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Discussion in 'NOTD 2 Discussion' started by Ability, Jan 13, 2013.

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    NOTD 2 is an idea right now. To turn it into reality requires 3 things:

    A - Well-Fleshed Out Storyline
    I'm looking at ArcturusV to help with this ideally - he did a great job with 'The Apollo Incident' and understands the tone of our universe. XaVi and I took 3+ months to research and brainstorming to get to where we are today for NOTD's story. This includes work on themes, backstory, chapter stories, characters and outcomes. On the surface, our game is about Marines killing Zombies (and that's fine and intended). When you dig deep down, NOTD's theme is about duality in human motivations (self-interest vs. public good) and policy (freedom vs. security). There is no easy evil vs. good in NOTD. The Black Ops are not evil, Dr. Bergman certainly doesn't care about killing people, and Senator Wilkins believed in his mind that his 'controlled outbreak' would save more lives in the long run (like the atomic bombs of World War II). I need a writer(s) who really understand what we're doing story-wise and appreciating the universe. NOTD 2 will take place on Mars, most likely in the polar regions and maybe a section in the deserts of Mars.

    B - Solid Gameplay Mechanics
    I can see Kith taking a lead here. People working on this will need to sync closely with the storyline development team to make everything seamless. This can be a pain and we've done our fair share of retcons in NOTD. A lot of important decisions will be need to be made on gameplay mechanics - do we recycle the same X classes, X storylines system or do we innovate? What will separate NOTD 2 from NOTD from a gameplay perspective apart from different story/terrain? The pre-planning work on NOTD took about 3 months and even then we re-hashed a lot of old things NOTD WarCraft and were sometimes going with the flow to see how things turned out. I can see a holistic and well-thought out design taking up to 6 months to develop.

    C - A Willing & Able Development Team
    I had XaVi and Earendil working really hard on NOTD when we first started. All in, that's close to 4000 hours between the 3 of us for everything to date. I can see ArcanePariah, Peerawatz, Ghost, Kithrixx, ArcturusV, Reaper, Mirage (yes, Mirage - if we want a global stats system working) being part of an overall development team for a possible game. But, that's a lot of commitment to ask from anybody. The team must be prepared to deal with QQ and unjustified complaints (ask Kith and ArcanePariah in private how much they faced) and come out of it with a positive mindset. The feedback of veteran players in Black Ops will be crucial too.

    If all 3 of the above are present, NOTD 2 is possible. There's always the option of continuing to polish NOTD. Most people will be more excited to see an NOTD 2 happen though - myself included. This sub-forum will be used for questions, any volunteer pre-production work or just general sentiments.
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    With anyone that desires to work on NOTD 2. Remember that you're committing to doing something and that you're in it for the long run. I will continue to banninate people who try to mess with you or impede your progress.

    Some things I'd really like to see with the development team in NOTD 2 is. PeerawatZ and Reaper working closely on making new and interesting models that can be ported into the map as well as lighting and terrain aesthetics. Kithrixx and Ghost building off of one another to create balanced and refined concepts and current ideas. I'd like to see Blaqk and Mirage working hard on Vigil, maintaining and improving it for the player base. I'd also like to see ArcanePariah continuing the good work that he's doing now in the future with Ability. Also, as stated by Ability himself, ArcturusV working on the storyline as he understands the current setting and theme of NOTD.

    If you do embark on NOTD 2 you must remember that you WILL do your job because you said you would. Once you make that leap you're there until you're done.
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    Have you officially hired Charles for NOTD2 yet? From what I understand, he has a lot of the concept work, and I think some of the story work done already.
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

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    Lots of people have been lost from the development team list here. I was just thinking if you had any other prospects or updates on what you need to make NOTD 2 happen from the point we're at Daren.

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