NOTD 2: The Commando

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    NOTD 2: The Commando

    I don’t know exactly what happened but it seems like every time I sat down to actually work on the Commando I’d wind up doing something else – usually a whole lot of something else. It’s finally done to my satisfaction for the time being, so hooray for that.

    Class Name: Commando
    Class Biography: UGC Commandos are living legends, cunning and lethal veterans that have survived hundreds of dangerous missions.
    Class Stats: As NOTD.
    Class Soundset: Niteshade Special

    Ability Name:
    Ability Button Description:
    The Commando’s experience in handling weapons increases equip speed by 50%.
    Increase equip speed for all weapons by 50%.

    Ability Name: Rappel
    Ability Button Description:
    The Commando can jump from any height without fear of injury, but cannot jump as often.
    The Commando gets a special version of the Heavy jump that does not take damage or have risk of fracture from high jumps, but only has one charge by default.

    Operations got new guts and a new name, but it’s mostly the same murder machine that it was before save for the removal of Nuke. Nuke’s removal comes from the fact that it made Opsmando too powerful and too versatile – I could handle Ops being a total monster at DPS if that was all that it did, but it also effectively had a Forward Observer in its pocket once it hit Tier 3. To replace Nuke, it gets some pretty insanely powerful combat abilities.

    TIER 1
    Ability Name:
    Surgical Strike
    Ability Description:
    Gain a damage bonus for a duration followed by a penalty.

    Level 1: 50% increased Weapon Damage.
    Level 2: 75% increased Weapon Damage.
    Level 3: 100% increased Weapon Damage.

    “You don’t fight in war. In war, you kill.”
    Ability Button Description:
    Gain 50%/75%/100% increased Weapon Damage for 20 seconds, but suffer a 50% damage penalty afterwards for 10 seconds.
    Ability Cost: 30 Energy
    Ability Cooldown: 30 Seconds (on cast)
    Ability Filters: Self
    See Button Description.
    Transient: Yes
    Hotkey: Q

    Ability Name: Adrenaline
    Ability Description:
    Increases attack speed per attack. Automatic Reloads are doubled in duration while Adrenaline is active.

    Level 1: Increases attack speed by 3% on hit.
    Level 2: Increases attack speed by 6% on hit.
    Level 3: Increases attack speed by 9% on hit.

    “Half of it is the thrill of combat, the other half is trying to outdo past glories.”
    Ability Button Description:
    Increase Attack Speed by 3%/6%/9% per attack up to 30 times for 30 seconds.
    Ability Cost: 30 Energy
    Ability Cooldown: 30 Seconds (on cast)
    Ability Filters: Self
    See Button Description. Splash damage generates stacks per unit hit and weapons with multiple damage instances (Flamethrower, Shotgun, ect) generate stacks per damage instance. Also important to note: the maximum bonus should be to the tune of 90%/180%/270% and not NOTD’s crazy snowball 474%.
    Transient: Yes
    Hotkey: W

    TIER 2
    Ability Name: Borrowed Time
    Ability Description:
    The Commando can sacrifice hitpoints to restore energy.

    Level 1: Restores 20 Energy.
    Level 2: Restores 40 Energy.

    “Think of it as getting a loan from Death.”
    Ability Button Description:
    Restores 20/40 Energy.
    Ability Cost: 50 Health
    Ability Cooldown: 10 seconds (on cast)
    Ability Filters: Self
    See Button Description. The Commando cannot kill themselves with this ability.
    Transient: Yes
    Hotkey: T

    Ability Name: Seasoned Warrior
    Ability Description:
    Increases Surgical Strike's Weapon Damage bonus and Adrenaline's Attack Speed bonus.

    Level 1: 25% increased Weapon Damage and 1% increased Attack Speed.
    Level 2: 50% increased Weapon Damage and 2% increased Attack Speed.

    “The old dog didn't learn a new trick, he remembered an old one.”
    Increases the Weapon Damage bonus of Surgical Strike by 25/50%.
    Increases the Attack Speed bonus from Adrenaline stacks by 1/2%.

    TIER 3
    Ability Name:
    Midnight Animal
    Ability Description:
    Permanently gain extreme combat bonuses at the cost of reducing the Commando's health.

    Level 1: Increases Weapon Damage by 100% and makes Borrowed Time cost nothing, but reduces Maximum Health to 1.

    “Do you like hurting other people?”
    Increases Base Weapon Damage by 100%.
    Borrowed Time no longer costs Health to use.
    Reduces Maximum Health to 1.

    Ability Name: Warsong
    Ability Description:
    The Commando sings a battle hymn and fights with zealous fervor for a short time.

    Level 1: Gain a 40% timescale increase for 20 seconds.

    “We are strong. No one can tell us we’re wrong!”
    Ability Button Description:
    Increase the Commando’s timescale by 40% for 20 seconds.
    Ability Cost: 40 Energy
    Ability Cooldown: 30 Seconds (on end)
    Ability Filters: Self
    See Button Description. For those that aren’t familiar, an increased timescale means that time passes faster for that unit – in this case, time passes 40% faster for the Commando, so they move faster, regenerate faster, reload faster, but also have durations pass faster (so abilities are active for a shorter amount of time) and DOT effects damage faster. Now, the duration of the ability should not be influenced by the timescale increase – if it turns out timescale effects makes it 12 seconds and not 20, the actual duration of the ability will be 33.33 seconds which will turn into 20 game seconds after the 40% reduction.
    Transient: Yes
    Hotkey: G

    Nu-Delta gets a whole stack of new stuff and is intended to be very good at defending a location, but still retain enough flexibility to allow mobility as well. An interesting feature of the tree is that none of its abilities generate Noise (something that is true of all abilities right now, but we’ll be going through and adding Noise generation values to abilities eventually and these won’t be getting any during that period).

    TIER 1
    Ability Name: Monofilament Trap
    Ability Description:
    Monofilament Traps are invisible proximity traps that deal damage and disable nearby units on activation.

    Level 1: 1 Monofilament Trap may be active at a time.
    Level 2: 3 Monofilament Traps may be active at a time.
    Level 3: 5 Monofilament Traps may be active at a time.

    “Death from below. About knee-height, specifically.”
    Ability Button Description:
    Trap that deals 150 damage in a radius of 3 and roots damaged units for 1 second when activated by a unit passing nearby.

    Monofilament Traps can damage allies.
    Ability Cost: 10 Energy
    Ability Cooldown: 20 Seconds (on cast)
    Ability Filters: Ground
    Ability Range: 6
    Transient: No
    Creates a Monofilament Trap at the target location. Monofilament Traps are permanent until killed. Once the limit of Monofilament Traps is reached, the ability is disabled until pre-existing traps are removed.
    Hotkey: H

    Show Spoiler
    Monofilament Trap (Unit)
    Mechanical, Benign
    50 Health
    0 Armor
    0 Health Regeneration
    Unit Size: 1
    Unit Sight: 0
    Pathing: No

    Ability Name: Invisible
    Ability Button Description:
    Monofilament Traps are invisible and cannot be seen without detection.
    Permanent invisibility, yo.

    Ability Name: Monofilament Spol
    Ability Button Description:
    Deals 150 damage and roots for 1 second in a radius of 3 when any ground unit passes within 1.5 radius of the Monofilament Trap.
    Ability Cooldown: 4 seconds
    Ability Filters: Ground
    See button description. Usage is automatic. Cooldown should be displayed as a progress bar to all players capable of seeing the unit.

    Ability Name: Deactivate
    Ability Button Description:
    Destroy the Monofilament Trap.
    Kills the Monofilament Trap.
    Hotkey: D

    Ability Name: Divisive Impact
    Ability Description:
    Deals a set amount of damage divided among all units within the area of effect.

    Level 1: 500 damage.
    Level 2: 1000 damage.
    Level 3: 1500 damage.

    “Who carries the burden, one or all?”
    Ability Button Description:
    Deals 500/1000/1500 damage over a 4 radius area. Damage dealt is divided equally among targets hit.

    Divisive Impact can damage allies.
    Ability Cost: 35 Energy
    Ability Cooldown: 14 Seconds (on cast)
    Ability Filters: Air, Ground
    Ability Range: 10
    See Button Description.
    Transient: No

    TIER 2
    Ability Name:
    Gravity Grenade
    Ability Description:
    Gravity Grenades drag all nearby units towards it and pull air units to the ground.

    Level 1: 4 second duration.
    Level 2: 8 second duration.

    “Instant togetherness.”
    Ability Button Description:
    Drag units to the center of a 4 radius area for 4/8 seconds. Air units will be pulled to the ground and unable to move for the duration.

    Gravity Grenades can affect allies.
    Ability Cost: 20 Energy
    Ability Cooldown: 18 seconds (on cast)
    Ability Filters: Air, Ground
    Ability Range: 10
    See Button Description. Airborne units will be unable to move, but still able to be influenced by move effects (such as the Gravity Grenade itself).
    Transient: No
    Hotkey: V

    Ability Name: Bloody Sunday
    Ability Description:
    Create a cloud that deals damage over time and gains additional power every time it deals damage.

    Level 1: 10 damage per second, +1 for every unit damaged, for 15 seconds.
    Level 2: Duration increased by 10 seconds and radius increased by 1.

    “Not only does self-replicating nanotech have a combat application, but it's also terrifying.”
    Ability Button Description:
    Deals 10 damage per second in a 3.0/4.0 radius for 15/25 seconds. For each damage tick, the damage over time effect is increased by 1.

    Bloody Sunday can damage allies.
    Ability Cost: 20 Energy
    Ability Cooldown: 25 Seconds (on cast)
    Ability Filters: Ground, Air
    Ability Range: 10
    See button description. Every time any unit is damaged by Bloody Sunday, the damage over time effect's damage is increased by 1. There is no cap to the amount of bonus damage that Bloody Sunday can generate. Additionally, the cloud effect's green and blue tint is reduced by 1 for each stack of bonus damage.
    Transient: No
    Hotkey: F

    TIER 3
    Ability Name:
    Light Up The Night
    Ability Description:
    Call in an orbital strike, causing a satellite to blast the target area with a powerful laser. Damage increases with proximity to the center of the strike.

    Level 1: Deals up to 2500 damage in a radius of 6 to anywhere on the map.

    “And with a spark it’s gonna be the biggest fire they’ve ever seen.”
    Ability Button Description:
    After a short delay, deal up to 2500 damage in a radius of 6 to anywhere on the map.

    Light Up The Night can damage allies.
    Ability Cost: 40 Energy
    Ability Cooldown: 20 seconds (on cast)
    Ability Filters: Air, Ground
    Ability Range: Global
    Once the ability has been cast, Protoss AOE targeting circles should appear once per second in the following order: 6 radius, 5 radius, 4 radius, 3 radius, 2 radius. After this five second period, the laser should fire, dealing:
    • 2500 damage in a 1.0 radius.
    • 800 damage in a 2.0 radius.
    • 600 damage in a 3.0 radius.
    • 400 damage in a 4.0 radius.
    • 200 damage in a 5.0 radius.
    • 100 damage in a 6.0 radius.
    The idea behind the targeting circles is to give the feeling that the laser is “zeroing in” on its target, and also to give an AOE indicator that’s less boring than the current Nuke’s big ol’ Terran splat. Also, reminder to Future!Kith: make the laser blue.
    Transient: Yes
    Hotkey: G

    Ability Name: Graveyard Dust
    Ability Description:
    A contagious damage over time effect that gains additional power as the Commando scores kills.

    Level 1: Deals 50 damage per second for 30 seconds and gains 1 damage per kill before casting. Spreads to nearby units for duration and a short time after death.

    “In the end, we are naught but shadows and dust.”
    Ability Button Description:
    Deals 50 (+[bonus damage] per kill made before casting) damage per second to the target unit for 30 seconds. Graveyard Dust will spread to all units within a 2.5 radius while active. If a unit under the effect of Graveyard Dust dies, it can still spread Graveyard Dust for 5 seconds after death.

    Graveyard Dust can affect allies.
    Ability Cost: 50 Energy
    Ability Cooldown: 60 seconds (on cast)
    Ability Filters: Air, Ground
    Ability Range: 15
    See Button Description.
    • Kills are recorded once the player gains access to the Graveyard Dust ability and are represented as charges on the Graveyard Dust button in addition to being listed as bonus damage on the tooltip itself.
    • Graveyard Dust cannot gain more than 100 bonus damage.
    • Bonus damage is reset to 0 on casting.
    • If a unit is affected by Graveyard Dust, it cannot be affected by it again for 60 seconds.
    Transient: No
    Hotkey: G
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    Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap
  3. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    I'm glad you like it, but we do have a rule against this kind of response:
    I'll let you off with a verbal warning for now because of your low post count, but don't do it again.
  4. Stereo
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    Stereo Paper Boy

    I like it all, it seems like a solid DPS and support class. However Exsanguinate for Mando seems overshadowed by the Warsong, especially considering that all of the abilities for Ops are relevant to shooting his weapon.
  5. EdowardoLMP

    EdowardoLMP Well-Known Member

    Shock tree was all mag dump dump dump dump... until a casting Exsanguinate, sounds pretty weird for a dps tree that literally self-dumping buffs and a cut.
  6. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Exsanguinate gives you damage over time to fill in for when you're reloading or for when Surgical Strike is making your weapon useless or for when you're kiting. Warsong is better for your burst DPS, but Exsanguinate has more utility.

    Not that different from the Opsmando shooting for a tier and a half and then suddenly getting a Nuke out of nowhere. It's there to cover for the weaknesses of the tree, as I mentioned above - Warsong is best for your burst, but Exsanguinate covers DPS when your burst is down.
  7. squish

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    I gotta be honest. I don't like the new ops tree.

    Fixed the borked quote.
    Meh. Whatever.
    Your spec name is bad, and you should feel bad.
    If there's no stack limit on open wound, then yeah. This one is going to be even funnier to watch bosses melt.
    That's all this is. Seriously.

    This ability is just fugly.

    SMM DPS will eclipse this with no problem, vacuum or not.

    Crits, QA, CQC, Hardlight copy. Rinse and repeat.
    Neat concept. Like it. Change the hotkey to V for continuity?
    Very meh. Will probably still end up skipped, despite the fact that it's a huge buff to DPS, still doesn't compare to cut.
    Meh. 3.5 radius? For a T3 that's, ew...
    Gay name, gay quote. Recommend noping this one, boss.
    Again with mediocre tree nomenclature?
    Cool, killing tool got moved to T1.
    Nerf from NotD1, but whatever. Ability was ignored for the most part anyway.
    Identical to NotD1's Demo Satchel, but we buffed the damage and aoe a small bit* FTFY.
    Can this be boosted by surg? If not, meh.
    Can we say gimmick, and useless? 150 damage grenade in a line? No thanks.
  8. Lolurisk

    Lolurisk Member

    About seasoned warrior, is that surgical strike damage x 1.25/1.5 or is it + 25%/50%?
  9. Stereo
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    Stereo Paper Boy

    Would ability damage modifiers influence open wound's damage? Or does it not?

    What is the point of the opsmando medal granting total damage when the only ability it has is Exsanguinate? (Or was it a "I want this included, but I am not quite sure which tree should unlock it... Hmm...")
  10. Lord NiteShade
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    1. Seems par for the course. Surprised by the jump ability. I would have figured that would go to a more "nimble" class like recon or marksman.

      Pretty much unchanged. Easy to make, easy to balance. Should add a visual this time beyond just the buff icon. Some kind of red aura. (KaioKenx10)

      Should be more manageable in terms of gameplay and balance without the exponential growth. Firerate could exceed some player's framerate, making reloads a pain.

      Another easy to balance skill. A visual on usage would be nice for medic player's sake.

      Moving the reload synergy from an innate to part of the passive skill is interesting. Should increase the metagame of "BT vs Reload", and make builds more varied based on preferences.

      At a glance this skill seems impractical. On hordes/trash mobs its near useless. They'll die to gunfire before the wounds have any real meaning. Comes down to how durable or difficult bosses are to hit. Or how much hp regen they have. There's potential for some amazing synergy between high attack speed and massive wound dot

      Seems to be the more straightforward choice in T3 skills. Hard to say how broken it will be without "proper" testing. Likely to be a "troublemaker" similar to Nuke in that it needs constant readjustment based on effectiveness. Note that timescale buffs will boost hp/energy regen accordingly. It may make healing/bt/energy management too efficient or otherwise imbalanced.

      Seems acceptable on paper. Deals enough damage to clear out low level enemies, and the slow seems sufficient against stronger foes.

      Unsure on this skill. Damage seems very low and its hard too tell how helpful the boost over time will be. Comes down to how often you can exploit it on large hordes of mobs.

      Mostly unchanged from before. Like the concept but it depends a lot on how missions/events are laid out to see if we can make use of it. Do like the air unit synergy. Thats a neat twist.

      Another skill that comes down to mission structure. As an aoe skill its going to be outclassed by a lot of things, so it really comes down to how often there is great neat or ability to bomb shielded units.

      Basically the Nuke, but with a cooler animation. Numbers are less severe and it should be overall easier to balance.

      Unsure on this. Damage seems very low for a T3, and I dont see how it could replace Nuke. Maybe if the radius also increased as it kills, but thats difficult to implement. Looks underpowered on paper.

      Overall thoughts. Shock tree has a number of needed design changes. Having the reload synergy as an innate ability probly gave Commando too much early game utility. A lot of NM strats for years were basically "give opcomm flamer/shotgun - make him do work with adren/surg - repeat". Commando shouldnt be quite as be all end all early game. I like moving the reload to the passive skill upgrade, which before you basically got "because there wasnt anything else good to get" after heightened senses. No Nuke on dps tree should solidify it as the gun guy, and no longer the walking bomb/medic bitch. Late game for Comms almost always devolved in surg-nuke spam aside from bosses.

      Awe tree I have more issue with. First off its got a lot of aoe friendly fire skills. Like, all of them. There needs to be a way to manually disable or toggled some things or it'll be a huge hassle. It was way too common in NOTD for a delta comm to toss a mono trap on the one walkway the team needed. There needs to be "some" alternative to waiting it out or accepting the injuries. Manual destroy or disable options on any long term trap item. The more pressing issue is energy consumption. Awe has no passives, at all. Its got 6 aoe abilities and no way to improve skill cost or energy regen. There should be a passive "somewhere" in there to help with this. Otherwise it will turn into "spam the best/most efficient skill, ignore the rest" similar to exploder demo. A T3 passive focused on energy regen or energy capacity would make a tough counterpart to the space laser, as opposed to "yet another aoe trap".

      Overall I like the ideas, but it remains to be seen how well they work when implemented. Too much of it is "If's and maybe's" that will be resolved around mission structure and enemy density.
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  11. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton


    That's nice.

    The stack limit is 30.

    Yes, it is. Do you have a point or are you stating the obvious for giggles?

    Use your words. What's wrong with it?

    I don't know why you keep bringing up crits when the SMM doesn't have any. That said, Shockmando has more damage bonuses than the SMM does, has better sustain, and is not limited to low-range weapons. The SMM may win the damage race, but it doesn't win the Ammo Conservation or Range race.

    Nah. Gravnade is V.

    To each their own.

    Everything is subject to adjustment.

    I figured getting banned for a week would've made you second-guess your attitude but apparently we need to dream bigger. You have two options available to you at this point in time:
    1. Stop being an asshole.
    2. Get kicked off of the forum for a month.
    I have told you time and time again to knock that shit off, and I'm tired of saying it. All I want is to have a discussion with you that doesn't involve you acting like a smug moron about fucking everything. Clean up your act or you won't get to offer your two cents anymore.

    Everyone I've run it by so far has been fine with the theme, especially considering the character's backstory and roles. Shock and Awe tactics are common among special forces operatives because they involve hitting hard and fast and leaving the enemy bewildered and reeling.

    Use your words.

    An increase in duration and radius and a root for airborne enemies for a 5 second cooldown increase is not exactly what I would call a nerf, especially now that the tree contains two new abilities to chain Gravity Grenade with.

    Last time I checked, Satchel doesn't ignore shields.

    No, it cannot. Surgical Strike is Weapon Damage only.

    I'm not sure at all how you came to this conclusion. Assuming you don't kill anything with it, you're looking at at least 750 damage for things that remain within the sphere for the duration.

    I mean, it's a moot point because I screwed up and posted the wrong draft for that ability that had way lower damage and damage falloff (it's intended to be 50/sec with no falloff which I will be amending here shortly), but still. I'm not seeing how you came to that conclusion.

    +25%/50%. It's intended to put Surgical Strike back to its old 150% damage bonus with 3 in Surg and 2 in Seasoned.

    That's... a good question. Tell you what, I'll amend Exsanguinate to apply special Commando-Brand Open Wounds that are, rather than just tacking on the ailment itself.

    Because a Weapon Damage bonus was already included elsewhere. I wanted Opsmando's medal to be themed around trading durability for damage, so that's what I went for.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2015
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  12. MissHumpz
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    MissHumpz NOTD Staff: Event Coordinator & Amazing Amazer

    This Commando Is Pretty

    A+ for you Mr Kithels
  13. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    It's to provide the Commando with an improved escape, which he may or may not need depending on the team's tactics.

    Sure thing.

    Possibly, but if a player is having framerate problems, they can settle for blue reloads.

    Can be done.

    That's the intent. I may buff it to reduce Surg's damage penalty and have the reload speed increase work on Automatic Reloads, but I'm going to wait for testing first. I would much rather undershoot and then adjust upwards than overshoot and adjust downwards.

    It's pretty much solely designed to be for bosses that have a ton of health that you won't be able to burst down quickly either due to health amount or due to mechanics that prevent you from sitting in one place comfortably (for instance, Cronus). There will be several bosses of this nature in NOTD 2, so it'll definitely have its uses. It should be noted that units under the effect of this ability get Open Wounds regardless of if they have shields or not, and there will be several Mercenary groups that feature units with extremely durable shields. It's not so amazing in the context of NOTD, but I'll definitely be making sure that it has a place in NOTD 2.

    They also increase the speed at which damage over time effects are applied, meaning this ability needs to be used with the utmost of care on the fragile Commando. Getting an Open Wound or even just a Venom could cause some very bad situations for people that use this ability without consideration to their physical state.

    Well, there's no cap on the damage bonus and the Commando happens to have two skills that are built for keeping enemies in one place. Assuming you manage to keep an enemy within the cloud for the entire duration, you're looking at:
    1. 1.2
    2. 2.4
    3. 3.6
    4. 4.8
    5. 6
    6. 7.2
    7. 8.4
    8. 9.6
    9. 10.8
    10. 12
    11. 13.2
    12. 14.4
    13. 15.6
    14. 16.8
    15. 18
    16. 19.2
    17. 20.4
    18. 21.6
    19. 22.8
    20. 24
    252 bonus damage isn't bad when you're looking at an ability that deals 400 total. Now, I may boost the bonus damage and the base damage, but I'm going to wait and see how nu-Delta plays before making such a decision - a lot of the damage has been lowballed because of the whole "doesn't make noise" gig and the potential for Mono Nests.

    Yeah, I'm going to toss in the air-to-ground-unit thing for the Psi Ops' Force Press and maybe some other abilities as well. I'm fairly sure that the Gravnade is going to get a lot more popular due to Traps being in Tier 1 rather than Tier 2.

    Mhm. And, like I said before - gonna test first, buff later.

    Also less of a pain in the ass to use due to global range.

    Yeah, I fucked up and didn't post from the right draft. I made a note to myself on a sticky note to increase the damage after I did damage calculations the other night, but forgot to actually update the document I was pasting from. The updated version should be less polarizing in terms of damage potential.

    Hopefully. I imagine it will need tweaking (after all, no plan survives unscathed from contact with the enemy), but overall I'm happy with it. I have solved the problems that needed solving and the problems that I have now are problems that I want to have.

    Monofilament Traps can be destroyed by shooting them or by selecting them and disarming them.

    The Commando's energy regeneration has been increased pretty significantly (0.5 to 0.8) and the Awe skills are cheap in general. However, I will definitely take your feedback into consideration and see if I can come up with something that's sustain-friendly.

    As long as the concepts are fine, I'm fine. I can always adjust the balance later.

    Thank you, Humpz.
  14. Stereo
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    Stereo Paper Boy

    Ahhh, okay. I was just curious because the most use I can see out of it is using it with hybrids. Its difficult for me to comment on some things, being in alpha and not having all of the features put in yet. Much like NiteShade, a lot of things sound good on paper, but I'll just have to wait for when things start coming together.

    But then again, I may not be seeing everything there is to be seen. I am not exactly as "into it" as NiteShade's synopsis.

    (Also, would the ability increase also affect things that heal?)

    EDIT: And Trickster. Trickster + Ops medal = Lelz? [Potentially Otis?]
  15. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    It's useful for hybrids because it's intended to be "Glass Cannon" medal - it buffs all damage because having that much health removed is a pretty hefty cost.

    Your feedback is still appreciated. I amended Exsanguinate for clarification, by the way.

    No. Healing is already pretty powerful, I don't want to introduce things that make it even more powerful.

    Just about anything that uses the Special Combat Operator Badge will get pretty "up there" in damage output by virtue of having everything it's doing boosted by 30%.

    That reminds me I need to make stuff for the secret classes too.
  16. EdowardoLMP

    EdowardoLMP Well-Known Member

    Exsanguinate doesn't seems different from Mono trap and it looks like a sticky trap that constantly makes you bleeds wherever you go for 25 seconds.

    As far as I know, Nuke vs OW is totally two different things: nuke is solid damage, + buffable; OW is a neutral ailment, stackable only. Don't think lengthy bleeding was DPS mando's thing tho, shoulda belongs to the other tree in my opinion. Nuke is an all rounder skill basically favors in big blobs of mobs and also capable of dishing chunks from bosses, Exs seems to favor in high HPs only than just big blobs.

    Okay, I see that you intended to change its OW as a special one, I'll wait and see, and AD bonuses in such as taking more % dmg ?

    The side effects doesn't really help much as it will get max stacked easily with 8P shooting or it just died before fully stacked. Unless, Flechette Rounds creates neutral OWs rather than special OWs where both still can stacks altogether.
  17. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    I don't see the correlation between Exsanguinate and Monofilament Trap beyond their usage of monofilaments as a plot device.

    Nuke and Exsanguinate solve the same problem: the Commando's total lack of ability DPS.

    Nuke was added to give the Commando damage output that did not rely on their weapon, similar to the Rifleman's grenades. However, it was overkill, and while it solved the problem of the Commando lacking non-weapon DPS, it caused a new problem in that it made the Commando too versatile. A character like the Opsmando does not need the additional power of Nuke to complete the intended task of brutal damage output when they can already accomplish this through application of Surgical Strike, Adrenaline, and their choice of weapon.

    Nuke was good against everything on a character that was already good against everything - the player was given the ability to fulfill a completely separate role. While it definitely covered the lack of ability DPS, Nuke caused the Operations Commando to become, objectively, the best class in the game because once you had Nuke you were essentially playing two classes' worth of a character: Tiers 1 and 2 provided you with arguably the best best burst damage available while Nuke allowed you to carry around a Forward Observer in your pocket.

    Exsanguinate is there for the same reason that Nuke was - to give the Commando something to bring to the table that isn't related to Weapons DPS. It's just far more limited than Nuke because the Commando never needed Nuke in the first place.

    The Exsanguinate Edition Open Wounds can be influenced by Ability Damage increases. Keep in mind, though - the Shockmando does not have any native way of increasing Ability Damage. Surgical Strike was changed to Weapon Damage only to prevent the Awemando from growing exponentially more powerful when overleveling.

    Yes, it will get max stacked pretty much without fail. However, this is an ability that can affect allied units, so I wanted to at least give them a chance to get out of trouble if they happen to get nailed by someone who can't aim.
  18. ozzy

    ozzy Member

    shock and awe was the name of the ray of doom ability on falstad
  19. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    I just have a few questions on this fellow.

    Does Borrowed Time reduce its own Cooldown?

    How much damage does Exsanguiate's Special Open Wounds deal?

    From what I can tell, there shouldn't be any damage bonus for the first second which reduces the bonus damage total to 228.

    It does seem underwhelming, but I see the concern.

    My one big comment relates to the T3 of Awe.

    Avalanche seems pretty terrible without a hoard of near-dead mobs supporting it. At most, an enemy will get hit twice or three times by the skill.

    A stationary target will get hit 5 times, if the timing intervals for damage are nice.

    t = 0; d = 0
    t = 1; d = 1.5
    t = 2; d = 3 (Target's location)
    t = 3; d = 4.5
    t = 4; d = 6
    t = 5; d = 7.5 (out of range)

    But the second its a moving target, it'll very easily suffer reduced hitting.

    For a target that has a speed of 1, the ball will only hit a few times. We will assume the target starts at d = 5 and moves in the negative direction.

    t = 0; d_ava = 0; d_tar = 5;
    t = 1; d_ava= 1.5; d_tar = 4; (hit)
    t = 2; d_ava = 3; d_tar = 3; (hit)
    t = 3; d_ava = 4.5; d_tar = 2; (hit)
    t = 4; d_ava = 6; d_tar = 1;

    The ball has no way of hitting anything all that much. Sure it is like a snowball rolling down a mountain, but the problem is that the mountain has no snow.

    If Avalanche can't get grabbed by Gravity Grenade and deal damage to mobs stuck inside the grenade, then it'll be very heavily useless.
    Simply put, the ball needs some way to get increased damaging time against targets. Its movement speed is fast enough that it doesn't have much contact time with any enemy.

    Make it drag nearby enemies or go slower because otherwise, it'll be no different than using Flashpoint instead.

    Anyways, that is just Avalanche standing by itself. If we compare it to Light up the Night, it is extremely undesireable.

    Light Up the Night is significantly superior to Avalanche for four reasons:
    1. Higher Damage
    2. Greater AoE
    3. Lower Cooldown
    4. You only need to think 6 seconds ahead compared to Avalanche's 30 seconds.

    The only drawback:
    1. Higher Energy Consumption

    You can Light the Night four times or cause a single avalanche. This is a no-brainer in terms of its output. Unless NOTD2 features a high amount of low-health trash mobs, Light Up the Night will deal more damage to most of the hoard than Avalanche. Furthermore, by the time Avalanche expires, a second Night Light can occur.

    Unless hoard events are focused so that enemies can only come down a single narrow corridor, Night Light will be better. if there is a short interval between hoard events, then Night Light is better since it'll be more likely to be available for all of the Hoard Events. If there is a long interval between the events but the hoard event lasts a fair amount of time, Night Light it still likely to be superior since it can be re-cast many more times than Avalanche.

    I am however, operating on the assumption that Avalanche itself needs to kill enemies to get the bonus damage. If it just has to be any enemy killed by the Commando, then I can't tell how Avalanche would compare to Night Light. I just know if the projectile's damage boost carries over, it is likely to be more potent than Night Light after the first few uses.
  20. Tantric Vigilante

    Tantric Vigilante Localboid Cultist

    Shock and Awe definitely fit Assault better than Commando, for him how about Rip and Tear, or Rend and Maim?

    I don't quite remember, but aren't items vulnerable to damage in notd2? Would it be possible to crank up Avalanche by laying down a bunch of junk equipment, or destructible spawned items like Demo mines?

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