NOTD II Sneak Peek: Progression and Bonuses

Discussion in 'Canceled Content' started by Kith, Dec 4, 2013.

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    A high rating implies that you're really good, so you should have the presence of mind to avoid being attacked by enemies that have lower range and speed than you do. After all, you only have one major unit to keep track of.
  2. nex_

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    Btw its great if u change the grinding system like u said.
    But I think nothing of the little grind I made on this poor bank will be transferable ^^
  3. nex_

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    Back to the topic, will the ranking also grants small bonus ?
    Except class unlock what is it usefull for ?
    (people need achievments :p)

    I just remembered that with ranking one of the option u had was a small 10% chance of avoidance which was very great cause on move it stacked pretty good with the 25% miss chance of war3 engine when not close/uphill.

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