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    Ability NOTD Creator

    New patch uploaded with many bug fixes - thanks AP. Also updated ban list. Please let us know if you see any major issues. Thanks.
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    AP is finishing up Recon updates and we are aiming to publish a new patch within the next 3 days.

    I'll be in US (East Coast - New York City, Washington DC and Orlando) from 9-22 October with my wife. If any of you are in those cities, PM me.
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    Notes for latest StarCraft II patch released this week.

    Show Spoiler
    A new Color Blind Mode has been added and can be enabled in the Gameplay options menu. When enabled, the following changes take effect:
    Alternate colors are used to show the build grid when “Display Build Grid” is enabled.
    Alternate colors are used to designate player colors when playing in teams.
    Placement grid textures indicating unbuildable locations have been updated to display an “X” rather than changing from green to red.
    Minimap terrain is darkened to provide more visual contrast between units and terrain.
    A notification message is now broadcast to every player in the game when a player, spectator, or referee changes the game speed.
    Destructible rocks now appear on the minimap.
    Icon art for all three Protoss Ground Weapon upgrade levels have been updated to make them more visually distinct.
    Friendly fire information is now stored in the PlayerStats events for replay tracker events.
    A “Ladder Maps” option has been added to the Browse dropdown menu in Custom Games. Selecting this option will filter the map list to display only the melee maps that are being used in the current season of the ladder. The map pool from each matchmaking queue can be displayed by selecting 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 from the “Category” dropdown menu.
    A Technology column has been added to the Score Summary tab on the Score Screen.

    User Interface
    Two new custom observer UIs called “Split 1v1” and “Streamlined” have been added to StarCraft II and can be accessed by default from the Observer Interface dropdown in the Gameplay options menu:
    Split 1v1: A slightly more graphic-intensive interface that reorganizes player names, supply counts, and resources across the top portion of the screen.
    Streamlined: A lightweight interface that only displays resource counts in the top-right corner of the UI. This UI (or community variations of it) is commonly used for WCS broadcasts.
    A “Units Lost” overlay has been added to both UIs. This can be toggled by pressing Shift + L and is currently only available in the Split 1v1 and Streamlined UIs, but modders can add this overlay to their own custom UIs.
    Both UIs are .SC2Interface files that reside in the StarCraft II\Mods folder.
    The game now reads .SC2Interface files from both the StarCraft II\Mods folder as well as the original My Documents\StarCraft II\Interfaces folder. It is recommended that modders continue to use the “My Documents” location.
    Improved Replay Scrubbing
    ​When watching a replay, it is now possible to drag the slider to any point in the replay timeline. When dragging the slider to a point beyond what has been watched, the screen will black out, pop out the minimap, and quickly fast forward to the specified time.
    Clicking the Play button cancels fast forwarding and resumes replay playback.
    Dragging the replay slider backward now begins playback at the exact time specified.
    Two new zoom levels have been added to the observer camera which let observers zoom out much further than what was allowed prior to Patch 2.0.10:​
    Zoom Level 1 Hotkey: Z
    Zoom Level 2 Hotkey: Shift + Z
    While zoomed out at either of these levels, the mouse wheel will not change the zoom level. Only pressing the hotkey again will zoom the camera back in.


    Multi-Region Publishing
    The publish dialog now includes checkboxes for all available regions.
    The publish configuration is still based on the current login region, but is now used identically for all selected regions
    A window has been added to display progress when publishing to multiple regions, and may be canceled at any point if desired.
    Added an “Always Use Latest Version” option for dependencies published by the active user. This is only available when using the “My Documents” source.
    Added File > Export Balance Data functionality. These commands will download the latest balance data from and export them to web-friendly XML and image files.
    Added command line support for exporting balance data associated with a specific replay.
    ​Use syntax: “-exportreplay <replay file> -exportreplaydir <output directory>”

    Terrain Module
    Support for Map Symmetry has been added:
    Define symmetry for a map using Map > Map Symmetry. This includes rectangular, diagonal, or rotational configurations.
    Toggle the symmetry line overlay display with View > Show Terrain > Show Symmetry.
    Toggle symmetry mode with Tools > Use Symmetry. When enabled, most brush and selection operations will be automatically duplicated in corresponding symmetrical locations.
    Use Edit > Select All Symmetrical to select all symmetrical objects corresponding to the current selection.
    Symmetry applies to everything except for regions, cameras, and roads.
    Note: Due to grid alignment requirements, not every operation will be exactly symmetrical for every configuration (especially odd-numbered rotational segments.)
    Doodads now support Pitch and Roll properties for three-dimensional rotation.
    The HDR Multiplier property can now be modified independently from Custom Color.

    Data Module
    The “Effects” array in Effects Sets is now upgradable.
    The “Duration” field in Apply Behavior Effect is now upgradable.
    There is now a “Filter Players” field in Actor to limit visibility per specific player, which is similar to limiting visibility based on alliances. There is also a new set of actor messages to manipulate both fields at run time:​
    Clear Filter: Sets all filter flags to unchecked.
    Clear Filter Players: Sets all “filter players” flags to unchecked.
    Set Filter: Set, clear, or toggle specific filter flags.
    Set Filter Players: Set, clear, or toggle specific “filter players” flags.

    Text Module
    IDs for manually added text entries can now be changed using Data > Change Text ID.

    Trigger Module
    Compile errors can now be double-clicked to view the corresponding element within the editor UI.

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed a number of sound and music issues relating to ambiance, screen transitions, and overlapping music tracks.
    Miscellaneous tweaks and fixes were made for melee AI.
    Fixed many text, hotkey, and localization issues for StarCraft II across all languages.
    Fixed an issue in which XP reward values did not match certain unit and upgrade costs.
    The camera now properly centers on units after using Recover Game.
    Lighting in the game world and UI no longer appears brighter than normal after using Recover Game.
    The Reduced Violence option now functions correctly after a client restart.
    Fixed an issue that could cause red blood to appear in rare situations with Reduced Violence enabled.
    Clicking Overseer and Broodlord cocoons in the Observer Mode Units tab now properly jumps the camera to those units.
    Fixed an issue that could cause players to be unable to trade resources with the AI in certain situations during melee games.
    Various performance improvements have been made when certain structures like the Cybernetics Core and Spawning Pool have completed construction.
    The TerribleTerribleDamage cheat no longer occasionally becomes disabled after watching campaign cutscenes.
    Clarified the criteria for the Auto-Kill achievement.
    Fixed a rare issue that could cause players to unlock achievements they did not earn while playing Challenge missions.
    Units can no longer become stuck in Challenge mission repulsion fields before rounds start.
    Using Take Command from a Challenge mission replay no longer breaks UI elements.
    Reapers can now be properly trained in HotS Training Stage 2.

    Heart of the Swarm Campaign

    Fixed an issue where Kerrigan’s ability hotkeys could not be rebound to a custom profile in certain situations.
    Fixed a number of streaming errors that could occur while playing the HotS Swarm Campaign.
    Fixed many issues which caused 3D portraits to display improperly throughout the HotS campaign.
    Fixed an issue in which completing the campaign and starting a new one could cause certain conversations to no longer play.
    Units grouped with Kerrigan can now be issued hotkey commands while she is burrowed.
    Hotkeys can now be properly assigned to evolution split strains.
    Players are no longer prompted to mutate an Infestation Pit in order to morph Aberrations rather than the required Evolution Chamber.
    Pressing Escape to skip certain campaign cutscenes no longer results in a black screen.
    Fixed a rare issue which could cause hotspot conversations to stop working in certain situations.
    Fixed a display issue that could occur when rapidly clicking on hotspot conversations.
    Izsha no longer explains Kerrigan’s third ability column before it is unlocked.
    Torrasque Strain Ultralisk eggs can no longer be Abducted.
    Roachlings spawned by Corpser Roaches now properly receive melee attack upgrades.
    Burrowed Aberrations now properly benefit from armor upgrades.
    Vikings under the effect of Parasitic Domination no longer use Drone error sounds.
    The StarTours achievement no longer lists incorrect criteria.
    Clarified criteria for the Endangered Species achievement.
    The Missing Link achievement can now be properly earned.
    Fixed an issue in which bonus objective completion could count more than once toward Kerrigan Power achievement progress.
    The Kerrigan Power achievement progress now tracks properly from levels gained through the Master Archives.
    Shortcut keys now work properly on the Swarm Upgrades page in the Master Archives.
    Evolution missions launched through the Master Archives now properly count toward achievement progress.
    Completing the “Lab Rat” mission no longer occasionally blocks progression to the next mission.
    Fixed a number of terrain and graphical issues that could appear throughout the “Back in the Saddle” mission.
    The victory screen for the “Domination” mission now properly counts the number of rescued Baneling Nests.
    Fixed an issue on the “Old Soldiers” mission in which an allied Swarm Queen could fail to place a Creep Tumor.
    Fixed an issue on “Waking the Ancient” where mission progression could become blocked in certain situations.
    Fixed a number of transparency issues with trees on the “Supreme” mission.
    Fixed a hole in the terrain on the “Hydralisk Evolution” mission.
    Fixed a number of pathing issues on the “Hand of Darkness” mission that could occur when attempting to kite Hybrids away from their spawn points.
    Fixed an issue that could cause terrain to appear transparent during the “Conviction” mission.
    Ravens under the effects of Parasitic Domination can no longer be used to bypass large sections of the “Conviction” mission.
    Dominion Vikings on the “Death from Above” mission no longer grant vision to the player.
    Using Parasitic Domination on Alpha Squadron units during “The Reckoning” mission no longer causes minimap pings to persist.

    Fixed an issue that could cause matchmaking buttons to become disabled and display an “Unavailable” tooltip.
    Fixed an issue in which 4v4 matchmaking games could occasionally result in a loss for both teams.
    Fixed a rare issue that could cause a player’s MMR to decrease after winning a matchmaking game.
    Custom Game lobbies now remember a player’s previously played race rather than defaulting to Terran.
    Blocking or unblocking a player now displays a toast notification.
    Fixed an issue that could prevent some Arcade maps from being played.
    Fixed an Offline Mode issue which could cause the Heart of the Swarm Campaign button to go missing in certain situations.
    Fixed an issue in which the Friends list would not update properly when adding or removing friends in certain situations.
    Fixed an issue that could cause old achievements to be pushed off the Recent Achievements window prematurely.
    Right-click context menus now open properly when right-clicking player portraits in game lobbies.
    Non-member players connected to a Group’s chat channel can now be banned while they are in a game.
    Maps in the Custom Games menu that are dependent on either the Liberty or Swarm mods are now properly displayed and sorted based on a player’s currently selected expansion level.
    The Achievement page now properly displays the Tier 3 Arcade achievement icon for accounts that have earned the required number of points.
    Many typos and tooltip fixes have been made across the entirety of

    Gamplay and Races

    Collapsible Debris now displays properly for players that did not witness the tower collapse.
    Fixed an issue that occasionally caused the game camera to pop after using drag scroll to disengage the follow unit feature.
    Fixed an issue that could cause waypoint indicators to remain visible on burrowed or cloaked enemy units in certain situations.
    Units can no longer walk up the edges of certain cliff intersections on the StarShip tileset.
    Burrowing a Widow Mine can no longer cancel Graviton Beam.
    The “[Player] no longer has any forces!” message is no longer displayed if the player still has Widow Mines.
    Widow Mines no longer convert excess shield damage to hull damage against shielded targets affected by Corruption.
    Flying a Command Center or Orbital Command over Mineral Fields no longer causes the worker counter in the observer leader board to change.
    The SCV and MULE now share the same Repair command and will both repair when either unit is the subgroup priority.
    Fixed a rare issue that could cause a Thor’s transit model to become stuck to a Medivac.
    SCVs can no longer hold position in the center of a Vespene Geyser after being lifted by Graviton Beam.
    Floating text now displays only the amount of minerals refunded after Salvaging a Bunker.
    Colossi that attack a revealed opponent’s structures no longer become visible for that opponent through the fog of war.
    The Oracle’s Activate and Deactivate Pulsar Beam abilities can now be properly set to share the same hotkey using the Allow Toggle Conflicts option in the Hotkey menu.
    The Mutalisk’s Glave Wurm attack can no longer bounce to disguised enemy Changelings.
    Locusts now properly follow waypoints set while they are eggs.
    Thor morph animations are now paused rather than cancelled while under the effects of Abduct. The morph will resume once Abduct completes.
    Fighter Mode Vikings that come under the effects of Abduct while transforming to Assault Mode are now properly classified as ground units once transformation completes.
    Siege Tanks on Creep and in Siege Mode that are Abducted to a lower cliff level that is covered with Creep no longer become completely covered by Creep textures.
    An attack alert is now properly triggered when Abduct is used on targets that are off screen.
    Air units that are Abducted across flight pathing blockers over different terrain levels can no longer pop to incorrect height levels.
    Fixed an issue in which workers under the effects of Neural Parasite could cause issues with the worker count when used to harvest Vespene Gas.
    It is now possible to modify the Overlord’s Stop Generate Creep ability hotkey.


    Fixed a number display issues with Hellbat impact effects on Low graphic settings.
    Raised Supply Depots in HotS Campaign now properly play a sound when destroyed while models are set to Low.
    Destructible Debris barriers now properly play an explosion sound when models are set to Low.
    Widow Mine impact effects can no longer play twice on shielded targets.
    Impact effects on Destructible Rocks now appear on the appropriate side of the rocks based on the direction of attack.
    Zerglings with the Metabolic Boost upgrade can no longer appear floating over cliff edges or zero level terrain.


    Dependency reference checking now looks for missing references within newly added dependencies.
    Computer players are now properly locked in the lobby when using default game variants.
    Interface mods may now be saved as component list folders.
    AI Module
    Deleting a wave link no longer deletes all other links.
    Terrain Module
    Fixed object group commands in the palette context menu for points and cameras.
    The editor no longer prevents creep from displaying on unpathable terrain.
    Trigger Module
    Blank comments no longer revert to “Comment” after reloading.
    Pasting multiple items into an empty list no longer reverses the original order.
    Pasting a category containing multiple items no longer uses the same name for all items.
    The Set Dialog Item Color action now supports the Automatic preset.
    Data Module
    User Types: Fields used as an editor column with multiple values now shows all values in the instance list.
    Pasting XML data now supports larger amounts of text (16 MB, up from 65 KB).
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    With NOTD 2 successfully funded on Kickstarter, we will be focusing 80% of our effort on development with a target to release an open Beta by Summer 2014. Basic maintenance/update work will still be done on NOTD - this includes fixing critical bugs, updating banlists and implementing changes committed earlier.
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    Uploaded a new patch today which should optimize game performance when multiple units are being killed - ArcanePariah has moved many unit death trigger events/actions into Data to accomplish this. We are also spotting typos to fix as we polish the game in its end-stages. If you encounter an additional typos, please PM me.
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    Please support NOTD in our submission for Blizzard's Rock the Cabinet contest:

    The contest winners are decided by community votes and we will need your help to make it happen. Winning it will give us additional funds and official Blizzard resources to help us reinvest further into making NOTD a better game. Details on the contest below:

    We will also put in a submission for NOTD 2 by end-May. This will give our team an option to target 2 possible prizes.
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    Formal post to the NOTD Community in China server. Thanks Miracle for the translation on their forums.

    "We are happy that some members of the China community have brought NOTD to the China server in the past. As NOTD's development has matured, we are now ready to officially support NOTD on China server. A key action we're taking is to ensure that all players have a consistent gaming experience and play NOTD as it's originally intended.

    All players should only play the official NOTD map published by Miracle on China server. We have several full-time resources dedicated on China server (Miracle and our China Wardens). We've worked hard to deliver regular updates (NOTD is one of the most consistently and regularly updated maps in StarCraft II). We've released the most complete and accurate Chinese language translation of our map. In addition, we've launched a Chinese language sub-forum on our main website to ease the China community into the global one. This is an opportunity for players on China server to share their ideas and help make NOTD a better and more enjoyable game for everyone.

    Publishing and playing a 3rd party NOTD map is now unnecessary, counterproductive and distracts the community. We firmly request that all 3rd party authors immediately ceasepublishing a separate copy of the NOTD map. We will have no choice but to report any 3rd party NOTD maps to Blizzard until they are removed.

    It's an exciting time for NOTD in the China server. Our shared experiences now will lay the foundation for a better NOTD and, in the future, a successful launch of NOTD 2 in China server.

    NOTD Creator"
  8. Ability
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    We've put in close to 4,500 hours into NOTD's development to date and are constantly learning. Even the team has changed over the years - but the mission remains: to create one of the richest, most engaging, and polished cooperative games on Blizzard Arcade. Good thoughts to guide us as we continue on this journey.

    "A game is a series of interesting choices." - Sid Meier
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    Blizzard has just announced the Top 10 Finalists for the Rock the Cabinet contest:

    Unfortunately, NOTD wasn't selected to the list. It is disappointing - given the sheer amount of effort we've put into NOTD over the years. If we didn't make it, it's not for the lack of effort. We've done our best and am proud of the entire team's effort - many of us put in extra hours to brainstorm new ideas, polish and fix bugs in NOTD and NOTD 2.

    In the past 2 months alone, we've made up to 160 lines of updates in NOTD (Change Log). Major milestones include:
    - Fixing replays
    - Updating NOTD with Heart of the Swarm assets
    - New NOTD loading screen (the first refresh in 3 years)
    - Optimized UI by moving from triggers to UI module (work in progress) - helping to improve game performance
    - Launching NOTD officially on China server with full Chinese translation
    - New custom portraits for Pathfinder/Technician/Chem Expert (work in progress)
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  10. Ability
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    Will be away most of next week for my wedding. Am still reachable on WhatsApp at (+65 9457 4582) anytime if anything urgent.
  11. Ability
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    Will be away on honeymoon from 5-16 November. For anything urgent then, please reach out to Blaqk or Kithrixx.
  12. Blaqk
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    Blaqk NOTD Staff: Operations and Web

    Coming soon:

    • Autoban "elavora" banks like I did with Localvoid
    • Sec team freeze/crash fix
    • Queen reinforcement AI fix
    • Minor balance tweaks (maybe; will publish a test version)
  13. Ability
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    - Removed default pathing for 90% of the doodad objects and hand-painted pathing for the majority of the map - players will no longer be able to walk through many different props. Fixed some of the terrain exploit areas. (Kithrixx)
  14. Blaqk
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    Blaqk NOTD Staff: Operations and Web

    The Biggun'!
    Now that the holidays are long over, I can invest some time into fixing the last of the major bugs and polishing the last few nuggets (I was going to use another word here but was told not to). Over the next few weeks I'm hoping to hack away at the last major issues, and then starting in March I plan to finally give in to Kith and start working on NOTD 2. That said, I'm also planning one last event to hopefully liven things up a bit.

    Please report any and all bugs no matter how major or minor as soon as you can, because once February is gone I wont be returning to NOTD 1 unless a Blizzard patch breaks something savagely.
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