Why: There's too many of them and the GPR12 does not balance well with them (or you can reduce occurrence to 1 for each player per scenario)
    Impact: Balance with the GPR12 damage and engagement range.


    Further, in the lobby, the drop down selection of Navy Cross should say only "Enabled" or "Disabled" for people to see when the join.

  3. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    The GPR 12 is not intended to handle all threats. Use a different gun.
  4. ChocSix

    ChocSix Member

    Today, we were lucky to be participated upon on NA Server by AP himself. Nice of him to come around.

    In that EC Recruit game, he asked a few questions regarding how the public viewed NOTD. This is good because he cares. He has a commitment to deliver something good which is to be appreciated. He asked a few things why players tend to fall off from playing NOTD and I did mention a lot of changes happened since NOTD2.5 which is quite noticeable. Things have put off players like loss of interest, bugs and what not were raised while playing.

    So while playing as Combat Rifleman, I mentioned I'll be posting something on the forum and here it is. Rather than start a new thread on my "Opinion" of the current state of NOTD is, I felt I should just chuck it in here.

    This is what I believe will help players to NOTD should have in order to gain and maintain their interest:
    • For all players, the interest in team play - if team play isn't your style, well NOTD isn't for you. I can't stress this hard enough. In higher difficulty games like EC Veteran, Hardened or AC, this should be self evident in the player. To play properly, do not think of how you'll play and survive with just your skills, but how you'll compliment the team so that all of them make it to the end. When I started in SEA, a lot of players has the notion of "I can solo this with just..." This is just wrong to begin with. New players will need guidance from more experienced players and unless experienced players emphasize team play, new players just won't get the idea of how to work complimentary to the team.
    • For new players, the patience to learn - NOTD isn't a game you can just jump in, stand on hexes and win. In the course of getting tasks done, mistakes happen by being greedy, failing to heed advice, or just plain bad luck. Bad luck happens more frequently now than mistakes or the typical "new player greed". What I mean by "greed" is that players tend to hoard as much ammunition, weapon or gear they can put in their inventory. I keep explaining to them that hey should carry a maximum load of only the amount just before their movement speed get's slowed down (typically, anywhere from 8 to 20 magazines at a time).
    • For experienced players, the patience to teach and not be bossy about it - let everyone admit that at some point in time, they started from ZERO. I did. It was a hard climb to 10k XP and it was a steep learning curve. Only by being guided properly can people grow (with some degree of allowance to "creativity"). The impact of teaching has a tremendous result in learning. Before I got to 5k in SEA, learning NOTD was a bit brutal. Being called this and that doesn't help; in fact, if it wasn't for my persistence, I think I won't be here. Persistence to learn will be rare and if you do find it on someone, do learn to take good care of someone trying the game out
    And now for NOTD itself, I have serious beef with "Random". People join a public server, random a class, doesn't like it, and leave. I've seen a lot of people abuse their karma with this practice. I don't know if it's been suggested, but can it be coded in such a way that you cannot random a class was already chosen by another player? Further, a player who randoms and leaves (as opposed to disconnecting or being vote kicked) before Chapter III should be penalized into being able to play only as medic in their next game.
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  5. Mastermind

    Mastermind New Member

    1. What needs to be changed
    Remove the CP gain (and decay) when a class is randomed.

    2. Why it needs to be changed
    CP and class randomization seems to be 2 mutually exclusive components. If you try to get CPs for your favorite classes, it removes any incentive to play random. On the other hand, if you play random, getting CP is meaningless as they'll probably decay before you can get any bonuses out of them.

    It would also allow players to play a bit out of their limited selection of CPed classes once in a while without being negatively affected.

    3. How your proposed change will positively impact the game
    I suggest it as a way to avoid negatively impacting player who want to go for some variety. And sometime, it's just fun to play a class that isn't available by default in a given scenario. Maybe it's intended behavior for CP/Random, but it seems pretty counter-intuitive to me. The CP gain for the randomed class is (most likely) meaningless, but the decay isn't, so there is only drawback to play random at this time (except the 10 magazine, which isn't much of a perk to start with).
  6. TheWolf
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    TheWolf Surgeon of Death

    CP are a reward for stickin with a class and improving with it. Also the decay chance is very low 25% in recruit (pub) games and in vet and nm even lower.If you have a fav class you usally buildt up high enough cp counts to simply ignore any possible losses from randoming.
    If youre randoming you usually do it because:
    -youre bored with the class you played before; in that case a chance to loose cp shouldnt really matter to you
    -you want a chance to random a out-of-storyline class; a chance to loose cp is a fair prize for a possibly OP class in your storyline
    -you simply have no preference for any class; again in that case classpoints shouldnt matter to you

    And if you random a class you like, why would the cp gain on that be meaningless? Maybe you just found the next class you wanna specialize in.
    Alos if you are at the point where randoming allows you to random out-of-storyline classes you can already pick every single class within the storyline, so you would only random because of reasons stated above.

    if you want variety: there are enough players out there that have an avg 40 cp in 5 or more classes. i personally see no drawback in random. You roll the dice and hope for a nice class that suits your playstyle and get to test it (with some extra mags).
    Decay is low and if you play nm games even lower (15% i think) + you gain 2 classpoints if you get nm speed.
  7. Ryan III

    Ryan III Well-Known Member

    Oglivy's health regeneration needs to be reduced, he basically tanked Seth for about half his life. Theres an example in the replay towards the end.

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  8. Akira Takeshi

    Akira Takeshi Member

    What: allow players to change all the hotkeys (creating their own hotkey setting)
    -because people plays (handle and control) differently. (example) people won't have problems anymore when camera shifts hotkeys (default uses arrow keys, often changed like WSAD - fps style) conflicts with skills (such as l3, knifing, and more) [everyone is different simply put]
    -so people can play comfortably with the same hotkey they use in every game (assuming NOTD is not their first game in SC2)
    -improve performance to those who are forced to adjust their hand pattern (pressing different hotkeys from what they are used to); something i (a player with 15k exp) had to go through (which was very difficult and took a lot of time because i played a ton of other games before NOTD) and STILL not comfortable with it compared to my normal setting i use in all my other games (im sure im not the only one feeling like that)
    -make it easier to invite new players knowing they dont have restriction from the in-changeable hotkeys which im sure would aid NOTD popularity because it is greatly beneficial to those who are used to their setting of hotkeys used in other games (could even be LOL)
    -assure the development team/creator wont need to worry about bugged hotkeys (same hotkey conflicts) anymore (happened already recon)
    -people wont use the "defaulted hotkey" as an excuse to argue they performed bad in certain classes (met some, not going to name names)
    -im pretty sure (almost guarantee) this change will help many other players (not only me) which also could help them strive to be evem more dedicated in NOTD
  9. EdowardoLMP

    EdowardoLMP Well-Known Member

    Players are allowed to change hotkeys themselves in option>hotkeys during game (pauses are advisable). But the thing is, the hotkeys for specific classes are differentiated in the terran section, meaning you have to find your classes through all those units, you can even set hotkeys for certain armory as well.

    By the time you've played it about 100 times, I'm surely you had memorized the classes hotkeys.
  10. ArcanePariah
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    ArcanePariah Miracle Worker

    Nice suggestion Akira, will be implemented for next patch.
  11. Akira Takeshi

    Akira Takeshi Member

    lol, I have played this game a lot more than that; 10k exp / 100 games is 100 exp per game. my average exp per game is like 50 ish (somewhere around that lol). im at 15k exp, so maybe I played 300 games or even more (i dont know)? I had to adjust myself by changing my hotkeys configuration up 5 times (at least). I went from (scrolling camera hotkey) WSAD to RFDG to EDSF to QASD to now EDAS (up, down, left, right order) because I am a players that have to play scrolling the camera around (a control I got used to ever since I started SC2). I attempted a good amount of games (maybe 10 games? give or take) without scrolling camera around; using the mouse to move camera instead...i reacted so bad in every situation and was not comfortable at all (all i remember is I never won any games experimenting this). I still cant use knife nor grenade launcher without clicking on it every time.
    Oh and i memorized all the hotkeys well enough where i know by heart where everything is. (thats not the problem though)
  12. EdowardoLMP

    EdowardoLMP Well-Known Member

    I used to having the up,down,left,right for map scrolling but it's a very hard work to do that with the skill hotkeys. You can't spam kinfe while scrolling the map. Take Dota/Lol/Hon.... players for examples, they are also single hero skill controls. You really need to ditch keyboard map scrolling in some way, unless you have a third hand or Mr. Fantastic's ability.
  13. Akira Takeshi

    Akira Takeshi Member

    need to? i already attempted it several times (not only in notd, but in several other SC2 games as well). maybe its a weird habit of mine (i accumulated over my 3 years of playing sc2) but i see nothing wrong with it. notd is not a competitive game where it is actually essential to ditch map scrolling at least not compared to sc2 ladder games (at least in my opinion). i dont know if you understand not everyone play the same style.
  14. squish

    squish Well-Known Member

    Easy solution: Click your scroll wheel in when you move the mouse to scroll.
  15. Akira Takeshi

    Akira Takeshi Member

    hm, good one (like that idea)..but like i said, its a habit i accumulated over my 3 years of playing sc2 [so its not really any easy solution]. my left hand has always been scrolling around the map that it just automatically attempts to map scroll even if i turn the hotkeys for map scroll off on its own. (which would be same result from my experiment of not using hotkeys to map scroll)
    -anyways, im sure i am not the only one out there having this problem
  16. Scary
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    Scary (unspecified)

    What: Changing the display of Goo to something more noticeable.
    Why: During the goo phase, you have lot of things to focus on, it's easy to forget it.
    Impact on Game: It really spoils it, when you own all game to die of something like that after more than one hour of nice game.

  17. Maniac

    Maniac Member

    Goo is very noticeable for me. Therefore i disagree for this suggestion.

    I suggest you to pay more attention.
  18. Scary
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    Scary (unspecified)

    What are your video settings? I mean it happens a lot to me, I just don't see it, I have to click the player to see it.
  19. Maniac

    Maniac Member

    My graphic is set on "High". Texture quality is also set on "High".
  20. TheWolf
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    TheWolf Surgeon of Death

    same for me high graphics, but i have it on my laptop on "lego"graphic lowest possible (and even then sc2 tells me its not low enough". when i played sec on my laptop goo was still easily spotable, and looked almost the same. Its the fungal animation so it has to be visible on anysettings (since its a spell from ladder)
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