Newbie Guide: The Swarm Overseers

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    Here you go Arc.

    Newbie Guide: The Swarm Overseers (Easy Company Newbie)

    Deadly perils await you should you survive the initial hordes. Whether by accident or design, certain infested organisms have undergone dramatic mutation, becoming powerful and rising as the leaders of the swarms. It is extremely important that the team band together to bring one of these special infested down, they can easily destroy lone players and even entire teams can wither under the devastation that they bring.


    Also known as Tartar Suace, Tart and Fat Ass, he hatches from a specially mutated zombie egg laid by the zombie queen herself, Tartarus is a variant of the Devourer strain of infested. Having short life spans as typical of the family, Tartarus will only hatch once the Easy Company marines have started decoding the airlock doors where its egg was residing, causing the creature to wake.

    The creature appears as a bloated baneling like creature walking on stubby legs, but don't let that fool you. Tartarus possess the speed of its devourer and stalker cousins, allowing him to move monstrously fast and catching up to any unfortunate marine that strays too close to the monster. The marines' armor and low level doesn't allow any of them, even the tank, to stand up to Tartarus strong acid splash attack for long, and therefore it is absolutely necessary to try to not get hit too much this battle. Stalkers and a large amount of vision blockers sow confusion into this fight, try to stay together whenever possible.


    Spawn Banelings

    During the battle, Tartarus will occasionally spawn blindlings and banelings. Even the blindlings are dangerous during this boss battle, as a blinded marine is easy prey for the large amount of stalkers and Tartarus itself. Banelings should be avoided at all costs, their damage easily seriously injuring light marines and still significantly damaging even heavy ones.

    Hardened Carapace

    At some point during the battle, Tartarus will develop significant armor in the front of his body. This boost in armor coupled with a regeneration boost will decrease damage from the front, allowing him to outheal small arms fire from that direction. During this time, it is incredibly important for the team to coordinate, hitting Tartarus from the sides and back where he lacks armor. DPS classes should reposition themselves to the back, while the tank keeps Tartarus occupied with Taunt.

    Acidic Death

    All the remaining Banelings within Tartarus are released when he dies. This usually amounts to a large amount of blindlings with occasional parasites mixed in, and is therefore a source of free xp for the marines.


    Lord of the Banelings, Erebos is a failed attempt by scientists at creating a perfect mutation of the zombie virus. Breaking out of containment at Biodome B, it slaughtered the last of the scientists, bent on destroying the marines who were foolhardily killing the zombie eggs before they could mature into his minions.

    This battle tends to have the team less separated due to it occurring in the open space of the airlock rather than the debris strewn wreckage of the previous fight. Tanks may tank Erebos to a certain extent with an attentive medic, though they should still try to avoid the highly damaging spores. Flamethrowers should definitely be used in this fight, they are easily the most effective at dealing with this boss and the tank should be high enough level to keep Erebos busy. Do not use your starting Gauss Rifles, their low damage coupled with Erebos's high armor mean that they only deal 1 damage per shot, a waste of ammo and time.



    The flying creatures released from Biodome B following Erebos's breakout are assisting him in this battle, dropping spore bombs upon the players from very high up. These spore bombs are illustrated by red boxes, and it is important to avoid them, they deal high damage (though not lethal) and can stack ailments in a fight where mobility is important. The actual damage is dealt after the spore hits the ground, when the thing explodes (2 seconds after impact), so don't think you're safe from damage as soon as it falls on the ground. Erebos drops multiple spores at the same time, and it can be highly damaging if more than one falls on a marine, easily costing him a life.


    When the battle turns against Erebos, he borrows and attempts to get away. He does this when he has about 20% health remaining, and it marks the end of this encounter with him. Shooting him after he burrows is just a waste of ammo, even "killing" him will not stop him from escaping.

    Erebos II

    The battle begins again, this time with Erebos fully in charge of his powers over banelings. The mutalisks have nearly all been killed in the mutalisk wave before the battle, and therefore no spores will. In this one, Erebos is the main danger.

    Like the previous battle, Erebos II is mostly faced in the openness of the airlock, though this time he unburrows at a random time and place. Staying together before he comes is a necessity, though he will always go towards the largest group of marines, he sometimes unborrows far away and won't hesitate to pick off a lone marine heading to activate the generators. Also like the previous battle, Erebos is best faced with flamethrowers, and after this battle, flamethrowers are usually dropped as the large amount of fliers released from Dome B reduce their effectiveness.

    Erebos II also has high ground sight, enabling him to see up cliffs with his psionic vision. This makes camping him on the small ramp to the right of the Muta ramp very hazardous, as the marines could be trapped there with Erebos hammering at them.


    Void Blast

    Erebos's psionic powers have almost completely regenerated, allowing him to launch void blasts as his regular attack. These blasts are completely unaffected by normal armor mechanics of damage reduction, meaning that the only protection an assault tank has against the creature is his taunt. Demolition tanks can still use TTD to good effect, the stun lock and the 45% damage reduction from I'm Your Father keeps the Demo from dying. However, he is still tankable as an assuault with taunt and an attentive medic or medkits.

    The Void Blasts have a small amount of area of effect, making standing next to the tank dangerous during this fight.

    Summon Banelings

    Erebos will briefly turn blue, summoning his Baneling minions from afar. Banelings will pop up from the ground in a large circle from him, dealing large amounts of damage to marines straying away from Erebos. The Banelings have a very short life span and will explode after a few seconds, which may be good for the team staying close to Erebos. Do not forget that banelings "attack" on death and have a splash radius bigger than their attack radius, so marines may still be harmed when they die.

    Regenerative Carapace

    Erebos will form a regenerative carapace, encasing his body in an energy absorbing psionic shield. Any damage dealt to Erebos (of any kind) will regenerate his hitpoints instead. The ratio is approximately 3 hitpoints regenerated per one normally dealt, so it is imperative that you don't use any skills and attacks on him, he can easily regenerate to full through this ability if you're not careful.

    Eos the Zombie Queen

    You have seen them all. Every square foot of Apollo has been covered in the blood of zombies. Now you face your greatest challenge yet, a mutation created by Dr. Bergmann himself.

    Eos is a massive, slow moving zombie queen. She spawns before the Black Ops battle, but is invulnerable until Chapter 3 begins (after the Black Ops battle). Therefore, it is important to pick a place away from where the queen spawns, because even if she gets close to the marines, you won't be able to harm her until the battle actually begins.

    The battle begins when she takes damage. This is where the hitpoint bar appears and all her abilities are activated. Note that no one should be hit by the queen except the tank. Her talons deal a whopping 90 damage per hit (2 hits per attack), easily crushing light and medium classes.

    You are not alone in this fight. Charlie company has come to assist you. Groups of marines, corpsmen, marksmen and flamethrowers appear on the sides of the map, followed by Stryker heavy walkers and Abrams MBT a few minutes later. These are enormously helpful in dealing with hordes, especially the tanks. Each character that died before this fight also gain a soldier to control for the battle, and the superior micro skills of the player over the AI can help fight the zombie queen.

    Should the battle take too long, Charlie Company will withdraw from the battlefield and air support will rain down in a tactic called Broken Arrow. Avoid the airstrikes as you fight the queen, as they can easily kill allied marines (to the point that some people think that it is the marines who are being targeted). Should the queen still survive more precise artillery strikes are called down near the Queen's position. They don't usually hit her when she's running due to the high speed, but deal damage should she stop to lay eggs. After that, the marines are alone.

    Laser rifles should be used for the majority of this fight, as the queen has the highest armor in the game and therefore is most affected by the laser rifle's reverse armor rounds. The tank should use a crowbar, at least a c4 armor, and should stock up on a few medkits for the fight with the queen.


    Lay Eggs

    The queen will occasionally pause to lay a large amount of eggs on the ground. These eggs hatch almost immediately into a group of infested marines which dramatically boost Eos's firepower against the tank and squisher classes. Eos's speed is reduced to almost immobility while laying eggs, meaning that long range skills such as the commando's nuke can hit her no problem during this point, with the added benefit of taking out the infested marines. Infested marines pose a big problem during the battle, their fast attacks easily whittle down assault tank's hp (and stacks ailments) and therefore should be target fired.

    The eggs can be laid on high ground, giving the queen vision of such areas and allowing her to attack the marines. Be careful of this when you are close to the queen, even on high elevation areas such as the fort arms.


    The Queen will go into a frenzy, gaining a massive 30% boost to her attack damage and an attack speed increase, but losing all of her armor. This means that normal guns are actually better against the queen during this time, but usually the frenzy lasts too short a time to matter. The increased damage is not really a problem for the tank if they see it, they can taunt, medkit, or have a medic heal them during this time.


    Two times during the battle, the Queen will let out a horrific shriek that stuns all marines, including Charlie company but not robots like the x1 or predators, in a large radius. The stun is not global, so if the queen is being kited it is possible to not be affected by it. Otherwise, it is a 7 second stun that can only be avoid through the use of the nanoshield ability by a medic or the TTD ability by a demo. In preparation, the tank should have the queen attacking him at all times and defensive measures such as sonic traps should be used.

    Run Away

    When the Queen gets to critical health levels it will attempt to run away. She leaves a visible blood trail as she moves at increased speed throughout the map. Her ability to climb single cliffs will impede the chase, but she will occasionally stop to lay eggs, allowing the marines to catch up. Be careful of the infested marines from this ability, and also be careful of getting close to the queen, she may attempt to strike back at any moment.

    Parasite Incubation

    When the Queen dies, a multitude of parasites comes out of her corpse. It is important to avoid these, their low threat priority and large amount means that they can easily ruin your run even at this point in the game. Kill them will area of effect spells, or simply run away and shoot.

    That is the last boss that Easy Company will face. The Dropship will come to extract them, and the ending cutscene will play. Good Game soldier.
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    Notes: you might want to mention that Tartar Sauce steps on the gas as the fight goes on. Also might want to include notes that he is often called Tartar Sauce, Tart, Fat Ass, whatever. Just small details like that for the sake of being complete and cutting down on confusion.

    Erebos: Mention that the "Explosion" from the MEATeorites (And yes... that was actually their technical name), occurs about 2 seconds after Impact so they have an idea of the timing involved. Also that he has a ranged attack in harder difficulty games and casts Blind.

    Erebos Mark II: Might want to mention during this that Erebos Mark II has high ground sight. I cannot count the amount of marines who have suffered because they tried to Elevation Camp him for the gods only knows what reason. And that the Void Blasts are actually AoE (Small AoE, but still AoE). Also cover in harder modes how he still Blinds, and has Close Range Baneling Busting. Mention that Banelings summoned by the Blue Text will self destruct 2 seconds after spawning, UNLESS bounced by a Sonic Trap, which will prevent their self destruction.

    Queen: Shooting the Queen when she's immortal will often cause her to summon Banelings. So warn them about that. Mention that the Eggs CAN be laid on high ground even if she doesn't have sight, and thus can be very dangerous to marines counting on elevation to help protect them from hordes. During Shriek Player Controlled Reinforcements (And Predators) are not effected, and the Queen gets Automatic High Ground Sight during the Shriek Stun (And this surprising fact can be the cause of Bad End(r) for unknowing players). Shriek also breaks Cloaks from the Marksman, Predator, or Recon self cloak ability, but not the Cloak from escape.

    I'd like to see you also cover abilities in Normal Mode/Nightmare, as well as other storylines. Newbie is nice, but hell, allowing Newbies to see what's up before Cerberus rips them in half or Apop bleeds them out is also good. Keep plugging away.
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    I'll include the nicknames and possibly boss types.

    It is a newbie guide after all, so I assume that it's for newbie mode. I guess I could include other storylines but that would take a long time.

    EDIT: There you go. I'll get working on the other story lines. It will be finished eventually.
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    Well, Newbie is relative. I mean look at my Armory and I have listings for things not in Newbie Mode like the Barrett, Heavy Machinegun, etc. Anything that can cut down on the confusion and indecisiveness that can occur the first time you play a mode, all the better.

    And I admit it's more likely to catch someone on the forum before milestones like First Normal Mode, or First Alpha Company, than it is going to be catching them before First Newbie Mode Victory. Sad, but true.

    It's a long project. Maybe I'll do an entry for a storyline/mode tomorrow.
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    An add on to the guide as it is.

    [align=center]ALPHA COMPANY: MOAR DAKKA![/align]

    Alpha Company takes the middle ground between the bosses of Easy Company (Which are almost entirely managed by Tanking), and the bosses of the Apollo Security Team, which are handled almost entirely by Gimmicks.

    In this middle ground you have a storm of overwhelming DPS and simple gimmicks, with almost no tanking to speak of.

    [align=center]Demeter: He-Slut of Charlie[/align]

    Demeter is "Charlie's Boyfriend", a large infestor which, like Charlie herself, has evolved beyond the simple status of the Infestors you know, love, and hunt for sport and profit, and is the first boss you face in Alpha Company after being sent to find his sneaking out, party all night girlfriend Charlie.

    Demeter is the largest Infestor on record, about 4 times the size of the standard, and has evolved a dark coloring and a large tentacle sprouting out of his back which he uses to attack hostile targets. The boss fight itself is fairly short, due to having the withering firepower of Sheng's Boys, Alpha Company, and possible reinforcements called down by Forward Observers. Demeter has no insanely huge pool of Health or High Armor to really stop this from happening, and often Alpha Company will have many Armor Melting methods at it's disposal to make sure Sheng's Boys tear into him even harder.

    Demeter will spawn at a random location, most likely quite far from your team, and tends to take some sweet time homing in on you. However due to the presence of Agrons (Particularly Charg-gons on Nightmare), and his Stare, it's advised you hole up on high ground and let him come to you.

    Charlie: Pissed at getting caught sneaking out

    The first trick to this fight is Charlie, wounded and generally pissed at the marines will start ragefesting all over the place. This rage will call a cohort of Agrons which will home in on the marines, typically 4-6 at a time. This isn't too much of a concern, but these Agrons will continue to spawn at about 15-20 second intervals throughout the fight and can serve as a late fight distraction or final straw during a Stare.

    Demeter: Sendin' his boys in to fuck you up

    Demeter meanwhile has his own plans to mess up those pesky humans that keep getting in the way of his love affair with Charlie. From the first moment he spawns, he will send Cocoons flying in at the marines. These cocoons will tend to home in on the marine closest to Demeter. They can be shot down, bounced off by the Sonic Traps that Sheng's Boys plant right before the fight, or knifed to bits. With Sheng's Boys watching your back the only real danger these have is on Rogue Players who ran off alone. When a Cocoon hits you (And you don't likely have the sheer damage to kill them solo), it will "Hug" you, preventing you from acting while it chews away at your life. Bad times. Stay with your team.

    Demeter: You Owe Me Child Support!

    Demeter also comes with several children, small huggers which will follow him into battle to share some love with the Marines. Due to the low priority huggers have on Auto-Attack AI, Sheng's Boys will often ignore them, bad times. It's up to Alpha Company to deal with them. The Huggers will only come in late into the fight, after Demeter has already made contact.

    Demeter and the Evil Eye of Jealousy

    Demeter will, while in combat with the Marines unleash his Evil Eye in the form of a Stare. This stare, filled with all the malice of a jealous, jilted lover will stun the marines who are in his line of sight (Basically everything on the same elevation or lower which is on screen). This is a long stun, and combined with Charlie freaking out the whole time and summoning Agrons will often spell Game Over for Alpha Company should they get caught.

    From the Heart of Hell, I Stab at You!

    When Demeter finally does go down like the massive punk that he is, his body will burst, similar to Tartarus in Easy Company. Instead of harmless XP farming Blindlings and occasional parasites however, he will instead unleash a swarm of Cocoons. Again, this isn't a threat long as your team is all together. Worst case scenario make sure your Flamethrower is the closest marine as he has the bulk to sustain some chewing.

    [align=center]Cronus the Elephant Man[/align]

    The second boss Alpha Company comes across is the more deadly Cronus. Also known as Cromo, Barney (as he once was known in the early days), and Dr. Gunjan. Cronus is a significantly higher threat due to the absence of Sheng's Boys to help you out, his much higher HP pool, and more directly deadly abilities. A good team however should have no problem dragging him around the Laboratory (Where he spawns) and taking minimal damage. It's all about knowing your role and prep work.

    In particular this means having stuns, armor melting, and a designated Kiter who will drag him around while everyone else puts bullets in his back.

    Cronus is a large, purple infested, similarly sized to a Titan, which is the result of Dr. Asshat Tanaka shooting him up with concentrated viruses as Alpha Company comes knocking on the door. While you may feel sorry for the guy's poor fate at the hands of Dr. Asshat, there is no way to save him, just kill him.

    Home Field Advantage

    Cronus has a strange form of Immortality that allows him to shrug off all damage, no matter if it's from a Pistol aimed between his eyes, or a tactical nuke being dropped right on his noggin, so long as he's standing on Creep. Understandably this means that he will occasionally drop creep, as well you need to worry about Hulks and Stalkers who might have spread creep around for him as you kite him around. This immortality is why you typically need a kiter, usually a Flamethrower. Your primary job as kiter is to make sure he moves constantly (Yet slowly) enough that he doesn't ever remain on Creep.

    Prepare for Total Destruction!

    Cronus, as if it wasn't bad enough that he had an immortality protocol, Cronus's other big, obvious ace up his sleeve is a Laser Bloom which will deal significant damage to any ground targets caught by it (Sidenote: Cromo has no ability to deal with Air Units at all, Reapers, or Mindjacked Wraiths/Gargoyles can have free reign to do as they will against him). These Laser Blooms will slowly pivot around clockwise or counterclockwise. If you remain at range 8-10 or so, it's typically quite possible and easy to avoid getting caught by them. You can also use a hard stun on Cronus to interrupt his lasers and send him back to trying to claw your kiter unto death. Watch out on the hardest difficulties, as the fight drags on he will start to summon two groups of Lasers at once, often spinning in opposite directions to really fuck you over hard.

    I've Been Marked!

    Cronus, if he strikes you in melee will do quite a bit of damage. However he will also give you the Mark of Cronus, which lasts for a good 3 minutes, typically long enough that if your team is competent to last all fight. The Mark of Cronus makes you nigh immune to his Lasers. It is highly suggested if you are kiting you allow yourself to take a hit, as you won't have the range to dodge the lasers. A Flamethrower with the Mark of Cronus won't even have his shields take noticeable damage from Lasers.

    .... Alpha Company Bosses have an Unhealthy Focus on Children....

    Like Demeter, Cronus has a strange, creepy stockpile of Children sitting around to do his bidding and appear out of nowhere next to him. These again are small huggers, and the biggest threat to your mission. This, more than the Laser Bloom, is the real reason you need Stuns during the fight. Cronus hits HARD in melee, and even the Flamethrower doesn't want to sit there taking it while hugged. And hug plus a Laser Bloom will often mean a Bad End(r) for a squishier member of Alpha Company.

    [align=center]Cerberus, Hell Incarnate[/align]

    Cerberus is by virtue of circumstances considered the hardest boss of any storyline. This isn't because he is some gimmicky boss with a sole weakness, or comes up with 40 armor and half a million HP. It is mostly due to the circumstances that you fight him in. Particularly during the effects of Dr. Asshat's attempt to poison you. You are locked into a third person Camera which makes microing very hard, a lot of basic information like Health Bars won't appear on screen. Hitboxes for enemies are skewed, and your team is scattered all to hell because you had to run to three different locations to hunt down Dr. Asshat Tanaka.

    Cerberus is the ONE boss battle in Alpha Company that you tank. Not only that, unlike Easy Company tanking, there is no highway option. If you don't tank him, GG, no re. Game over, might as well just cut it down. Cerberus is faster than you, he Stunlocks, he hits like a ton of bricks and even tanks with Reactive Armor will be in dire straights if the battle drags on. Thus, Flamethrower. Reactive Armor, make sure you're full of Energy for the fight, stocked up on Bandages and Medkits, and hope your team is smart enough to all pile in behind you regardless of the shitty control scheme you're stuck in, and is ready to unleash their best DPS templates on the best DPS weapons they can get. Typically Flamethrowers, M5s, SMGs. Air Superiority FOs should save be sending down Firebats to help absorb damage and because they will do MUCH more damage than Marines or Snipers.

    Cerberus Arbitrarily Hate Healing!

    Cerberus is the one boss that comes with "Medic Hate". Don't be fooled into this thinking this is ACTUAL Medic Hate. It is hatred of Healing Talents. Any medic talent that recovers HP... Surgical Laser, Nanoweave, Restoration, Anti-Venom, Heal-o-Beam that is used (Regardless of Location of the Medic in question or tanking of Cerberus), will immediately draw the ire of the Hell Beast. He will move at a rate that no character, even SubMMs with Shadowstep will have a chance to evade, attack with high speed, and likely destroy your medic in about 5 seconds flat no matter how much armor, nanoshields, etc, they spam to protect themselves. Your only chance of saving a medic who draws hatred is to stun Cerberus which forces him to reevaluate Aggro. Note that Nanoshield doesn't count as healing, and a Medic can use Nanoshield at will without drawing Hatred. Pussyhearted Teams will tend to tell the Medic to cower alone in a corner of the map (Even if they are full Nanotech), because they don't really understand the mechanics of the hatred and think it is merely anytime a Medic is in sight of Cerberus. Medkits, Bandages, and Antivenom items will not draw Hatred. Nor will Tech Nanite Auras.

    What's With These Damned Bosses and Immortality?!

    Cerberus, like Cromo before him, has an Immortality Protocol built in. But unlike Cromo it is not a reliable, easily countered mechanic that you can wholly avoid at will. This Hell Beast has timed cycles between Vulnerable to Weapons and Immune to All Damage. This means your team has only a limited amount of time to put damage on him, as he recovers quite a bit of HP during his Invulnerable Status. When he is Invulnerable the only thing you can do to him is Stun, and hope he chews on your Tank instead of running past. Good teams will focus all their DPS to make sure he goes down on the first Vulnerability cycle.

    Gaze of FUBARing

    As if this wasn't all bad enough, during his Invulnerable moments (And sometimes he will be invulnerable when he first contacts you), he gets this "Gaze of Death" ability. This name is not overselling the ability at all. His attacks all increase in speed greatly, and every hit he does stuns the marine. More or less you are completely helpless if you get caught in this ability and will just have to trust in your team to drop a stun to save you, FO Infantry to bite the bullet for you, or a smart Medic who can keep shielding you/Recon with Protect.

    After you put down Cerberus the messed up control interface and view will finally go away. And you can kill Dr. Asshat Tanaka or spare him at your discretion. I prefer killing him because honestly, why are you trusting someone who just did his level best to kill you, and even betrays his assistant before your eyes?

    [align=center]IVAX, Bane of the Living[/align]

    Finally, back to a boss that isn't going to be tanked necessarily. Also a boss that doesn't have either Creepy Children Fixations or Immortality up his sleeve! Bad news? It's a giant death machine of shit wrecking controlled by a rogue AI who views all biological matter as something that should be purged with 16" Guns, Shitty Demo Skills, and Macross Missile Swarms.

    IVAX is the heaviest armored boss in Alpha Company, but that's not saying much since he's only at 5, making him the only boss worth Laser Rifling if you have absolutely zero Armor Melting, which isn't likely.

    IVAX is a matter of kiting and controlling the range. You always want to keep him on screen from you, and make sure your team is also within visual contact. Due to IVAX's methods of attack you'll need to keep careful watch for messages appearing on the left hand side of the screen and be ready to move accordingly at a moment's notice.

    IVAX Makes you Go Medieval!

    IVAX will start out the fight by unleashing an EMP. This ability will destroy your Minimap through the entire fight, meaning you have to rely on your EYES for all positioning and coordination. Stay close to your fellow marines. Make sure IVAX is within sight. Conserve your energy best you can because you aren't going to be fully stocked necessarily (Sometimes he doesn't EMP and you will have energy, but the Minimap will always be knocked out regardless). A good Recon will see the message announcing IVAX, drop a Supply Station, and mitigate some of the pain.


    IVAX has a fucking battleship cannon built in his chest which does insane damage. Enough to one shot random Agrons (And he does hate everything, and will waste Agrons, Devourers, and other random spawns as well... small blessings), and while it doesn't get the insane damage bonuses against Marines, will do enough that most marines will go down in two or three shots from it. These shots also slow down an effected Marine, so escape isn't bloody likely. Kinetic Armor can help tank it, but even a Flamethrower with KA won't want to sit in that attack for too long. The Battleship Death Gun Cannons are short ranged, just barely longer than a Mk-3 Flamethrower's range, and this is the weapon IVAX will have equipped when he appears. Keep your range and hammer him.

    Macross Missile Swarm!

    His other primary weapon system. Sometimes IVAX gets tired of using guns that belong on the Battleship Iowa to wreck the shit of anything that stands in his way. A message will appear stating he is "Switching to Long Range Missiles". These missiles can ONLY hit targets that are about range 13 away. So be closer than the maximum range of Gauss Rifle to him. IVAX will often try to run away from the Marines to keep them at Long Range for this. These Missile Swarms deal a lot of small damage packets, and enough missiles hit at once to instantly kill all but the toughest marines. Kinetic Armor will not help.

    Wrecked by the Shittiest Demo Talent

    Regardless of IVAX SMASH short ranged cannons or Macross Missile swarms, IVAX can also use a Demo's Satchel talent at will. He will place about 5 Satchels, always next to various marines over about 5 seconds. These Satchels will pretty much annihilate any marine and have a wide AoE. Be careful when dodging them that you aren't running into IVAX's currently equipped weapon's range.

    You Can't See Me!

    IVAX can cloak at will. Try to keep him Laser Designated to prevent him from sneaking up to/away from you while he's cloaked. Road Flares are also very useful.

    Final note: When he dies, he drops a Helium-3 Canister. Least you get free credits out of this ordeal. Always stick together for this, try to avoid letting IVAX scatter your team with his Troll Satchels.


    Finally, a break! Ha, you wish! As far as final bosses he is one of the more difficult ones to deal with. The spawns before Perses shows up are heavy and contain seriously dangerous units. Huggers will spawn constantly during the fight, there is no ability to tank OR kite this boss. It's strictly a matter of who collapses first, Alpha Company or Perses. Bring your A Game. While a Flamethrower with Reactive or Kinetic Armor is more or less Immune to Perses, your teammates aren't that lucky, you have no ability to control the fight so it's Mano a Mano against him in those favorable terms, and you cannot survive the heavy spawns without the rest of ALpha Company and the Reinforcements covering your back.

    Perses flies, has almost no armor (only 2), and a shitton of HP, so break out your highest DPS talents. MOAR DAKKA, burn him down fast as you can. Laser rifles are for chumps, SMGs, Pulse Rifles, Flamethrowers, Gauss Rifles if you melt his armor, etc, all good choices. Due to his flying nature however it's almost impossible to tag him with high value AoE like the Asgard, Napalm Barrages, or Tactical Nukes without either wiffing or frying your whole team.

    ... how many attacks does he have?!

    This is the reason you can't tank Perses. He has an OBSCENE number of attacks, and will spread out those attacks instead of wholly focusing them on whatever marine happens to be closest. This means likely the closest 3-5 marines will all be taking damage from him. Medkits for everyone. FA medic on overdrive. As if his amount of sheer tentacle rape wasn't bad enough to make Japanese Hentai Monsters go "DAAAAMN that's a lot of tentacle rape!!!", he also get a separate Anti-Air Attack, so kiss your Reaper, Mindjacked Gargoyles/Wraiths, goodbye. Their deaths won't even slow down Perses's attacks.... it's recockulous.

    Fat Ass

    Perses is so fat at least that even Ground Only weapons and abilities can still impact Perses. This is great news as ground only weapons tend to have the best DPS. So break out the Flamethrowers and Crowbars against him if you want, no reason not to.


    Perses's big ace up his sleeve is the Firewave. During regular intervals Perses will finally freeze in place (Your only time to reliably hit him with high damage AoE, so grip and rip). Orange fire will spread out from around him. The Firewave does enough damage that anyone caught out in it will die. Even beefy Flamethrowers won't be able to ride it out. your only hope is Captain Dumbass aboard a UGC Battleship overhead. Captain Dumbass will HOPEFULLY drop some Shields nearby which will prevent the firewave from dealing damage. These Shields shrink over time, and on Nightmare Modes will also move around.

    During the Firewave Perses takes extra damage, so while you need to make sure you are safe, don't pass up the opportunity to really put some hurt on him. He deserves it. Not that your Firewave will kill EVERYTHING, not just marines. So Reaper Drones, Mindjacked units, X1 Bots, etc, all need to pile into the shields.

    Ideally you will have a marine on watch to prevent the heavy spawns from interrupting your slugfest, particularly Marines that aren't that capable of lending direct firepower to the fight. Artillery FOs should be covering your backside and making sure the avenues of approach are sealed off with fiery doom. Recons with no real DPS ability (Beyond making sure he's LDed at all times), and with Reapers that will be insta-gibbed should also draw this duty away from the fight.
  6. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    And again, adding on:

    [align=center]Apollo Security Team: Home of the One Man Band[/align]

    If Easy Company is the storyline of Tanking, and Alpha Company is the storyline of overwhelming firepower focus, the Apollo Security Team's storyline is the Gimmick/Puzzle Boss storyline.

    At the very least, a boss in Apollo Security Team will hinge almost entirely at one marine using one particular talent. Often it will focus on some narrow trick that, quite simply if you aren't reading this guide or flat out having a Veteran in game telling you what it is, will result in a hopeless Game Over.

    Deimos: Lord of War[/align]

    Deimos is a giant freakin' Infested Marine. And thus features a lot of strengths and weaknesses inherent in his lesser vassals. In particular this is an utter lack of any significant armor, the Light, Psionic, and Biological tags, which combined means that SMGs and M5 Pulse Rifles, or even standard issue pistols that you all start out with, are quite capable of tearing him down efficiently.

    The fight with Deimos hangs almost entirely on two factors. The greater force which is necessary for a realistically achieved victory is having a Psi Ops with Force Push. The secondary factor is if your team was lucky enough to find a Stinger, L3 Grenade Launcher, or other cheap AoE high damage ability (The Chemist's Left Tree can fit the role but is a bit too energy intensive and seldom used) to clear out his trump card.

    Deimos Has A Plan!

    Unlike every other boss in the game, Deimos isn't just a Monster looking to suck the marrow out of your bones and floss between his teeth with your entrails. He was an intelligent, competent soldier. And this tactical mindset has carried over.

    Lt. Sheng will recognize when Deimos spawns (At a random location), that he is heading for some vital resource or weakness that will either make the fight MUCH harder for you if you allow him to succeed, or effectively remove your ability to complete the Route B storyline. Deimos will either attack the IVAX Unit at Starport, destroy the Devastators in the Airlock, or head to the containment facility north of Airlock and release several Titans (Perhaps other objectives too, as some were suggested but I have only seen these three at this time and not heard of any others).

    This means that you typically have to find a more central location to camp than the Armory which triggers the Pre-Deimos segment, so you can intercept him before he reaches his target. Though if you have marines such as a Subtlety Marksman who went Shadowstep over Cloak (May not have the levels to have both), your team should have more than enough speed to catch him regardless.

    After accomplishing his goal, and thus thoroughly screwing you over, he will make his way to attack the Marines.

    You Can Run, but Cannot Hide

    Deimos, like Erebos Mark II, comes with Automatic High Ground Sight, and a range 6ish attack via his insanely large Gauss Cannon that he now wields. These two factors mean that traditional tactics of High Ground Camping or Pathing Blocks won't work on him. He'll just spot you from the low ground and rip into you with a massive gun. You might as well fight him on open ground as it gives you room to maneuver.

    Actually.... You Cannot Run Either

    Deimos, similar to IVAX in Alpha Company and Seth from the Abandoned Mineshaft has a concussive effect on his cannon. Anyone who is attacked by it will be severely slowed down. They will not be able to save themselves if they start getting shot. The only real options to save them is to Force Push Deimos, or have something else (Typically a Crawler Drone), chump block and take shots until the slowing effect goes away.

    And This Is Why You Should Not Run

    As if it didn't get bad enough... Deimos himself also comes prepared with an Anti-Kite and Snipe mechanic, so you can't just pull him away from his Objective and snipe him out with long range weapons, thus why Force Push is so key to victory.

    This mechanic is a bunch of Minion Eggs that Deimos himself will lay around his position around every 20 seconds. These eggs will hatch after 5 seconds into Minions. Minions are large, have a lot of HP/Armor, move very fast, and hit like a ton of bricks. Bad times all around. Not only that, after about 10 seconds of being alive the Minions will burst into flames (Getting caught in the flames is a death sentence, much like the Napalm Barrage or Flamethrower's Blaze of Glory).

    But wait, there's more! Any minion that bursts into Flames will feed Deimos back a large amount of HP. This is why you cannot whittle him down. AoE bombs, Stingers, L3 Grenades, etc, are typically very important for clearing out the Eggs before they hatch to avoid this.

    Hero of Battle: Psi Ops

    This battle is all about the Psi Ops. Deimos has a very fast firing, low damage attack that has above average chances to inflict ailments (On top of the concussion effect). This means that he cannot be tanked. He cannot be kited. Your only real option is to disable him. Unless you have some insanely lucky Random, your only real option is the Psi Ops Force Push. Continually use it to keep Deimos just barely far enough away not to be able to attack the marines. You basically just spam it all fight. Ideally you should have nearly maxed out energy prepared for this, just because your team MIGHT be DPS deficient.

    This battle is won or lost on the ability of the Psi Ops to control Deimos with Force Push. There are some less traditional tactics. For example, a Field Aid Medic who is lucky enough to have Nanoweave, and found Ivan Plushinko, and hit the sweet spot where Ivan and Deimos aggro one another and neither of them break off. Hard as Ivan's AI sometimes goes stupid and moves away, forcing Deimos to acquire a new target. It's not as easily set up as you might think. If your Modifications Tech is VERY lucky with bonus talents, has March of the Machine, he can kinda tank Deimos for a bit. However his attacks are too low damaged to be effected by Reactive or Kinetic Armors, and he ignores Armor Values.

    By the way, get used to that concept. "Ignores armor" is a quality that pops up a few times in Apollo. C6, or MotM's Triple Armor, is not as useful as one might wish.

    [align=center]Nazara, The Machine King[/align]

    Nazara is the second boss of Apollo, appearing after the Marines attempt to contact both the UGC and investigating a distress call from the Laboratory. He will pop up from one of the Bio-Domes, A, B, C, or D after your team figures out "It's a TRAP!" in the Laboratory.

    Nazara, being the Machine King, is one of the rare non-biological enemies in Apollo. Which means he is also one of the few bosses that you'd necessarily WANT to use a Gauss Rifle against due to it's bonuses against Armored, Mech, and Structure without actually having a high armor count. The fight against Nazara is a race against time, and it requires the marines to be very aggressive. Don't even bother thinking about saving energy for "Afterwards". There is no tomorrow for your energy, do your level best to drain out every last drop if it means additional damage being dealt to the Machine King.

    From On High

    Nazara is one of those rare Flying Bosses. So of course all that entails is still true. You can't abuse terrain or pathing blocking against him. So don't even bother. it's best to fight in relatively open spaces (And due to the need to finish the fight quickly is often done near Dome A or the Containment Facility/Mineshaft). Unlike Perses he doesn't have a Fat Ass, so ground only abilities and weapons cannot hit him.

    Unlimited X1 Works

    Nazara is the Machine King, and he has this title not only because he is a Machine and his Storyline Role is as a Ruler over Apollo and it's sub systems, but due to the fact that at regular intervals he will spawn X1 Drones. These Drones (On top of something soon to be mentioned), is why you cannot kite Nazara. Not only will it allow the X1 count to build up (He produces one about every 10-15 seconds), with the ability of the X1 to fire on the move and their faster than the average marine movespeed, it's just a losing proposition.

    Assuming Direct Control!

    One of the most ominous sounds you will ever hear in Night of the Dead. When Nazara triggers this ability the sound bite "Assuming Direct Control" will be played, and wary players will feel a chill.

    What ADC does, is allows Nazara to Mindjack and Forcibly Overclock a unit. Typically this will be done on one of his X1s, but nearby Infested can also be Assumed. ADCed units deal a LOT more damage, and have insane amounts of health that make killing them a daunting prospect (I once saw it jack up a Parasite from about 50 HP to over 2k). Even Random Stalkers will be akin to Slashers on the threat level under ADC. ADCed units will, due to the forced overclock, blow up on their own after a minute. But that's one hell of a minute to ride out. The last thing you want is 3 ADCed X1s after you. That's a No Chance, Just Die Already scenario.

    A Million Pinpricks

    The reason why most marines cannot tank Nazara, not even powerful off storyline tanks like the Fortitude Demo or Assault Tank. Nazara has a very weak, rapidly firing attack which gains in speed/power the longer he fires on a target. While almost any marine can take this attack for 5-10 seconds, your chances to survive after that point get severely reduced. Nazara being Immune to Stuns (At least as far as his attack goes), means that saving someone who is under charged up guns is pretty much impossible. Marines MUST attempt to stand far enough off that they don't get caught under this.

    Shell Game

    Nazara's last big gimmick he pulls on you. When you get Nazara down to about half his life, he will simultaneously create six copies of himself and teleport a short distance away from the marines. While doing this he will also shuck visual markers like the Laser Designator (Still under it's effect, just no visual), so that you cannot tell which one is which. These clones have roughly the same stats as Nazara at the time he pulls this stunt. In Normal Modes, the clones are harmless and serve only to distract you. In Nightmare, the Clones will get fully damaging attacks. The Clones will disappear when Nazara dies, thus it's vital that someone (Typically the Recon), searches through them for either the one Nazara who's current HP exactly matches the life bar at top, or still has the debuff from the Laser Designator and remarks it. Conserve ammo, speed up the fight, and scrap that heap.

    Hero of the Battle: Technician

    This fight is won or lost on the efforts of a Modification Technician for the most part. While conventional tanking based off Taunts and Armor Counts will not work against Nazara, thanks to the nature of his attacks, the sheer bulk of HP that the Modifications Technician gets with March of the Machines allows him to hold Nazara's attacks for a significant amount of time. Thanks to Nazara being Immune to Stuns, the Psi Ops Force Push isn't the Hero this time, and honestly the last thing you want her doing is Pushing Nazara and his Shells around, making it just that tiny bit harder to figure out which one is the real one.

    Due to the danger of ADC, high Splash is very important to make sure you clear out X1s, or any stalkers/zombies/parasites that get close to Nazara almost immediately. Typically this means Stinger Work, usually on a Recon or a Marksman. Since this battle hinges almost entirely on having March of the Machines ready at a time when most of the team will still be a level shy, expect a Trip to Seth to be mandatory to get a stinger drop, and the Technician getting first dibs for the Comm Tower hordes to make sure he reaches it on time.

    [align=center]Apoptosis, The Blood God[/align]

    Apop is the most Gimmick Based of the Gimmick Based bosses in the Gimmick Based storyline. Also there is no clue what so ever as to what his gimmick is. I cannot think of a single team who didn't have a veteran or guide who hasn't failed on this boss. And due to the nature of the gimmick fight, even if you know it, it might not save you.

    Though you may start guessing at what this gimmick is based on the title I gave him to the name. Unlike other fights in Apollo, the role of the non-Hero Marines is not to provide sheer damage and back up the efforts of the Gimmick Exploit, the only role they have in this fight is effectively "Don't get in the way". If something happens that REQUIRES them to act, chances are you are already on the verge of losing the fight.

    Vampire Wannabe Fetish

    Apop has an odd brand of Immortality built into him. Odder than the Queen in Easy Company before Chapter 3 starts. Odder than Cromo on Creep. Odder than Cerberus's Cycling. Apoptosis, The Blood God can only be harmed by marines who are currently suffering from an Open Wound. Marines who do not have an open wound will heal him with every shot and ability they throw his way, instead of hurting him.

    This means that you need to have some discipline and organization in your team. Either getting several or most of the marines Bloody if you can handle it. And have anyone who isn't bloodied up holding fire unless they are specifically focusing on Agrons and Huggers.

    It USED to be that Apop would take more damage based on the number of wounds you have. Now he just takes normal damage regardless of wounds. So when prepping for the battle remember you only need a little cut, don't need to be hemorrhaging 20 HP a second.

    Because... You Know... Vampire

    He flies, with all the usual connotations for holding out. He bypasses terrain, has high ground vision he shares with the Agrons and Huggers that appear while he's fighting. Combined with the lack of Taunt abilities in the Apollo Security Team, it can be very hard to wrangle Apop and control which marine he comes after. Positioning is the only thing that can help, and make sure your Bleeder is very, very, far away from the rest of your team as you can manage, positioned to be closer to Apop's Spawn Location than the rest of the Team.

    Red Mist of Battle

    When Apop hits the battlefield some random, nameless marine will death scream. And following that the world will turn a red color. This has recently been patched so it isn't completely dark red and a total screw to anyone running on the lower end of the setting scale. I have yet to see how bad it is. But remember that a Psi Ops can use Inception to give everything a bright yellow light instead if you are having trouble spotting things.

    Hero(es) of Battle: Pending.

    This section is going to need some experimentation due to recent changes to Apoptosis. If you have any preferred way to deal with it, go ahead and post so I can add it.

    [align=center]Hephaestus, The Stalking Terror[/align]

    Heph will only appear if the marines choose Option A, following the direct orders of Field Marshall Kim, and to destroy the Apollo Colony before this disaster spreads and wipes out all of humanity. After you finish overloading the Reactor, the Minimap will be disabled, and Heph will be unleashed in a next to last ditch effort to prevent the marines from escaping (The Last Ditch is actually a Troll Surprise near the Evac Point, not a boss).

    This fight, alone in Apollo Company is NOT a One Man Show, and in fact punishes the team who tries to one man it. It's also the one boss in NOTD that you don't necessarily have to even face, you can easily escape without ever even SEEING Heph, much less being forced to kill him.

    Fear and Chaos

    The fight with Heph is all about sowing Fear and disorder in the marines. An organized, calm team will be entirely immune to him.

    During the period where Heph is unleashed, all hell is breaking loose. There is no minimap anymore, requiring you to maintain visual contact with the team, a la the IVAX fight from Alpha Company. The explosions rocking Apollo from the Overloaded Reactor will force a shitton of enemies to appear, Agrons and Devourers will be everywhere. Heph wants you to panic and split up as you try to avoid and run past these enemies. Try to remain within range 5-6 of each Marine in the squad at all times. Voice chat, over NOTD Vent or In Game is suggested as you cannot rely on typing to be fast enough to wrangle stranglers who Zigged while everyone else Zagged. You don't have time to fight everything on Apollo due to the Timer on the Escape, so you have to work together to know where to dodge.

    Lone Wolves are Dead Wolves

    This is the scary part of dealing with Hephaestus. Any marine that drifts too far away from the rest will trigger a predatory response in Hephaestus. You will see a message on screen proclaiming, "Hephaestus is drawn to the fear of a lone marine..." You have maybe 5 seconds, at best, to prepare yourself. When this message appears Heph gets an INSANE Move Speed and Attack Speed buff. Nothing in game can outrun him like this. And he hits hard enough that nothing is going to take him on one on one in that state. You might as well just write yourself off as dead at that point.

    Killing Hephaestus

    Generally a poor idea. He isn't particularly tough, not having all that much HP, or offensive capability as long as you don't trigger his predatory response (If you do, forget about fighting him. Just stun and run best you can). It does take time that you don't necessarily have to give (Clearing out the Last Ditch at the Evac Point actually does take some time unless you just Sac a Teammate to it). If you do decide to fight, keep your marines together. Use a relatively beefy character like the Technician. Fire as one. For your efforts you'll get a Helium 3 Canister.

    [align=center]Athena the Everliving[/align]

    Athena is only seen if you choose to throw in your lot with the cruel, evil bastard, General Jan Koller and ignore the wisdom of Field Marshal Kim. The rogue AI HAL releases Athena, a dangerous Infested which required the sacrifices of many, many marines just to contain it, they couldn't kill it.

    Athena appears shortly after you reactivate the Devastators in the Airlock, and a great part of defeating her is using their superior firepower (Best DPS in the game), as the hordes that accompany here are THICK, and comprised of the heaviest specimens in the game, where the Light Troops during it tend to be Immortals and Hulks, and she even comes with a few Titans and Lelanthos as well. This fight, like Nazara and Deimos, is all about decisively putting the hurt on her, quickly. If the fight drags on, the Psi Ops will get tapped out, and at that point it's game over. Athena hits hard, ignores armor, and has a whole damned Legion of powerful infested backing her up.

    Another Goddamn Immortal Boss?!

    Yes, it's ANOTHER one. And this one has probably the most Screwtastic one since dealing with Cerberus's Cycle. Athena is completely immune to any attacks or abilities (Exception: A Shiva will outright kill her regardless, but tends not to be used against her but reserved for the final boss). The secret to her Immortality? Tiny little Crystal Matrix items that she plants across Apollo during the fight. These items cannot be directly targeted, so you can't focus fire them. You either need to get lucky and have a good Splash Attack hit them, or the Intended Way that The Man wanted us to do, the suicidal prospect of running right into a meat grinder of the deadliest enemies in the game, and point blank range of the boss to knife them... But they have quite a lot of HP (estimated, we can't select them to see them).

    When one of these Crystal Matrix Items is destroyed... if Athena is nearby (So having your Reaper for example gun one down that is a mile away from Athena does nothing), she will be temporarily Weakened for only 10 seconds, during which time she will take HP damage from Weapons and Abilities. Using Inception during this Timehacks Athena's Weakened State, letting her recover faster so watch out for that. The only plus side is that after she recovers, if you didn't kill her outright, she won't regenerate HP. All wound are permanent... thank the gods for very small blessings.


    Athena cannot be tanked. Not by the Technician. Not by a Demo. Not by an Assault. Nothing. Her attacks all ignore armor, are high damage, and attack VERY fast. Even a March of the Machines technician will be lucky to go 10 seconds with her. Your only option is avoidance.

    Hero of Battle: The Psi Ops

    This battle, like Deimos, is all about the Psi Ops for pretty much the same reason. Because of the Stun and the need for the Devastators awesome DPS (Do NOT attempt this storyline if Deimos destroyed them) Kiting is not really an option either. Not to mention the need to make sure that Athena is close to the Crystal Matrix stuff so you can weaken her. So it all comes down to Force Push again. Spam it hard, make sure Athena never gets close enough to the marines to stun lock them and decimate. If the Psi Ops squandered her energy before Athena showed up, or your team fails to put the boot in her quickly and she runs out of energy, kiss your game goodbye.

    [align=center]Hades, Lord of Apollo[/align]

    The Final Boss of Route B. Hades is a two parter, done back to back with no break, turning him into an Endurance Round.

    After you seal the Bio-Domes there will be a "Disturbance in the Force"... All the marines, devastators, and any Predators will be transported to the area along the western map edge between Airlock, Comms Tower, and the Reactor area. The map is shrunk and locks the marines to this relatively small section. Not that minions such as your Reaper will not be moved, but considering the map shrunk basically the only thing you can do is order them to come back towards you.

    Hades first appears as a large, stationary structure which attacks solely through his abilities. His second form is mobile and has a damaging attack of his own. Almost everything he does is a near death sentence for any Marine that gets caught by it.

    Atomic Vomit

    An ability that Hades uses in both his forms. Hades will vomit out some green radioactive goo which will stick to a Thor or Marine. This goo is completely harmless to the unit in question itself... but will do heavy damage (Enough to outright kill less Beefy Marines) to anything caught within about range 3 of the unit. The detonation tends to happen about 3 seconds after you get vomited on, giving a very small grace period to escape. Because of this typically the team spreads out wide during Hades and doesn't cluster like most NOTD Scenarios.

    Hentai Monsters

    Remember all those random tentacle rapists that you could find around Apollo in Alpha Company, or in the Abandoned Mineshaft in Newbie Mode? Hades is the source of these, and during his first form will continually summon them. They do significant damage to players, but have relatively low HP. Between the Devastators and the Marines Themselves it is generally easy to deal with them as long as you don't ignore the problem and let them build up over time.

    Troll Hole

    Hades in his first form will constantly spit out Black Holes. These Black Holes deal MASSIVE damage, and will kill pretty much any marine in 4 seconds. They also spawn in great numbers and take up large areas of the battlefield around Hades. Always be ready to move both yourself and the Devastators you control. You can't Outheal the damage from them, or March of the Machines or Tank the Troll Holes. Avoidance is the only defense.

    Blood Wheel

    I'm going to be frank. I don't think this exists. It's been listed an ability of Hades for a long time. I've HEARD of it before in the whispered warning of veterans. But I've played against Hades quite often in recent months. I have NEVER seen this supposed ability and cannot guess at what it does or how to avoid it. This isn't a "rare use" thing. This is me flat out telling you that you can easily play against Hades 30 times in a row and never see it go off regardless of Squad Rating or Difficulty. I believe it to be an ability that used to exist but was removed.

    Round Two Bitches!

    As soon as you kill Hades's relatively pathetic first form, he immediately transforms into a large bipedal, fully mobile creature. He gains a lot of HP, a shitload more armor. He loses the ability to throw out Troll Holes and Summon Hentai Beasts, though the Atomic Vomit still remains. He has a hatred of the Devastators, and will focus his ire on them above other targets, this is the one saving grace that gives you a chance, particularly since he now has a personal attack that does quite a number on Marines. He's quite a bruiser, avoid him best you can unless you are a Modifications Technician.

    Macross Missile Defense

    Hades Mark II can, and will, slap Stinger Missiles out of the air. I'm not sure why, but he just doesn't take damage from them. Possibly due to all the crap that is on his back smacking them right out of the sky. Regardless it means you can't count on Missiles, or L3 Grenades for that matter.

    Real Men Drill Deep

    During the Fight with Hades some Laser Drill Drones, which appear like oversized SCVs will appear on the battlefield. These will fire laser drills that crack through Hades's very impressive armor count, and for marines that are not carrying Laser Rifles, Heavy Machine Guns, Crowbars, or Barretts, it's highly suggested you try to line up with these Drones, as firing from nearly the same angle they are at greatly improves your DPS.

    Hero(es) of Battle: The Technician

    Again this is an either or situation that mostly relates to how you deal with the 120K+ Hades Mark II form.

    The Modification Technician was, according to it's designer "Purposefully built to stuff his fist down Hades's throat" or something like that. Suffice to say a Modifications Technician can turn on March of the Machines, go toe to toe with Hades, and come out holding his severed head aloft like Perseus facing down the Kraken. With the back up of the Devastators, and the Marines pouring on damage with the Laser Drone, you can tear him down like an Assault Tank based team taking on Eos at the end of Easy Company.

    The following is no longer valid due to Shiva no longer being buffed by Inception:

    The Psi Ops is the more common route though. They grab up the Shiva, equip it, trigger Inception which quadruples the already hefty damage of the doomsday weapon, and one shot Hades Mark II right out of existence the moment he pops his head. Typically Hades will spawn his form near the Airlock Door, and take a minute or two to tear down all the Devastators left behind. During this time the team runs up to the Comms Tower, hits him with the Shiva, then gets ready for the big victory celebration hosted by Major Nardelli.
  7. SirGalahad

    SirGalahad New Member

    Another great and detailed guide.

    It should be noted that an early L3 will make the first Apollo bosses extremely easy.

    Deimos can be very easily and effectively kited with an L3 with no need of any special skills like PO push, especially since the L3 will also easily kill his eggs.

    For Nazara, as long as you manually reload, a marine can help tank Nazara's void ray attack using L3 mines. Also, although Nazara is an air unit, the explosions from the L3 mines will still hurt him (though they won't explode on contact), making it a great weapon to use against him. The L3 is also very effective against the deadly X1 robots. The only issue is that since the mines have a low target priority, the marines must be far away from the boss. This makes a Recon with flare and laser designator a necessity for this strategy. Alternatively, you can simply kite Nazara outside of Apollo and drop flares when necessary.

    Another hero of the Nazara fight is the Psi Ops (hero for the entire campaign, really). A good Push will (hopefully) push Nazara out of range of whatever he is attacking, thus resetting the counter for his attack. This, in combination with the clever use of the Technician's Crawler Drones, can make tanking Nazara a breeze.

    For Apoptosis, one key thing to note is that huggers will spawn with the boss--these MUST be killed as quickly as possible, especially since Apoptosis will attack marines at random without any taunt skills.

    For Athena, according to the most recent changelogs, her stun was removed, making it theoretically possible to kite her. I have not tried it, and I would not advise it, but if the PO dies, it may now be a better option than hoping she will spawn a cellular structure and then die before she kills your entire team.

    As far as I know, a MOTM Tech can tank Hades2 for only as long as MOTM lasts. Hades2 will still quickly tear through any Technician wearing any armour without MOTM on. Furthermore, Hades2 will still do significant damage to a MOTM Technician (at least in NM), possibly forcing the Technician to burn through valuable energy by turning MOTM off/on in order to heal. This is why a Psi-Ops Shiva really is the best option when faced with Hades2.

    And lastly, a frenzied Hephaestus (having detected a lone marine) will still make relatively quick work of a MOTM Tech, even with RA equipped. The best way to deal with a frenzied Heph is to use disables and tank only as necessary until he calms down, after which he is a piece of cake for an organized team. Mad Spark is highly recommended for this as it will also draw mobs away, allowing your team to run.
  8. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    I find that the L3 doesn't necessarily work that way alone. It's useful. But the issue comes in that Deimos (And indeed any enemy with a ranged attack) will destroy the Grenades before they necessarily go off. It allows you to temporarily pin him down as he stops to keep shooting Grenades. But the Grenades themselves do nothing and won't clear out his Minion Eggs.

    This is my experience, then again, it's typically hard to find a pure situation to test it in as teams without Force Push are almost non-existent.

    Push does help with tanking somewhat. I don't like it due to the nature of a Push to knock him back among all his clones. Last thing you want to do on hard difficulties is keep losing him among all the empty shells and end up having to kill every single one.

    Ah, stun finally removed. That's less of a Fuck You moment then. But I still think Kiting is an impossibility. She does charge... which is just insane to me. And you really need the Devastators in order to deal with her heavy hordes (And do enough damage during her Weakened State to stand a chance of putting her down in one go). And those just aren't good at kiting, at all.
  9. SirGalahad

    SirGalahad New Member

    Deimos is a lot easier with push of course, but careful use of the L3 can still make kiting him pretty easy, even on NM where he charges. Similar to GOTB kiting, you need to alternate between laying mines for him to shoot (in order to gain distance) and shooting him directly. Assuming you have a team with non-pistol based weapons, it is just a case of rinse and repeat. The biggest difficulty on NM is actually his minions charging you, since they are dangerous and they will interrupt the flow of the mines/grenades. It is possible to kill the eggs with L3 with some good timing and a little luck, but a Pathfinder with level 2 stun is probably recommended if push is not available.

    Regarding Athena, I haven't fought her in NM recently, but according to the log, Athena also no longer charges. I'm not sure if that's only in non-NM mode, but it seems like a blanket statement to me. This leaves only her very high base ms and (especially) the hordes that accompany her as the biggest issues with kiting her.
  10. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    Updated the Apollo Security Team section to reflect changes in Athena and the removal of Inception-Shiva as a one hit kill on Hades Mark II.
  11. YetiSwarm
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    Nice work. A few comments though, all related to Apollo:

    Although, it's less common now, when tech first came out, Apollo teams regularly ran with at least 2 of them - 1 of each tree (probably everyone wanted to try it out). Copious amounts of mad spark make the PO's pushing much easier and less necessary for just about any boss - awesome for deimos and athena. Also, turret used to be able to stack on open wounds for Apop, but I think I remember that getting nerfed out. Not sure, since no one uses left tree tech anymore.

    Naz battle - I wouldn't characterize tech as the hero of the Naz battle. Naz was fairly easy before tech even existed so long as you don't get a bunch of ADC shit all at once (which is bad news no matter what). As long as marines take turns letting Naz hit them for a short period of time (not long enough for her to build up much), you can trade off all day long and not need a tank. Having one is nice, but certainly far from necessary. I've never seen tech get stinger priority for leveling over the PO. Once PO gets incep, they drop it for tech, but they always get it first because early incep is much more important than early motm. Also, sometimes Naz uses an emp when she dies - I'm not sure if that's NM only or sr dependent or what, but it's just like IVAX - if you have an ss recon who drops a ss, the effects are greatly diminished.

    Apop - there is a sweet spot/danger zone directly underneath apop where it stacks on open wounds and rips up any marine real fast. Avoid it unless you want a shit-ton of open wounds.

    The "Red Mist of Battle" you describe is VERY PC dependent. When I play on my shitty laptop, I can't see a single thing - just run in a corner and hope no one finds you. When I play on my fairly nice desktop, the mist is just a gimmick and I can see everything clearly. If you can swing changing your graphics up even a little for the apop fight, you will be very glad you did.

    Shiva-ing - well since MOTM no longer affects shiva, and now you say incep doesn't, we're running out of ways to do it with buffs, but until ability finds and changes them all, there are a number of classes that get buffs to damage that could potentially be used. I won't mention them all here, but it should be easy enough to figure out.
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    Not like the Shiva isn't useful against him. You can still throw it on one of those classes and take a good 50% of the "hardest boss" (I still think due to the situation Cerberus is harder in many ways), and a good 50% off, plus whatever he takes from radioactive fall out before he bursts free just stacks the odds a bit more for the ModTech.

    The Black Dog Turret only has a 50% chance to inflict Open Wound. Useful... but the Agrons are much easier to do for the most part.
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    Updated Apollo Security Team section to reflect recent changes in Apoptosis.

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