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    edit- This hyperllink does not actually go to the group in question.

    I can't find the old player list, but as I understood it, it was people listing out their player ID numbers and what episodes they preferred to get games rolling. The "Priv Games Lounge Lizards" group has been made as a streamlined spiritual successor to that, without all that pesky back-and-forth preference explanations and introductions.

    Simply click the link above or search "Lounge Lizards" and join the group if the idea of being invited to games by random strangers appeals to you.


    Q-How does this work?
    A-Join the group if you're open to getting pm'd from random strangers to play games. If you get tired of this nonsense leave the group. If you get bored and want back in, rejoin the group.

    Q-But people whom I don't like are in this group!
    A-Don't join their games.

    Q-Has everybody been properly taught everything?
    A-Ask them.

    Q-Do I have to join EVERY game?
    A-Of course not, pick and choose at your leisure.

    Q-Do I have to invite EVERY group member?
    A-See above.

    Q-Am I guaranteed to be invited to games if I join this group?
    A-Not really, no.
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  2. joining group, or joining chat? it is different. For example, me as starter edition can join chat of public groups, but not join the group itself
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    What? I guess if you can't join the group you can still hang out in the notd chat, but this is just a supplement for people who don't particularly hang out in the chat.

    Ha, I searched for this quite a few times, it never came up.
    Ha ha, it's even 3.0. That's quite funny. But still join the group if you want to play private games and are too lazy/impatient to host.

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