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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by Ramses II, Feb 5, 2012.

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  1. Arcelia

    Arcelia New Member

    Increase the amount of the normal cannon fodder style of zombies in wave 1 survival.
    At the moment it is extremely boring (aside from the occasional festor getting angry and throwing banelings at the team :p)

    Also maybe slightly nerf Guardian of the Beta's Move speed buff from frenzy (+35%) to something a bit lower like 20%?
    Right now 3.44 Movespeed + Charge will cut down anything that isn't in a cheesey pathing blocker
  2. ProbeGst

    ProbeGst Well-Known Member

    What: predator Tips.(if you reach XX level i will give u blink skill.)
    Why: newbs can read what they gain each level if they die FIRST time.
    How: newbs will learn that you can still support your team.
  3. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    What: Place the same requirements that allow / disable control of leavers to Predators.
    Why: To prevent New Players from manipulating them.
    Impact: Predator Griefing will be reduced. I have lost a Silver Star because of a newbie (1st time player mind you) using the Predator to attack me.
  4. Arcelia

    Arcelia New Member

    Make predator's Longbolt Missiles auto-acquire air targets.
    Or make Patrol auto-acquire?
    Something easier than making attack-move queues back and forth a million times when the team is sitting still.
  5. squish

    squish Well-Known Member

  6. Lord NiteShade
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    Lord NiteShade NOTD Staff: Wiki Founder/TeamSpeak Admin


    Flyers move fast enough, its unrealistic to expect players to micro each and every single one that flys by.
  7. Kage

    Kage Member

    Just allow preds to auto-attack.

    They dont survive long enough to attack for a long time in melee range and require a whole ton of micro to play now.

    If it was intended so that it require alot more micro,simply reduce the leech rate from nearby players or put a minimum kill counter to level(e.g.10kills to reach level 2,20kills to level 3 etc.).
  8. ProbeGst

    ProbeGst Well-Known Member

    ok i got a idea. make the rocket hit both ground and air. so you get a STALKER :D
  9. Lightning
    • Donator

    Lightning Member

    what : change FO shockwave barrage skill inTo

    a. UndergrounD Ammo DepoTs.

    1. build up to 2 ammo depots - to replenish shells using the moon minerals. (each depot replenish shell by 1 every 30 seconds.)
    2. build up to 3 ammo depots - to replenish shells using the moon / human remains.(each depot replenish shell by 2 every 30 seconds.)


    b. satellite feeD -

    using advance satellite to transport more shells for forward observer.

    1. replenish 20 shells (120 secs CD)
    2. replenish 40 shells (180 secs CD)


    c. Advance Supply trucks.

    1. create up to 4 trucks to replenish shells . 1 shell per truck
    2. create up to 10 trucks to replenish shells. 1 shell per truck.

    why : make fo artillery more useful.

    when : i dont know lmao
  10. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    Slaughter the format a bit more. I'll rewrite it for you:

    What: Allow The Forward Observer some method to replenish his Artillery Shells; it should be along the lines of a small amount with a decent amount of cool down, preferable replacing Shockwave Shells, as nobody uses them.

    Why: Allows the Artillery Forward Observer to not be as limited as he is. Forward Observer was the only class that got the short end of the stick when it comes to charges, having no way to replenish them. Demolitions can Replenish his mines and toss satchels out of thin space(It is the moon afterall), while the Technician has infinite amount of plating and Surveillance drones he can sacrafice retool to do a job, as well as the Engineer is seemingly capable of pulling a plethora of Machines from nothingness.

    Impact: The Forward Observer is able to support more intense shell usage by with increased micro/macro, and be more similar to the Technician, Engineer, and Demolitions in terms of Throwing shit out of thin space, while at the same time, being limited.
  11. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    Although I will say that good Artillery FOs use the Shockwave shells in Alpha Company. So the premise that no one uses them isn't quite valid. I would argue for Lunar Boosters being the "no one uses it" talent more than Shockwave. Or rather good FOs don't use it.
  12. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    I wrote it through the view of an Intelligent, More Civilized Lightning.
  13. SkullCapp

    SkullCapp Well-Known Member

    To reduce cheesy tactic where pf using gg into Apollo lab, how about this.:

    If any/all apollo gate is/are not open, including the rocks after scrapyard gate and if PF jump into lab, bergmann and his buddies will gang teabag unwanted intruder with their laser rifle.
  14. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member

    Change it so it applies to all classes getting into Apollo without gates open/scrap gate rocks alive. And apply it to all game modes/storylines. :D
  15. Ryan III

    Ryan III Well-Known Member

    Just saying the anti jump thing is already there I know cuz I tested in a pub vet and got killed by him. We also won so :huh:

    Edit: it was ec haven't Tryed in alpha
  16. Arcelia

    Arcelia New Member

    Make a million nukes (or SHIVAs) fall and make them cover every single tiny square starcraft measurement unit of the lab!!!

    Just to make sure people aren't cheesing of course. :angel:
  17. Ramses II
    • Donator

    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    Just set all gates to start out open in survival. problem solved.
  18. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    What Ozy said.
  19. Ryan III

    Ryan III Well-Known Member

    I like it but don't fix it till I got my 4 wep mods which will ONLY be like 2 -3 years or so.
  20. Reaper

    Reaper Moderator/The Crimsonrine

    -For the time being until Armageddon gets its proper animation have that creeps die the flaming death on both the initial explosion and aftershock.
    -Also, when Armageddon is cast, let it have a cast model that travels to the target location instead of the charge just appearing on the ground.
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