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    Intro to Ban System
    NOTD now has a working ban system. We have discussed this over the past week before a public announcement to ensure we covered most ground.

    The ban system in NOTD should be used more as a last resort deterrent (i.e. nuclear arsenal) than something we casually impose on people. It takes manual intervention on the developer's end to build this in, and just creates bad blood and animosity when used excessively and inappropriately.

    3 Wardens have been selected to administer our Ban system in a new sub-forum - The Brig. Only Wardens and Moderators can start new case files (threads) on The Brig. They will focus on, but are not limited to, their servers:
    1. Ghost (EU)
    2. Nicarco (NA)
    3. Yuey (SEA)

    Who Should Be Banned?
    I have a strong preference against banning ALL hackers. It just takes too much time and is too extreme - similar to how you won't sentence all criminals to the death penalty. It needs to be commensurate with the level of grievance they cause to the community as a whole. Sometimes the threat of action is enough of a deterrent. This is a tool for our Wardens to use judgment - there are no hard and fast rules.

    How Will It Work?
    Report people who are a genuine threat to the NOTD community as a whole to the Community Watch thread. The Wardens will use their judgment on whether to bring these people into the Brig and build a case file on them (each target has a separate thread). We're catching Mafia Lords and not henchmen - people who have been a real and persistent nuisance to the community.

    After a player is added to a ban list, they are NOT automatically banned from all games. Instead, the current mechanic is for you to type '-banrun' to check and ban all listed individuals. Again, this allows players to use judgement.

    What Now?
    The system needs a lot of policy making to ensure it advances the community and not turn into a potential distraction from growth. We've seen examples of banlists splitting people apart and just ruining the atmosphere of some games. Please continue giving feedback to us and our Wardens.

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