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    Night of the Dead Forums Rules & Code of Conduct

    So it’s become readily apparent to me that we need one of these, considering some recent things that have been going on. Instead of setting a bunch of hard-coded rules that can be bullshitted around and all of that other fun stuff, I’m going to lay down just one:

    What the Developers and Moderators say, goes.

    Now, you may notice that’s a pretty broad rule. That’s the point. I think we’ve all been in places where folks just barely skirted the rules and acted out but weren’t punished because there wasn’t a rule specifically against acting like a moron. If you don’t piss anyone off, then you’re most likely not going to get in trouble. To that end, here’s a handy list of stuff that you should avoid doing because it tends to upset people:


    Attempting to Undermine an Authority Figure
    Example: “Wait, someone reported me? Let me talk to them.”
    If you’re being punished, it’s for a reason. If someone came to an authority figure instead of you, then there’s obviously a problem with you that cannot be handled by them. Insisting that you've done nothing wrong will usually not help your case and probably serve to irritate the authority figure in question.

    Belittling the Views of Others
    Example: “Oh, you’re Christian? What a stupid religion.”
    It is not your place nor your right to decide what the beliefs and views of others are and aren't valid. Rational discussions about such things are permitted, assuming that they are confined to a thread specifically for containing such a discussion.

    Bragging about Hacking
    Example: “Well, I just modded my bank file and skipped all of the hard work.”
    Not only is this incredibly dumb because you’re admitting guilt to a very looked-down-upon action, you’re being incredibly disrespectful to the people that did put forth the work to earn what they've earned. Also, you’re probably gonna get permabans, so there’s that.

    Demanding Special Treatment
    Example: “But I’m a girl, so it’s okay.”
    We don’t care. You will not receive special treatment for any reason if you cause a problem. Asking or demanding said treatment for whatever reason will more than likely land you in even more trouble.

    Explicit Content
    Example: Porn or gore
    This is a public forum about a videogame accessible by all ages. If you would feel uncomfortable showing your mother this, then don’t post it here.

    Failing to use the Spoiler Tag
    Example: "It's okay, he's an asshole now but he dies in an episode."
    We have spoiler tags. They are there to prevent people from getting storylines spoiled. Be respectful and mindful of your fellow community members when you're discussing a series. A decent metric is that if it doesn't happen in the first episode, then it's a spoiler.

    Racist Commentary or Slang
    Example: “Man, dis nigga.”
    It really doesn’t matter what is said or who it’s said to. It doesn’t matter if you’re “allowed” to say these things in polite society because you happen to be of that race. It doesn’t matter if you and your friends talk to each other in-game like that. Don’t do it here.

    Homophobic Commentary or Slang
    Example: “You’re such a faggot.”
    Same principle for the Racism thing. We don’t care if you say such things to your friends in private. In public (see: this forum), it will get you in tons of trouble.

    Intentionally Inflammatory Commentary
    Example: “Well, aren’t you just a stupid asshole?”
    Be respectful to your fellow community members. If your posts are found to be overly aggressive or disrespectful, they will be deleted and you will not get to participate in the discussion until you clean up your act.

    Example: Bumping a topic well over a month old with a comment that doesn’t significantly contribute to the discussion
    Posting in a topic that’s been long inactive to provide your opinion to fuel debate on that topic is okay. Posting in a topic that’s been long inactive to say “lol yay” will make you look silly and get you in trouble.

    Reputation Bombing
    Example: Knocking someone’s reputation down by several points in a day
    First of all, this is a jerk move. Secondly, it doesn’t even serve a point because mods hold the power to delete reputation ratings, so after you get punished your work will be undone anyways.

    Sexist Commentary
    Example: “Go make me a sandwich, woman!” “Boys are so stupid.”
    This is not funny or appreciated by anyone.

    Sexually Charged Commentary
    Example: “I have such a boner over this.” “Ooh, this made me wet!”
    This is gross. A videogame forum is not the place to discuss your sexual attraction to things. Don’t do it.

    Using Ignorance as an excuse
    Example: “But I didn’t know that!”
    Too damn bad. Read the rules.


    You can ask yourself a few questions before you post and while you type up your post.

    Before you even start typing:
    Do I have anything to contribute? If you don't, then don't post.
    Is it worth my time to post? If it isn't, then don't post.

    While you type:
    What do I need to say? Think about that. Then start typing.
    Is there any part of my post that doesn't make any sense? If not, change that.
    Would I talk like this to another human being? If not, fix that.
    Are there any errors in my post? Correct them.

    Lastly, before you hit that magical button to start a thread or make that post.
    Am I willing to accept the consequences of posting this? If you're not, then don't post it. If you are, then post it.

    Don’t act like a fool. Use common sense. If you have a question on if something is okay or not, ask a mod first, because in this situation it is easier to get permission rather than to beg forgiveness.

    We don’t use the warning system here, because it’s an antiquated “slap on the wrist” thing that isn’t effective. Instead, we utilize Probations and Bans. Probations can last from a couple hours to a few days, whereas Bans last from a week to a year, excluding permanent bans.​
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    We now have a rules thread because people are foolish and cannot act properly without being told how to act.
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    Rules within this thread may be subject to change. In addition, rules may or may not be added to this thread in order to maintain good order and discipline.
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