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    NOTD 2: Class Icons
    Oh, so that's what you do for a living


    As mentioned in the User Interface thread, the Team Bar will feature a Class Icon for each player that reflects their class and Tier 3 choice. This is different from NOTD's class portraits because the portraits in NOTD 2 will be able to be customized, so Class Icons will keep players informed of their team composition.

    I doubt that I'll be unable to create Icons for the rest of the classes, but here are the guidelines in case someone else wants to try their hand at making some as replacements or for class proposals:
    • Icons are to be 76x76 pixels in size.
    • Icons are to be black and white. Keep in mind that the black portions of the image will be transparent in-game.
    • Icons should focus on having easily readable shapes and forms due to their small size. Fine detail is okay in small doses (such as the Malpractice Medic's icons), but try to avoid becoming too detail-oriented as the images are going to be shrunk to fit in the sidebar.
    • Tier 3 upgrades should reflect the effect of the Tier 3 in some manner, but not discard the original shape or form of the class's icon.

    Currently, only the Tier 1 classes' icons are complete. However, that doesn't mean I haven't completed some work on the rest:

    Rifleman: M1 Garand
    Medic: Cross
    Assault: Diamond
    Recon: Compass
    Demo: 8-Pointed Star
    Pathfinder: Torch
    Squad Leader: Triangular Flag
    Flamethrower: Stylized Flame
    Marksman: Undecided, current candidates are Scope and Arrow
    Psi Ops: Stylized Eye
    Commando: Skull
    Engineer: Wrench
    Technician: Undecided, current candidates are Shovel and Hammer
    UAV: Stylized Wing
    Forward Observer: Undecided, no candidates

    Suggestions are currently open for the Tier 2+ and Undecided categories.
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    Stereo Paper Boy


    I like some of these, others I will put up with. Might give it a crack myself if I ever decide to do it. Rifleman's seems the most awkward of the bunch. The crossed rifles looks fine in my opinion, but the three after that, while they get the point across, look like they could do with some reorganization.

    Why not give the Grenadier some pineapple(grenades)s??
    For Dog Master, a K9 symbol
    Trapper is strange, and could easily be the hardest of the T1s.
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    Damn-near universal symbol for "package". If you think it's a reference to anything other than that, sorry, but that's not the case.

    Grenadier got stuck with the classic bomb because it translated the best. Pineapples have this problem where they only look good at one size. If the ridges are too small, they disappear on resizing and it looks like an egg with a tail. Alternatively, they're too large and look like crap at anything other than turbo small, a size they they won't be displaying at for all users. That's why I mentioned avoiding fine details and sticking to recognizable shapes - basic translates better. Besides, in picking up Grenadier, the Rifleman starts launching them instead of throwing them, so a hand grenade as a representation would be disingenuous.

    K-9 was slapped with a dog paw for readability reasons and that particular paw design means "dog" or "wolf" pretty universally. If you happen to have the symbol you're talking about in question, feel free to share it with me and I'll do some experiments. Alternately, give it a shot yourself - I did these in Paint, there's nothing stopping you from taking a crack at it on your own.

    That all said, yes: Trapper sucks and is my least favorite by far. I would love to come up with something else, but I'm out of ideas on how to abstractly represent defensive crowd control through shield-contained sonic booms. The best I got is a loudspeaker, as those are known for being used to disperse crowds.

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