Night of the Dead China: Mission Start!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Miracle, May 3, 2014.

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    Dear NOTD players, NOTD Official map has arrived at long last on China server (CN), a majority of the information related to the game has been translated to Chinese, and will be updated in the future along with America (NA), South East Asia (SEA), Europe (EU) and Korea/Taiwan (KR/TW).

    Map Name: Night of the Dead (亡者之夜)
    Link: starcraft://map/5/35860

    亲爱的亡者之夜玩家们,NOTD官方版终于到达了国服(CN),大部分关于游戏的资料已经被汉化,以后会跟美服 (NA),东南亚(SEA),欧服(EU)和韩服/台服 (KR/TW)一起同步。

    地图名称:Night of the Dead (亡者之夜)


    "8 Marines. A Million Zombies. You Decide."
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  2. Lord NiteShade
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    Now if only we could get Blizzard to remove the dozen or so hacked versions of the map that have already been uploaded by other users...
  3. ComradeHX

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    I never realized there was a CN server.
  4. Miracle
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    Already on it, hopefully early next week they will all be given 24 hour notice.
  5. Ability
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    Thanks Miracle for all the hard work and initiative making this happen. For those with friends on China server, please help spread the word. As mentioned above, we are working actively with Blizzard Arcade (key contact is Rafael Raudry) to ban as many of the hacked NOTD maps as we find. We got them to ban several maps but the authors and a small community of hackers there have been very persistent in uploading new hacked maps. It's a cat and mouse game until Blizzard can offer us a long-term solution.

    A - China Server Map Updates
    I will pass Miracle regular updates (every 2-4 weeks) on our NOTD map so that she can update it on China server. Miracle will be the official publisher in that region. The regular updates will also help serve to attract more players to our map over time as hacked maps will often be more stagnant. Miracle will also be working on continuously improving the quality/completeness of the Chinese translation of our NOTD map there. Anytime there is a major update on the translations done, she will pass me the Chinese text strings and I'll integrate them into the main NOTD map.

    B - China Server Penal Legion Criteria
    For China server, our Penal Legion criteria needs to be different because hacked maps with accelerated XP gain were the only option for all players there for some time. Practically anyone on China server who has played NOTD before will therefore have a 'hacked bank' in the strictest sense. We can't ban everyone. Have discussed with Miracle and Blaqk on this - it's through no fault of the players there that their experience is accelerated (many may not have been aware of the original NOTD version since China server can't access Global Play). For now, Miracle will serve as a 'Warden' until we see the need to appoint someone full-time.

    Proposed Ban Criteria for China Server:
    - Clearly uncooperative behaviour to the community
    - Everyone directly linked to development of hacked China maps
    - Clear and consistent advocates of hacked China maps/hacked banks (e.g. recommending new players to only play those maps/banks despite multiple clarifications those aren't the legit)
    - Any China server player bringing their bank file to other servers
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  6. Miracle
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    Very tough to say, from what I heard in CN, the community is divided between those who wants CN to be treated the same as all other communities (in terms of rulings and such) and having to start over again, then there's the other group of people who thinks it's way too much effort to start all over again with the 1/10th rate.
  7. nex_

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    Maybe let it go until notd2 ?
    and this will be the "reset" wanted by some ?

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