NOTD 2: The Pathfinder

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    NOTD 2: The Pathfinder
    Life in the fast lane

    I have high hopes for this working out better in NOTD 2 than it did in NOTD now that Jumping is an integral part of the game. Also because I seriously re-tooled Gunslinger. With this, Tier 2 classes are done, and now all I have to do Tier 3. And then the Secret Classes, but those are coming waaaaaay later.

    Class Name: Pathfinder
    Class Biography: Pathfinders are the UGC’s rapid response infantry, commonly being deployed at the first sign of trouble. They are lightly armed and lightly armored, but their expertise with handguns and their jump packs make them dangerous combatants.
    Class Stats: Same as NOTD, but reduce Base Shields to 80 and increase Shield Armor to 4.
    Weight Category: Ultra Light (Kith note: See “Trailblazer Gear” Innate)
    Class Soundset: Reaper (Placeholder)

    Ability Name:
    Trailblazer Gear
    Ability Button Description:
    The Pathfinder’s enhanced shields and jump pack provide durability and mobility, but are awkward and cumbersome.
    The Pathfinder, because they’re so ~special~, gets a unique weight class. It is identical to the Light weight class with the following adjustments:
    • Loses 0.008 Movement Speed per weight point (by comparison, Light classes lose 0.006).
    • Shield hits count as half of a hit.

    Ability Name: Light Weapons
    Ability Button Description:
    Pathfinders are equipped with handguns as their default weapon. Extensive training and familiarity increases the base range from 6 to 10.
    The Pathfinder’s default weapon is a Pistol and receives an upgrade that increases its base range to 10.

    Uniquely, the Gunslinger Pathfinder will be the only class in NOTD 2 to be significantly impacted by Sidearm choice. It’s important to note that the Occular Implant is not affected by any of these abilities not necessarily for a balance reason, but for a “spirit of the design” reason – the Gunslinger is designed around wielding two light weapons. If you want someone who can see forever and shoot just as far dealing a large amount of damage with each shot, roll a Marksman.

    It bears mentioning that "Sidearm damage bonus" is an ability damage bonus that excludes the Rocketeer's abilities.

    TIER 1
    Ability Name:
    Come Together
    Ability Description:
    Dealing damage with the a Pistol boosts Sidearm Damage and dealing damage with a Sidearm boosts Pistol Damage for 15 seconds.

    Level 1: 15% damage bonus for the opposite weapon.
    Level 2: 30% damage bonus for the opposite weapon.
    Level 3: 45% damage bonus for the opposite weapon.

    “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”
    When damaging an enemy with the Pistol, the Pathfinder gains a 15%/30%/45% damage bonus to sidearms for 15 seconds. When damaging an enemy with any sidearm, the Pathfinder gains a 15%/30%/45% weapon damage bonus for 15 seconds.

    Ability Name: Twist and Shout
    Ability Description:
    Manual reloads provide bonus damage to the Pistol and Sidearm for 15 seconds.

    Level 1: 10% for a Blue Reload and 15% for a Gold Reload.
    Level 2: 20% for a Blue Reload and 30% for a Gold Reload.
    Level 3: 30% for a Blue Reload and 45% for a Gold Reload.

    “Well, shake it up, baby, now - come on and work it on out.”
    When completing a Blue Reload, the Pathfinder gains 10/20/30% bonus damage for 15 seconds.
    When completing a Gold Reload, the Pathfinder gains 15/30/45% bonus damage for 15 seconds.

    TIER 2
    Ability Name:
    Helter Skelter
    Ability Description:
    Right-clicking an enemy unit the Pathfinder is attacking will attack it again immediately, bypassing weapon cooldowns.

    Level 1: Attacks cost 2 Energy.
    Level 2: Attacks cost 1 Energy.

    “I've got blisters on my fingers!”
    • When the Pistol is equipped, right-clicking a target that the Pathfinder is attacking will attack it with an identical hidden Pistol weapon.
    • This expends ammunition as a normal attack would and also consumes 2/1 Energy on activation.
    • This ability has a 0.1 second cooldown to prevent macros from screwing up the balance.
    • The Pathfinder cannot use Helter Skelter to attack multiple targets at once.
    • The Helter Skelter hidden Pistol does not acquire targets normally and is only used when the Helter Skelter ability is activated.
    • Helter Skelter is not Transient.

    Ability Name: Every Little Thing
    Ability Description:
    The description of Every Little Thing changes based on the sidearm the Pathinder has equipped.
    Show Spoiler

    [Combat Knife]
    The Pathfinder gains upgrades to their sidearm, increasing their effectiveness.

    Level 1: Reduces Cooldown by 40%.
    Level 2: 360 degree swing.

    “Every little thing she does - she does for me, yeah.”

    [Tactical Tomahawk]
    The Pathfinder gains upgrades to their sidearm, increasing their effectiveness.

    Level 1: Increases Range by 0.75.
    Level 2: 360 degree swing.

    “Every little thing she does - she does for me, yeah.”

    The Pathfinder gains upgrades to their sidearm, increasing their effectiveness.

    Level 1: Penetrate up to 6 targets.
    Level 2: Increases Reload Speed by 40%.

    “Every little thing she does - she does for me, yeah.”

    The Pathfinder gains upgrades to their sidearm, increasing their effectiveness.

    Level 1: Increases projectile width.
    Level 2: Increases Reload Speed by 40%.

    “Every little thing she does - she does for me, yeah.”

    Provides unique upgrades based on the sidearm the player is currently wielding:
    • The Combat Knife gains a 40% cooldown reduction at Level 1 and a 360° effect arc at Level 2.
    • The Tactical Tomahawk gains 0.75 Range at Level 1 and a 360° effect arc at Level 2.
    • The Pistol gains penetration of up to 6 targets at Level 1 and a 40% reduction in Reload time at Level 2.
    • The Magnum's projectile radius is increased by 0.25 at Level 1 and a 40% reduction in Reload time at Level 2.

    TIER 3
    Ability Name:
    Here Comes The Sun
    Ability Description:
    Attack targets within the area of effect with increased attack speed, damage, and ricocheting bullets.

    Level 1: Attack at high speed with a 45% damage bonus. Attacks bounce to nearby enemies, dealing 50% damage.

    “And I say it's alright.”
    Ability Button Description:
    Rapidly attack all units within a 30 degree cone, dealing 45% increased damage and causing attacks to ricochet to nearby enemies, dealing 50% damage.

    Consumes 1 Energy per shot.
    Ability Cost: None to cast, but consumes 1 Energy per attack
    Ability Cooldown: 40 Seconds (on cast)
    Ability Filters: Air, Ground
    Ability Range: 8
    See Button Description. Attack speed bonus value is 500%. Ability ends if the player reloads or runs out of Energy. Like normal attacking, interrupts movement. Uses the same targeting priority that the Flamethrower's Inferno does, I.E., spread out attacks before re-targeting the same units.
    Transient: No
    Hotkey: G

    Ability Name: Hello, Goodbye
    Ability Description:
    Melee sidearms gain a significant increase in effect radius and ranged sidearms gain double damage on the first target they hit.

    Level 1: Upgrades melee and ranged sidearms with unique effects.

    “You say yes, I say no, you say stop and I say go, go, go!"
    Melee sidearms are upgraded to replicate their AOE on damaged units rather than damage them directly. To clarify - with "Hello, Goodbye", the Combat Knife no longer damages units hit by it directly, but instead creates the Combat Knife area of effect and damage on the damaged units.
    As for Ranged sidearms, they just deal 100% additional damage to the first unit they hit.

    Jumping on things for fun and profit. Significant to note is that Assault Jump does not grant armor or evasion or any of that jazz anymore – with the advent of Jump being added, Pathfinders will have plenty of ways to escape so the additional durability is no longer needed.

    TIER 1
    Ability Name:
    Rock and Roll
    Ability Description:
    Jump to the target location, dealing damage to enemies in an area on impact.

    Level 1: Deals up to 200 damage.
    Level 2: Deals up to 400 damage.
    Level 3: Deals up to 600 damage.

    "Open your arms, baby, let my love come running in.”
    Ability Button Description:
    Jump to the target location, dealing up to 200/400/600 damage to enemies in a 3.5 radius. Enemies closest to the center of the jump take the most damage.
    Ability Cost: 15 Energy
    Ability Cooldown: 4 seconds (on cast)
    Ability Filters: Air, Ground
    Ability Range: 6
    Jump to the target location, dealing the following damage on impact:
    • Enemies within a 1.5 radius take 200/400/600 damage.
    • Enemies within a 2.5 radius take 100/200/300 damage.
    • Enemies within a 3.5 radius take 50/100/150 damage.
    These damage effects do not stack. Assault Jump is subject to the same pathing restrictions that Jump is. By default, jumping from a high cliff will result in the Pathfinder taking damage.
    Transient: No
    Hotkey: E

    Ability Name: All My Love
    Ability Description:
    A shockwave that knocks back nearby units.

    Level 1: Knocks back nearby units a distance of 2.
    Level 2: Affected units are stunned for 2 seconds.
    Level 3: Increases effect radius by 1.

    “To chase a feather in the wind.”
    Ability Button Description:
    Knock back units within a 2.5/3.5 radius a distance of 2/ and stun them for 2 seconds.

    All My Love can affect allies.
    Ability Cost: 25 Energy
    Ability Cooldown: 14 seconds (on cast)
    Ability Filters: Air, Ground
    Ability Range: 2.5 radius centered on the Pathfinder
    See Button Description.
    Transient: Yes
    Hotkey: F

    TIER 2
    Ability Name:
    Trampled Under Foot
    Ability Description:
    Upgrades Rock and Roll's direct hit damage and upgrades Jump with a knockback effect.

    Level 1: Increases damage by 50% and adds 0.75 distance knockback.
    Level 2: Increases damage by 100% and adds 1.25 distance knockback.

    “Gun down on my gasoline, I believe I'm gonna crack a head.”
    Rock and Roll's 1.5 radius damage effect gains a 50%/100% damage increase. Jump gains a 0.75/1.25 distance knockback in a 1.5 radius on landing.

    Ability Name: Ramble On
    Ability Description:
    Upgrades Rock and Roll and the default Jump ability with defensive bonuses.

    Level 1: 100% Weapon Evasion while in midair.
    Level 2: Immunity to fall damage.

    “Got no time to for spreadin' roots, the time has come to be gone. ”
    At Level 1, during the time between casting and landing for both Jump and Rock and Roll, the Pathfinder cannot be hit by any weapon, ranged or melee. However, they are still vulnerable to ability damage and area of effect attacs.
    At Level 2, the Pathfinder cannot take damage from using Jump or Rock and Roll to descend 2 cliff levels.

    TIER 3
    Ability Name:
    No Quarter
    Ability Description:
    Rapidly ascend into the air and then slam into the ground, dealing a large amount of damage and stunning units caught in the impact.

    Level 1: Deals up to 4000 damage in a radius of 5 and stuns for up to 5 seconds.

    “You know they won't be home tonight.”
    Ability Button Description:
    Fly above the battlefield for up to 4 seconds and then slam into the ground, dealing up to 4000 damage and stunning damaged units for up to 5 seconds.

    No Quarter can damage allies.
    Ability Cost: 50 Energy
    Ability Cooldown: 80 Seconds (on ability end)
    Ability Filters: Ground, Air
    Ability Range: 10, requires vision
    The Pathfinder ascends upwards, becoming invulnerable to damage (except for currently existing effects, i.e. ailments). Once ascended, a targeting cursor (similar to that of Johanna's Falling Sword) should be shown where the ability was cast (and where the Pathfinder currently is). For 4 seconds, the player can re-position the Pathfinder while they remain airborne.

    Upon expiration of the 4 second duration, the Pathfinder lands, inflicting the following upon all units in a 5 radius:
    • 4000 damage and a 5 second stun in a radius of 1
    • 2000 damage and a 3 second stun in a radius of 2
    • 1000 damage and a 1 second stun in a radius of 3
    • 500 damage and a 0.5 second stun in a radius of 4
    • 100 damage in a radius of 5
    These damage effects are exclusive and do not stack, with the most severe damage taking precedence. No Quarter is not restricted by terrain and can be used to ascend terrain levels, but the terrain must be Jump-capable. If No Quarter is used on a non-pathable area, the Pathfinder will be placed in the closest approximation of pathable terrain, similar to Jump.
    Transient: No
    Hotkey: G

    Ability Name: Night Flight
    Ability Description:
    Disable the ability to attack, but convert to a flying unit while active and gain 25% increased Movement Speed.

    Level 1: Drains 1.75 Energy per second.

    “Oh, mama, well I think it's time I'm leavin' - nothin' here to make me stay.”
    Ability Button Description:
    (Toggle ON)
    Drain energy and disable the ability to attack but become a flying unit and gain 25% increased Movement Speed.

    Using Rock and Roll or Jump will end Night Flight.
    (Toggle OFF)
    Stop draining energy and become a ground unit again.

    Using Rock and Roll or Jump will end Night Flight.
    Ability Cost: 1.75 Energy per second
    Ability Cooldown: 12 Seconds (on ability end)
    Ability Filters: Self
    See Button Description. If the Pathfinder attempts to land where there isn't any pathing, they get punted to the closest approximation of pathable ground just like Jump.
    Transient: Yes
    Hotkey: G
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  2. Lord NiteShade
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    Lord NiteShade NOTD Staff: Wiki Founder/TeamSpeak Admin

    Well I like it more than the current one. Skill names are a bit goofy, but I really like the flavor text this time.

    Let's break it down:

    Pepper steak - I like the micro of having to manage two different weapons/hotkeys to maximize effect.

    Thousand Ants - Possibly add a range penalty while active, can't fire as fast and expect similar accuracy.

    Clockwork - Again, I like the concept, but manual reloads are such an integral game mechanic, I'm not sure if making a skill around it is wise.

    Front Gate - Should be ideal mob killer, does the damage apply to pistol and sidearm individually as they hit, or consectively when one hits?

    Not Safe - Was good moving this skill to T3, was too strong otherwise.

    Avatar Beat - Seems very powerful on paper. Hard to say without seeing everything in action.

    Overall I like this gunslinger more. More focus on micro and seems a more specialized mob hunter.

    Assault Jump - Addition of friendly fire will be annoying, but it had few drawbacks before.

    Ramble On - I'm not sure if this skill is good enough to merit using. Maybe add a dodge chance that grows based on units killed by jump?

    Hot Dog - Seems fine, only question is does the burning friendly fire too?

    Ozone Baby - This I really like. It raises the skill curve and creates a rich get richer reward system.

    No Quarter - Seems strong on paper, but an easy enough skill to adjust.

    Dancing Days - A strange skill for sure. No input until I see it in action.

    Overall I think it should be a more balanced stomper tree. Has new stuff to encourage skillful play and seems more micro intensive.
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  3. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Hot damn.


    Okay nevermind.

    I do too. One of the major goals of the Gunslinger update was to make it more micro intensive and less of a "10 APM class".

    I'll think about it.

    Well, theme of the day is to have a micro requirement rather than being a "gimmie". Granted, manual reloads will probably be ground into the player's head by this point, but it also comes with making automatic reloads a larger penalty than they normally are.

    Not sure what you're asking so I'll just say this: If you swipe your Combat Knife at a group of three dudes, all three dudes are going to eat the bonus damage. However, if an enemy didn't die to that swipe, the buff would go on cooldown.

    I wouldn't say it was too strong, but it was definitely too easy.

    Yep. I imagine I'll end up tuning it in some way once it's all loaded in.

    I think "jumping into melee range" with a pretty fragile character is a fairly large drawback, but then again, in NOTD it gave evasion and shield armor and you could add a stun to it. I was actually debating on increasing the damage, but I figured that removal of the charges and just making it a 5 second cooldown made it strong enough as-is.

    It gets better with Dancing Days, but yeah. Ramble On is kinda weak. I'm debating on tossing in Dancing Days' collision immunity. EDIT: Yeah that's what I ended up doing.

    Yes it is.

    Rocketeer's update is focused on the concepts of momentum and risk vs. reward. I wanted to encourage players to really push their limits with Rocketeer and provide them with a way to sustain their damage output to make up for leaping into melee over and over.

    I'll keep an eye on it during testing.

    Dancing Days can provide a deceptively large damage bonus. Level 3 Ramble On tosses you a 30% bonus for 10 seconds and every character has Sprint, so if you do a normal jump, Sprint, and then do an Assault Jump, you're looking at a 65% damage bonus for that Assault Jump and also whatever weapon you may be wielding at the time (most likely, a Shotgun or a Flamethrower). Granted, the Rocketeer Pathfinder isn't a weapons DPS class, but a 65% damage bonus isn't too shabby. Additionally, if you happen to have a Squad Leader on hand who's rolling Duty and slaps Double Time on you or you have a Medic who gives you Nano-Haste or if you have a Recon who pops Escape, you'll be doing even nastier damage.
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  4. Blaqk
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    Blaqk NOTD Staff: Operations and Web

    As usual, agree with Nite. Still looks much better than original and I don't hate Gunslinger this time.
  5. Yuey
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    Yuey Warden

    Well, at least Gunslinger isn't an AFK autoattack spam Fast Five to victory in EC Noob anymore. Does the buff from Pepper Streak stack? Like you hit an enemy with both sidearm and your pistol, do you get both buffs for 10s? Or does getting one buff end the other buff? Does the buff refresh on subsequent hits like every time you hit an enemy with pistol/sidearm the buff restarts at 10s duration again?
  6. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    I would friggin' hope not, the entire point of the update was to make him not that.

    Both buffs from Pepper Steak can be active at the same time. If you do something to proc the buff (aka dealing damage with the appropriate weapon), the buff will refresh.
  7. Blaqk
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    Blaqk NOTD Staff: Operations and Web

    Think NOTD 1 Engineer's Synergy, but instead of X-1 and Engineer it's between equipped pew pew and sidearm pew pew.

    Side note: Possibly my favorite band.
  8. Niktos

    Niktos Well-Known Member

    10 seconds seems kinda long for getting out of whatever mess you jumped into.
    I know the speed boost is replacement for old sprint upgrading passive but not only is it much weaker, it also comes with new way bigger cost now. While yes synergy with T3 that gives dmg for speed is cool, but if you decide to roll no quarter route half of this skill is meh at best.

    There is also a typo between lvls and thing i qouted. Should be 15/30/45

    This is just asking for troll TKs, why not just prevent execution with a pop up info about why it didn't work. Also if you mess up some spot on map when painting pathing it can lead to jumping into otherwise innacessible place.

    I also got some concerns about balance between 'Dancing days' and 'No quarter'.
    Imagine :
    a) sprint, jump, jump. 600*1.35+600*1.80=1890 dmg .
    50 energy cost, total of 5 clicks energy is only real cooldown
    [Needs lvl3 jump / lvl3 ramble on / lvl2 ozone baby]

    b) no quarter. 2000 dmg .
    50 energy cost, total of 2 clicks 2 min cooldown
    [Whatever in tree]​
  9. EdowardoLMP

    EdowardoLMP Well-Known Member

    Assume Rocketeer PF with Dancing Days has all the possible ways of getting a ms buffs:
    35% (Sprint) +
    45% (Ramble On) +
    20% (Recon's Escape) +
    20% (Medic's Nano haste) +
    100% (MM's Shadowstep, not impossible) +
    10% (2k Ratings) +
    9.43% (Max Agi, I did my math)
    = a flabbergasting +239%, but there's still more... medals, badges, mods, (consumables?), more pending classes ms buffs... etc.

    DD's is scary, I wanna go back to Earth. Poor No Quarter lost its triple damage to bosses, extreme QQ.
  10. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Unfortunately, the entire class is based around the Assault Jump ability, so the focus is on that. I might, emphasis on might, also toss in a jump range increase per level.


    It's literally the same system that the current Jump uses to specify where you land, just without the restriction of cliff descent. And if someone finds a pathing hole, then I'll fix it - it's not that big of a problem.

    What's the concern? There are several balancing factors for each T3, just posting damage isn't enlightening.

    Agility is treated as an upgrade, not as a buff, so it wouldn't work. However, Hold Fire would qualify, so you're not too far off anyways. Also one of the buffs you missed was the Squad Leader's Double Time, which is a sizable amount and lasts for a significant amount of time.

    I am considering making No Quarter deal more damage.
  11. Niktos

    Niktos Well-Known Member

    Only that current jump doesn't deal friendly fire. I see it as similiar to chemo cloud/push/arty for notd. You could aim it just safe in front of someone after having some practice, now imagine they moved a bit when you aim onto some silly doad like ground bumps between eggs in airlock.
    No quarter got potential to erase basically anyone even with it's weakest damaging effect (400) as i don't remember reading anything about friendly fire getting reductions.

    No quarter looks way weaker due to it's long ass cooldown, it also got zero synergy with anything in tree (it never had but now it stands out more with other T3 being passive and super synergy) unless specifying effects as "completing/damaging with Assault Jump" is poor wording choice and doesn't actually exclude them from happening with it.
    Only thing no quarter got going for it is stun/being invul during, and long cooldown makes it situational at best.

    I now realized my math is off by not including -cost for hitting heroic/bunch of enemies(from Ozone). Which pulls 'Dancing Days' actually ahead in dmg/energy efficiency.

    Dancing days has potential to shine if driven properly. Chain of ~800-1.1k jumps that apply dot [That said, does 'Hot Dog' even stack?] racks up something along 6-7k dmg going from full energy to 0 without stat/item bonuses AND you are ready to go again in 90ish seconds, or you can start sooner but weaker.

    Writing that i realized that it's not T3 off itself being at fault but Ozoone+Dancing combo that brings it into OPer territory than No Quarter. [In my opinion ofc]
  12. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    NOTD 2's terrain and pathing has been specifically crafted to avoid NOTD's problems of exploitable nooks and crannies. That said, No Quarter is intended for teams that pack several heavy-hitters - the large AOE wipes out lesser enemies and the stun keeps bosses in place for heavier, more TK-prone abilities to do their work.

    It's also got a much larger radius. But yes, you do have a point.

    Not in disable efficiency thanks to No Quarter dropping a fairly significant stun and having a huge radius, but I do see where you're coming from.

    Mhm. "Has potential if driven properly" is the supposed theme here.

    Well, if it makes you feel any better, your opinion has swayed me. I'm going to re-evaluate No Quarter and Assault Jump. No Quarter will probably get a damage adjustment and come under effect from the passives of the tree and Assault Jump will probably lose its friendly fire because it now has damage falloff.
  13. EdowardoLMP

    EdowardoLMP Well-Known Member

    It appears as a buff in NOTD1 (2.xx + 0.xx rather than upgrade 2.xx), unless the whole stats stuff are reworked to be similar as the mod stats.

    Forgotten that.

    Wasn't Double Time lost its effect as long as u dealing damage? Or was it just confined to weapon damage but not skill damage?

    Yippie? Not surprising DD still gonna surpasses, if above statement is valid. 120 sec cooldown is freaking long compared to simultaneous jumps within <5 sec (not sure how Ozone Baby refunded how much time).
  14. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    NOTD 2's stats are going to be upgrades, not buffs.

    It's weapon damage only.

    Dancing Days is going to be better in terms of damage output, yes, but No Quarter is going to be better for disabling bosses and wiping out hordes in one shot. I'd like to point out that No Quarter's current iteration is at least 400 damage in a radius of 5 - very few enemies will survive that, let alone the higher damage sets. With No Quarter, you don't really need to worry about escaping as much because you just nuked everything in the area, but with Dancing Days spamming Assault Jump you have to really keep on top of things so you don't get murdered while you're zipping in and out of combat.
  15. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    • Assault Jump's friendly fire damage was removed due to concerns that it was nerfed too much with the move to NOTD 2 (damage falloff being added, Coming In Hot's stun being removed, Shield Armor per level being removed, Evasion per level being removed, ect). If it ends up getting re-added, it will be in the form of the 1.5 radius damage template only so it will be possible to safely "clip" allies if they're getting swarmed but require careful aim to do so.
    • No Quarter deals more damage, cost less energy, benefits from Ozone Baby and Hot Dog, and has a targeting cursor show up where the Pathfinder is going to land just in case someone gets a pathing screw that will plant them on the team.
    • Dancing Days' damage bonus changed from Total Damage to Ability Damage. Jumpfinder is strong enough as-is, they don't need to be a weapons DPS too.
  16. Stereo
    • Development Team

    Stereo Paper Boy

    Will pathfinder still be vulnerable to fract/broken legs?
  17. EdowardoLMP

    EdowardoLMP Well-Known Member

    Every classes are vulnerable to fractures by just getting hit, in this case pf is not getting it from cliff jumps.
  18. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Well, you beat me to it. Yes, the PF will be vulnerable to fractures and other ailments, but it's unlikely that they'll ever be getting them - ailments happen when you take health damage, and the Pathfinder has pretty beefy shields. If you take health damage, it's likely you're dying.
  19. Ability
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    Overall, good class and enjoy the flavor text too.

    Concern is on Thousand Ants + Clockwork. On a decent player, it's an almost sustained 40% damage increase for close to 30 seconds (also depending on weapon rate of fire + modifiers). The Gunslinger tree only has one active ability (Thousand Ants) so most Energy can be saved up for it (4 max casts of Thousand Ants over 15 secs for a Pathfinder with base energy of 85 - maybe 2 casts needed per magazine to deplete it within 10 secs). It's an almost must have combo as it makes the Pathfinder a lot more effective in boss fights and parts of the game with sustained combat. When it multiplies on top of a Tier 3 like Avatar Beat (which also makes it 50% easier to deplete a mag within 10 secs), it's an incredible amount of damage.

    If the combo is too strong in practice, can consider reducing Clockwork's buff from +20/40% to +15/30%.
  20. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Sidearms that consume ammunition do not take directly from the currently loaded magazine, they have their own charges that are separate - using them will not make weapon reloading more frequent. Additionally, Sidearms do not trigger Clockwork when they reload because they are automatic (although they're not penalized by it either), so Avatar Beat isn't going to make Clockwork more easily sustainable.

    That all said, the Pathfinder is supposed to be the step up from the Rifleman in terms of micro, so "on a decent player it's almost sustained" doesn't bother me a bit. Here's the math I ran on the subject:
    Comparison of Non-T3 Abilities: Rifleman/Pathfinder
    DPS bonus: 30% (Critical Strike, Passive) + 40% (Focus Fire, Toggle) + 15% (Focus Fire Attack Speed) = 85% sustainable bonus DPS
    Misc: +3 Range, +30% Reload Speed, +200 damage/3 radius Grenade (usable without ammo)
    DPS bonus: 45% (Pepper Steak, requires opposite weapon damage), 40% (Clockwork, requires manual reload) = 85% sustainable bonus DPS
    Misc: +50% damage (Front Gate, one shot), 351 base damage/single target Thousand Ants (ammo reliant)
    Overall, they're fairly similar in terms of sustainable damage output, it's just that the Pathfinder's potential damage is higher because the micro requirement is higher and Thousand Ants requires more resources. Everything that the Rifleman gets is passive (or close to it) and works on all weapons, whereas the Pathfinder has to do a song and dance to get the most out of their abilities and is limited to the Pistol and a sidearm.

    If the Pathfinder's Bossfight DPS turns out to be too high, I'd rather not cut the damage bonus on Clockwork, but instead cut the damage bonus from Thousand Ants. Cutting Clockwork's damage bonus would eat into the Pathfinder's sustainable bonus and I'd like it to be equal to that of the Rifleman's because otherwise the Pathfinder would be falling behind the Rifleman in terms of common effectiveness despite having a higher micro requirement to reach the same level.

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