Newbie Guide: High Profile Targets

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    Another Newbie Guide topic from one of the Arcs. Like my last guide this was inspired by some games I played today, and not necessarily with Newbies.

    High Profile Targets, dangerous entities who appear in few numbers, and are capable of completely and totally wrecking your day should you take them lightly. They often call for special tactics, or at least tighter teamwork than random hordes.

    Rare Spawns -

    Zeus and Leto:

    Random bosses that can be encountered in the Abandoned Mineshaft in Recruit Mode. Zeus and Leto are a pair of oversized Agrons (Ultralisk). They deal heavy damage in melee range, and will often inflict open wounds with their attacks though it is not a 100% guarantee.

    Zeus and Leto are a test of teamwork and coordination. They take reduced damage (Seems around only 10% taken), if attacked from the front. So normal kiting will not work against them. Instead you need to have one marine pull their attention, perhaps running them around in a circle while other marines get free shots on their vulnerable flanks/rears where they will take full damage.

    As well, while both Zeus and Leto are alive they will occasionally trigger a "Rampage". During this time their move speed is slightly increased, and attack speed is greatly increased. The best way to shut this down is by focusing your attention on one of them at a time. As soon as one is dead Rampages will end and can no longer be triggered. However, doing so makes it harder to deal with their Resurrections.

    As a new patch, Zeus and Leto themselves now resurrect each other should one be slain. You are given a VERY small window to kill the still living member of the pair in order to counteract this ability, only 6 "in game" seconds (Meaning about 3 seconds in reality), save your high damage output skills for this window, as if you fail in your task, the once dead Agron will revive with full HP again.

    Remember this is all about teamwork, having one guy set up shots for everyone else. Do NOT all try to huddle together. And do NOT split into 8 directions. Do focus your attention.


    Titans appear in Alpha Company and Apollo Security Team exclusively right now. They appear as giant green infested colonists, with an size that is only dwarfed by Bosses. Titans have an obscene amount of HP, often measured closer to 8,000. They are thankfully slow moving, but with a powerful attack that will one shot all but the hardiest marines. When Titans die they will spawn a bit of Creep, and two Immortals, so don't quite breathe a sigh of relief yet.

    Long range spotting is key on these enemies. Choose high DPS weapons. They don't have any armor to speak of (only 2) so just go for the weapons which put the most damage downrange as fast as possible. Using weapons with high Armor Reduction (Like the SMG), and tanking it's armor into negative numbers is a perfectly viable solution. Due to their heavy attack, tanking them is something that shouldn't be done. Slowing skills like Precision Shot, Shoot to Maim, Nanosteel Net, and stuns are a great help against Titans.


    Also know as "Parrot", by its old Beta moniker. These are flying broodlords, with 8 armor, a good 8000 or so HP, detection and the ability to throw broodlings (Which deal low damage but stack conditions and can often trap a marine VERY quickly with a surround) at the marines. Considering their large sight range and detection these are huge problems for any team trying to take a defensive stance and can easily break a siege situation wide open. Focus on them as quickly as you can before they become a big problem.

    The good news is that they are SLOW. VERY SLOW. Even a crippled Marine can outrun them.

    Lelanthos spawns during the Nydus Worm Destruction objective after Erebos in Easy Company. There will be one and killing him will grant some Mission Experience. Other appearances by him are during Eos, The Zombie Queen, where 2 will appear over the course of the fight, often spawning on far corners of the map and only reaching the players late in the fight. They also spawn during the fight with Athena in Apollo Security Team in large numbers. Their long range and high ground vision are a serious threat for your Devastators, particularly since their Air Attack is very weak and you need them focusing on obliterating the ground instead. Most of them appear from the direction of dome A/C, however one will usually appear near the Security Checkpoint/Tartarus Cage very early on, so pay attention to that direction.

    Black Ops Sentinel:

    The Black Ops Sentinel is a hovering mechanical sphere with insane amounts of regen but relatively little HP. It's main role is to serve as a distraction and damage sponge for the Black Ops. It will also share sight with the Black Ops team. Though in harder modes this isn't as much of a concern as the Black Ops have Reaper Drones which already do this.

    The Black Ops Sentinel is all about either having a one shot kill to put it down, or stack overwhelming DPS to just out do the thing's regeneration. One Shot, One Kill, Killing Me Softly, Tactical Nuke and Time to Die can all kill the Sentinel in one go.

    Often players will try to use the Laser Rifle to defeat the Sentinel. A poor choice because the Sentinel's toughness isn't about Armor, in fact the Sentinel has zero armor making the Laser Rifle a fairly poor choice compared to a Gauss Rifle or HK (Which both get bonuses for it being Armored and Mechanical). If you lack any of the one hit kill methods to destroy the Sentinel your best bet is to have all your marines go hug the Sentinel and knife it. For some reason the Sentinel seems quite vulnerable, more so than it should be, to the Combat Knife and even just a handful of marines knifing it can take it out very quickly.


    Seth is a giant machine who was hidden in the Abandoned Mineshaft and can be found in all modes other than Recruit. This behemoth has a lot of HP, 5 armor, a slow firing and tankable attack, and several gimmicks up his sleeve which is designed to punish teams who don't know how to deal with Seth.

    1) Polarity. Seth will at regular intervals give each Marine a random Polarity. 8 Marines will end up with 4 Positive Charges, and 4 Negative Charges. If you are standing near a marine who is similarly charged (Positive with Positive or Negative with Negative), you will get an extra 100% damage (Stacks up to 3 times, so stacking with the other 3 who have this effect will give you quadruple damage). This is how you bypass Seth's monstrous HP bar as even a Pistol, when stacked, will do about 240 damage a shot to him. This damage bonus applies to everything, not just attacks against Seth, so Stacked Polarity will make it very easy to deal with random spawns crashing your party.

    If you are within range of someone with the opposite sign however, you will deal 35 damage per in game second, per marine with the opposite polarity near you. The effect is fast enough for someone who strays too close to the opposite polarity group to be near instantly killed. You get about a 5 second "Grace Period" after a polarity shift, so haul ass.

    2) SCV, In The Rear with the Gear! Seth will periodically drop a pod with a SCV inside it. These SCVs will repair Seth at an astounding rate, able to wrack up a rate almost around 2k a second if left unmolested. Thankfully they have very little HP and it doesn't take much, particularly with the Polarity Damage bonus, to sweep them out.

    3) Plasma Detonator. After 2 Polarity Shifts (Randomizing the Polarities again), Seth will charge up a Plasma Detonator. These do 200 damage, just enough to kill off squishier classes outright, and generally make others sweat it. It starts out at a small size, range 5. But it grows by 5 additional range with each charge until it is around range 25, always centered on Seth. Considering the ability for Random spawns to really put the kibosh on you after taking 200 to the face, avoidance is the name of the game for everyone but the designated class. Reactive Armor won't help, however Kinetic Armor will reduce the damage to a mere 15.

    How to Handle Seth:

    Seth is easily done. It depends on two factors. Having a tank who can take Seth's offensive. Easily done typically for any tanking class either using XS-4 armor (in the case of Shield Tanks), Kinetic Armor, or Reactive Armor and burning a kit or two to cover Detonators.

    Stacking for Polarity is key. And in order to do it you typically need to make sure every member is stacked up with every other member. This does mean that whoever shares polarity with the tank needs to gather on the tank, and whoever isn't gathers at range instead. Note: Unless the tank is a Flamethrower with Vengeance. Vengeance will stun Seth and force him to reacquire Aggro, often on a squishy class that is next to the Flamethrower.

    Due to the Polarity Damage, this often ends up as a confused scramble where someone ends up getting damaged by an easily preventable effect. For those who aren't old hands at Seth, here's the best rule of thumb I use.

    When stacking for Polarity, whoever shares a polarity with the tank takes the Inside Track, and those who aren't go out and around.

    Problems arise because the moment polarity shifts almost everyone tries to run directly away from Seth at the same time. Thus opposite polarities end up running side by side and hurting one another. Simply keep this in mind. Tank Polarity, move closer to Seth then stack on the tank. Off Tank Polarity, back away from Seth an go wide to link up with others.

    That simple.
  2. JAW

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    I think titans actually have about 6-8 k hp, and as for the creep and immortals, i think thats only in -nm mode
  3. ArcturusV

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    Nah, Creep and Immortals also happened in a Normal Mode game I was in today. It MIGHT be tied to Squad Rating, as we had one around 1978 or so.
  4. JAW

    JAW Well-Known Member

    That would explain it. I also noticed you changed the hp from 40k to 20k, were the titans 20k in your game today?
  5. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    Least one of them was, checking my Replay. I didn't scan for every Titan because, honestly I just didn't want to spend 30 minutes going through a replay to get to Perses and the stand at Epsilon.
  6. JAW

    JAW Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm absolutely flabbergasted that titans are capable of 20k hp, I am going to go voice some choice words over on another thread.
  7. Ghost
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    Ghost Warden

    BOps sentinel is not a detector.
    Only 2 Lelantos (without h) spawn during Queen. Their spawn location is also random
    Titans at 1800+ SR (non NM) usually have no more than 7k HP, at least the first one (armory holdout). IIRC Titans also have 3 or so armor, so SMG is not good unless you got LD and the like.
    OSOK will only kill a sentinel with a crit+anticipation. TTD will not kill the sentinel unless you are knifing it and using saw a shotgun as repeated stuns interrupt its regen slightly.
    Plasma detonator damage is 225 not 200. It is slightly affected by armor which is why KA can sometimes tank it depending on class. It also damages zombies
    Repair bots lose health as they repair Seth
    You should ideally focus the bots or throw AoE skills at them if unable to click due to Seth blocking.
  8. Nicarco
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    Nicarco Warden

    You could add that Lelantos's broodlings actually have near 100% (if not 100%) venom stack on attack like parasites, and the venom slowing effect usually means that after a few hits Lelantos will be able to outrun you.

    Seth shouldn't be stunned as it makes him reaggro (unless it's been changed) and therefore it is inadvisable to stand near the flamer tank on Alpha. In addition, his primary attack slows hit targets for about 2 seconds, which makes it very hard to escape after you've been hit, unless the tank reacquires his aggro using some method.
  9. Ghost
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    Ghost Warden

    Broodlings do not have increased venom stack chance. It may feel that way because of their very fast attack speed.
  10. SirGalahad

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    I would also like to add that Titans are heroic and therefore cannot be instakilled by any abilities. They can, however, be stunned/slowed and they do NOT have detection, making mob recons a very valuable asset in emergency titan situations.
  11. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member

    Do Titans charge?

    (I'm asking about NM of course)
  12. Yuey
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    Yuey Warden

    ^Yes they do.
  13. ArcturusV

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    Note that the reason I said SMG was good against the Titan is because it has 2 armor. Even a recon not focused on Armor Tanking can zero it out by the time they appear, as you will probably have LD 1 and Motion Sensor at that point. A recon focused on Armor Tanking can take it down to -4. It's types are Biological, Psionic, Heroic. Which means the SMG gets two of its bonuses against it. Pulse Rifle does get bonuses as well, but it doesn't gain much from Armor Reduction. But still a good choice. Gauss Rifle is, obviously, bad since the only effect it gets is the penalty for it being Psionic, though the penalty can be canceled out if you can tank it to -4 armor.
  14. ArcturusV

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    Guide updated a bit, cleaned up, changed the entry for Zeus and Leto a bit.
  15. Pyromaniac

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    The only issue with SMG is that you end up using more ammo per second dpsing him instead of high amounts of skill based dps. OSOK is more ammo efficient. SMG is a good weapon so long as it's not the only form of damage (as in i would prefer using less ammo overall on large enemies)
  16. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    Heh. You can't compare Ammo Efficiency of OSOK to an SMG. It's not even a comparison. That's like saying that you're comparing Reflexes to Medkits on Healing Efficiency. :p
  17. Pyromaniac

    Pyromaniac Well-Known Member

    Not needing medkits > needing medkits :p

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