Nightmare Guide for Newbies (Work in Progress)

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    The Purpose of this Guide
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    This guide is to help players who are new or inexperienced playing Nightmare Mode in Night of the Dead.

    I will cover information vital for a new player to survive and give a brief overview of other areas they aren't expected to know extensively.

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    Completing objectives in a game and achieving a victory grants Rank Experience. Accumulating Rank Experience unlocks new content such as Nightmare Mode and the other three Campaigns/Modes.

    In particular, the Rank Experience benchmarks of significant important are listed below:

    500 EXP = Nightmare Mode Enabled

    1000 EXP = Survival Mode and Alpha Company (AC) Campaign

    3000 EXP = Apollo Security Team (SEC) Campaign

    Stat Points
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    You can assign points (up to 9 points for any given attribute) to Strength, Endurance, Agility, Perception, and Intelligence for bonus stats. You can only add or subtract your stat points early in the game. After a certain point, it will become locked until the next game. The two most important stats are Strength and Intelligence.

    Strength increases your weight endurance and increases your health by 11.5 HP per point. Assigning 9 points into Strength increases your health by 103.5 HP. It's recommended for newbies, especially in AC, to assign all your points into Strength. It greatly increases your chances to survive a game.

    Intelligence is the second most important point because it increases maximum energy and energy regeneration. Every class needs 9 points in Intelligence..eventually.

    Bonus max energy and energy regeneration are important but surviving takes greater precedence. I recommend you put 9 points into STR or a mix between STR and INT.

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    They're the currency of NOTD. You can acquire credits by winning the game or retrieving Helium-3. It's a blue canister that lies on the ground and it's airdropped at certain points of the game. Credits allow you to buy Weapon Mods, Items(Weapons, Armors, Accessories, etc), Pets, Colors, and more.

    Generally as a newb, you should save your credits for Weapons Mod and a Pets(Predators/Kittens). The predators (look like kittens) are quite valuable because it gives you slight vision. It will follow you and if you are blinded then you will still receive the vision granted by the predator.

    Weapon Modifications
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    Each weapon mod costs 10k credits. It allows you to "subtract" from a certain attribute and "add" to another. You can subtract and add up to 4 times. You can customize your weapon mods early in each game similiar to stat points.

    There are 7 attributes: Range, Attack Speed, Damage, Reload(speed), Splash, Weight, Switch Speed.

    You must first subtract from one attribute (ex. Weight) and then you can add to another (ex. damage)

    Your weight will be 5% worst while your damage will be 5% better.

    The two best attributes to add are Damage and Attack Speed. Attack Speed is generally the best and if you have only 4 Weapon Mods then you should use them all to increase your Attack Speed.

    The two best attributes to subtract are Weight and Switch Speed because they don't affect your DPS.

    For weapon mods 9-12, you can customize it to your liking but it doesn't make much of a difference in comparison to 8 Weapon Mods.

    Note: Having 13 or more Weapon Mods is a waste because you cannot "add" for a 13th attribute.

    Bank Files
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    Your progress is recorded on your computer.

    The default location for my bank files are located in C:\Users\Once Again\Documents\StarCraft II\Accounts\********\1-S2-1-******\Banks\1-S2-1-1557547

    1-S2-1-1557547 is the NOTD folder. The 1-S1 refers to different regions: NA, EU, South Asia which means you can transfer your progress to another region if you want to play there.

    The bank file is specifically called notdbank5. This file contains all of your progress: EXP, Medals, Previous Stat Point Allocation, Credits.. etc

    You can send your bank file to another email because it's just a simple notepad file. It helps if your computer suddenly becomes inoperable and you still want to play NOTD. You'll have your previous progress saved and you can transfer it to another computer.

    Players can also back up their bank file and replace it after every game. There are a few reasons why this is preferable...

    1. ) To save rating. If a player dies and the game is a defeat, they can replace their bank file with a very recent one to maintain their rating ( negligible benefit ).

    2. ) To save credits. If a player buys items from the shop and the game is a defeat, they can replace their bank file to recover their previous credits.

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    There are three types of difficulties available for NOTD: Recruit, Veteran, and Nightmare.

    Recruit is automatically selected if every player does not possess 500+ EXP.

    Veteran mode is automatically selected if every player has 500+ EXP. Veteran mode is very rarely played now because it often requires a private lobby with experienced who would rather play Nightmare.

    Nightmare mode is only available when every player has 500+ EXP and it is activated early in the game.


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    Easy Company (EC) is the first campaign available in NOTD. This guide will not cover an EC NM game because of their rarity due to low popularity.

    Alpha Company (AC) is the second campaign available in NOTD and arguably the hardest campaign.

    Apollo Security Team (SEC) is the third campaign available in NOTD. SEC can be split off into two different types: SEC A and SEC B. This campaign is almost exclusively played as SEC B due to higher popularity since it offers better rewards and an end-game boss fight.

    Survival is a special mode in NOTD. It consists of 40 waves with an assortment of mobs and bosses. It's considered a snooze fest due to lower enemies compared to AC and SEC. It's generally less exciting than AC and SEC because of long intervals between waves of enemies. It does offer "easy" Rank Experience and Credits.

    New Features in Nightmare

    There are many major differences between Recruit and Nightmare difficulty and it is difficult to adjust because Veteran difficulty is rarely played.

    1. Charging Enemies
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    Many enemies can charge at players which makes kiting more difficult than in Recruit. It's essential for new players to stay with the team (generally near the tank/medic).

    2. Enemies can spawn other enemies upon death
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    Many enemies in NOTD can spawn enemies upon death which can surprise and overwhelm unsuspecting players. Agrons, Devourers, Infestors, and regular zombies all possess this ability.

    Regular zombies don't have the ability to charge on Nightmare but they can spawn small red zombies upon death called ghouls and they are quite dangerous because of their movement speed and high attack speed.

    Agrons(Ultralisks) and Infestors both spawn parasites when they die. You can only prevent parasites from spawning from Agrons if the Agron is immediately killed when the Agron spawns(unburrows). Infestors will always spawn parasites upon death in Nightmare.

    Parasites are small enemies which have low priority (if other enemies are present, they will be shot last). Parasites are lethal because they have an increased rate of applying venom.

    Devourers (Yellow/Green) Roaches spawn 1 baneling and 1 blindling upon death and this can only be prevented if they are immediately killed they spawn, similiar to Agrons spawning parasites.

    3. Infestors
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    They are incredibly dangerous to kill for new players. In addition to spawning parasites upon death, they also spawn creep upon death which slows players while increasing zombie movement speed.

    It's not uncommon for a player to receive numerous stacks of venom by standing near a dying Infestor. The creep spawned allows parasites to quickly close the distance apply many stacks of venom. Multiple stacks will significantly reduce movement speed and slowly bleed the player out. Therefore, it is wise to never stand near a dying Infestor in Nightmare as a new player

    When an Infestor is attacked and not immediately killed (commonly referred to as a "pissed Infestor", they can spawn eggs which hatch into multiple banelings. They also have the ability to burrow and move quickly if they have been attacked since they gain movement speed for every hit they sustain.

    Infestors are also detectors.

    4. Agrons (Ultralisks)
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    In nightmare, these huge zombies spawn parasites upon death which make them a high priority target. They can charge and deal massive damage and players in close proximity to the main target will take split damage. They have a high rate of applying open wounds. Always kite away from Agrons if possible.

    Agrons are detectors.

    5. Devourer
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    There is an enemy called the Devourer and it has same size as a Stalker(Roach) but it's green and yellow. It deals massive damage, climbs walls, and spawns a baneling and blindling upon death. They are high priority threats and new players should stay away from them because of the splash from the baneling and blindling. They can scale walls.

    6. Huggers
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    There are zombies which resemble miniature Infestors. True to their namesake, they immobilize a player similiar to a hugger in Left 4 Dead. They are quite tanky and they require immediate attention to eliminate them. Flamethrowers are commonly used to kill them because they're common and deal considerable damage to huggers. If a hugger is stunned, they will immediately hug a nearby player. They don't have detection which allows cloak to prevent players from being hugged but they should still be focused if it's possible.

    7. Beastlings
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    Giant, yellow banelings. They're slower, tankier, and more lethal versions of the common baneling. Two of them are enough to kill a Light Class. Kite away from them and stay away from the tank because they deal splash damage.

    8. Slashers
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    Their character model is that of a Hydralisk. Their attack range is melee and they deal high amounts of damage. They can scale walls. They have 12 armor which makes Flamerthrower the most common effective weapon against it.

    9. BBQ
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    The green hex in the middle of the map, blocked by a destructible rock, spawns a BBQ (Brain Bug Queen) when activated. Newbies should not activate this hex. The BBQ is incredibly dangerous in NM and if you activate it then you will get yourself or someone else killed. The BBQ is incredibly fast, deals lethal damage and has detection.

    10. Reloads
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    There is a penalty for white reloading (having your ammo drop to 0 without manually reloading) and it causes your reload to have a significantly higher reload duration. Always manually reload if possible to avoid being unable to fire for prolonged durations.

    11. Titans and Lelanthos
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    Titans are large green hulks. They deal massive splash damage and are incredibly tanky. They're basically mini-bosses but they lack detection. Stand away from Titans.

    Lelanthos (Broodlords) are also tanky mini-bosses but they do have detection. They attack by throwing broodlings at players.

    Titans are only found in AC and SEC. Lelanthos are found in EC, Surv, and Sec.

    Both of these enemies are high priority targets.

    12. Seth
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    An optional boss that is almost always done. It takes the form of a giant Thor (The Odin). It has a basic attack and two special abilities.

    The first ability is Polarity. It assigns a charge to every player. Plus (+) or Minus (-). Teammates with opposite charges who come near each other take damage. Teammates who have the same charge and stay together will receive a damage bonus. It's vital to stack properly.

    The second ability is Plasma Detonator. A giant bubble will appear around him and anything within the bubble's radius will take 150 damage. Players who aren't the tank or do not possess KA should not stay in the bubble.

    At the beginning of the fight, the team should kite Seth slightly above the mines to create a second route. This will enable players to pass through above and below him when stacking. If Seth is not kited above the mines, then he will hug the mines and players can only maneuver around Seth by going above him.

    The main tank (Flamer/Tech/Demo) will stand on the left. He should not move during the fight and when Polarity is assigned, players should move AROUND the tank. If the tank is Minus(-) then players with Plus(+) move right while players with Minus(-) move left to stack with the tank.

    The main weapon for Seth should be the Flamethrower or the Shotgun. Remember to spam D (Knife) when you're killing Seth. it's literally free DPS.


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    Starter weapon. Ditch it if possible.


    A great weapon because it's ammo efficient and it lets you last hit (killing blows grant EXP). High range.


    Arguably the best weapon in the game. It deals decent damage to mobs and has noticeable linear splash. It's ammo efficient. It has the highest DPS in the game versus many bosses. Low range.


    Great mob control due to high damage + splash. Generally the preferred weapon for core DPS (Commando/Rifle) against mob holdouts. Low range.


    One of the best "whoring" weapon in the game. Allows you to easily accumulate kills to level faster. High range. Long reload duration. Costs a lot of ammo.


    If you're a newb then you shouldn't use this weapon due to its recoil (slows movement speed upon firing). Decent in certain scenarios. High range. High damage per shot. Long reload duration. Low firing rate.

    -Lazer Rifle

    High DPS range weapon. Works well with HE ammo. High range. Costs a lot of ammo.


    Great weapon when scouting or moving around. It has a high base damage and great attack speed. It has a virtually instantaneous reload. No splash though.


    A rocket launcher with a high base damage, splash, and low attack speed. It requires the player to click on the target to fire and it has lethal friendly fire damage. It's unnecessary in EC, AC, and SURV. However, it's vital to winning a SEC game.



    -L3 Grenade Launcher

    Unnecessary outside of SEC and causes friendly fire.



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    In Nightmare Mode, new players should NOT pick Assault, Marksman, Engineer, Commando, Forward Observer, Chemical Expert, and Pathfinder.

    New players should also not be the ONLY Medic, Recon(AC/EC), Demolition, Flamethrower or Technician.

    Demolition(Explosive), Commando, Forward Observer, and Chemical Expert all have dangerous friendly fire abilities that can easily kill a teammate with a single misplay. New players should avoid these classes in a Nightmare game.

    Assault is the slowest class in the game and new players can easily lag behind the team when running from place to place.

    Marksman is arguably the hardest DPS class to play effectively.

    Engineer requires micro and is unnecessary in most games.

    Pathfinder offers little to a team.

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