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    We've finally received most of the hi-res PSD files for the class artwork commissioned to Nicolas Chaussois. A lot of hard work went into it from multiple parties and we're proud of the work that has been delivered. To bring it to life for the NOTD community, we will be rolling out a 14 month initiative to highlight a new class artwork for the first 2 weeks of every month. The last 2 weeks of the month will feature our main loading screen.

    Initiative Calendar
    June 2014 - Rifleman
    July 2014 - Medic
    August 2014 - Assault
    September 2014 - Recon
    October 2014 - Marksman
    November 2014 - Engineer
    December 2014 - Flamethrower
    January 2015 - Forward Observer
    February 2015 - Pathfinder
    March 2015 - Psi Ops
    April 2015 - Technician
    May 2015 - Chemicals Expert
    June 2015 - Commando
    (still waiting for Demolitions artwork)

    If you're not seen the new artwork before or want to share NOTD with your friends, this is an exciting reason to play NOTD every month! Here's a preview of the Rifleman class artwork coming in June 2014.

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    Why it has to have M4 front sight lol.
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    Going to delay this 2 months until Rock the Cabinet contest ends in August as we don't want to confuse the Blizzard Developers and voters.

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