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  1. Reaper

    Reaper Moderator/The Crimsonrine

    **LIST UPDATED AS OF 2013/04/14**


    This thread is strictly for reporting players/members/people who pose a threat/harm or damage the NOTD Community primarily being Cheaters. Before reporting please read the Definition behind them and if it matches with what you are reporting the person for then post away. If you are however unsure about the person you are reporting, report first in the Community Watch & Rebuttal Thread
    I, Reaper, control this thread with an iron hand and update it regularly. I will delete posts that are not relevant to this thread and in some cases ban or suspend the member who made an irrelevant post.

    Each Server has a Warden which handles reported cases and authorizes a ban or hands down judgement, scroll down to the Server icon to see the Warden whom is in charge.

    • A Cheater is a person who has modified/altered his/her NOTD Bank file information for gain and giving them an edge in NOTD with superior stats from either altering code or using a modified Bank file downloaded from a malicious website.
    • This is seen as an offense for the person did not play for their stats therefore they did not earn it nor do they have any right to it.
    • Also, NOTD is a game with a grind element, gain without play is not allowed.
    • Using false stats leads to poor gameplay as these stats impact the outcome of a game they are in and since they lack the hours of real game-time experience they are not fit to be in possession of such stats.
    • Also, if stats of a person should not add up or there are certain elements displayed that is not possible through normal gameplay it can/should be reported as cheating.

    If you have confirmed someone of cheating make a post on it here with the following format...
    • The Players Starcraft 2 name
    • The Server on which the person is or you are
    • What they are being reported for (Cheating yes but high xp, high credits abnormal games played vs credits)
    • A screenshot of the players stats you find to be altered or to have been subject to change and mainly of their Player ID (Using the "PrtScn" button on ones keyboard takes a screenshot. For some users, ensure that F Lock is off in order for a print screen to work)
    • the more information you can gather about the person, the more solid your accusation. Getting the players Total Wins and Class Points by taking a screenshot will also help.
      Command for Class Point is -cp# (# denotes the players number in the team bar)
      Command for Total Wins is -w# (# denotes the players number in the team bar)

    [align=center]List of offenders by Server[/align]

    Managed by NA Warden, Extifer

    RedSquare - 1-S2-1-3953190

    PwTGC - 1-S2-2-242887
    Barefoot - 1-S2-2467509
    NIGHTSTALKER - 1-S2-1-4535268
    Chaosll - 1-S2-1-4275735
    Hikari - 1-S2-1-327717
    ohyeaCJ - 1-S2-1-4425333
    Shoryuken - 1-S2-1-1090298
    Shadow - 1-S2-1-620544
    Elise - 1-S2-1-4366967
    Spectre - 1-S2-1-2314811
    Snazzy - 1-S2-1-343949
    Ryknow - 1-S2-1-2557479
    kwanchi - 1-S2-1-2500776
    HHTheBosseus - 1-S2-1-4216066
    lowrey - 1-S2-1-4217248
    SShinigami - 1-S2-1-1283210
    MrFridge - 1-S2-1-2061813
    Ocean - 1-S2-1-2836162
    PikaBomb - 1-S2-1-3713128
    BlackPhantom - 1-S2-1-4220908
    Azrael - 1-S2-1-517513
    insect - 1-S2-1-4213731
    FaceCat - 1-S2-1-4209567
    density - 1-S2-1-728983
    RandomJoe - 1-S2-1-2059162
    Kamisama - 1-S2-1-4004949
    Drachour - 1-S2-1-3122878
    ForeverYoung - 1-S2-1-4114447
    Misery 1-S2-1-1431683
    ACMUNPT - 1-S2-2-369112
    LongSimple - 1-S2-1-2466377
    XxGiagxX - 1-S2-1-2760203
    SOVIET 1-S2-1-3204161
    Shiroamada - 1-S2-1-616811
    ChildofFury - 1-S2-1-550237
    ChestyPuller 1-S1-1-2152926
    Harry 1-S2-1-1055911
    Light 1-S2-1-3029037
    dkd 1-S2-1-2983952
    tacoriffic 1-S2-1-2448999
    Joe 1-S2-1-2087632
    LilGrean 1-S2-1-2147025
    IaMBATMAN 1-S2-1-2280046
    Bacana 1-S2-1-2524675
    Ghost 1-S2-1-1005217
    Shadows 1-S2-1-3735941
    RageQuit 1-S2-1-879732
    Schuetzy 1-S2-1-3784621
    Gaeshi 1-S2-1752172
    Shine 1-S2-1-3146908
    Marcio 1-S2-1-3817069
    dotaTwo 1-S2-1-3514029
    Viper 1-S2-1-1974079
    DemonicCow 1-S2-1-805120
    squish 1-S2-1-2497649
    Envy 1-S2-1-1811964
    EternalBlue 1-S2-3446415
    WonDerWeisS 1-S2-1-2018586
    DiegoOpolis 1-S2-2-334016
    Singaporean 1-S2-1-2087314
    MajorXTen 1-S2-1-2753709
    CynthiaLaure 1-S2-1-2192630
    Gin 1-S2-1-4004127
    xkeonix 1-S2-2-23983
    FreakoSuave 1-S2-1-2284325
    QuanticHydra 1-S2-1-4009964
    SALVIR 1-S2-1-3361931
    SALVIR 1-S2-1-3327811
    MinusDriver 1-S2-1-2204726

    Managed by SEA Warden, Yuey


    Reservoir - 6-S2-1-511783
    TOYKIDO - 6-S2-1-356623
    Killer - 6-S2-1-83628
    iiPrimes - 6-S2-1-43225
    WADE - 6-S2-1-96363
    tangchon - 6-S2-1-405585
    FlashBack - 6-S2-1-84197
    prab - 6-S2-1-424949

    Managed by EU Warden, HipHopDragon

    Watcher - 2-S2-1-3650824
    Zeratul - 2-S2-1-2855705

    BIGKATO - 2-S2-1-2346952
    kkost - 2-S2-2-150136
    LibyaMoatseM - 2-S2-1-3508824
    Rataraxia - 2-S2-1-3480627
    Executor - 2-S2-2-214538
    WhiteWolf 2-S2-1-683507
    HoA‡Town 2-S2-1-2276448
    Ethereal 2-S2-1-1662275
    ArEf 2-S2-1-2551674
    RUUDJE 2-S2-1-264192
    Sile 2-S2-1-2819418
    Kybou 2-S2-1-2812234
    SkùllGhOsT 2-S2-1-2475538
    BioChrome 2-S2-2-81596
    Cooper 2-S2-2-568321
    Spitfire 2-S2-1-1059546
    DeltaSpectre 2-S2-1-1528363
    tWipRURA 2-S2-1-1417509
    Reaper 2-S2-1-2963567
    Ghost 2-S2-1-2962068
    Rataraxia 2-S2-1-1283282
    Immortal 2-S2-1-704032
    styler 2-S2-1-2826788
    Infinite 2-S2-1-2419451
    Hollo 2-S2-1-1662367
    Pomaxa 2-S2-2-230390
    OppaGangnam 2-S2-1-967331
    WarLordPL 2-S2-1-1312881
    докторлэктор 2-S2-2-293587
    DarkSilent 2-S2-1-849474
    JoeKickAss 2-S2-1-675106
    TheTHOR 2-S2-1-1063879
    Azis 2-S2-2-6964
    ERROR 2-S2-1-3285157
    DaGuT 2-S2-2-799293

  2. Miracle
    • Development Team
    • CN/TW Liaison

    Miracle NOTD Staff: Assistant of many things

    Player name: Xersus
    Player ID: 1-S2-1-2667731
    Server: NA

    Has 15 weapon mod points active, abnormally high amount of class points, and combat action ribbon mismatch, more information can be provided on request.
  3. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member

    Requesting Info on canthor.


  4. Harry B.C. Dresden

    Harry B.C. Dresden Well-Known Member

    obvious hacked file.

    thanks therm didnt realize i had made a mistake
  5. Thermidor

    Thermidor Well-Known Member

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