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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by Ramses II, Feb 5, 2012.

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  1. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member


    Tone down the bonus damage Cronus takes while it is
    "preparing for destruction".
    It is currently at x3 ish and is rivaled only by the DPS a team gains by stacking properly vs Seth.
  2. ProbeGst

    ProbeGst Well-Known Member

    Nice suggestion reaper. It will help new players what will happen soon.
  3. Hades

    Hades Member

    awh poor baby

    Please dont hurt me

    No pain, No gain

    Hell yea, its about time!
  4. Waves_Blade

    Waves_Blade New Member

    Quick question:

    How much code space does it take to implement - commands?

    For example -NM seems to be basically a whole different mode *well kind of*, it applies changes to a bunch of stuff in each mode.

    While -sr just does a quick display.

    How much space does changes like -nm take?


    2nd question: Do people know if there will be map size increase b4 or at the HoTS expansion?
  5. Ryan III

    Ryan III Well-Known Member

    What: Change each pet missiles to what fits their race
    Protoss: archon lightning or scout missiles
    Zerg: acid spew or needle spines ( sorry blaqk)
    Terran: remains unchanged
    Just give them the same stats of each other weapon, just change the attack
    Why: it's strange to see a Zerg pet shoot Terran weapons
    Impact on game: it will make it more realistic game wise
  6. Waves_Blade

    Waves_Blade New Member

    Well, the reason I was asking is because, do we really need -em (easy mode) in the game??

    Isn't pubbing with recruit mode enough? Could potentially save a lot of trigger space ^_^
  7. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    Wouldn't mind removing Easy Mode, and with the space saved put back -vnm
  8. Lord NiteShade
    • Wiki Founder
    • Community Leader

    Lord NiteShade NOTD Staff: Wiki Founder/TeamSpeak Admin

    Easy Mode will eat up a fair bit of space. Every single fucking medal needs one more logic check to ensure the game ISNT in easy mode. On top of this Easy Mode in itself needs more or less the same number of unique triggers as Recruit does.

    As for text commands, they are easy to implement. Blizzard originally intended them as debugging tools for mappers, so they could quickly initiate various triggers, like, -runboss1, -startmission1, ect ect. It only made sense that your debugging aid be low space usage.
  9. Waves_Blade

    Waves_Blade New Member

    Death to easy mode!
  10. ProbeGst

    ProbeGst Well-Known Member

    easy mode is for ppl who need karma and those who keep nuking their team.(point to CODE)
  11. Thermidor

    Thermidor Well-Known Member

    Hmm, not a very good way to gain karma in my opinion. As for CODE, not seen him in ages.
  12. SkullCapp

    SkullCapp Well-Known Member

    Who in the world use easy mode to get more karma?
  13. Emperor

    Emperor New Member

    X1 needs to be tinkered with.

    75 energy pool, slow ass regen.

    Turbo for 12... Ummm.. Quick Aim or whatever for 10 and OD for 20.

    Unless we're not supposed to be doing anything...
  14. ArcanePariah
    • Development Team
    • Map Developer

    ArcanePariah Miracle Worker

    Shell mode grants increased energy regen.
  15. Waves_Blade

    Waves_Blade New Member

    Can we have a machete?
  16. Kith
    • Development Team
    • Designer

    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    There's a combat knife and a Crowbar. We don't need more melee weapons. If we DO want more melee weapons, I want to see a Chainsaw or a Fusion Cutter, things that take ammo.
  17. Waves_Blade

    Waves_Blade New Member

    Upgrade for the combat knife?
  18. Kith
    • Development Team
    • Designer

    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Something that we're going to get to eventually. Credit store will one day have more options, including a bayonet.
  19. Waves_Blade

    Waves_Blade New Member

    *sees bayonet*

    *Bloodlusts Rifleman*


    "ehum" back on topic...


    Sledgehammer to replace crowbar, because thwaking a gigantic zombie queen to death with a crowbar = little sense.

    SMASHING her to death with a sledgehammer, slightly more believable.

  20. Kith
    • Development Team
    • Designer

    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    No, Waves. We don't need more melee weapons unless they have unique mechanics, and in this case, that means eating ammo. Also, if you've ever held a heavy-duty crowbar, or seen one hit something? It'd make sense.
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