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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    NOTD 2: The UAV

    I was working on the Commando and had a flash of inspiration to do the UAV instead. Rather than wait ‘til the Commando is finished, I’m just going to do the UAV and then go back to working on the Commando.

    Class Name: UAV
    Class Biography: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are often deployed in high priority missions to support infantry with both combat and scouting operations.
    Hitpoints: 100
    Hitpoint regen: 0
    Shields: 25
    Shield regen: 0.5
    Energy: 100
    Energy regen: 1
    Armor: 0
    Shield Armor: 1
    Movespeed: 2.4
    Weight Class: Light
    Soundset: Raven

    Ability Name:
    Flying Machine
    Ability Button Description:
    The UAV is a flying unit.
    The UAV cannot be deployed alone.
    If the UAV player is the last one alive, the game is counted as a loss.
    Any Rating loss incurred by the player causes an equal amount of Credit loss.
    The UAV has an inventory size of 2, 1 Equipment slot, no armor slot, and an integrated weapon.
    The UAV is immune to all ailments save for Short Circuit.
    The UAV cannot use Sidearms and does not have Jump.
    See above. Sprint is to be replaced with Turbo, a functionally identical ability with a new coat of paint. UAV should also have a low turn rate and acceleration, similar to the current Reaper Drone.

    Additionally, due to the UAV’s flying nature, a player choosing the UAV causes Gargoyles to be added to the Ambient Spawn pool. These additional ambient Gargoyles should have either a much longer train time or a hard cap on their number (10 should be fine) to limit how many are active. The UAV also has a higher default threat rating than most classes, causing units that can attack it to focus it down before moving on to other players.

    Integrated weapon details:
    Show Spoiler
    Mounted Gun
    Round consumption:
    Damage: 30
    Armor Reduction: 1
    Attack Speed: 1
    Splash: 0
    Range: 15
    Reload time: 3
    Equip time: 0
    Weight: 0
    Critical Damage: 200%
    Noise Index: 5
    Launch: GhostWeaponLaunch.m3
    Impact: GhostWeaponImpact.m3

    Ability Name: Field Maintenance
    Ability Button Description:
    Become immobile and restore 2 hitpoints per second until fully healed or canceled.
    Ability Cost: 30 energy
    Ability Cooldown: 20 seconds (from when the ability ends, not when it starts)
    Ability Filters: Self
    Restores 2 hitpoints per second until restored to full health. Use renders the UAV unable to move or attack, but can be canceled early. Takes up the Sidearm slot because the UAV cannot wield a sidearm.
    Hotkey: F

    Exactly what the name says – going fast, being invisible, looking for items, and increasing inventory size.

    TIER 1
    Ability Name:
    Evasive Action
    Ability Description:
    The UAV can engage in rapid evasive maneuvers to evade attacks.

    Level 1: 3 range and a 15 second cooldown.
    Level 2: 3.5 range and a 10 second cooldown.
    Level 3: 4 range and a 5 second cooldown.

    “I’ll SWOOCE right in!”
    Ability Button Description:
    Move quickly to the target location.
    Ability Cost: 20 Energy
    Ability Cooldown: 15/10/5
    Ability Range: 3/3.5/4
    Basically the air version of jump. Not subject to the UAV’s low turn rate or acceleration, allowing the UAV to turn on a dime and accelerate to maximum speed instantly. Should occupy the same location that Jump does normally, with a greyed-out/inactive version until this ability is leveled.
    Hotkey: C

    Ability Name: Searchlight
    Ability Description:
    The UAV is equipped with a small high-power searchlight that reveals an area around the user’s cursor.

    Level 1: 3 radius reveal, maximum range of 15.
    Level 2: 4 radius reveal, maximum range of 20.
    Level 3: 5 radius reveal, maximum range of 25.

    “I AM THE SUN!”
    Ability Button Description:
    Drain 0.75 energy per second to reveal a 3/4/5 radius around your cursor.
    Ability Cost: 0.75 Energy per second
    Ability Cooldown: 5 seconds (from toggle off)
    Ability Filters: Cursor
    Ability Range: 15/20/25
    Reveals a 3/4/5 radius around the player’s cursor while active. Toggle ability.
    Hotkey: V

    TIER 2
    Ability Name:
    Ability Description:
    The UAV has a small cloaking generator that it can use to render itself invisible while active.

    Level 1: 40% movement speed penalty while invisible.
    Level 2: 20% movement speed penalty while invisible.

    “It's a lot easier to avoid detection when you're invisible.”
    Ability Button Description:
    Drain 0.75 energy per second to become invisible with a 40%/20% movement speed penalty.
    Ability Cost: 0.75 Energy per second
    Ability Cooldown: 5 seconds (from ability end)
    Ability Filters: Self
    See Button Description. Toggle ability.
    Hotkey: R

    Ability Name: Cargo Space
    Ability Description:
    The UAV can allocate additional space to transport items.

    Level 1: Unlocks an additional Inventory slot.
    Level 2: Unlocks another additional Inventory slot.

    “Weight limits are for nerds.”
    Increases the UAV’s inventory space by 1/2.

    TIER 3
    Ability Name:
    Supply Radar
    Ability Description:
    The UAV can ping the supply beacons of nearby items, revealing them through the fog of war.

    Level 1: Detects all items within a 20 radius.

    “Of course, we wouldn’t need this if command could drop supplies properly, but that assumes competence on their part.”
    Ability Filters: Item
    Basically the same deal as the Survcon’s Motion Sensor, just for items only and in a 20 radius. Additionally, pings should be colored green so they do not get confused with enemy pings from Motion Sensors or Communication Arrays.

    Ability Name: UAV Ace
    Ability Description:
    The UAV controller can push their machine to its limits, making it much more nimble than it normally is.

    Level 1: Previous abilities at maximum level gain additional effects:
    Evasive Action’s range increases to 5 and cooldown decreases to 0.
    Searchlight’s reveal increases to 6 and range increases to 30.
    Cloak’s movement speed penalty is removed.
    Cargo Hold increases the UAV’s Weight Tolerance.

    “Check it out, I can do a barrel roll.”
    See Description. Cargo Hold adds 0.001 Weight Tolerance, or makes it so the UAV only loses 0.005 movement speed per Weight point rather than 0.006.

    Death from above! Interesting trivia; this is where I shoved the much requested weapon that can attack on the move.

    TIER 1
    Ability Name:
    Ability Description:
    The UAV can trade mobility for stability, increasing attack speed and weapon damage.

    Level 1: Increases attack speed and weapon damage by 25%.
    Level 2: Increases attack speed and weapon damage by 50%.
    Level 3: Increases attack speed and weapon damage by 75%.

    “Sometimes you just gotta sit down and shoot everything.”
    Ability Button Description:
    Increase attack speed and weapon damage by 25%/50%/75%. The UAV cannot move while Loiter is active.
    Ability Cost: 0.8 Energy per second
    Ability Cooldown: 10 seconds (from toggle off)
    Increases attack speed and weapon damage by 25%/50%/75% but renders the UAV immobile while doing so. Toggle ability.
    Hotkey: W

    Ability Name: Missile Strike
    Ability Description:
    The UAV is equipped with airburst missiles that deal more damage the closer the target is to the center of the explosion.

    Level 1: Deals up to 400 damage.
    Level 2: Deals up to 800 damage.
    Level 3: Deals up to 1200 damage.

    “Shooting fish in a barrel gets a lot more interesting when you have missiles.”
    Ability Button Description:
    Fires a missile that deals 400/800/1200 damage in a 3.5 radius. Damage is increased the closer the target is to the explosion.

    Missiles can damage allies.
    Ability Cost: 30
    Ability Cooldown: 15 seconds
    Ability Filters: Air, Ground
    Ability Range: 15
    • Deals 400/800/1200 damage in a radius of 1.5.
    • Deals 200/400/600 damage in a radius of 2.5.
    • Deals 100/200/300 damage in a radius of 3.5.
    Missile should follow the logic of that neat missile thing we discussed that one time – specifically, it drops and then ignites mid-flight and flies towards the target.
    Hotkey: E

    TIER 2
    Ability Name:
    Precision Shot
    Ability Description:
    The UAV’s mounted turret can be used to fire accurately at targets, even while mobile. Deals double damage to Light units.

    Level 1: Deals 90 damage to a single target.
    Level 2: Deals 180 damage to a single target.

    “That gun isn’t so big, but it’ll kill you just like anything else if you catch a bullet in the head.”
    Ability Button Description:
    Deal 90/180 damage to a single target. Deals double damage to Light units.
    Ability Cost: 20 Energy, 1 Round of ammunition
    Ability Cooldown: 0 seconds
    Ability Filters: Enemy
    Ability Range: 15
    See Button Description. Does not interrupt movement, but the UAV’s gun should swivel to fire at the target before the ability goes off. Dunno what kind of magic that’s going to entail, but them’s the breaks.
    Hotkey: Q

    Ability Name: Targeting Systems
    Ability Description:
    Improved targeting algorithms allows the UAV to make use of its abilities for less energy.

    Level 1: Reduces the energy costs of Strike abilities.
    Level 2: Further reduces the energy costs of Strike abilities.

    “The less time it has to think about shooting, the more time it can spend shooting.”
    Reduces the energy cost of Precision shot by 5/10.
    Reduces the energy cost of Missile Strike by 5/10.
    Reduces the energy cost of Loiter by 0.15/0.3.

    TIER 3
    Ability Name:
    Ability Description:
    Using skill and experience, the UAV’s pilot can maintain a stable firing platform while providing deadly accurate fire against enemies.

    Level 1: Upgrades Loiter to allow movement while active and attack on the move capabilities.

    “Duck and weave, baby!”
    Loiter no longer immobilizes the UAV. While Loiter is active, the UAV’s weapon gains attack on the move properties.

    Ability Name: Missile Pods
    Ability Description:
    The UAV deploys missile pods, allowing it to ready multiple missiles at once and fire them in rapid succession.

    Level 1: Missile Strike can store up to 4 charges. Charges are generated every 10 seconds.

    “More missiles than your body has room for.”
    Upgrades Missile Strike with a charge cap of 4 and reduces the cooldown to 10 seconds. When this ability is learned, Missile Strike gains full charges. Also adds the ability Missile Barrage:

    Ability Name: Missile Barrage
    Ability Button Description:
    Fires all currently available missiles at the target location.

    Missiles can damage allies.
    Ability Cost: 30
    Ability Cooldown: 10 seconds
    Ability Range: 15
    Fires all currently available missiles at the target location at once. Does not get reduced energy cost from Targeting System.
    Hotkey: G
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  2. AlbertW[RCDF

    AlbertW[RCDF New Member

    I like it.
    But I'd really like to see Field Maintenance like immobilizing the player until he's restored 30% or 50% of the health he is to regenerate when he casts his ability...

    Other than that, kewl.
  3. Yuey
    • Warden

    Yuey Warden

    Precision shot seems incredibly underpowered even with the fire on move capabilities. The damage is damn near comparable between a level 1 missile burst and a level 2 precision shot and the costs, cooldowns and range are identical, missile burst trading 1 ammo cost for 10 extra energy cost. A direct level 1 missile hit outdamages a level 2 precision shot on a light target. I get that Precision shot is your saving grace from not getting arse/rating/credit fucked by mutas if you're alone but if you went Strike, you're not a scout on your own, you're a combat caster sticking with the team and in that case, mutas shouldn't be much of an issue anyway. The only real niche I can imagine is if Missile's projectile is slow enough that direct hits are going to be a chore to land on air targets.
  4. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Precision Shot has no friendly fire and no cooldown. Considering that Gargoyles and other enemies capable of attacking the UAV are very much a threat due to its extreme fragility, Precision Shot is basically your backup plan if you fudge a missile or don't have one ready. You can get by without it, but there's a pretty good chance that you're going to find yourself wishing you had it at some point.

    Also, yes. Missiles will have "interesting" travel patterns - they will pop out from the UAV and then, after about half a second, engage their thrusters and go towards the target. Firing missiles accurately will be tricky to get the hang of, partially due to their travel mechanics and partially due to their damage falloff.

    That all said.

    There's nothing really preventing a Strike drone from reconning. It's still a very fast flying unit, and as the current Survcon's Predator drone has shown time and time again, you don't really need much more than that to be an effective scout.
  5. Yuey
    • Warden

    Yuey Warden

    You know, could've sworn I saw Precision Shot's cooldown as 15s before, which was a huge part of my problem with it. A one shot to pop mutas once every 15s is not good at all.
  6. squish

    squish Well-Known Member

    Pffft. Missiles won't be hard to use at all. Works just like a stinger with an engine ignition delay. It's actually easier to use than a stinger, with less potential for fuckup.

    Show Spoiler
    I love this class. This a NICE fucking class.

    Does Searchlight reveal invisible?

    Overall, I like it. Scratch that, I fucking love it.
  7. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    It's a lot of information to take in at once, so I'm totally okay with you mixing up a number here or there. Happens to me all the time and I wrote the damn thing.

    Oh, I know. It'll take some getting used to, but I imagine players won't have issues with aiming a missile after the first or second shot.

    I'm glad you approve. I've been very nervous about the UAV because of its completely new nature, similar to that of the Squad Leader - there's just a lot more to screw up here due to the unique mechanics.

    You know, I'm not sure. It might be a balancing factor that it doesn't, but at the same time, I'm hesitant to say no. We'll go with a tentative "yes" for now, to be finalized by testing.

  8. squish

    squish Well-Known Member

    I feel like the flashlight quote should be changed.

    "Oh, you have a flashlight? That's CUTE."
  9. Stereo
    • Development Team

    Stereo Paper Boy

    The searchlight could reveal invisible at level 3 of the ability, or as an addition to the UAV Ace T3.

    Overall looks pretty slick, would jump at the chance to derp around on it.
  10. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    I will consider it.

    Nah. It's going to be a solid yes or no, I don't want UAV Ace to be even more appealing than it already is.
  11. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    I can't help but think that UAV ACE > Item Detector.

    20 Radius appears to be too small to be worth-while. In fact, Searchlight renders the Item Detector nearly pointless. You sacrifice maybe 5 or 10 energy to get the same effect as that T3, one that notably becomes increasingly useless as your team collects supplies. If the team manages to collect its ideal composition or the majority of its vital equipment, then Item Detector becomes wasteful.
  12. Blaqk
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    Blaqk NOTD Staff: Operations and Web

    For the record, the Astroglider turned out better than I expected. Well done, Kith.

  13. nex_

    nex_ Member

    i like that shot on the move, i would like it more if it was a T1 targeting the nearest threat near. :>

    So i'm a bit curious about how the strafe t3 will be managed, how u attack and move ? U activate it and it autoattack random near threat ?

    The 2 strike T3 are fine.
    I have consideration about the recon one.
    Sure those are designed to provide ms a thing recon uav cruelly need but, if u dont use have activated cloak u have no 'bonus', and the same for the i still can move while full, no bonus for no item.
    Basically ACE encourages, long run until ur full, sure, I still doesnt feel the power of a T3, maybe with the 0cd on 'jump'. Need to test in different difficulties (seems useless to pick in 'norm' for ex).

    On the other hand the radar, is the notd-am recon one, and well imo it need buff, especially with redundancy of light function
    For example > t3 remove light, add more vision/detection range and an extended aoe supply radar. So u replace the role of longtravel, by "I know where things are, but i dont know what are they' plus got weaker defence (the added vision count for that) resulting in shall i go ? / shall i wait ? aka smaller runs
  14. Kith
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    • Designer

    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    If you don't spec into Searchlight, you can use Supply Radar as a replacement for it and hop ship to Strike abilities (like that missile). But yeah, UAV Ace is intended to be the better option because Supply Radar is passive, whereas UAV Ace's abilities require you to micro to get the most out of them. I'm debating on increasing the range, but I am waiting for testing first.


    Correct. If you've played the Wings of Liberty campaign (or any custom map featuring them), Diamondbacks have the ability to attack on the move - it happens automatically. The Engineer's X-1 has the same ability.

    One of UAV Ace's balancing factors is similar to that of other "Upgrade previous ability" T3s - you have to completely commit to the entire tree to get the most out of it, which is intended. That said, the Scout UAV is not intended to gain powerful abilities - it's already very powerful by default (because it flies and is therefore immune to 90% of the Infested enemy type).

    Like I said to Arturia, I am considering increasing its range, but I'm waiting on testing to determine that.
  15. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    I honestly don't see how Supply Radar is intended to be able to compete. You'll always have at least one point in Searchlight, which in effect just boosts sight range by 5. In actuality, using NVG would render Searchlight level 1 useless, and would probably increase the UAV's vision to the point that Supply Radar would be of minimal effect.

    Supply Radar's limited range leaves the impression that its there for the people who can't be bothered to look at their screen while playing.

    Rather than having it as a passive, why not make it an active that, when used, scans a significant part of the map for items and marks them for x seconds. That way a team could, at the very least, use it to maybe plan out their movement path to go through an item-dense area. And you don't have to be annoyed because your mini-map is colorful all of the time.
  16. Kith
    • Development Team
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Base sight range is 8, turning on NVGs will boost it to 12 and turn everything green, which will make item identification more difficult. That said, Searchlight requires energy whereas Supply Radar does not.

    When your base sight range is 8, 20 does not strike me as "limited". Again, I will increase it or alter it if testing shows it to be lackluster.

    Because that would be too powerful. Casual reminder that the UAV can fly and is probably constantly invisible by this point, along with the ability to juke anything with detection that comes too close.
  17. Ability
    • Development Team
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    It's a different class and the overall concept is good.

    With the above, it can make the UAV relatively strong in organised teams. If the teammates help focus down Gargoyles, the UAV (flying unit) can kite most mobs letting team destroy them more easily. Good mechanic that rewards teamplay - but will it be too strong?
  18. Blaqk
    • Development Team
    • Webmaster/Ops

    Blaqk NOTD Staff: Operations and Web

    Unless they have an air attack, ground mobs will just waltz by the UAV. That said, the ones that do have air attacks should have a nice enough range that it wont be that much of an issue.
  19. Kith
    • Development Team
    • Designer

    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Yesssss. Thank you.

    Like Blaqk said, I doubt it. The only units that will try to focus it will be the ones that can actually attack it, and while that may involve a muta ball ganging up on the UAV and ignoring the players, one false step will end up with the UAV dead. It only has 100 health and 25 shields, after all - it's not very durable.

    Additionally, the handful of ranged enemies that the players will encounter will just shoot the UAV before moving on to the rest of the team.
  20. DcKing

    DcKing New Member

    Updated ~
    Changed the active idea for supply radar
    Just realized item drops are fixed by chapter.

    If you need things to punish UAVs, things like parasite Mounds in AM, does that.
    It hits like a truckload and potentially 100-0 you in about 2 secs(If i'm not mistaken) if you weren't paying attention.
    It is avoidable if players are paying attention.

    And yep compared to the UAV of old, this is probably tissue paper thin.
    If you need supply radar stronger, make it cause X item to be air dropped at a random location(not shown).

    As of moment, the DPS tree, looks to be for the experience players (no major requirement for item scouting, as they can live off the dirt)
    Whereas the support tree, is a scout/item locator, for newbies (they tend to camp/walk around alone and return with 1 health).

    I support Ability in that the UAV might still be too strong.
    I feel it may be easy to clear muta balls as they have missiles(unless its very difficult to hit a moving & flying target with them) to deal with them (when they clump).

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