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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    So this is the new NOTD Player's List Version 3.0. I've actually wanted to bring back this list a while back, but I was unable to do so until now.

    The focus of this one large Super-List is to help Forum Members and Guests alike find Active NOTD Veterans & Players from across the various Servers. It will also help identify the gamemodes they enjoy playing and hosting.

    Info can be submitted here via post, or PMed to me. This thread is regularly cleaned up and posts containing player information are deleted shortly after being added to the list.

    When submitting your information. Please Include the following:
    Character Code can be found be clicking the "Add Friend Button" in the lower right portion of the Menus, when not in game. It should bring up the following screen, Character Code is displayed in the upper right portion. If you have a 4 Digit character code that is fine, these seem to be only for newer copies of SC2.
    1: StarCraft 2 User Name
    2: Character Code
    3: Which Server(s) you play on
    4: What Game Mode(s) you prefer
    5: Which Campaigns you Host *Optional
    6: When you often play, include your GMT Timezone *Optional
    Map of GMT Timezones

    Example:NOTD Player 1, (666), NA, Easy Co Vet, Host Alpha Co's, Weekends (-1 GMT)

    Also, if you would like to be REMOVED from the list too for any reason whatsoever, post as well.

    Player Name________Character Code________Prefers Playing________Hosts________When Online

    StaiNless___________________125_________________All Modes________Any, Mostly NM______+10 GMT, Evenings & Weekends
    MegurineLuka______________112_________________All Modes____________None____________+10 GMT, 9:00 - Midnight
    Duran______________________156_________________NM/Surv___________Alpha/Survival______+08 GMT, Random Times
    frozensolid________________460_______________All Anything/No EC_____None______________+07 GMT, Random

    Player Name________Character Code________Prefers Playing________Hosts________When Online

    Shooz___________________638________________Anything NM________Doesn't Host_______Not Given
    Extifer___________________125_________________Nightmare Modes________None_________-5 GMT, Evenings & Weekends
    Archangel________________1265________________All Modes__________EC & Apollo______-5 GMT Weekends & Evenings
    Froblock_________________290_________________All Modes___________All Modes________-4 GMT Afternoon till Day Break
    TsukinoUsagi_____________943___________________Any________________Any_________+9 GMT 2-6pm, SEA 10pm-1am
    Dwimmerlaik_____________831_________________All Modes____________EC Vet/NM______-5 GMT Weekends, 11pm Mon-Thur
    Ryan__________________3160_________________Survival _______________Any__________________Weekends
    Pyromaniac_____________895__________________Any ____________Alpha&NM Apollo____-5 GMT, Afternoons & Evenings
    DrCaptain______________312_________________All Modes___________None________-5 GMT, Weekends & Evenings
    Lulz__________________916_________________All Modes___________EC Nm/Surv________-5 GMT, Morning & Evenings
    Devilish_______________527______________Survival& Any Nightmare________Any___-5 GMT, Weekdays& Weekends & Evenings
    Clown_______________329_________________EC NM________________EC NM________-5 GMT, Random Times
    AsunaYuuki__________614_________________Non Recruit________Alpha&Apollo Nightmare______+10 GMT, 12:00 - 5:00pm
    Duran________________684_________________NM/Surv___________Alpha/Survival______+08 GMT, Random Times
    frozensolid__________718_________________All Anything/No EC________None___________+07 GMT, Random
    Endangered_________978_________________EC NM/Survival ____________None______-08 GMT, Random
    ImaDomo______________152_________________Vet/NM ____________ALpha/Surv______-04 GMT, 5pm-11PM/10am-2am(weekends)
    LilMissHumpz____________702_________________All Modes________Any, Mostly NM______+10 GMT, 7PM - 6 AM EST
    Moe____________________343_________________EC/ALPHA________Alpha ____________-07 GMT,
    LftHnddSczrs____________278_________________All Modes________NONE_____________-08 GMT, Random
    frozensolid________________718_________All Anything/No EC__________None__________+07 GMT, Random
    TidalSnake___________1424_________Any Nightmare/Surv/Apollo _____None__________-03 GMT,
    Sean_______________1206______________All Modes________Easy Company/Alpha________Not Given, Random Times
    VomitAvenger__________0881______________Survival/NM________Survival/NM________ -05 GMT, Thur- Sun Random Times
    ForeRunner__________0212______________All Modes________Survival______________ -06 GMT, Random Times
    Evbhwyatt__________0663______________Alpha/Survival Modes________Survival_______ -05 GMT, Week Nights & Random Times
    Klobber____________0270______________NM games Modes_____________Any_______ -05 GMT, Evenings til Early Morning
    RoboMonkey________1465______________All games Modes________Alpha, Suvival____ -05 GMT, Evenings & Weekends

    Player Name________Character Code________Prefers Playing________Hosts_______When Online

    Ghost___________________1227_________________AC NM_____________AC NM______+0 GMT 7pm - 11pm
    TheWolf_________________595_________________Alpha NM, Apollo_______N/A_____________N/A
    Bubi_____________________470_________________Survival, Apollo_______Any_____________Weekends
    LacusLove________________805_________________All Modes___________None______+10 GMT, 1:00am - 3:00am and 10:00am to noon
    Extifer___________________125_________________Nightmare Modes_____None_________-5 GMT,

    List updated: 2013-01-11

    Special Thanks & Credits
  2. Extifer
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    Posts and actions such as the above warrants removal from the Player List.

    The last thing we want is to have players on that list that acts a jack ass in public matches and decides to troll new players.

    I am not going to tolerate anyone on the PlayerList acting like a jackass and trolling new players. If you decide to do so and there have been complaints or evidence of such actions, I will remove you from the list, its simple as that.

    It is actions such as trolling and messing with new players that have led to this right here and this as well

    Being on the player list is a privilege and not a right. You represent this community by being on this list and bear all the responsibilities associated with that privilege.
  3. EdAWACSdenyY

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    So how can I get onto this list as I want to do my part for the NOTD community as well
  4. unknown, (105), EU, Easy Co and alpha CO Vet and nm , Host All, about 4:30 pm and early morning in weekend (+2 GMT)
  5. EdAWACSdenyY

    EdAWACSdenyY Member

    Unknown can you show me how to do that sometime??
  6. Mystes

    Mystes Member

    1: StarCraft 2 User Name: Mystes
    2: Character Code: 589
    3: Which Server(s) you play on North America
    4: What Game Mode(s) you prefer Any as long as people are willing to tell me how things get done there
    5: Which Campaigns you Host Easy Company; I can make Alpha as well but Starter Editions are not allowed in channels :/
    6: When you often play, include your GMT Timezone I usually play around 6 - 11 PM GMT + 8 but sometimes I do play earlier as well if I've got nothing to do
  7. VomitAvenger

    VomitAvenger New Member

    my character code is 344, and nothing is changed except i will play any mission preferably nm.

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