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Discussion in 'Online Operations' started by Shooz, Mar 9, 2013.

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  1. Foss

    Foss New Member

    Nice idea! How often i started SCII only to see if are there some of my known players are online. A comfortable option to generate a fast and a good 8 Player group.

    ... but tell me.... How does it work with the rank in mumble? i have registered myself... u add the rank or me?
  2. Shooz
    • Donator

    Shooz NOTD Staff: Killjoy

    We will have to update your rank. If you see someone on the mumble with an [Admin] tag. Send them a message or pop in when they're not busy to get the attention you need where it's needed. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.
  3. Froblock

    Froblock Well-Known Member

    A bit of trouble in paradise Shooz.
    There seems to be 0 Admin activity on mumble. Its been that way for quite some time now.
  4. TheWolf
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    TheWolf Surgeon of Death

    yea we probably need 1 or 2 new admins. only one i see online is AP from time to time or you, shooz.
  5. FireFlyerOni

    FireFlyerOni New Member

    I am not sure this is the proper place to post this, however I have not seen any other place that names mumble.

    I have been asking around for a while, (roughly 2 weeks) why people are hard to find on mumble and what people think of the mumble. Some have told me that they feel mumble is too "public" or impersonal (If that is a word.) and prefer other voice chat programs such as a friend of mine Khorne, seems to prefer his own team speak 3 server over mumble, or they want to use skype instead. I personally log on to the mumble when I get on to SC2, but I have yet to see over ten different people on it at any given time.
    This may be due to my time zone in northern europe, (I am on Paris time, living in Denmark around 6 hours ahead of new york city I think.) or people may not like mumble for some reason I have yet to learn of.
    In any case, I would have to agree with the idea that "TheWolf" proposes, if we expect people to use mumble, that is paid by someone here, We will at least need a admin or moderator who can change ranks and ensure everyone is happy and doing well there.
    I understand that it is hard work with the Forums, Game programming and whatever else that our staff may do without our knowlegde, and I would like to thank them for their time placed in to a game that has become one of my favorites since I found it and I have played it for around 2 years.
    My suggestion is to look for someone who can be online a lot to promote the mumble, outside of our forums, steam group and or facebook pages. I for one have started naming it to people in Starcraft 2, to help out.
  6. Drunk

    Drunk Well-Known Member

    Also agree. Best to have a couple of reliable admins who's willing to stay on mumble and manage new members.
  7. i have to agree with what you have said i for myself an active player both on forum and in game, i do not like to use mumble, it is just too complicated and too impersonal and there is the accent problems i speak english in a way others speak it in a different way so voice chat is a bad idea compared with text chat and there is something i found about mumble that it cannot isolate the computer speakers sound,(i have a built in microphone) that will make any conversation a hell i still did not try it well cause i dont know how to )will have a try today and hope i found out)
    but i dont see the point of a mumble server at all
    EDIT: i just tried it kept getting DC although when i play SC2 on EU i dont lag at all so what i do? (and i found a text chat :D)
  8. EdAWACSdenyY

    EdAWACSdenyY Member

    I support mumble!! It make me feel less lonely! :) (than usual where I get the silent treatment) :( The spirit of the BioDtector in me compels me!!

    AWACS online mk2.jpg

    PS hows my new picture now?
  9. Shooz
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    Shooz NOTD Staff: Killjoy

    That's great bud. Do me a favor and make that picture in every post a bit smaller when you embed it or just cut it out altogether. Thaaaaaaaanks.
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  10. FireFlyerOni

    FireFlyerOni New Member

    I have to agree with Shooz here, that picture is huge compared your post. I could accept it after a whole page, (Acceptance is not the same as liking it by the way if you did not know.) but a ONE LINE post that fills half a 23" (That is around 58cm for those who use metric measurements) screen due to your siggy (or signature) feels like spam to me, I mean no offense to you, I like the fact you support our forums, our mumble and our beloved NotD though.

    And now for something more useful, I have found I am not allowed to join any of the "Custom" NotD chat channels on Mumble, I can get on Drinks at the bar, just chilling, the AFK channel and the "Other Games". Is there a reason for this? I am given a join permission denied message when I attempt entrance to "Easy Company" for example.
  11. Shooz
    • Donator

    Shooz NOTD Staff: Killjoy

    Thats really odd. I'll have to look into it. When are you online mostly? I could hop on and work on this with you to ensure that you're able to traverse and enter the channels you should be able to.
  12. Froblock

    Froblock Well-Known Member

  13. Shooz
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    Shooz NOTD Staff: Killjoy

    I started college recently and a few other things are occupying my time. I still manage to make the effort to assist people who come directly to the forums with their needs though Fro. I can't sit in mumble like I used to or I'd never get any schoolwork done.

    If there is an issue that arises with mumble. Please post it here so that I can look into it when I am on the forum. I can make time to help whoever it is that needs the help provided that i'm conscious and there is nothing currently occupying my time.

    On another note. People have also asked about wanting more admins for mumble. Now I know that it may seem like a good idea BUT, Mumble isn't quite as intuitive and user friendly as Ventrilo was. A lot of the administration is complicated if you're not specialized in ACLs or at the very least have done your homework on them and their relation to mumble.

    It takes time for someone to learn this stuff obviously and I currently don't have the time to impart that knowledge onto anyone. The Mumble actually took Mirage, ArcanePariah, and myself to set up the way we have it now.

    Once again. If there is an issue that presents itself in relation to the Mumble server. Please post in detail here about the needs and your availability. Thanks everyone!
  14. EdAWACSdenyY

    EdAWACSdenyY Member

    I have updated my image (Which is now AWACS Mk-2) as well as my signiture (which has been updated to v.006) what do you think (conversation me to reply please)

    But on a more practical note I also notice a lack of players on Mumble these days (sniff* which makes me feel a tad bit lonely again :() and so now I'm working even harder on trying to get BioDtect members to join mumble if possible (It hasn't been easy as I checked and only about 4 members of BioDtect are actually on NOTD) But I'm almost finished my members list. On our Official BioDtect thread All that's left is to somehow get BioDtect onto Forums to get them onto Mumble (by their own free will of course cause BioDtect is just awesome that way! ;)) If it does work than mumble will have a bunch of new members and restored to its former glory. If it fails well...... :massimo: yeah
  15. Lord NiteShade
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    • Community Leader

    Lord NiteShade NOTD Staff: Wiki Founder/TeamSpeak Admin

    NOTD has moved on and is no longer supporting Mumble for our voice chat server needs. Official migration to the NOTD Teamspeak 3 server has begun as of March 26th, and we plan to shut down our Mumble server on April 1st (not an April Fool's joke). We ask that all active Mumble users migrate over to Teamspeak 3 effective immediate, and we welcome new members to join as well. Even without a microphone TS3 makes for an excellent community gathering center as well as offering chat support and a number of other fun features. We commend Shooz and the other Mumble admins for their hard work as we move forward into a new era.

    This is thread is now locked and closed for discussion. If you have further questions inquiry with myself or another community manager via private message.

    For further information please consult our lovely MissHumpz's Teamspeak FAQ Announcement.
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