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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pyromaniac, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. LftHnddSczrs

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    about a min away from exped, moh, and silver star. only got exped :(
  2. Miracle
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    Let me guess... He tried to use napalm on Perses the same way squish used stinger?
  3. LftHnddSczrs

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    exactly like that, but squish didnt have the stinger in that game thank god
  4. Blaze

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    ahahaha i remember that one lol
  5. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member


    Tanaka almost dies to napalm

    FO whores/lags behind team and nearly kills half the team

    Napalms Ivax, trapping team away from him while boss goes into Long Ranged mode (killing the Engy)



    Unpredictable Tanaka = wait on his directions before spamming.

    If he starts moving right, automatically stop all nukes/arti/napalm on gate.

    Game is made up of lots of unpredictable events which is why people wait on them, then react. Assuming things will always go the way you're used to tends to mess things up. Anyone above 5k exp should know this :)

    We do not leave anyone behind. Ever. MoH is always the goal, yes, but most of all, you play with us, we're dedicating our life to you in the same way we expect you to be dedicated to the team's success :)

    Headache/phone/door/toke/mouse battery = tell team or pause then tell team. We'll understand. Things occurring IRL that mess with the game happen to everyone all the time. :)

    Now people know me and my habit of always going into pubs just to look for new players and help them. I like to think I'm able to understand when people don't know things and end up doing 'things'. I love my newbies. :D

    When people tell someone they made a mistake, and instead of learning from it, insist that everyone else was wrong however. :)
  6. Blaze

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    i would laugh about being on here if yal werent such asses to me during and after the fact

    1. tanaka is unpredictable= not my fault

    2. i didnt need help=yals fault

    3. massive headache by ivax wasnt really paying attention anymore= no ones fault
  7. vexxenon

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    you really shouldn't be nalpam firemission blab blab anywhere inside the lab, should only be the lab entrance...
  8. Extifer
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

  9. Blaze

    Blaze New Member

    im over it
    only thing i was mad about was the needless votekick otherwise i woulda been fine
    acctually it was lab entrance lol tanaka walked right into the middle of the entrance and i have never seen him do that before so i didnt expect that
  10. Lulz

    Lulz Well-Known Member

    Just gonna say i watched this replay...
    1. There was no overly abusive whoring going on, nothing an arty fo isnt expected to do.
    2. Lagged behind at one part of the map yes. With huggers still working certainly could be a death, nothing to throw your arms up about. In his situation i probably would of bailed the same direction. Larva and devs to the right ghouls and mutas to the left.
    3. Tanaka certainly was on a deathwish, im not gonna say that i like to arty that spot but i will say 80% of the time there are arty fos, that spot does get napalmed constantly and dont say he should of been reacting to tans movements because when he launched that napalm tan was on the other side of the lab, tan ran straight for the fire and didnt stop along the way, yet it still ended before anything bad happens, so again nothing to get pissy about.
    4. Napalming ivax, eek. Something needlessly done over and over again. First of all im not aggreeing with the napalming of ivax, however. He did tell you all before ivax was coming that he was gonna be napalming ivax, the only response was .... that is until after he already started. secondly lets be honest jercy could of got out of his tower wall and get close enough to be fine ^.^. That being said this is a lesson he would of learned and never forgotten. We all make mistakes thats how we learn.

    To summarize when i started watching this replay i expected somebody to be seriously having an off day to get vked from a game. What i saw was typical (if not even better than typical) 20k player, whos still learning things but in no way deserved to be booted from a game.

    Bascially in my conclusion you all should be seriously ashamed to have treated a new community member in such a way.

    I thought hard about whether to post such critics on the matter. Espcially when its already trying to be blown under the rug ( see save the drama for your mama post). But if were going to critize everybody for the tiny mistakes that they made then you all too should be critized for your lapse in judgement on this particular matter. I pmed and talked with Blaze after the incident, as he seemed seriously distraught be it. What i learned was that he knew he made a mistake, oops sorry it happens, but it seemed all he really wanted was an apology which you all just continued to berate him in the channel.

    Perhaps this is all simple things tottally blown out of proportion (ooo it sooo tottally is) but you only have yourselves to blame for it. I certainly hope this post does not have a response (by either parties) in any attempt to save face, it is merely to say everybody was in the wrong here and its a lesson for everybody included.
  11. Arturia

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  12. spartanhija

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    Id think the safest thing to do is arty outside door, tanaka never goes there, hence neither should any teamembers. Artying inside is just additional danger for the team and for less effect than keeping majority of crowds at bay via door.
    Blaze, shit happens, and apparently tanaka is a jackass, because of how crazy nm can get, maybe a couple things to keep in mind:
    1. Communication is essential
    I know talking with people, especially people you dont get along with can be tough (i know!) But in nm it is imperative. You need to convey your message clearely, and clearely recieve the message of others. I have difficulty with this and the nm games im in it tends to fuck things up. As someone posted already, basically take it as a learning experience.
    2. Please, if you are not leading the party, listen to the leader.
    Weve had this talk before i believe, but essentially even if you think you know what your doing and your not paying attention to the host/leader, your ganna have a bad time, and potentially die. When your not sure what to do, OR you think you know what to do its good to revert to 1, and communicate, simply because it means everyones on the same page and working towards the same goal (pretty much like you did with ivax). Unfortunatley, its imperative your team understands what your doing. The games ive played with you I can inderstand why people get frustrated, you indicate what you are doing but often it is very unclear. I have a few examples, including when you were tanking alpha, if you really want to go over them, but even if you dont know how to do anything, asking the leader or other players involved should secure victory. The first rime I tanked Nm alpha I had almost never used order flamer (pyro baby) , but thanks to my team coaching me through it the job got done.
    3. Teamwork
    All 3 ideas are basically the same, you need to know what your going to do, and what your team is going to do. Alot of what I noticed in other games, is people you need supporting you through dps or shields waste all there energy on crack, or some other shit rhat they dont need too, make sure they entire team knows what to do, this is from past plays with you, as far as your replay, you made a few fucking mistakes, big deal. You learn and so do others, so next game will more likley to win BECAUSE you shouldnt make the same mistakes AND gou can teach newer pwople not to make those mistakes. So in the end making a mistake here and there isnt always a bad thing.
    Cya online
    ( via android, gramar nazi D: )
  13. Pyromaniac

    Pyromaniac Well-Known Member

    napalming ivax is perfectly fine so long as you keep the shell limit around 3 so there would not be a huge radius of death. And stuns, limited to around 5. With such limitations, it can't be the FO's fault with long range
  14. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member

    Now this may be a tad off tangent, but in the interest of giving reasoning as to why napalming Ivax is not a sound tactic (which hopefully will aid in lessening future incidents of Noob of the Day entries with FO Napalm kills in them), here I go.

    While the 3 Napalm shells tactic is something I will also recommend artillery FOs to use (as it is probably the most efficient amount for Napalm shells) throughout the Alpha Storyline, it is still something I would discourage people from using against Ivax

    *The damage Napalm's burn effect deals on targets does not depend on the number of shells you use. And apparently neither do the flames' durations. These are what make Napalm so great. It effectively cuts your shell usage needed to slow and kill mobs to a measly 3 per call down if you use them on choke points.

    As someone who almost exclusively plays Alpha NM and Survival these days (the only story lines where FOs are defaulty available) and having often had Artillery FOs on my team, I am strongly against the use of Napalm against targets fewer than 1 screen away from the team, which in the case of 2100 and upwards SR games, is how Ivax battles usually eventually end up due to his hefty HP.

    This is because (if you still remember the old bug posts on the FO's artillery strikes and its mechanics) there is an inherent defect in the trigger for the random placement of the artillery shells' landing zones
    and so "stray shell" hits happen.

    I theorize that these may have something to do with the terrain blockers used in the map to prevent items from spawning in unreachable areas but that is not the point of this reply as that is when I started noticing these events.

    If you had watched and been attentive to the replay

    (as I'm sure anyone who watched it to confirm for themselves the legitimacy of having this in the Noob of the Day thread would have done.)

    at the point where Tanaka is hanging around the exit of the laboratory, Blaze continues performing his role of blocking and roasting mobs by ordering a napalm strike around the southern vicinity of the Apollo's west gate and sets the area (as his namesake) ablaze.

    Among those barrages, a stray napalm shell gets terribly confused and finds itself on the southern high ground border of the lab's entrance, nearly roasting the team's Marksman, or anyone who decided to get near that ledge had Archangel not spotted it with his MM scope and warned the team about it.

    This is at 43:00 time stamp. Check the following napalm strikes and where each fire ball of fury lands

    In case there are people who do not want to open the replay at all
    Inb4 pics or it didn't happen

    This is not limited to Napalm by the way as I've seen stun shells and even flares stray (I remember MegurineLuka once flared below the lab and had the sight giving fire of light somehow end up somewhere in the vicinity of the mining base).

    While deaths caused by these can be considered just "unlucky" and / or due to game bugs,

    the fact that people know it can happen

    (in the same way that Tanaka can be quite crazy in his chosen destinations -I've seen him go as far as right in front of Dome D where we camp at during EC domes to kill said dome and so not napalming when Tanaka moves to the right of the lab is a given)

    means it is avoidable by not getting ones-selves in these situations and thus preventable.

    So again, use 3 shells for napalm and
    do not use it anywhere within 1 screen of the team.

    Prevention is better than the cure. Stay safe, play safe
  15. Froblock

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    HAyyy Lyandon, that's a blue mando and a pink mando.
    I think that's me and Downloading !!! :B
  16. MissHumpz
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    Pretty sure you weren't even in this game. I'm positive the blue one was Cap and the pink one my lovely self :p
  17. Blaze

    Blaze New Member

    well lets say its over and past an id like to play another game with you all in a better condition i.e. no headache and wide awake and show ive learned from this
  18. Moe
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    Noob of the Day:

    The Chemical Expert strikes again.
    On a pub recruit EC.

    This time, at Ex, while chasing Menoetes with shotty. D:

  19. Moe
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    Moe Well-Known Member

    Lol yet another one. :(

    Classic mando nuke.

  20. Lulz

    Lulz Well-Known Member

    2 seperate games, 2 seperate tks in the same spot, just a tiny tiny 8 seconds apart. I have my eye on you Moe. Your obviously tricking them into these unspeakable acts

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