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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by MissHumpz, Apr 2, 2014.

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    For the record, there's nothing fun about moving from one camp spot to the other. I see too many people with APM in the 30s and 40s in nightmare games and then bitch and whine that you're risking their precious DSM/MoH when you actually try to do things.
  2. EdowardoLMP

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    Remember NOTD's motto ? "Easy to learn, hard to master"

    I feel sad for this generation of new players who intended to enjoy this game because they always got fucked up. Not by the game, but the attitudes of (some) experienced players because they kept "assuming" you should have the basic knowledge of specific classes they chose.

    Pub games (generally recruit EC) is just the tip of the iceberg which is the best place for easy LEARN. As you go down into other difficulties and storyline, things will get uglier and that's where you start to MASTER and sharpen your skills. But most people just tend to jump from pubs straight into NM for the purpose of higher rewards and that's all. You can hardly see any non-NM games (normal, hrden or vet) of other storyline because NM had become some sort of a mainstream. So why not starting to adapt from these regular games to slowly and steadily polishing your skills? Same exact answer, not enough rewards.
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    Big belief.
    More truth verity/belief talk. I do assume that statement you have a bit deformed. Actually the state is just beeing pissed off take conc over monon and other things like that. I'm not arguing that any cc is superior to a fail mono dps option, cause that would be endless, and I'm actually fighting the do that option.

    I have read the fact he likes too, repeating again but, i'm pissed off about people who act : take conc over mono.

    Not answering to Arturia anywore, time loss. I'm not in ideology business.

    Thanking triumph.
    The fun part is I offen go smm for ac ;).

    I can imagine the bitching ^^.
    What do you mean by apm in the 30s ? for me its actions per minutes. :s, so the sentence looks weird.

    (this is blizzard moto :p)
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  4. Blaqk
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    That's correct: Actions Per Minute

    Depending on my class, I typically hover from 100 to 200 apm, as does Miracle and may other players who actually enjoy the game for what it is. Players who just want rewards or to be carried tend to be abysmally low. It stops being a game when you stop doing the fun things.
  5. nex_

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    :) I love the p45 part on sec, for me its fun and as us said requires a bit apm :)
  6. Blaqk
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    Exactly. The beginning and end of most games tends to be exciting and involving, but because of the "camp everything" stigma and players more concerned with rewards than fun, we have too many games that look like this:

    Screenshot2014-05-05 08_11_11.jpg

    Most of those guys are great players, but their skill isn't reflected because for the VAST majority of the game all they had to do was sit around and wait which is what NOTD has devolved into. Granted, some classes are more active with skills than other (obviously me as a Pathfinder is going to be more active than TheWolf as Psi Ops), but having our SMMs in double digits is a damn shame, and not their fault but the fault of the strategies and tactics.
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    APM does NOT reflect skill btw. It simply tells you how many buttons and clicks you can spam. Players that constantly select and deselect their character, spam skills like knife or reloadbutton and click every single nanometer of the path they take will always have high APM. But their EPM will most likely be shit (EPM = Effective actions per minute). Sadly it doesnt show EPM in the scorescreen because that is the only thing that could tell you sth about skill.
    Its a thing in replays (which ofc only work for pub).
    Also i dont see why you would need high apm to enjoy a game.
  8. Blaqk
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    Because then you're actually doing something.
  9. TheWolf
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    Welp if you think 200 APm is the way to enjoy a game thats your thing/problem^^. but dont try to tell the newb they need to spam APM to have fun.
    alos: APM =/= doing something
    EPM = doing sth.
  10. Blaqk
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    I'm not saying you have to have absurd APM to play. I'm also not saying that APM is the best indicator of anything unless you're hovering around 30 or so, at which point you're literally just walking from A to B and reloading.

    My complaint isn't that people aren't spamming, it's that people are literally doing nothing but waddling from camp A to camp B then fighting boss C, and that doing anything but the safest and easiest method is "too scary" for some people. I actually had a player leave a game last night because we tried to start with an assault tank instead of a demotank. That's just silly.
  11. Ramses II
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    Yeah, why would anyone leave because you wanted to use the better tank? That doesn't make any sense.
  12. nex_

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    (dsm whore in pub ?)
  13. Stan

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    I guess, people who complain about "monkeys" and "job" should not have survival maps as their favorite. High polished survival map like NOTD tends to punish severely for failed experiments, so no reason for newbees to get creative.
    And people, who have mastered the game (or a particular mode of it), have a greater discretion for experiments.

    So, I do not really see the point. Monkeys are great, they successfully implement learning strategies to counter threats they haven't even ever see, greatly increasing their learning speed and increasing their adaptability (absolute contrary to the lemmings, btw).

    There is some tension between people, who want to do stuff in a perfect way (and usually they are less experienced players, who just want the most assured victory) and people who want to do stuff in the imperfect way, because imperfection is a sign of alive. :) Much of this tension is based on the fact the the first truly care and the fact that the second look like those, who do not know a perfect way at all.

    So, why so serious? :) Wanna fun? Go do EC recruit in less than 50 minutes (I'm not even sure if it is possible, but anyway). Find a way to entertain yourself. If you are truly bored of perfection, find a team to do crazy stuff together. :) But don't blame the game. It's a nature of survival - to tread softly on top of the icy wall with abyss on both sides. Don't be surprised, that your team doesn't like you jumping around on the way... :p
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  14. Ar0uz3d

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    Everything that you say is correct. It's true that we can all do things by the book and use the strategies that work. We'll still win the game in some way. But when we encounter new situations, there are a lot of people who just stick to what they know best. It becomes to the point that they follow their strategies so much that they fight against the whole team to do what they think is best. A bunch of new people can play a game and not have a clue what the fuck to do when something doesn't go the way any of them wants it. So what you're pointing out is that a lot of the new people just need to follow their own way and should do things without trying to figure out what to do at all. Where's the fun in that? Should we just keep to our own little teams and players that we're comfortable with just because they know our strategies? If you just follow everything by the book, you won't know how to play. People should know simple little things like why is shotgun/pistol better than flamethrower on Tart/Eile or what mobs suck against RA instead of just copying what is being done. I mean you could learn these things from players who know these things, but do you really want a guy to hold your hands all of the time? Wait all of the time until they're online to know how to play a game? Or would you like to actually teach yourself how to play? Basically saying, you can be a perfectionist and do things by your own strategy, but nothing goes perfectly the way you want it. If it did, this wouldn't be much of a game.
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  15. Stan

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    At least, I am glad we arrived from concept of monkeys, that do what they see, to a concept of players, who do share the passion for reading dozens of guides repeatedly... :) I guess, it is about finding the right teammates. Not really a new problem.

    People, who wait for their usual team to get online to play, have no right to complain about being bored. If you want to see more random people online, who are willing to learn and willing to teach, - be one, don't complain about their absence. :)
  16. nex_

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    I think he pointed out the fact he wanted to be teached things, not behaviour and strategies which he will to make his choice on. Different stories.
    The monkey dont teach they mimic.
  17. 野蛮残风

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    some times I just think that I 'm the first mokey went up the labber...
    em...humpz means happyness?
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    in otherway...take easy be happy,in china notd,林子大了什么鸟都有,What kind of bird(monkey) is really big woods have ah!
    em....does I speak chinglish?

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