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    Another Newbie Guide by the crazy old man Arc. This time we're talking about the other primary role of a UGC Marine Company, safeguarding the lives of UGC loyalist civilians.

    [align=center]Legion of Merit[/align]

    One of the 10 medals you can get pinned on your breast as a member of the UGC Marine Corps. The medal description itself seems to be fairly self explanatory. "Rescue 50 Civilians."

    Nothing crazy to it. No asking of superior amounts of skill from yourself such as Silver Star, or your team such as Medal of Honor. Often Legion of Merit is grabbed up so seemingly easy you might not even think twice about it.

    Typically Legion of Merit is only done in Easy Company, though it's not impossible to get it within Alpha Company, at all. In fact the civilian rescue missions in Alpha Company are piss easy for the most part. It's here you'll learn the ins and outs of rescuing civilians and obtaining Legion of Merit.

    [align=center]Easy Company[/align]

    Easy Company has the most chances to rescue civilians, and they are present in every single chapter. A good UGC Marine Team will at least consider completing half of the possible Civilian Rescue Attempts, if not all of them. It is important you familiarize yourself with these rescue attempts beforehand.

    Epsilon Mining Company

    The first chance you will get to safeguard the lives of loyal UGC peons is at the Epsilon Mining Site, roughly 4 minutes into your mission. The Civilians at Epsilon are scattered and under attack when you arrive. With the help of the Private Security Team personnel at Epsilon it is quite possible and easy to make sure a majority of the civilians are saved. These Civilians will follow your marines around until a proper shelter can be found for them.

    In harder modes these civilians are often lost among the charging enemies and sheer bulk of the hordes. If you cannot save them, so be it. But considering that they follow along with you, about the only way you can consciously choose NOT to save them is by running away faster than they can keep up, or scattering your marines all over creation so they wander around aimlessly, unprotected. Both being a bad idea in general means it's not likely to happen.

    The Airlock Survivors

    The Airlock Survivors are the last Civilian Rescue that your Marine Squad will work as a whole to accomplish. Other rescues listed later are the work of solo artists.

    Over the course of the Infestation survivors among the civilian population have been squirreled into the Delta Transport Ship, located in the western end of the Airlock Complex. The rescue is activated by having two marines stand on the two hexes near the crashed transport ship. In harder missions this MUST be activated before the tail end of the Airlock Hordes are finished. The Civilians there have included some that are currently infected, time is running out and delaying any longer will result in the infection spreading to them all.

    Note that if you fail to save them in time, the whole lot will be infected, mostly Seekers. If you fail to save them in time, and never activate the hex, these Seekers and Hulks inside will come out during Cocoon burning mission. So make the attempt to save them.

    The Civilians will come out of the ship after you identify yourself as UGC Marines, and not twisted, damned Security Personnel. At this time they will pick a secure Transport Vehicle to await evacuation in. These are located North by Northeast of the Helipad (Which is North of Dome B and the Dome B Camera), or North of the Epsilon Mine Site.

    Northern Route:

    Before you rescue the civilians (Typically before you enter the airlock even) you should take steps to secure their likely escape routes. For the northern Route this means clearing the Northern Airlock Camera (If the Camera Mission is Active), it is also a good idea to clear out Lag Forest, East of the Communications Tower. On harder missions the eggs in Lag Forest have been known to burst and spawn zombies.

    Southern Route:

    The Southern Route will go along the southern edge of the Airlock. Unlike the Northern Route, there is quite a bit of prep work to do. The Southern Civilians will exit the Airlock via different doors in the following Priority: South East Airlock, Southern Airlock, Northern Airlock. Opening the South East Airlock Door is typically a bad idea. Either the civilians are unescourted over the cocoon creep, and likely seriously mauled, or you run the risk of triggering the cocoon mission when you aren't prepared for it. The Southern Airlock door is more secure, though you may run into Agron trouble. Also this will lead them past the Southern Airlock Camera Ambush, so clear it out ahead of time.

    There is a small land bridge between Infestor Alley (Located between Airlock and Apollo), and Mine Site Epsilon. This route is the one you WANT them to take, however there is rubble blocking off one end. You need to destroy that rubble before triggering the civilians so they take this shorter, more secure path. If you do not, they will walk past the Southern Apollo Camera Ambush, be exposed to enemy opportunists much longer. Finally there is one last bit of rubble outside of the Mine Site Epsilon fence, between the Land Bridge and the Truck. Clearing this out further shortens up their path and is a wise idea.

    Regardless of Route, those few civilians that were infected will turn during the walk to safety. These civilians will turn into Hulks, heavily armored and best handled with Mk-3 Flamethrowers, or failing that M45 Marksmanship Rifles, or other weapons that handle heavy armor well. Use of skills such as Sonic Traps, Taunt, I'm Your Father, and Escape should be used when the Hulks start to build in numbers (Do NOT just Escape them right away when there is only one Hulk there, wait until you can maximize the use of it). Make sure you stick with the Civilians during this. Don't let one lone Ghoul or Stalker chew up a handful of Civilians because no one was watching the front, back, or middle section of the convoy.

    After the ambush, the civilians will bust double time to the transport they have chosen. At this time any survivors from Mine Site Epsilon will join them and count towards your Civilian Rescued number.

    Apollo City

    The Civilian rescue of the second chapter. Apollo City is often where Legion of Merit is made or broken. At best with the earlier two rescues you probably have only 25 Civilians or so rescued, only halfway there. And enough civilians remain in Apollo City that even if you have a big Goose Egg to this point that you can still obtain Legion of Merit based only on the Civilian Rescues.

    As I said earlier, this is a Solo Mission, your team will be busy fighting at the Domes (Preferably closer to them instead of camping at some location, as this cuts down your chances of getting bandits on your tail). And knowing which Marine to send on this mission is important.

    The Surveillance Recon:

    This is, arguably, the best choice for running Civilians in Apollo City. With level 2 Motion Sensor you can detect which hexes in fact have civilians at them without actually having to waste time and energy running to each of them. Standing at a point between Dome A and Dome C allows your Motion Sensor to detect Civilians in every hex other than the far Western hexes by Dome B, and the civilian hex tucked behind Dome D. With your superior detection abilities you can evade most of your captors, and the ones you cannot, you can stun with your Reaper, or tank with Protect in order to save your Civilians.

    The Subtlety Marksman:

    Tied for second best man for the job. What the Subtlety Marksman gives up in Detection to the Surveillance Recon, he gains in Speedhacking. Shadowstep not only allows you to cover ground fast enough to scour all of Apollo City in time to find where the Civilians are, but is also a very potent tool for preserving the lives of your Civilians as with it they can outrun anything. Your decent damage dealing capability also means you can easily pick off any bandits that lock onto you.

    The Mobility Recon:

    This is, I think somewhat falsely, considered the best man for the job. But not a bad choice. Between Escape and Countermeasures the Mobility Recon has the best ability to protect his civilians once he has found them. However he has the worst ability to actually find civilians, lacking any spotting ability, and lacks the sheer speedhacking of the Subtlety Marksman to scoot around Apollo lightning fast. Thus it's somewhat dependent on you not only having a good patrol set up for Apollo, but sheer luck of which hexes are activated and how close you are to them.

    Survival Rifleman:

    Least effective of the choices here. The Survival Rifleman can do it. Between Repulse and Traps he has a decent ability to protect his civilians. Repulse as a speed hack also serves well at getting around Apollo if need be and can give him the mobility edge needed.

    Other choices are... less than ideal and not recommended.

    Once you know the Marine that will run, it's just a case of actually being able to run. There are 9 hexes scattered around Apollo that civilians can spawn at. Two north of Dome A, one between Domes A and C, two south of that hex, one behind Dome C, two close to Dome B's shooting gallery, and one tucked in behind Dome D. Considering the majority of them are in the vicinity of Dome A/C, that's often the best place to start your search for civilians. Listen for the cries of Civilians, that means one hex has opened up, and if you haven't found the last hex, it's too late for them, they are burnt toast.

    Once you find the hex, step on it, five civilians will pop out under your control. Run them to the Containment Facility, located East of Dome A, outside Apollo, north of the Abandoned Mineshaft. A common mistake made here is just "Blind running" civilians at the Containment Facility. You just run them off without escort, maybe sprint them at the start and say "Fuck it".


    A proper UGC Marine guides his charges. The only point where you should abandon the civilians tell them to run is after you exit the Eastern Gate by Dome A, and can see there are no more unfriendlies on the route. A proper Marine guides his charges and makes sure no random ghoul eats a defenseless civilian. Remember your oaths. Use your abilities to protect them, and you should have no trouble making sure nearly all, if not all, of the civilians reach safety in perfect health.

    Carrying a good "Runner Weapon" helps. As a Surveillance Recon I prefer the Flamethrower. Don't sweat Gargoyles, your Reaper can chew them up right easy, and the Flamethrower is hard to beat damage wise against the random spawns you face. Shotguns, Pistols, and SMGs are also good calls. Heavy weapons, like the HMG, Barret, and Stinger, not so much, and Laser Rifles just aren't good against the random spawns you'll face, as nothing heavier than 1 armor Stalkers should be after you.

    If you are fighting at a Dome, and see civilians nearby waiting for rescue, do NOT attempt to rescue them yourself. Call out "Civs", ping the hex, and let your designated runner do his job. Don't grab them and just blind run them.

    Final Evacuation

    The last Civilian Rescue in Easy Company, during the fury of the final assault you will be ordered to clear the civilians you previously rescued out of Apollo. Like the Apollo City rescues, this is a job best done by a solo artist marine who knows how to use his skills.

    Surveillance Recon:

    This is a solid choice for this mission. Between the Reaper's Ultrasonic Pulse and Protect it can be quite easy to make sure the truck remains intact. A good SurvCon is likely also leveled enough that he'll have Countermeasures and Escape at his disposal for this mission. If your SurvCon fails to properly escort the truck, he might want to go and step his game up, because he's more than suited for the task.

    Mobility Recon:

    Countermeasures, Escape, it lends a lot of survivability to the Truck and is your best choice if the route is going to be blocked off by the hordes of the damned coming to defend the Queen Mother.

    Subtlety Marksman:

    Has the high damage skills to put down pursuers easier than the other two. His only ability to protect the truck however is Shadowstep, which is underwhelming.

    Field Aid Medic:

    Nanoshield. Enough said. It's pretty much Immortality for the truck. However it's not likely to be something your team is keen to let you run off to do.

    Survival Rifleman:

    Traps are a double edged sword on this. They can keep pursuit off your tail for a bit. But due to the way that the ambush continually spawns they can also push hordes closer to the truck just as easily. Repulse however is always good.

    The Civilians you rescued in Chapter 1 (Have you successfully done it, if you haven't successfully done it, this mission will not happen), will request evacuation. Your goal is to take them from the Truck, to the Containment Facility where you rescued the Apollo City civilians.

    The key to this mission is avoiding the big hoopla going on with the Queen Mother. On your way to the Truck, take a long, circular route to avoid most of the spawns. Wait to activate the truck should the Queen's expected path to the marines cross the direct route from the truck to the Containment Facility. Once you walk close to the truck, it starts.

    The Truck will spawn some dangerous infested, and I do mean the Truck spawns it. Spawns will appear directly on top of the truck. The downside is the spawns will be of a highly dangerous variety for the most part. Immortals, Infested Marines, Wraiths, Hulks, even Slashers on hard missions. The good news is that until the truck is destroyed or escapes, they are only interested in the civilian truck and will ignore your marine. So pick high damage weapons. Hell, crowbar Immortals if you want. Flamethrower Slashers. Stick close to the truck, don't hold back on your talents. Hit them with everything you can, chances are the Queen Bitch is going to die before you even get back to the fight, so no need to hold anything in reserve. The mission is a success when the truck reaches the Containment Facility.

    [align=center]Alpha Company[/align]

    Alpha Company has fewer interactions with civilians than Easy Company, with only two Civilian Rescue mission. This means that you have to be a lot more on the ball to obtain Legion of Merit, there are no second chances for you. It also means that you have less reliance on individual runners, as the Civilian Rescues can be done by your whole team, and there is no reason not to.

    Slasher Ship

    After you deal with Demeter, your team will often scout around the map. While you are clearing out Lag Forest (Located Easy of the Comms Tower), you can pick up one of the often skipped civilian rescues. Along the northern edge of Lag Forest is a wrecked transport ship that had earlier tried to escape Apollo. There are several survivors inside. Stepping on the hexes near this ship will call them out, the civilians will be under the control of marines who stepped on the hexes.

    This also triggers an ambush by Slashers in Lag Forest right away. So be on the ball, pick up your civilians, and hit them hard before Bad Things(r) happen.

    Once the Slashers are cleared, you can escort your Civilians to the Delta Transport in the west end of the Airlock. They'll board the ship there and await evacuation.

    Nagakawa Bay

    An often skipped mission, and quite a shame as it's fairly easy to accomplish. After destroying the Compliance Nexuses in Apollo, or flooding the colony with a Toxin supplied by a guy who tried to kill you, civilians from Nagakawa Bay will ask for Rescue.

    This mission often confuses newbies, because it is the one civilian rescue which isn't triggered by hexes. The cluster of Buildings between the Containment Facility, and Kenny's House is the Nagakawa Bay housing. Just walk near one of the houses there, and two things will happen. A grunch of civilians will spawn under the control of the marine who triggered it, and Hulks will appear to attack the civilians. Burn down the hulks right away, set up defenses ahead of time, and you're sweet.

    Once all the civilians are rescued from their housing and the Hulk Ambush, guard them on the way to the Delta Transport inside the western end of the Airlock. Just walk the civilians onto one of the hexes there, and they'll count as Rescued. There are no further ambushes on the Civilians so you merely have to contend with the normal Apollo spawns (Admitted some of the heaviest random spawns in game). No reason not to do it with your whole team though so this shouldn't be a huge problem. If you run Nagakawa Bay successfully that alone will give you enough Civilians Rescued to qualify for Legion of Merit.

    The only reason NOT to do this is if your team is far too bloodthirsty and feels the need to wait around the corner from IVAX with baseball bats and butterfly knives to mug him.

    This is it for this Newbie Guide. While there are a handful of civilians you can rescue in Apollo Security Team, there is nowhere near enough to qualify for Legion of Merit at this time, and it might as well be ignored.

    These missions are fairly easy, provide some decent Mission XP, and often bonus Karma. Hopefully some of the mystery has been peeled back, they won't seem so insane/suicidal, and you can find yourself holding to the highest standards of the UGC Marine Corps, fighting to save the lives of helpless citizens.
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    RE: Newbie Guide: Meritous Service

    Hey arc, you mind if I create a newbie guide too?
    Because these newbie guides are really cool and useful.
  3. ArcturusV

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    RE: Newbie Guide: Meritous Service

    No problem at all.
  4. Nicarco
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    Nicarco Warden

    RE: Newbie Guide: Meritous Service

    Mind giving me a topic? Or do I have to get all inventive.
  5. ArcturusV

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    RE: Newbie Guide: Meritous Service

    These topics usually come to me because Nicarco demands topic, or based on stuff that happens in game. For example this one was due to a SurvCon in a Newbie Mode game claiming he can't rescue civilians in Apollo because he didn't have cloak.

    One I might do in a while is Boss Tactics. So you could always take a swing at it.
  6. SirGalahad

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    RE: Newbie Guide: Meritous Service

    another great guide for new players, arc. pardon the minor criticism but the word you were looking for was meritorious, not meritous.

    i would also like to add that a common issue with running civilians in alpha company is that unless things go very well, the team will not be able to make it to the nice open scrapyard in time for ivax. fighting ivax in the relatively tighter quarters of the airlock (or apollo) can be quite dangerous, especially for teams lacking either a ka-wielding tank or strong disables.
  7. ArcturusV

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    RE: Newbie Guide: Meritous Service

    ... dammit.
  8. ArcturusV

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    Though the Airlock (Which is where you would be), is plenty open enough to deal with IVAX. I've never had a problem fighting him there at all.

    Like I said, it's all about if you want to fight him in a relatively open area, or wait around the corner to mug him the moment he pops out. Most teams go for Dome A so they can Napalm, Shockwave, Smite, and otherwise nail him down and sodomize the big machine because they've had a good solid 8 minutes to prepare for his arrival. You don't have the huge amounts of prep time if you run the civilians, and won't be just waiting to pounce him. But there is nothing really wrong with fighting him in the airlock.
  9. Diode

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    Well Mobility for me always the best choice. The only thing needed is a good start point and go in an order for EZ CO. I say this is because I am stuck at level 10 on this silly medal since there is this dumb cap.

    But Good information all around. It just more easier if the group helps you while you do it.
  10. Theter

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    I saw last time a demo, who was putting 2-3 mines on every ec apollo hexes. This is quite the same as surv rec (heartbeat sensor), and terribly efficient to find the civilians. In my opinion this is a valuable character for doing this task.
  11. ArcturusV

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    That used to be a method for doing it a long, long time ago. And there's nothing wrong with it. A Survival Rifleman can do something similar with Sonic Traps. And a Field Engineer can do it as well by say, mindjacking Stalkers and burrowing them by hexes.

    The problem with the Mines, is that the Explosives Demo (And Field Engineer) has no real ability to protect the civilians at all. Which makes him a poor runner. Mines also can get cleared out by random troll spawns, and can possibly TK civilians if you get some of those troll spawns as well.

    It's not Bad... it's just not all that ideal either. I kind of rate it up there with a Nanomedic. Sure, they can do it by virtue of being a fairly fast marine, particularly with Nanostrength. But it doesn't lend too much beyond that.
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    So communicate. Use a demolition's mines or field engineer's burrowed stalkers to see the arrows, then ping their location for the mobility recon. The mobcon can now pretty much duplicate the survcon's heart beat sensor in terms of locating civilians. It's not like either the engineer or demolitions have jobs in which they can't do a quick scan of the hexes at any moment during domes (except perhaps for the engineer during the beginning of either dome C or D when they will probably be mcing stuff, but nexus gives shared vision anyways so the mobcon can just look for himself).

    The best way to win ANY medal is through communication and coordination.
  13. ArcturusV

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    True enough.
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    Nicarco Warden

    Well, if it's a field support engineer he already has shared vision, so I guess you don't really need to communicate.
  15. ArcturusV

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    Presuming he keeps the Nexus alive. There's a tendency for some Engineers to keep killing off their Nexus after they Mindjack. All they really care about is the Mindjacking, not like they're keeping it around for Sigma or Vision necessarily. But at least communicate well enough to make sure that he's covering everything and not letting the random AI twitching that Mindjacked stuff like to do have all his spotters wander away from their posts. Or get killed by a random Agron with Detection.

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