Night of the Dead Information and Basics (Resurrection)

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    Night of the Dead (NOTD) is a 8 player co-operative multiplayer custom map for Starcraft 2. It has multiple key elements such as classes, weapons, items, enemies, bosses, credits and much more.

    Career Earnings
    Night of the Dead has 7 career earnables that you you get by playing, some are easy while others require a bit of teamwork or co-operation with other players. The 7 career earnables are...

    1. Experience (XP)
    2. Rating
    3. Karma
    4. Credits
    5. Medals
    6. Stats
    7. Class Proficiency (CP)

    1. Experience
    The primary earnable as it affects a great deal of the game more than any other.

    Q: How do I get Experience?
    A: Experience is gained by completing main and bonus objectives. Additional xp is granted for Mission Performance should a mission have been done within a certain time and effectively.

    Q: What does Experience do?
    A: Experience is your key to unlocking new content such as new classes, game bonuses, storylines and determines your in game rank.

    Q: What is "in game rank"?
    A: In game rank is experience quotas that once achieved makes a whole bunch of things happen.

    Q: What kind of things?
    A: Good things

    Q: Explain?
    A: The higher your XP the higher your rank which improves overall gameplay experience.

    Rank Experience Requirements
    1st Rank - Private, unlocked at 0xp (When you start playing Night of the Dead)
    2nd Rank - Private First Class, unlocked at 100xp
    3rd Rank - Corporal, unlocked at 500xp
    4th Rank - Sergeant, unlocked at 2000xp
    5th Rank - Staff Sergeant, unlocked at 5000xp
    6th Rank - Sergeant Major, unlocked at 10000xp
    7th Rank - 2nd Lieutenant, unlocked at 20000xp
    8th Rank - 1st Lieutenant, unlocked at 30000xp
    9th Rank - Captain, unlocked at 40000xp
    10th Rank - Major, unlocked at 60000xp
    11th Rank - Lieutenant Colonel, unlocked at 80000xp
    12th Rank - Colonel, unlocked at 120000xp
    13th Rank - Brigadier General, unlocked at 160000xp
    14th Rank - Major General, unlocked at 200000xp
    15th Rank - Lieutenant General, unlocked at 250000xp
    16th Rank - General, unlocked at 300000xp
    17th Rank - General of the Army, unlocked at 350000xp


    Q: So what are these good things about Ranks you were talking about?
    A: Firstly ranks unlocks the different classes for you by giving you access to their respective Class Slots.

    1st Rank - Private, unlocked at 0xp gives you access to the Rifleman, Assault and Medic
    2nd Rank - Private First Class, unlocked at 100xp gives you access to the Recon
    3rd Rank - Corporal, unlocked at 500xp gives you access to the Marksman
    4th Rank - Sergeant, unlocked at 2000xp gives you access to the Demolitions
    6th Rank - Sergeant Major, unlocked at 10000xp gives you access to the Engineer and Commando (Rating requirement included, more on that later)

    A: Secondly you also unlock storylines each with their own unique classes as well

    0xp gives you access to Easy Company
    1000xp gives you access to Alpha Company and the Flamethrower and Forward Observer Class
    3500xp gives you access to The Apollo Security Team and the Chemical Experts, Pathfinder and Technician class
    5000xp gives you access to Survival Mode in which every class in the game is available for you to choose

    A: Thirdly it determines the mode of the game
    If a player in the team is between 0-99xp then the game is set to Recruit Mode
    If everyone in the team is higher than 100xp then the game is set to Hardened Mode
    If everyone in the team is higher than 2000xp then the game is set to Veteran Mode

    A: Fourthly each rank gives you 2 stat points which you can use to improve your character

    A: Fifthly the higher your rank the more credits you gain

    A: Sixthly the higher your rank the more end game experience you get.

    A: Seventhly at 500xp when you die in game you get a Predator pet with which you can play with and while you have it you gain half the rewards than normal so keep it alive for if it dies then you get zero rewards (Active Medals are awarded though on victory)

    Q: Oh wow, that is alot, whats the best way to get Experience?
    A: Playing the game simply.

    Easy Company
    Recruit Mode can award between 60xp - 105xp per game. The colonist missions play a big bonus

    Alpha Company

    Apollo Security Team

    2. Rating
    An estimate of how good or how bad a players skill is.

    Q: How do I get rating?
    A: Rating is gained with completing missions effectively, winning the game and with the speed bonus.
    You can also however lose rating by failing to complete missions within a certain time, getting killed, killing a teammate and the most evil of all - Taking hits to your health

    Q: What does rating do?
    A: Several things but mainly adjusts the game difficulty by increasing creeps health dependent on the squads overall Squad Rating (type -sq during game to view)

    Q: So what are the other several things?
    A: Firstly, the rating list which is...

    1300-1399= Awful Player
    1400-1499= Bad Player
    1500-1599= Average Player
    1600-1699= Above Average Player
    1700-1799= Good Player
    1800-1949= Excellent Player
    1950-2500= Extreme Player

    Like Experience which has its quotas (Ranks) Rating also has them.

    A: Firstly rating determines how many lives you will have at the start of the game

    1300-1399 = 11 lives
    1400-1499 = 9 lives
    1500-1599 = 6 lives
    1600-1699 = 3 lives
    1700-1799 = 2 lives
    1800-1949 = 1 life
    1950-2500 = 0 lives

    Do note that once these lives are used your dead, there is no way of getting lives back in the game.
    Do note that there are some cases such as enemies that will be able to kill you OUTRIGHT so even if you had 3 lives left your going to die.

    A: Secondly you also get a movespeed bonus

    1600-1699 = +2% Movespeed
    1700-1799 = +3% Movespeed
    1800-1899 = +4% Movespeed
    1900-2099 = +5% Movespeed
    2100-2299 = +6% Movespeed
    2300-2500 = +7% Movespeed

    A: Thirdly it controls some game options

    1600 Rating at 10000XP will allow you to use the 7th Class Slot (Engineer and Pathfinder)
    1700 Rating at 10000XP will allow you to use the 8th Class Slot (Commando and Psi Ops)
    1700 Rating at 2000XP will give you the option to Votekick a player though another player/s must also issue a votekick to remove someone from the game

    A: Fourthly it also reduces weapon switching time (makes you switch weapons faster)

    1600-1799 = 10% reduced switch time
    1800-1999 = 20% reduced switch time
    2000-2199 = 30% reduced switch time
    2200-2399 = 40% reduced switch time
    2400-2500 = 50% reduced switch time

    Note that at 50% you switch weapons at the twice the speed than normal for 100% would result in you switching any weapon instantly

    Q: You said earlier that taking hits it an evil way to lose rating, what is that about?
    A: Hits Taken plays a major role in the rating that you will receive. Something to note about rating is that the higher you go the easier it becomes to lose it (Higher rating is less tolerant to Hits Taken)
    Important thing to note about hits is that Hits Taken is hits taken by creeps directly to your health. Getting hit while your shields are still up does not count as a hit taken.

    For example...
    A 1800-1899 Rating player takes 20 hits, he loses 4 Rating
    A 1900-1999 Rating player takes 20 hits, he loses 6 Rating
    A 2000-2099 Rating player takes 20 hits, he loses 8 Rating

    The main thing about hits taken is WHEN you take them for at the start of the game or the early minutes is the fastest and most extreme way to lose rating. As the game goes on it becomes less extreme but to a point, taking hits spread throughout the game wont be a game breaker but taking clump hits (multiple hits within a certain time) will cause your rating to drop. If you also took too many hits and your rating gained is looking bad by game end it is very possible that the Victory Bonus will deduct your rating even further.

    An easy estimate of how your rating is going to due to hits is by comparing your Hits Taken to the amount of time passed in the game. If you less than 1 hit per 1 minute then you should be safe, if you have more than 1 hit per 1 minute then you gonna lose some rating probably.

    3. Karma
    An estimate of the sportsmanship of the player, are they a "good" or "bad" player.

    Q: How do I get Karma?
    A: Karma can be gained by winning the game or simply by staying in the game. Playing as Medic will increase your rewarded Karma.

    Q: What does Karma do?
    A: Karma by first glimpse tells you if the other person is a good or bad teamplayer. But it also controls key features within the game such as...

    Firstly and most importantly, Karma works as a Restriction System.

    1525-2000 Karma = Zero Restrictions
    1400-1524 Karma = You cannot control leaver units
    1300-1399 Karma = You will get a red box placed around your character for the duration of the game and a warning goes out to all players to take caution for you are evil.
    1299-1200 = You will only be allowed to play the Rifleman, Medic and Assault
    1199 = Anything lower than this will result in a complete reset of all your NOTD info putting you back at 0 (Private)

    Q: Anything else about Karma?
    A: Yes

    At the start of the game every player has 1 Karma deducted from them which they will regain by the end of Chapter 1. Should you die you also regain this 1 Karma. Should you leave the game before either Chapter 2 or dying you lose the 1 Karma.

    Karma is also hugely lost by killing teammates and getting Karmabited by them (Karmabite is an extra penalty put out by the player that has been killed which deducts a certain value from all your stats)

    Letting civilians die during the game is another way to lose karma.

    4. Credits
    The currency in Night of the Dead. Your money, your cash, da bling bling dat allow you to some things.

    Q: How do I get Credits?
    A: You get credits from certain missions, defeating bosses and picking up Helium-3 Canisters.

    Q: What do Credits do?
    A: Credits allow you to buy things from the Shops such as magazines, armor, weapons, medkits and Lifetime Customization's.

    Q: How much Credits can I expect to be getting?
    A: Credit gain is based on 2 things - Your In-Game Rank and the number of players in the game. Simply...

    The higher your rank the more you get
    The more players in game the less you get
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    Hey reaper, bet you I can finish my NM classes guide and update my tips and tricks guide and my assault guide before you finish this!
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    Who can tell me what is the gained experience from a Survival Mode game at Wave 20 and Wave 40 both normal mode and Nightmare Mode? I don't play it and won't play it to find out. :p
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    Well it's about time!

    Experience gained in survival is around 250, I haven't beaten nightmare mode on survival.
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    The moment you unlock survival you can pick any class. There are no xp/rating limiters in surv.

    Surv nm @wave 20 the moment you get superior service medal gives a whooping 27xp or more if you kill all infs. There are no nm bonuses so that should be same nm/non nm.

    Not sure on won xp but difference between nm or not is just nm bonus after actual win being 40 [if it is even there never payed attention]

    Edit:won surv is ~220-240xp depending on rank there is no extra for nm
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    Anyone with a guide out there and that keeps it updated would be as so awesome as to be linked to here?
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    A guide to the basics of NOTD? Or just a general guide?
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    Anyone out there with a guide of either classes, tips, advice or a guide which spans beyond the basics, the advanced and more complex but is also kept up to date.
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