NOTD 2: Company Names (EdAWACSdenyY)

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    The companies which currently supply weapons to the UGC Terrestrial Forces (UGCTF) are

    Euro-Central Dynamics *(ECD)
    TalonCross Electronics *(TC)
    Nanotech Industries *(NTI)
    Britannia Stratosphere *(BrS)
    Razer Engineering *(RE)
    Cross-Fire Weapon Armories *(CFA)
    Causeway Kinetics workshop *(CK)
    Northtech Defensive Systems *(NDS)
    Evac Medical surppliers *(EMS)
  2. Zeriathyr

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    Is this canon?
  3. EdAWACSdenyY

    EdAWACSdenyY Member

    I gave Commlink a list he picked them
  4. Mystes

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    Many would probably say in-game that BrS means Black Rock Shooter XDDD

    And cool, Razer Engineering :D
  5. EdowardoLMP

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    My thoughts as well. Razer probably got infested and supporting zombified pc assesories.
  6. EdAWACSdenyY

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    Well these are the one's Commlink decided upon from a list I gave him. He made the names better than before

    Well sorta I'm not sure but this is just a brief overview of what weapons and add-ons each company manufacture which I think will be noted in game for NOTD2

    This was MY original list of proposals
    1. Euro-Central Dynamics
    2. Britannia Stratosphere
    3. Lockheed/Douglas Incorporated
    4. TanCossin Electronics
    5. Nomad Trading Company
    6. Spark-Flint Industries
    7. Integrated Interfaces
    8. Ranvier Communications
    9. TechNanotics Nanotechnology
    10. Inverse Innovations
    11. Northop Stealth Systems
    12. General Avionics
    13. Bosono Labs
    14. Flux-Spin Systems
    15. Star-Net Computions
    16. LoGis Navigation
    17. Universal Projections
    18. Gresak workshop
    19. Blommer Steel Foundries
    20. Vulcan Engineering
    21. Sinusiod Wave
    22. Azote Machinations
    23. Meta-Kinetics Industry
    24. United Conglomerates
    25. Causeway Hex
    26. Krebs Citric Bio-engineering
    27. Standard Arms Armories
    28. Dark-Fire Weapon Industry
    29. Doric Defenses
    For those of you who were wondering the above list is the one for the companies I felt would be best to appear in-game for the weapon and ammunition mods and armor. This is the Full list chosen by Commlink below:

    Euro-Central Dynamics *(ECD)
    TalonCross Electronics *(TC) previously TanCossin Electronics
    Nanotech Industries *(NTI) previously TechNanotics Nanotechnology
    Britannia Stratosphere *(BrS) previously Britannia Stratosphere
    Star Avionics *(SA) previously General Avionics
    Razer Engineering *(RE) previously Vulcan Engineering
    Cross-Fire Weapon Armories *(CFA) previously Standard Arms Armories
    Causeway Kinetics workshop *(CK) previously Causeway Hex
    Northtech Defensive Systems *(NDS) previously Northop Stealth Systems
    Evac Medical surppliers *(EMS)
    Avalanche Consortium *(AC) previously United Conglomerates

    I was the one who requested that he retain Euro-Central Dynamics which will appear in game :D :3

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