NotD Nightmare Mode Challenging ?

Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by kamukag3e, May 16, 2013.

  1. brizingr5

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    The flip side to that is that if they don't get in the position they are, the light classes will all out-whore the tech, the only one who actually needs levels in surv (if you even have one. If you're using an engi, then levels for anybody doesn't even matter).

    I'd also like to point out the difference between properly carrying the team and unnecessary whoring. It's a thin line, yes, but when done properly, the "whore" can pretty much turn the game into a cake-walk if he does it right. I saw nik and scorp do it multiple times yesterday, and once they had the level they needed, they stopped whoring and just did the bare minimum of what needed to be done. ezpz.
  2. Scorpione

    Scorpione Well-Known Member

    Survival n storyline are different. All u have 2 do is survive. So camping is the general idea.
    Modes where u have missions.. different story.

    So what u hide behind tank whole game? That's exactly why i get ppl asking me "how come u never let any other people do they important stuff?" most of the times the reply is 'because they are to busy being pussies behind a tank n have yet to learn how 1 zombie moves when its agroed'. So instead of staying behind tank and whoring with a DPS assalt which is the class that least needs level and ppl still just whore infinitely with it. Be more useful(and this isn't direct to survival apart from the whoring bit)

    Shared xp isn't that important. 1st/2nd bosses are easily killed with just T1 abilities. The only reason why Tech whores is for dog to get easier OW. The only reason why demo whores is because he has to do meno and that can't be done without ttd (unless u have sting/bar on him).

    For me position is crucial too... the difference is my positioning does all the major work. Your positioning gets carried. Which is the main reason why newbs are told to stay behind tank/near medic/recon. Some actually ask "why are we here and not doing objective?" ppl reply 'because he's doing it alone'. I hardly see people ask "hows that possible?"

    Most of people that follow a designed path by anyone. E.g. the scouting paths at chap 1... they just go in a line and don't scout. If you aren't going to scout just go to objective then. Whats the point?

    I invite you to play a ec nm or any other mode (apart form surv) with channel people. Then come to a lobby that has me or nik in it. See how much more efficient and quicker the mode is. Just because often 1man doing certain things is more efficient than carrying whole team there.
  3. speedy_new

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    Lol i Know it is possible but i dont do this. For me it is something like cheating too.
    If u fail because of u or your team so be it.
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  4. rockz
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    rockz Well-Known Member

    The way to make the game harder is to remove the ability to hold out. I'd really like the original 5% win rate back for surv. even some cheese like scope on mm and HAL with devastators.

    Old survival was this way, and parts of current surv are this way.

    I've also wanted a -vnm for various reasons forever, but it would only set squad rating to maximum.
  5. speedy_new

    speedy_new Well-Known Member

    NM not to hard? Try to dodge 24 satchels from IVAX. Until few team party will be dead it is quite hard to kill IVAX. I have noticed when if at least half party is dead IVAX stopped cloacking and he more often start usising cannons so number of satchels is significant lesser.
  6. kamukag3e

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    Easy, and even easier if the team act as a unit. IVAX lock half the team and place two Satchel charges by each locked target.
    When the team is spread so the Satchels will be all across the area, if the team move in a ball there will be a cluster of mines in one location and the entire area will be safe for the team.

    Organized team should just move in a big circle around IVAX and let the Flamer face-tank the few shots.
  7. Scorpione

    Scorpione Well-Known Member

    Why the complicated way?
    Stun lock him and he doesn't drop anything nor does he go invisible.
  8. Niktos

    Niktos Well-Known Member

    His immunity to stuns is live since last patch, one cheese serving less, cronus to go.
  9. kamukag3e

    kamukag3e Well-Known Member

    I probably shouldn't mention it where Niktos can read it. Nik DON'T READ THE FOLLOWING TEXT !
    Today I just played a AC NM run where I stun-lock Cronus (when he was away from creep) personally as a Survival Rifleman the team couldn't kill him fast, as the DPS classes use HMG on the Commando and m45 on the sMM. Meanwhile the Flamer doesn't use Smite at all. Epic stuff, because epic fail is still epic.

    By the way Niktos, Cerberus is still very weak IMO.
  10. speedy_new

    speedy_new Well-Known Member

    Well i didn't see this in game, and i was played with exp ppl. First of all chars speeds are different so if fastest char moves, slowest will be at the end, second ppl dodge satchels in different directions, it makes all of them starting to move separatly. And it is hardly to stack again when u have to dodge new satchels and team is already separated.
    Probably it could be helpfull if all give control to medic and he could move all group with resto time to time.

    Last game on ac nm we started IVAX in 7 and none died only because IVAX didnt use EMP, I got arc and used only for shielding (only when was it crucial resto or wave). Additional all got kits. But later AP told that satchels are bugged now and drain only shields, they should drain energy+shields. It is hard now but will be more difficult.

    Cronus doesnt make such problems, even without stuns.
    We didnt stun so much but all team kiting I got high energy restoration so i could shield very often.

    One more thing i am not sure of this but it seems that Cronus lasers works like flamers, when u are closer to him lasers hit u more then if u far away of him it is only small damage.
  11. speedy_new

    speedy_new Well-Known Member

    Exactly u cannot stun IVAX now. But of course u can lower his armor and slow him down it helps a lot too.
    I got question few times i suggested to add nano med to makes IVAX easier. None wants to check this.
    And iI dont understand why, volatile iniection and nano seer should works even if he is cloacked. Additional nano seer stacks 5 times so 125 DPS is quite huge bonus (works even if u are kiting). None weapon provide such dps (plus using weapon= u have to stay and shoot).
  12. Niktos

    Niktos Well-Known Member

    Just go nano medic yourself if game is not exped, that's how we all check out things. By doing them ourselves.

    Injection will work as it is debuff aplied to unit, injection alone does nothing to cloaked ivax tho. Given a mechanic of cloak used for ivax (he disapears as a unit, he isn't invisible he is gone) i wouldn't be surprised if sear didn't work.

    Yes no weapon provides such a dps on a NON dps class, give it to combat rofl,combat engy,sub mm or ops mando and you get twice or more of it with a wooden stick. Not to mention damage dealing skills like smite, shatter, osok, overdrive.

    Also ivax difficulty is not coming from his cannons which attack speed would get lowered by sear debuff but from satchels that as a skill wont be affected
  13. speedy_new

    speedy_new Well-Known Member

    Yup tried twice, when i chose medic first none picked up 2 med., when i was waiting to the end none picked up tank:)
    Anyway i still will be trying to check this.

    That is only thing what i am affraid. It will be working like ld when clocked debuff gone.

    Only osok could provide more because it is one shoot, overdrive will be working until guardian will be in game. Rest classes couldnt stay long in one place and shooting so even if hay huge bonuses from their skills they couldnt use the efficient, or they could but have to consume kits very fast.
  14. Niktos

    Niktos Well-Known Member

    You need to step up on your knowledge and math before arguing about dps. Short of mando on loaded adren every class i mentioned can without a problem reposition between shots if they use low rate of fire weapon or they can reposition during reloads with fast guns [reloads that happen every 2-4seconds depending on gun], satchels explode after 5 seconds there is plenty time to unload a volley and dodge during this time.

    Shatter is 600 dmg to bosses every 3s thats 200dps, and order bat is tank not dps, mando does roughtly 120 a shot on pistol on surg alone thats 240dps full adren makes it ~x5.

    It goes off topic further and further so i will end it here. You can/should make a topic for ivax tactic discussion or whatever you name it if you want to continue this but before it do your research properly.
  15. speedy_new

    speedy_new Well-Known Member

    Hm u are almost right, u have forgotton that satchals is not only problem. IVAX is visible for 5 sec. So this is your 'plenty of time' for mando
    Anyway i checked nano med on IVAX and nano seer is completly useless, only volatile iniction works perfect, additional it shows where he is. Smoke is visible.

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