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    [align=center]NOTD Basics and Tips[/align]

    Note: if you would like to see the map of Apollo then look into this thread made by ArcturusV

    Section 1: Jargon
    The more experienced players have names for specific things.
    The list of basic Jargon:
    DPS/Damage Per Second - The amount of damage one is doing over a period of time.
    Tank - A class designs leveling his tree for tanking; or taking damage.
    Rolf/Rolfman - The Rifleman
    Ass - The Assault
    Med - The Medic
    That's all you need to know for now.
    Section 2: The 14 Classes
    NotD has 14 unique classes suited for a different role. As a newer player, you will start with only 3 unlocked, but as you get more familiar with the game, they will soon be unlocked.
    The roles of the 14 classes are below:
    Rifleman - DPS/Survival
    Medic - Healing/Support
    Assault/Flamethrower/Technican - Heavy DPS/Tank
    Recon - Scouting/Pack Mule
    Marksman - DPS
    Demolitions/Forward Observer/Chemical Expert - All are DPS, Chemical Expert's and Forward Observer's secondary role is support. Demolition's however is tank.
    Engineer/Pathfinder - DPS and support for Engineer, Pathfinder's are DPS
    Commando/Psi Ops - Commando's are DPS and disable, Psi Op's are support.

    Section 3: Experiance, Rating, and Karma.
    NotD saves your profile rank, rating and karma. What are these you ask? Well below is a discription of each.
    This is what gets you new classes. Experiance is earned when you complete a mission. Losing experiance is rare.
    This shows how good of a player you are. The rating ranks are below
    *1300-1399= Awful Player, 11 lives
    *1400-1499= Bad Player, 9 lives
    *1500-1599= Average Player, 6 lives
    *1600-1699= Above Average Player, 3 lives
    *1700-1799= Good Player, 2 lives
    *1800-1949= Excellent Player, 1 life
    *1950-2500= Extreme Player, 0 lives
    Even though you lose lifes as you gain rating, you get a slight movement speed bonus for every life lost through rating gain. For example: if you became a Above Average Player from a Average Player, you will gain a 3% movement speed bonus because you lost 3 lives. Rating also allows you to unlock the Engineer and Commando at 10k experiance. ( 1600 Rating for Engineer and 1700 Rating for Commando

    Karma is an estimate of the sportsmanship of the player. It serves functions revolving around how much the players are able to interact with each other, as well punishing players with poor cooperative skills.When a game starts, 1 karma is deducted from every player. Consider this an "Entry fee" for the match. This karma is regained upon either Victory or Defeat, but is forfeited should the player quit, or disconnect. Failing to rescue at least 20 civilians during the Civilian Escort will cause the players to lose a karma point. Also kill the civilian Rameriz will deduct a karma point from the killer.

    Tips - Given by community members.

    1. Stick with your firing team. There is safety in numbers. (Ramses II)
    2. Soloing infestors is not recommended, as in higher difficulty games they spawn banelings when attacked and creep and parasites when killed. (Ramses II)
    3. It is never a good idea to go in front of your team's designated tank. (Ramses II)
    4. Every marine is equipped with a combat knife (hotkey D). There is no penalty for spamming it constantly, and it does decent damage with a great slow effect. (Ramses II)
    5. If you manually reload (hotkey T) you will reload 30% faster, and if you get a perfect reload (2 or less rounds left in a magazine) you will reload 50% faster. (Ramses II)
    6. Generally, active skills are better than passive skills. (Ramses II)
    7. You can hold fire by pressing X F and you will move 10% faster. You can break this by attack-moving or pressing X G. (Ramses II)
    8. If you have fibrin bandages in your inventory, you can use them on allies by pressing X X and then clicking on them. (Ramses II)
    9. Type -sq to see the squad rating, squad experience, and difficulty. (Ramses II)
    10. There is no penalty for having stuff in your inventory. If there is an item on the ground that someone might want later, and you have open inventory slots, carry it for them. (Ramses II)
    11. Different weapons are affected differently by armor. For example, gauss rifle loses one point of damage per armor point, laser rifle gains one point, sub machine gun loses two, and flamethrower bypasses armor entirely. (Ramses II)
    12. Items have weight and will slow you down when equipped. Having more than 50-60 magazines equipped can slow you dangerously. (Thermidor)
    13. You can unequip magazines and drop them into your inventory to reduce the weight penalty (hotkey X C). (Thermidor)
    14. Taking hits is almost always a bad idea. You lose a lot of rating for taking a lot of hits, unless you are a tanking class. Always kite when possible. (Thermidor)
    15. You can see the location of your allies by pressing X Q. This will ping everyone's location on the map and show their names above their heads on the screen. (Theter)
    16. Pausing the game saves lives. If you see someone in a dangerous situation, feel free to pause and let them know. (Theter)
    17. You can change weapons while you reload. This is especially helpful for commandos stacking adrenaline with a rapid-fire weapon and then switching to a weapon with a slow attack speed. (Theter)
    18. Make use of the wiki, it is your friend. (ProbeGst)
    19. Flares are very useful items. They give vision over walls, reveal cloaked and burrowed units (such as black ops and infestors), and show your location to the dropship that brings you more ammunition. (ProbeGst)
    20. Many bosses have tricky mechanics, and when fought correctly become much easier. Again, use the wiki if you're having trouble with a specific boss. (ProbeGst)
    21. There is a slight delay between reaching 0 rounds and the start of the automatic reload. It is possible to accomplish a perfect (gold) reload during this time, and is the only way to do so with weapons such as the stinger, barrett, and L3 grenade launcher (unless you start with a partially full magazine). (NiteShade)
    22. Classes having higher experience requirements means they require more skill to use effectively. This does not make them better classes. (Peerawatz)

    Special Thanks To:
    The NotD Wiki - Always massively helpful
    Thermidor - Now the Administrator of the NotD Wiki, and suggesting the "General Tips and Tricks to NotD" thread, also helpful. He may ruin all the fun, but he's very helpful.
    Ramses II - For creating This thread, the tips you see here are from it.
    Reaper - For not editing his guide in forever and making me make this guide.
    ArcturusV The master at making guides. I learned how to make guides because of him.
    Anyone who helped suggest things for my guide. - Thanks
    Anyone who contributed to the "General Tips and Tricks to NotD" thread - Thanks as well
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    Since its a basic guide dont group up the roles with the cp groups. Just split them up into two sections.

    How exactly do you ever lose xp? (except not saving/losing bank)

    Add the amount of lifes and the speed bonus (and that rating effects them) to the 3rd section.
    Maybe you should try to reorder your sentences about karma.

    Sofar its a basic guide, i dont see any tips?
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    As far as I know, the only way to lose exp other than bank file issues is -karmabite.

    And as HipHopDragon said, more tips are needed. Use some of these if you're stuck.
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    I forgot to say WIP
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    RE: NOTD Basics and Tips - WIP

    updated, now i think i can remove WIP, if you would like your name color in the credits/tip section PM me and i'll work something out.
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    Also add in names of locations and maybe a image of where these are
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    Look closely...
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    Should put links when you mention each of the classes to any guides created for it (either on this forum or the wiki). Looks great though, nice work.
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    erm dont you get 0 lives starting at 1900 now??... i think the scaled changed a bit

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