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  1. Grevious

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    That plus the terrain I keep forgetting is a lot of narrow paths with the exception of a few spots.

    That said what are you planning shell count to be? cause im planning on running through the terrain again and scoping out places (chokepoints more particularly) that would be ideal barrage areas....ideal in my eyes anyway....later today.

    I just feel FO is an under-rated class currently and would like to see it have more value in NOTD2
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  2. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    I'm aiming for 600. I'm also aiming for artillery strikes to deal a LOT more damage and cost a LOT more energy - at this point in time, I feel they are nowhere near as powerful as they should be and are far too spam-heavy, something I feel has infected many abilities in NOTD.
  3. Lolurisk

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    why don't you remove the shell count, and make artillery strikes generated similar to the pf's jump?
  4. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Because I would prefer to keep the unique mechanic.
  5. Grevious

    Grevious Member

    ^^ this would (hopefully) make FO a little more than just a "useless" class since the player would have to:

    1: coordinate with team
    2: be able to actually plan their strikes

    because if he did that then it would make arty more spam heavy and Fo would just remain an under-rated class....honestly I like the low shell count as it forces the player to have some type of skill and/or planning behind the strikes rather than just the current style of "just spam shit"

    at least this route the definition of a "good FO" would change to actually mean someone that is good at FOing

    as far as energy cost im guessing around 50-60?
  6. DarthCaedus

    DarthCaedus Member

    Grev, I think he mentioned something about a way to regen shells in the remake thread, similar to demo mines. (don't quote me on that) But I think having too few shells could be a problem if this isn't true.

    On the topic of regening shells (if it is true) will there be a cap on them?
  7. squish

    squish Well-Known Member

    Energy will be the cap.
  8. Grevious

    Grevious Member

    huh.......well good point I suppose. of Course if the FO is actually a good FO then he/she wont need but up to a couple regens max. I mean, 60 barrages (10 shells per barrage at 600 total shells) with shells that have to potential to hit any and every target in the barrage radius would mean youre not wasting as many shells to widdle down the life of an agron(those are going to be in NOTD 2 right?) so you don't need as many. full regen would give the FO up to 1200 shells so I think that would be all they need tbh.
  9. DarthCaedus

    DarthCaedus Member

    I'm assuming the notd rework will carry into notd 2.

    Anyway, its only a 25/50 shell regen with a one minute cooldown, so while fo's will be able to regen some shells, it won't be the 900 decrease they are getting I don't think.
  10. Stereo
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    Stereo Paper Boy

    When you say they're going to do a lot more damage, could you give a ballpark number?
  11. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Kind of? I'm updating ALL classes for NOTD 2, whether they were served a NOTD rework or not. A good example of this is the Medic - while I kept certain aspects of the Hello Friends rework, I didn't keep all of it.

    We're talking like 250 damage a pop, possibly more. I don't know. I haven't gotten to it yet.
  12. Grevious

    Grevious Member

    so at minimum 250 dmg per shell....standard barrage of 10 shells.....that's 2500 dmg in a 7 radius area. Add lvl 3 advanced barrage so every shell hits something...yea.....FO wont need a shit ton of shells. One full regen or what ever was said about 25-50 per (regen ability[?]) use.

    All the FO will need is planning and precision....literally...meaning only artying when huge hordes are present and not really giving a shit about the thin stuff (like what currently starts the holdouts in AC)

    so the 250 dmg would be lvl 1 FM right?
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  13. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

  14. Grevious

    Grevious Member

    Ah....right...well either way, if it is set at lvl 1 keeping that as lvl up dmg increases its up to 7500 dmg in target area (fm set at 10 shells) which is a ton of AoE dmg then throw the advanced barrage on it that's 7500 dmg that is split among whatever enters the target radius (so for two Agros that's pretty great)

    Either way, NOTD 2 FO wont need half as many shells as current FO so the only issue is coordinating strikes which will be the teams responsibility.

    FO as is has all kinds of potential use just no one coordinates jack shit leaving it up to the FO which is why the current mentality as well as play style of players resulting in huge spamming
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  15. Shooz
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    Shooz NOTD Staff: Killjoy

    If you theory craft this well. You should be able to produce like results in your game play right? Focus on right now and wait until more goodies are belched from Kith's palace of dancing skeletons. :]

    Or you could suggest how the skills would fit into the talent tree in a balanced and practical fashion. Orrrrrr, you could suggest anything else.
  16. Grevious

    Grevious Member

    Well of course all this is theoretical. I love the hell out of FO and the current mentality and play style of 99.9% of players that FO bugs me. I'm just worried that it will be as under rated when notd2 is out as it is now. Honestly if the there is any type of shell regen I'd suggest making it more of a single use +350 shells....but then that's hours of work on you guys to figure out where and how that would be accessible and make sense. Maybe make it 300 extra shells that is 100 added per level of either fm, AB, or what ever the name of the shock/nap compressed thing is.
  17. Niktos

    Niktos Well-Known Member

    Theory crafting and dreams is neat but, holy shit remember it's tier 1.
    There are 2 things in notd that get close to ballpark of 7,5k dmg while having aoe... It's 3 arma bombs of demo with he that uses his firevuln (~6k counting damage over time) ->tier 3 45s to setup the pain. TK chem ulti on target stacked to the max with venom (7,4k) ->tier 3 + at least 15-20s and ton of energy to venom enemy up.

    Arty fo is fine as it is now, people think it's just spamming coz they never played with good fo. I use total of 0 firemissions and rarely go over 400 used shells during game, and we don't die to spawns as they sit nicely stunned waiting for mando to pwn them.

    I also don't see how corridors being narrow on notd2 map got anything to do with how arty works, some shells will just land on unpathable terrain and go to waste end of story. If they magically teleport onto fo like they do in notd sometimes then, that will need a fix coz no amount of lore will explain why barrage is called in a spot and the spot being unfit means it should fall on fo instead.
  18. Grevious

    Grevious Member

    True....I'm going off the assumption of a lvl 6 FO that has done 3-3 and the theoretical route that dmg is 250/500/750 dmg. Honestly I doubt kith will set it like that for a variety of reasons. While all these theories are well and good, you'd be bar pressed to accurately define anything until the game is out.

    Not saying the narrow corridors effect how arty works, all I'm saying is its a huge factor in placing a barrage whether the players know it or not (that of course assuming that the FO did either 3-1 or 2-2 and not 1-3 or whatever where the AB would make it to where every shell hits)

    I was just stating the potential for things, hell, kith could make dmg 50/100/150 and were just shooting random bullshit at each other
  19. Commlink
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    Commlink Programmer/Asset Designer

    If fo has a correct and no random generator around an area so point and click shells land then yea works wonders for notd2, but if its point click -> shells and ai generates random points on or around that position its gg ^^.

    As everyone is all about the fo atm - If the fo's shells arty ability is not like this i would like to see something like this in place makes for a more fun game when you can not point and click dps, but its like an o shit button in an area. Think of it sort of as like bomb this area or carpet bomb this site. It does not need to be exact as shells are actually coming though the atmosphere so some atmospheric interference is to be expected or weather interference.

    Secondly some sort of 5 second timer delay as to when the shells would land
    So mass swarm incoming your recon scouted it to the south his running back u lay down your arty 5 second timer begins recon rejoins the group with 1 sec to spare and your set your click point dps just outside the group swarm enters ^^. Much more tactical and IQ based forces recon to scout or team to scout, while talking to team and fo he has to plan his shells he cant spam without fear of hitting the team.
  20. Grevious

    Grevious Member


    as I like to see something that would make Coordination a must....or just people TO coordinate......ether way, I feel current FO has so much lost potential because of 0 coordination.

    after all, that is what the Fo was intended for right? lay down strikes where they are needed most and call down reinforcements when needed (second half is iffy since no one likes mob inf xD)

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