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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by Lightning, May 8, 2012.

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    notd in the world of no sound enable and sound enable is totally different.

    i play through notd with sounds on and then realize wow that why erebos revives, mutalisk wave after major spawns, etc etc. now you can tell me to turn sounds on but you are not me so that is out of the question.

    in return i ask for more subtitles appearing on marines heads or on boss heads so people can understand why certain boss appear in story lines. like what they say appear as texts on their heads , that sort of thing.
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    RE: NOTD!?!?!?

    What did I just read?
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    RE: NOTD!?!?!?

  4. Lightning
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    RE: NOTD!?!?!?

    the difference of playing notd with sounds enable versus with sounds disable via the menu of

    exact differences includes, erebos opening statement of "i will be back" in a weird voice, compare to with sounds off; we wont have a hint of anything relating to erebos revival. next is the combatant of the emerging mutalisk wave which in the sound dialogue; incoming air boogey , right the fuck now; as in with sounds off, we dont know till mutalisk hits us.

    in return for this little impair to people who may be deaf or people who turn sounds off for various other reasons i wish that subtitles will be used in conjunction with audio dialogue such as adding "ill will be back" as a text above erebos.

    im not talking about easy company in general but all story modes
  5. Reaper

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    I'm going to take a gamble at this and say that the main focus is that sounds do not have the proper dialogue to them.

    Erebos: You cannot destroy me, I shall rise again!
    Thats the sound that plays but no dialogue above his head. So in effect, turning off sound leaves you in the dark to current events. There is text in-game but not alot of people read it or it goes on a bit long.

    So what Lightning wants is that whenever there is voice, text accompanies it.
  6. Ryan III

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    Which part? If its the end of Erebos 2 he says:
    This is not over... I shall rise again...
  7. Reaper

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    All sounds that you hear through out the entire game.

    Apollo Sec Team
    Raynor: Reactor is meltdown, we gotta get the hell outta here
    Civilian: My friends, my family

    Alpha Company
    Raynor: Heard you boys needed some help. We came as fast as we could.
    Tychus: Boys, I hate to interrupt but the natives are getting restless.

    Lightning is applying to people with no sound/deaf appeal. While in game there is some text which does kind of go hand in hand with the voices but not 100%. There are some places where voice also plays and no text.
  8. ArcturusV

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    Exactly. Wouldn't be a bad thing to do. Some people might complain about screen clutter. If possible you may want to look into giving it the same sort of Subtitle coding that campaign missions have for their voice overs. Thus you would only see them if you have "Display Subtitles" clicked on your menu somewhere. No additional clutter for those playing with the sound on. No worries for those that have to do without.
  9. Ryan III

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    Alpha start: Team Bravo Echo and Delta have gone dark repeat alpha has lost contact with all elements!!
  10. ArcturusV

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    Things like... Easy Company, Starport Collection Sample objective. "On the right, on the right, they're coming around!" sounds just as one of the bigger ghoul ambush spawns pop up. So cues like that would be nice as well to have.
  11. Ryan III

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    ^i remember feeling depressed after hearing the signaller's demise.

    Rest in peace, soldier.

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