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    Unlike NOTD's focus on the UGC Marines, NOTD 2 will allow players to choose what military (or paramilitary) service they wish to represent. Unlocking a Service Branch will unlock a Rank Set (which dictates the player's rank names and devices) and a Camouflage Pattern (which allows players to further customize their armor). Rank Sets and Camouflage Patterns can be used separately - equipping one does not necessarily mean the other has to be equipped.

    Unlike the original concept, Service Branches will not provide any statistical or in-game bonus - they are purely cosmetic.

    UGC Groups
    These are the four "basic" choices - the first time the player plays NOTD 2, they will be prompted with a dialogue box that will let them choose which one they prefer. Players will be able to unlock the others through the Credit Shop once they have earned enough Credits (how much they will cost has yet to be determined).

    UGC Army: Woodland Pattern
    UGC Navy: Navy Pattern
    UGC Airforce: Snow Pattern
    UGC Marines: Desert Pattern

    Achievement Groups
    These are options that must be unlocked through performing certain tasks. They are not available in the Credit Shop. Details on how to unlock them will be coming with the missions associated with them.

    Peacekeeper: Urban Pattern
    Mercenary: Red Tiger Pattern
    HAL's Legion: Tech Pattern

    Event Groups
    These are options that are only available through extraneous circumstances, such as a reward for porting over NOTD stats or donating to the Kickstarter. These are available in the Credit Shop, but they have very high price tags.

    Black Ops: Night Pattern (Unlocked by having the Black Ops Insignia when porting over your NOTD stats)
    Undead: Infested Pattern (Unlocked by porting over your NOTD stats)
    Honor Guard: Golden Pattern (Unlocked by pledging to the Kickstarter or donating during a donation drive)
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    Why the decision against stat bonuses? I thought it was a great way of making them all different, and for distinguishing them.

    vv Irrelevant now vv

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    Edit: I mean, the proposed changes I thought were too significant (Come on... 10% crit chance?). If they were toned down to say...

    Army: Increased weight tolerance (+.0001/.00005? Does the editor even bother?) +5% MS.
    Air Force: +25 max energy, +1 ability range.
    Navy: +3 detection range, +.1 energy regen.
    Marines: +5% damage, +5% crit chance.

    Black Ops: -25% noise index, +.2 energy regen.
    Peace Keeper: +40 maximum health, +2 life armor.
    Mercenary: +7.5% base damage.
    HAL: 10% cooldown reduction, 10% faster weapon swap.
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  3. Kith
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    Because I realized that tying a stat bonus to a cosmetic item defeated the purpose of it being a cosmetic item. For example, if a player happens to be a member of the Army and wants to represent their Army pride but likes the Marines stat bonus more because it suits their playstyle better, the stat bonuses are getting in the way of their experience. Players should not be forced to make the choice between cosmetics and optimal play.
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    I thought that was the point? Like choosing between a certain faction in Planetside, they have their intended advantages and disadvantages. (Weapons have different stats, work differently, one shoots faster, other does more damage, etc etc etc...)

    [Or even SC2. If you take the models away, and make it Beachball v Beachball, then it is all about the player choosing what the player thinks best suits their style.]
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    While that usually flies for fictional factions, the NOTD series has always been based on real-world military roles and tech - for example, NOTD: Aftermath was dedicated to the U.S. Marine Corps. NOTD 2 is dedicated to all armed forces service members regardless of nationality or branch, and the major goal of the Service Branches being added was to allow the current or former military players in the community to represent their branch of choice. Attaching stats to them, as I've mentioned above, causes issues with that vision.

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