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    Yet another Newbie Guide for all of you out there who are getting a hang of the game and want to get up to full steam just a bit faster than the natural learning curve.

    Well step on up. This time we're talking about something quite basic, but highly important. Location, location, location. Step on the tour bus and follow along, this Newbie Guide will actually have images! Gasps, I know.

    [align=center]Touring Apollo[/align]

    The Apollo Colony is quite a large complex, with a wide variety of terrain and sights. Most Marines who do a tour of duty on this fine bastion of SCIENCE and Zombie Infested Hordes will miss a lot of these locations, their purposes, and the benefits to visiting them. Here, we're going to cover them all in a whirlwind tour, along with commentary on Tactical and Strategic Use of the terrain and important events.

    [align=center]Easy Company Landing Zone[/align]


    This is the first spot that any Marine will become familiar with. Easy Company is deployed to this relatively safe zone, far from the key locations in Apollo and quite secure. The Easy Company landing zone will have two medkits, two Gauss Rifles, and a Gauss Pistol spawn there every game, along with a small house where you may find the Retired UGC Marine (And leader of the Apollo Loyalists) Ivan, or his lesser counterpart Ogilvy, another retired marine who will take up arms with you.

    The Easy Company Landing Zone is seldom used in Easy Company, the moment you leave it, it is forgotten forever. However, presuming that Eos, the Zombie Queen does not actually spawn inside it, it's a pretty good location to fight her. The fence keeps almost all the rabble out, the Queen's Bulk will block off the gate fully if you have a tank lure her into the archway, only one small ledge to the West will allow Cliffwalkers to enter, but can easily be watched/sonic trapped.

    In Alpha Company, the sole use of the Easy Company Landing Zone is during the Find Doctor Asshat Tanaka mission. The Easy Company Landing Zone is one of the places he will run to in order to escape Apollo. Often Medics are ordered to sit there so they won't draw the wrath of Cerberus during the ensuing boss fight.

    In the Apollo Security Team, the Easy Company Landing Zone should be visited early on. The two Gauss Rifles in there as a Guaranteed spawn provide the pistol whipping Security Team with some long ranged firepower that they will need. Later, the Easy Company Landing Zone is where Field Marshall Kim will provide for the Security Team's evacuation if you thwarted the evil designs of General Koller. Quite a number of huggers will spawn here during the escape (Though they usually move out and meet you before you get there), as well as a Troll Turret spawning in front of the gate to prevent your escape. Watch out and gun it down from long range, or just Sacrifice a teammate and run everyone past while he's dying, should time be too much of a factor.

    The locals on the moon tend to shorthand this name. Easy, Easy Start, EC, and variations thereof.

    [align=center]Epsilon Mine Site[/align]


    One of the newest mines in Apollo Colony's ever expanding Helium-3 mining operation. The Epsilon Mine is a vital location that any UGC Marine will spend at least a bit of time at, regardless of the terms of his deployment. Having 2 Bandages, 2 Ocular Implants, and 2 Medkits always spawning here makes it a good area for the would be scavenger of items to comb through. Being a fairly open area with few vision blockers, but a lot of nice little bolt holes to make a stand at, it's a good place to face down hordes. The exposed Crystal Quarry at the south end is often used for this purpose against early hordes, and the presence of the security fence can help channel enemies into easy killzones.

    In Easy Company, Epsilon Mine Site is the location of your first objective, the three hex Download is a very easy mission, and not getting the Performance Bonus is the sign of troubled times ahead. After completing the mission, and the horde that comes in its wake, there isn't too much reason to come back here. Make sure to swing by post Erebos Mark II for scouting as there are often item drops in this area.

    In Alpha Company Epsilon Mine Site is often hit early on, right after linking up with Sheng and a few of his Boys. The item spawns here are quite useful and moving through Epsilon on the way to the Armory allows you to avoid quite a lot of vision blockers and ambush points that would exist on other routes. Epsilon Mine Site is often called on as a location to fight the dreaded Perses. It's open area makes it one of the best locations you can hope for in order to fight him and his underlings.

    In the Apollo Security Team, Epsilon Mine Site is one of the locations where you can shut down the rogue AI, HAL, at the same three hexes that Easy Company uses to download log files. Due to Epsilon being much closer to the area Nazara is fought in, most teams will head directly to the Epsilon Mine Site rather than wait around to find out where the shut down will actually occur. It is also one of the locations where IVAX might be sent after securing the Starport. Most teams choose to abandon IVAX if he does so, due to the Epsilon Mine Site being so far away from their preferred location for the next segment.

    Locals also refer to this as "mines" (Not to be confused with "mine", which is used for the Abandoned Mineshaft).

    [align=center]Apollo Starport[/align]


    A busy military and government complex which serves as a midway point between Earth and Mars, with travelers often spending a few days in quarantine and rest here before moving onto their final destination. The Apollo Starport is where Alpha Company lands, important Military Hardware is stored, and features prominently in the various storylines. It's a fairly defensible position, with narrow chokepoints, automated defenses and senors, and a few good choke points. Like the Epsilon Mine Site, it has some nice fences around it which helps limit the number of approaches the enemy can take. However unlike the Mine Site it's central area is lousy with Vision Blocking. It is a good place for early scavenging however. The Starport will always have one C2 armor, two Medkits, an Ocular Implant, two Mk-3 Flamethrowers, two M45 Marksmanship Rifles, and 2 AP Ammo mods.

    In Easy Company, your next main objective after the Epsilon Mine Site is to investigate the Apollo Starport. You get to turn on the base's sensor towers to help you, can reactivate the Security Cameras of the Apollo Colony, and have a chance to obtain some samples of a strange infected mass on a mechanical structure. Once you are done with all these however, there is little reason to go back. One of the backup generators is here, but seldom are there any decent item drops in later chapters to be found here, and no further objectives.

    In Alpha Company you start out right at the Starport, and soon will find yourself under siege here. You'll need to hold tight until you can rendezvous with Sheng's Boys, and thin out the hordes enough to be able to break out of the Starport. It is also one of the locations where Dr. Asshat Tanaka can be found, and due to it being a fairly open area which is easily ran to, usually Cerberus is fought right here. Finally it is one of the locations where Perses can show up, and the second best location to fight him. The vision blocking, and sheer amount of crap littering the ground can make the shields and some of his groupies a pain in the ass.

    In the Apollo Security Team the Starport plays a larger role than Easy Company, and a smaller role than Alpha Company. The Starport is one of the locations in Easy Company which will be an Ambush for the early Security Team survivors, as quite a few Devourers start here. Not only that, after HAL Hacks the Turrets, the Starport becomes a place you want to avoid until you carefully snipe out the defenses. Regardless though you need to head here as the IVAX Unit is located here. Deimos may therefore come to the Starport in order to destroy it, and at the very least you need to head there in order to activate IVAX as part of the storyline and join him in defending the place. As well remember that one of the Generators is here for reactivation during Route B, Koller's Evil Ambitions.

    The Starport is sometimes referred to by people as "Military Base". Why is a matter of conjecture because nothing in the game ever refers to it as such. But now you know and don't have to wonder "WTF?!" when people refer to it as such. Also called "Alpha" or "Alpha Start" during the Search for Dr. Asshat Tanaka.

    [align=center]Apollo Cryo-Prison[/align]


    The Apollo Cryo-Prison is where political prisoners and malcontents who, for various reasons, aren't just shot on sight are detained. Located southwest of the Starport, there is only one way into it, no vision blocking to speak of, and high, sturdy walls designed to keep everyone inside, or outside as the case may be. Despite it's relative security it is so far removed from the objectives that you should view this as a place to visit, not to stay.

    In Easy Company there is nothing to do here. Sometimes items will drop here. If your marine enters you will remark about how all the prisoners are dead in here. If you are absolutely batshit terrified to do the Collection Sample hex objective and hold the open ground, the defensible nature of this spot makes it a good area to hole up against the hordes.

    In Alpha Company, the Prison is often where the marines will choose to make their first stand against the undead until Sheng's Boys show up (After which they need to abandon the post in order to defend Sheng and his crew). A hex in here can be triggered to free one of the lesser prisoners, a botanist bound for Mars named Farcia Augustin. Farcia is a political prisoner, and in return for freeing her she will provide free Anti-venom to the marines, and loyally follow around the one that sprung her.

    In the Apollo Security Team, the Prison sees little use. There aren't any good hold outs at the Starport that might require it's use. You can spring a prisoner from there however, John Anderton, a pirate, scavenger, and general menace to the UGC. He will provide the Security Team with a few Ocular Implants he got from "Somewhere".

    [align=center]Airlock Security Roadblock[/align]


    Located north of the Starport and south of the Airlock's main entrance. The chaos of the early outbreak has left a massive pileup outside the security checkpoint. This place is hellish, and one of the worst places you could want to fight an enemy.... of course that means you will be forced to. Lots of vision blocking, lots of pathing blocking that can make it hard to escape. There will however always be 2 Medkits spawning here.

    Easy Company finds itself beset by Tartarus or Elliethiya in this location. It makes for poor fighting conditions for the reasons listed. Lots of vision blocking, lots of pathing blocks, and yet very open, enemies can approach you from nearly every direction yet you don't have a lot of room to run around. Also two Agrons are burrowed, waiting to ambush players here. They often have a delayed trigger that makes them pop up at the worst possible times, and thus in harder games you'll be asked to run around before triggering the Starport Objective so they don't pop during the boss fight. Also one of the Generators is located here. Do your time here, then avoid it like the plague.

    Alpha Company however has NOTHING to do here. The worst that happens is that you run through it during the Noxioius Gas Sequence in order to get to the Staport for cutting off Dr. Tanaka's escape and shanking Cerberus. So don't dwell on it too much.

    Apollo Security Team sadly does have it's own fight in this location, and it's a pain in the ass for all the same reasons as in Easy Company. After reactivating the IVAX unit you may lead it back to Apollo City, and the IVAX will pass through this location. Right when you're in the heart of vision blocking hell, IVAX will stop to deal with an ambush, forcing you to fight here. Oftentimes if IVAX is going to Epsilon, the Security Team will decide to fight HERE, alone, rather than follow IVAX. Regardless, be on your toes.

    (To be Continued... apparently I hit a limit of Attachments per Post. Didn't even know it existed)
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    Onward and upward! Our tour isn't over yet!

    [align=center]South Airlock Camera[/align]


    Located right between the Main Gate, and the East Airlock Gate. One of the 6 Security Cameras that you can retrieve data from and bring back online in Easy Company. Like all the Security Camera locations, it's well set up for an ambush, with a decent amount of vision blocking, particularly from the west. This Camera is of limited use once the Generators are back on, and can often be the one you skip without any real ill effect. The ambush itself is often triggered before the airlock in order to prevent the ambush from chewing apart the Airlock civilians.

    [align=center]Main Airlock Entrance[/align]


    This little secure point is the main access into the Airlock for Easy Company, and the home roost of Tartarus/Elliethiya. In Alpha and Apollo Security Team games, there is no way to open up this pen of evil and giant eggs, so keep in mind if you need to run that there is no way in hell you can escape out of it. The outer door can only be opened by automatic timer, and the inner door by triggering both of the hexes inside at the same time.

    Oftentimes Easy Company will choose to avoid cracking open this door in order to delay the Agron Pain Train that arrives during the tail end of the Airlock hordes.

    [align=center]Northern Airlock Camera[/align]


    Another Camera Ambush location that can be triggered after reactivating the Security Cameras in the Starport, for Easy Company only. Like the South Airlock Camera it has some significant vision blocking from the west, as well there will be occasional spawns on the high ground to the south of it. Due to Menoetos often taking a runner path along this region, it can be a somewhat handy Camera to activate for later on. Typically the ambush here will be triggered before the Airlock to avoid the civilian rescue from getting chewed up by them.

    [align=center]Western Airlock[/align]


    A location often scoured for equipment at the very least, and civilian rescue attempts in the most completionist teams. The Western Airlock is dominated by the wreck of the Delta-1 Transport Ship, has quite a large number of Explosive Barrels scattered around, and is a wide open location makes holding it against Hordes slightly more difficult than you might be used to. The Western Airlock always has a Crowbar (Located in the Northwest corner behind the crashed ship), a M45, and Ocular Implant. Several small cocoons are also scattered about for easy XP. High ground to the North and South are very defensible.

    Easy Company, this is one of the big locations where you can rack up an impressive kill count, and rescue a large number of civilians. See the Meritorious Service Guide for details on the civilian rescue. Shortly after a marine enters the Airlock, thick hordes of Zombies, Stalkers, and Hulks will come after the marines. It's also a good place to fight Erebos Mark I if you cannot tank him, as the lack of vision blocking in this area and the wide open spaces makes it easier for someone to kite him around.

    Alpha Company also uses this place as a shooting gallery. A lot of enemies will pile into the Airlock during the events leading up to the time where you can finally crack into it (After Demeter and the Hordes following her). Take the high ground to the North and gun them all down before you open it up. Most teams take a tour through here for the sake of looting, as well as being a location where you drop off Civilians from the Slasher Ship and Nagakawa Bay rescues, piling them into the Delta-1 Transport.

    Apollo Security Team mostly just passes through here. After the HAL shutdown, picking up the early crowbar for the Technician, and the easily snagged M45. The Civilians that spawn inside Apollo City by Lt. Sheng can be brought to the Delta-1 Transport here, but most teams will not bother with it.

    [align=center]Hades's Bloated Corpse[/align]


    Located just north of the Airlock, here the monster Hades was fought by the members of the Apollo Security Team, and his massive, bloated body remains a blight upon the landscape for years to come. The Devastators they used to help kill him, left as broken scraps in memorial of the brave officers who helped save Apollo for certain destruction. Ivan also has a house near this corpse, just to the Northwest, and there is the Containment Cell to the East, and a HAL Shutdown Console to the Southeast. It's a busy location for the Security Team, and a stark reminder to the Alpha and Easy Companies of just what sort of horrors the garrison faced.

    In Easy and Alpha Companies, there just isn't too terribly much to do here. Take in the sights and witness the tragic events of the Security Team's valiant struggles. There are quite a few small cocoons here that can be free XP, but that's about it. It's hard to move around in this area due to the remains of the battle with Hades blocking large areas of the terrain.

    The Apollo Security Team however is VERY busy here. One of Deimos's objectives is to come here, to the Containment Cell and release some powerful samples of the undead to back him up. HAL can be shutdown in this location, and due to the terrain blocking can make it hard to dodge the lasers during it. And of course, the final battle against Hades himself is contained to this area with no escape for the Security Team. Yes, one major event per chapter here.

    (To be continued...)
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    There's still a lot to see out there trooper! Break over!

    [align=center]The Communications Tower[/align]


    The communications tower stands alone in the far northwestern corner of the Apollo Colony. The large building obscures sight to the north, and high ground along the western half of the perimeter just screams "AMBUSH" potential. There's two explosive barrels here to help clear out some of the ambushes, but rubble and vision blocking can make it a bit more difficult to handle the enemy as long as they are not approaching from due south, where the open lane makes it a shooting gallery.

    In Easy and Alpha Companies, you both get an optional objective at the Communications Tower. This objective appears randomly, and can pop up as quickly as 2 minutes after the game starts, or troll you and appear right as the end credits are about to roll. Do it during a lull in between objectives, and make your stand at the hex. You can also activate the hex when the Optional Objective isn't open to hear some falsified evidence against our brave future Primer Wilkinson.

    In Apollo Security Team, the Communications Tower is another location that is Ambush Prepared at the start, having 2 Infested Marines and 2 Devourers camping there just waiting for a lone runner to stumble onto them (vision is blocked from the East, so you might not see them there, beware). After the encounter with Deimos, Lord of Infested Marines, the Security Team will send a runner here to send out a distress call to the UGC. Unfortunately General Koller jams the broadcast and dooms you to fight on alone. Later on, after you choose to follow the wisdom of the kind and just Field Marshall Kim, you will need to access the Communications Tower in order to get the Reactor Override Codes.

    The Communications Tower is also referred to as Comms, a fairly obvious shortening but it bears noting.

    [align=center]Forest of Lag[/align]


    Ah, the majestic Forest of Lag. It's name is referencing the mystical effect it has on marines, providing a disconnect and delay between Thought and Action that, during the events of the zombie outbreak can prove to be one of the most dangerous effects in the game. The Lag Forest is full of vision blocking on top of the aforementioned lag effect, just as an additional Screw You. Tours by Arc recommends you don't linger here, and move through it as little as possible, quickly as possible.

    Easy Company finds itself traveling through the Forest of Lag to escort civilians from the Delta-1 Transport, should they take the north route. On more difficult games, the many little cocoons here will hatch into zombies when they detect a mass of life within the Forest. It's highly recommended you clear it out with Flamethrowers before you bring any civilians here. After this is accomplished, it's suggested that you never return less you tempt the Powers of Lag again.

    Alpha Company has several Spine Crawlers left over from Hades littering the Forest of Lag, and due to another Civilian Rescue Mission will need to be cleared out. Thankfully after you finish the rescue, there is no reason to ever go back here.

    The Apollo Security Team only needs to run the gauntlet that is Lag Forest during the Communications Tower fiasco. Random spawns are light, and thankfully there are no organized ambushes at this point, so you have the easiest time of just booking through there with little concern.

    Forest of Lag, Lag Forest, "That fucking area" and "Pain in my ass", all refer to this location. It's hated for good reason, avoid it unless you absolutely have to travel through.

    [align=center]Slasher Ship[/align]


    A mysterious crashed transport ship which appears sometime between the events of Apollo Security Team and Alpha Company. Nothing is really known about where it comes from, or why it is there. What is known is that there are several survivors being kept alive on it. And that several Slashers are waiting to ambush any would be rescuers or civilians that try to run away.

    In Alpha Company, and Alpha Company alone, two hexes appear by the Slasher Ship. Stepping on them will rescue several civilians under the control of the player who stepped on it. It will also bring in several slashers spawning in the Forest of Lag making a beeline right at you, so do not attempt to solo this rescue.

    In Easy Company it is merely an empty, and mysterious wreck. While in Apollo Security Team it apparently hasn't been shot down yet and is missing from the landscape. Perhaps this wreck was from one of the sister colonies? No one knows.

    [align=center]North Truck[/align]


    One of the Delta-1 Transport civilian evacuation points. It's an armed truck with a heavy cannon on top of it and heavy armor. It can't withstand sustained assault, and AoE doom abilities like Nuclear Strikes will right out obliterate it. So if you are planning to rescue civilians who evacuated here, watch your AoE Doom!

    Being just outside of the Forest of Lag, it's a good rally point to gather around before you charge into it, or just came out of it. Drop a Supply Station by it, reload weapons, regen energy, etc, so that you're locked and loaded for potential ambushes.

    [align=center]Dome B Security Camera[/align]


    Located right between Dome B and the Helipad, it's one of the more Open Camera locations, with only two vision blockers to the east and a relatively open area that makes it easy to escape from Baneling or Agron ambushes. The Dome B Camera always has an Ammo Box that spawns near it, so it's a good place to visit even if you aren't doing the Security Camera mission, as any low inventory size class can appreciate a good Ammo Box.

    The Camera itself is out of the way of any action. So it makes a good choice for being the one camera you don't activate if you are going to start up the Generators in Chapter 2 of Easy Company. It is highly useful if you are planning to use the Helipad during the Black Ops attack, but that's the only situation and it's a fairly rare occurrence.

    (To be continued...)
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    Getting tired yet? Well there's still a lot to see out there.

    [align=center]Lair of the BBQ[/align]


    This bridge area is a world unto it's own. There are only two ways in or out for the marine through vision blocking smoke plumes to the North and South, while enemies might be able to Cliffwalk down at you from the West, it's not a route you can use. It's central location means a lot of the various movement segments will pass through here, so get used to it. Behind some rubble is a hex in all storylines is where the dreaded Brain Bug Queen lurks. A simple little bruiser who is easily killed by a prepared team, and there is no reason not to be prepared. You can also hear a bit of an inspirational speech from former Primer Miguel.

    Along with Central Plaza, the Lair is part of the region referred to constantly as "Infestor Alley".

    [align=center]Central Plaza[/align]


    Glorious Central Plaza, complete with statues of our bold leader, towering government offices, and a nice view. Due to the bottleneck nature of the walls around Central Plaza, cliffwalking enemies, such as Infestors can often be found milling around this area. Thus the reason that this, along with the Brain Bug Lair, is often called Infestor Alley.

    In Easy Company you make several passes through this location as you move around the map. But you don't really have anything major to accomplish here, other than break out the baseball bats against any Infestors that happen to gather around here.

    In Alpha Company this is where you find Charlie, the wounded infestor chick and "Smartest of the Test Subjects". The Central Plaza makes a somewhat decent location to fight Demeter and the follow up hordes, though not ideal. Central Plaza is also on of the locations you might be forced to fight Perses at. It's easily the worst location for that fight. The rubble an cliffs here seriously impede your own movement abilities while hampering the flying Perses absolutely zero percent. It can make getting to Shields a pain in the ass. And the vision blocking from the north into the Lair can make it hard to spot and annihilate Perses little buddies before they are right on top of you.

    In Apollo Security Team this is the chosen holdout location after activating the Armory. It's central location makes it easier to intercept Deimos before he gets to whatever it is he is planning. Afterwards you abandon this location, never to return. But it served it's purpose between a high ground to deal with Infested marines and being a rapid response location for the first boss.

    [align=center]West Apollo Camera[/align]


    Located at the Western Entrance to Apollo, two Magazine items will always spawn here, and it's location near a major entrance to Apollo makes it a valuable camera to activate in Easy Company. During the Ambush watch out for enemies spawning on the high ground ledge to the West, and make sure you are standing away from the smoke barrier to the north. Being on the Camera side can leave you vulnerable to enemies from the North, and having teammates on the Lair side of the smoke means they won't see the Agrons, Banes, or Ghouls coming which is also Bad Times.

    [align=center]South Truck[/align]


    One of the points where civilians in Easy Company will be evacuated to. Located close to Epsilon Mine Site, it's a journey and a half for the civilians unless you break the rocks blocking the short route to them. It does however provide the easiest Chapter 3 rescue as the truck location here is out of the way of the Queen and her hordes at most camping locations and it's a straight shot over fairly open ground to the Containment Facility.

    [align=center]Blaqk Ops Hill[/align]


    So named for it's purpose in the Olden Days, where it was THE location where the cowardly and evil Easy Company would slay the brave defenders of Humanity, Major Nardelli's Black Ops team. It is still a popular hold out location for the same reasons it was back then. Good high ground, open sight, only one twisted path to the top which can be a real meat grinder for the enemy.

    Easy Company uses it more than anyone else. Not just for the battle against the Black Ops team, and occasionally fighting against the Zombie Queen herself here. Though truth be told, it's less than ideal to face the Zombie Queen here compared to the Old Days, as the current Zombie Queen comes with a shitton more cliffwalkers in her hordes than she did in the olden days. And against Cliffwalkers the Hill is basically a death trap with only one way out, and infinite routes for the enemy to approach by. It also has some popularity among teams who are too overly cautious in camping out the Epsilon Mine Site hordes at the start. The lack of Cliffwalkers or Fliers makes this location pretty much a cruise control to victory, at the cost of Time and Performance XP.

    Alpha Company almost never goes here. A Compliance Nexus is usually located at the top of the Hill, and thus the only reason they have to visit here is if they chose the side of Right, killed Dr. Asshat, and had to hunt down the Compliance Nexuses.

    As well the Apollo Security Team almost never uses it. The Hill can provide a good position to snipe out the Troll Turret in front of the Evacuation Point during the route of righteousness, as it lacks high ground sight. But it's hardly a necessary means to deal with the turret.

    Also known simply as "hill" or "the hill". It's a popular camping location so make sure you're familiar with it so when someone panics and calls out "Hill, hill!" you know exactly where they mean.
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    We've seen a lot, but there is still more to cover!

    [align=center]Southern Apollo Camera[/align]


    Located south of Apollo City, this Camera is a huge cluster fuck of Vision Blocking and prime for a lot of "Peekaboo" ambush screw because of it. The value of the Camera itself is fairly low. It can provide good spotting of Menoetos as he runs, should he take the path around the South of Apollo. However if that is his stomping ground you probably killed him on the way to start up the generators or crack open the scrapyard gates.

    [align=center]Scrapyard Gates[/align]


    One of the entrances into Apollo City. The scrapyard entrance can be cracked into by Easy Company and Alpha Company in order to explore the locked down city. It's a dangerous entrance to use, there is a lot of vision blocking, and not a lot of room to kite around. Nonetheless it's there and waiting to be used.

    In Easy Company this entrance can be used regardless of the status of the Generators, and is often used by teams that say "Fuck Civilians". A Baneling Trap exists for players trying to use this entrance. They will spawn up on the high ground ramps into Apollo City. Some rubble prevents them from rushing down willy nilly at you right away. However once that's destroyed you have a decided lack of vision and open space to deal with the Banelings which can be tricky.

    In Alpha Company this is one of the two entrances available to break into Apollo, the other being the gate near the Western Apollo Camera. While there are no Baneling Traps, it's still not a pleasant place to hang around. This location is also where you need to release the Anti-Toxin, if you foolishly trust the Asshat Scientist who just tried to kill you all and flee the scene of the crime for some colossally stupid reason. Heavy hordes, lots of vision blocking, no room to kite. It's not fun. It's recommended if you are going to do this mission, that you try to keep the Rubble intact, so only use the Western gate to enter and exit Apollo so that the only way for the enemy to get in at you is via the outside entrance.

    The Apollo Security Team cannot use this gate, it remains locked which is just as well. There is a security Turret inside this place that could really fuck up a marine after HAL hijacks them. Particularly since the vision blocking means you would have trouble trying to pick it off from outside it's range.

    [align=center]The Scrapyard[/align]


    The Scrapyard. It's a large open area with a lot of junk and cranes. There is more rubble located in this area than any other in the game, and as such can make a defensible location against ground based enemies if you are willing to use it, particularly since vision blocking in non-existent. It's also a great place to arm up Marines with basic weapons, as you can find 2 M45 Marksmanship Rifles, 2 C2 Armors, an Ammo Box, Ocular Implant, Magazine, Mk-3 Flamethrower, and Bandage, all of which will always spawn here at the start of the game. It's also the sight of a minor ambush, where one Agron and a large number of Ghouls will spawn. It can be dangerous for a lone marine, but an full team should have no problem what so ever dealing with the ambush.

    Easy Company will want to swing by here relatively soon in their storyline, as the additional basic weapons are quite important and can really help out with some of the early waves. Along with Alpha Company, they also have an optional objective here to seal a Chemical Leak. It's a fairly easy objective with some minor planning but often skipped due to percieved danger or simply to save time.

    Alpha Company will find this as one of the locations they move through on their way to the Armory, similarly to Easy Company some of the basic weapons here can be quite appreciated, though the impact is noticeably less since you start out in the Starport which has similar gear laying around.

    For the Apollo Security Team, this should be a godsend early on. Stuck with Pistols only, even basic gear like a Flamethrower or M45 is highly valuable during the first moments of the storyline. not to mention the Ammo Box here is a great thing for your designated Armory Runner/Trigger Man to have in order to load up on much needed ammo for the team.

    [align=center]The Abandoned Mineshaft[/align]


    Location for Optional Side Missions, the Abandoned Mineshaft is one of the oldest drillheads in the Apollo Colony and doesn't seem to see much modern mining use. The Seth Unit, an old model robotic miner is housed within it, and in harder missions will be set loose against the Marines should they disturb the Abandoned Mineshaft. In easier missions you face lesser threats, Nydus Worms, Zeus and Leto, etc.

    Seth itself is very easy to take care of with only a moderate level of coordination among the team. It's free XP, credits, ammo, and a power weapon, so there is little reason NOT to do it. It's not even that much of a time sink as, unless you team is failing, you're talking about just 2 minutes or so to put him down, max. Go, do it! Now!

    [align=center]Eastern Apollo Camera[/align]


    The last of the Security Cameras that can be reactivated during Easy Company. This is actually the most valuable camera in the bunch, at least if you are going to take an attempt rescuing Civilians from inside Apollo City. It's still a useful Camera to have regardless, as it covers one of the few entrances into Apollo City and can serve as a nice early warning beacon and spotter for long range AoE Doom clustering around the entrance. Sadly it's often the "Skipped Camera" only because it is the last one encountered on most routes that the marines take and most marines seem to have OCD and can't resist touching every camera they see without actually considering if that is the right choice.

    (To be continued...)
  6. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    Drawing close to the home stretch here Marine, hope you're still with me!

    [align=center]The Containment Facility[/align]


    A fallout shelter located East of Apollo City. Civilians from the city can be evacuated here by the marines during Easy Company. It's a pretty secure location, complete with two automatic turrets for defense. Often you can find Farcia Augustin wandering around here after the traumatic events of Alpha Company, perfectly safe from the hordes of the undead. It's a somewhat dangerous location during Apollo Security Team, due to the two turrets there that HAL 9000 will hack and turn against you. Smart teams often take the time to kill these turrets before that is an actual problem.

    A side note is that inside the Containment Facility is one of the spots were Dr. Bergmann can be hiding, and due to the very non-transparent roof over it, it can be hard to spot him shivering a puddle of his own cowardice in there.

    [align=center]Nagakawa Bay Housing[/align]


    The mysterious location of the primary civilian rescue within Alpha Company, is it also where an annoying twit named Kenny makes his home. He can of course be murdered in order to plunder a random item most often 3 Magazine stacks, sometimes an Ammo Box. Rarely, and almost mythically a Barrett, Helium-3 Canister, or Shiva.

    Outside of Alpha Company's civilian rescue, and killing Kenny... you bastards.... there isn't much reason for a Marine to visit here.

    [align=center]The Armory[/align]


    Ah, the venerable Armory. It's a hard position, with good high ground vantage points, two auto turrets guarding the only entrance in. In all storylines any two "Technician" Classes, Demolitions, Technician, Forward Observer, Engineer can step on both hexes inside to activate the auto turret defenses across Apollo. Often this is done as late as possible in the mission as the Auto Turrets do not share XP but manage to really put a dent in the local population. Also to the north of the Armory is Ivan's third home, damn that UGC Pension must really pay out, eh?

    In Easy Company it's a popular location to fight Erebos Mark II. The narrow entrance point and turrets limits the amount of carnage Erebos can do and makes his distant baneling summons a little less effective.

    In Alpha Company your second objective is to rendezvous with some of the Sheng's Boys who are holding down the Armory while they ran off to meet up with you. Stepping inside will start the next horde and bring quite a few more boys along with the team to shred up the incoming hordes. The Armory itself, due to high ground locations and few entrances within used to be a popular place to hold out against the hordes, but recently has become passe in favor of The Fort.

    In Apollo Security Team, going to the Armory is your next objective after freeing the team trapped in Apollo City. Entering the Armory will drop down a large number of Magazines, two Gauss Rifles, a M45 Marksmanship Rifle, and a Mk-3 Flamethrower. This ammo is VERY important for riding out the early waves and if you choose not to send your entire team to the Armory and fight near there, make sure to have a runner with Ammo Boxes and copious inventory space to loot the place as best as possible for the team.

    [align=center]The Fort[/align]


    Bar none THE most popular camping location in Apollo. It comes with three auto turrets, rubble that blocks off one of the access routes on the ground level. Lots of switchbacks which lengthen the route for the enemy to get at you, various levels of elevation, and choke points that can be completely walled off with but a single Engineer Tower. There are two small steps on the Northern Arm and Eastern Arm that cliffwalkers can use to get up, but because there is only those two small spots, it's very predictable and easily countered.

    In Easy Company, this is one of the preferred spots to face down the Post Erebos Mark I waves, as well as being the preferred location for Long Range Dome camping, the Black Ops Massacre, and fighting Eos, the Zombie Queen. Basically by the time Easy Company decides to come there to fight, some teams just never bother leaving.

    In Alpha Company, the first holdouts after triggering the Armory often happen here. Once you get the rest of Sheng's Boys, you fight here. After triggering Demeter, you fight here. Sadly there just isn't anything anywhere near the Fort after that, so you will eventually be forced to say goodbye to the stalwart walls that have served you so well.

    In Apollo, the Fort sees only one real use, and that is during the waves that occur after the Communications Tower is activated and the distress call blocked by General Koller and his evil minions. With the enemy consisting mostly of Infested Marines, the high ground is very valuable. Like Alpha Company however, as soon as the Hold Out is over there is just nothing that happens anywhere near the Fort to really utilize it again.

    [align=center]Seana Spot[/align]


    An old name for an old cheese location back when Apollo had 5 feet of snow and we had to march up hill both ways to fight the Zombie Queen. It's seen a modern revival as a hold out location, used for the Airlock hordes in Easy Company and Post Erebos Mark I waves. This is typically only done in Easy Company however as Alpha Company doesn't really have too much cause to fight here, and Apollo Security Team has a superior location to use. It still is a good place to clear out the Airlock before cracking open any doors as the high ground gives you a good firing position and the enemies will all cluster under your guns inside.
  7. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    Second to last leg of the Tour, feeling the burn yet? I sure am!

    [align=center]The Factory[/align]


    Also still called "Airlock" as it's part of the same open area. The Factory is where you can find the very OP Devastators which will rip Apollo a new ass, as well as a lot of Creep, making it very dangerous to the casual traveler, and a clutch of Eggs to destroy. The Factory area also always has 2 Medkits, one Magazine, one Mk-3 Flamethrower, and one C4 Armor spawn inside it every game, not exactly the best haul out there, but better than a stick in the eye. There are quite a lot of Exploding Barrels around here, particularly on the ledges surrounding it, and rubble blocking off access points to the exterior wall ledges.

    In Easy Company this is where you burn down the clutch of eggs, finally, after two storylines of leaving them completely alone, as well as where Erebos Mark I himself is fought most often. It's a nice wide open space well suited to kiting. In easier difficulties Erebos Mark II is usually fought here as well.

    In Alpha Company this is usually passed through on the scouting mission. Smart teams will kill all the creep and clear it out before activating the lab. As the runner who goes to the Helipad will have a VERY hard time reaching the Starport in time to help against Cerberus if he is forced to avoid the Creep and go the longer way around.

    In Apollo Security Team, this is where the powerful Devastator units are located, and thus one of Deimos's objectives, not to mention one of the first obstacles to the Runner Team reaching the Trapped Team. The Creep can be particularly deadly, especially in modes with Charging Agrons and the like. Unfortunately you are on the clock and don't have time to clear out all the creep in a safer, more methodical manner. Power through and get to the runners before they are butt raped by Stalkers or else.

    [align=center]EC Muta Camp[/align]


    Ah, a venerable camping spot. The path to the high ground twists around quite a bit, giving you plenty of time to work over the mobs before they can get to you. Only one entrance to guard, making it very AoE Doom friendly, and unlike quite a few other High Ground Camping Spots, there is actually enough open room up there that enemy effects like Mentos Worms or MEATeorites aren't a complete pain in the ass to dodge. Good explosive barrel placement here as well, just in case you didn't have ENOUGH advantages against the enemies here.

    Easy Company makes good use of this spot in Newbie Mode, but not on much else. Great for dealing with the Post Erebos Mark I waves, and having plenty of room to move in order to avoid Mentos's worms is just gravy.

    Alpha Company however pretty much ignores the existence of this location. There is no reason to go there and no fights anywhere near it.

    Apollo Security Team though considers this place their second home. Pretty much from the time HAL is shut down, up until the end of the storyline, they hunker down here with just the occasional runner to go activate the next segments of the game. Except to fight Apoptosis, Athena, the hordes before and after, and most of the fury contained within the Biodomes from this location.

    [align=center]Dome B/Erebos's Lair[/align]


    Separated from Apollo City proper, Dome B is also the home to the monster Erebos in Easy Company, and the first place where the Runners in Apollo Security Team will find resistance from a pack of 'roid raging Agrons. While a fairly open area, there is a surprising amount of vision blocking, due to the high ground ramp to the West, the trees which surround Dome B.

    Easy Company doesn't have much reason to go here. There are no objectives in this area, and usually the only reason anyone would be here is on the way to the Helipad in order to grab the Shotgun.

    Alpha Company as well usually merely passes through on their scouting expedition after camping in the Fort. There isn't much of note, but it's important to clear it out of any waiting ambushes before you move onto the lab. The last thing you want is for your helipad runner to crack into this region and have a metric ton of angry infested swarm out at him.

    Apollo Security Team however is forced to actually do shit around here. The Runner Team needs to break out of this area and the several Agrons which are securing the area against Marine interference. Later on, you will end up back here regardless of the path you choose, either in order to seal the Biodome or on the way to overload the Reactor.

    [align=center]The Main Reactor[/align]


    The Main Reactor which powers the Apollo Colony. It's a hard position to assault, due to limited access routes to it, and a hard position to hold since any marines activating the Reactor will be on the low ground from every enemy that is coming at them. A turret is also located down here, which poses a surprise to the unsuspecting Marine who forgot about HAL hacking the Turrets, a very unpleasant one at that. Because of the limited escape routes, and the low ground position, it's one of the harder hold out locations to break out of when you need to escape. Unfortunately you will be on a timer and can't afford to just wait out the hordes like you often will do when backed up against a wall. Overload the reactor, and waste no efforts at trying to escape.



    Ah, the Helipad. Once a prime location for camping against Black Ops and the Queen, it is now an often forgotten and maligned spot. Every game one Combat Shotgun will spawn here, and as such it's always worth taking a side trip to the Helipad if you're in the neighborhood.

    Easy Company: It's still a fairly decent location to camp against the Post Erebos Mark I waves, Black Ops, and Zombie Queen. However being relatively out of the way from most objectives, it's not exactly a popular spot to head to. There are decent locations that are typically closer to wherever you end up.

    In Alpha Company this is one of the three locations that Dr. Asshat might run to in order to escape. Since getting to this location means running through a lot of vision blocking and uphill ramps, it's not exactly a cake walk to get to, but it's hardly impossible either.

    Apollo Security however has almost no reason to go here. The only real use for the Helipad is a place to try and hole up against the hordes as you try to trigger the Reactor. Let them come, grind them into paste from the much more defensible helipad and when they thin out, then finally go out and overload the Reactor.

    (To be concluded...)
  8. ArcturusV

    ArcturusV New Member

    And here we come to the last leg of the Tour.

    [align=center]Dome B Overlook[/align]


    This ledge, overlooking Dome B and the dreaded Lair of the Brain Bug is a staple of Apollo City defenses. It turns any enemies crossing the bridge within the Layer into a shooting gallery and provides a nice open vista to peg anything which might fly over from Dome B... conveniently the Dome of Gargoyles and Stranglers. Nearby you have the guaranteed two Thermal Sight items, which are always useful should you be lacking Perception Points, detection talents, or road flares. Also there are two Civilian Rescue Hexes here for Easy Company.

    Easy Company uses this spot to fight against Dome B, providing they don't punk out and do all the domes from a camp location somewhere far, far away from Apollo City. A good number of the ground based random spawns during this time will have to cross the bridge right in front of you, making it quite easy to thin the ground threat while not drawing attention away from the airborne swarms.

    Alpha Company and Apollo Security Team don't really have much cause to go here. It's worth noting through that Lt. Sheng in the Apollo Security Team storyline will often end up standing in this spot, gunning down the hordes on the bridge after the Armory is Triggered. That is at least if you are camping in Central Plaza.

    [align=center]Dome C[/align]


    One of the four Biodomes across Apollo City. Dome C is home to some of the heaviest infested abominations and can be quite a pain in the ass to deal with. Clearing out the rubble in front of it is highly suggested, just to limit the amount of Pathing Blocking that is near here. One of the civilian Rescue Hexes is located directly north of Dome C, and can be quite tricky to get if Dome C is currently spawning enemies.

    Easy Company typically thinks of this as the hardest dome. Agrons, Stalkers, and Banelings spawning from it. Fighting at it isn't too hard, though it begs for AoE Doom Templates being thrown around a lot, or high amounts of Tankery. Clear out the rubble south of Dome C before hand, so the spawns don't spread out and scatter too much.

    In Alpha Company this is one of the locations where you can spawn near after Dr. Asshat gasses you because he's just a total prick like that. Like all the domes during this segment it will spawn enemies, including Parasites, try to skirt around it while you run past lest you take too many free Parasite Nibbles and find yourself incapable of escaping.

    In Apollo Security it is one of the Biodomes that you have to put down. It does spawn Stranglers from it, which can make it dangerous for runners to deal with if they aren't paying attention.

    [align=center]Dome A[/align]


    Located near the Eastern Gate, Dome A is quite dangerous for reasons other than Dome C. It's located right at the entrance, allowing stuff that spawns from Dome A to aggro onto you while you are still on the low ground outside Apollo City, and can be Bad Times all around. Three Civilian Hexes are located within a stone's throw of Dome A as well, making it a location that Civilian Runners in Easy Company will get intimately familiar with. Watch out for the vision blocking provided by those trees.

    Easy Company has perhaps the hardest challenge at Dome A, presuming they choose to fight at it. While individually nothing that spawns from Dome A might be considered a true danger, they spawn in heavy numbers, lots of Creep will spread as they die, and Infested Marines will do a number on most Marines. It's not to be underestimated. And due to Infested Marines and Creep Spread from Hulks, shouldn't be underestimated by Civilian Runners. Speaking of which Hulks and Immortals often prove dangerous to Easy Company, because they abandon the VERY powerful Mk-3 Flamethrowers which rips them apart and usually employs "power" weapons which are effected by Armor Screw or suck against the lighter enemies (see: Laser Rifle).

    Alpha Company has little to do here. Just watch out for spawns coming out of Dome A while escaping Apollo City and running down Dr. Asshat.

    Again one of the biodomes that the Apollo Security Team will have to seal. It does spawn Gargoyles from it, among other enemies, which can be a pain in the ass to deal with. It's also where the Trapped team starts out, and needs to hold their ground as moving too far from Dome A results in bad things, like giant Tartaruses or Unlimited Ghoul Works. Not only that, it is the location where Nazara, the Machine King, is often fought. It's a busy place for Apollo Security.

    [align=center]Ventilation System[/align]


    Where Dr. Asshat Tanaka leads to to release the "Anti-Toxin" that will supposedly "Stop" the infestation... yeah right. It's only really used in Alpha Company, and only if you choose to trust the word of a guy who just tried to kill you and ditch you. Heavy smoke blocking vision, three hexes that need to be camped on, being stuck on the Low Ground while the enemy pours in from three directions, not to mention including several enemies which spread creep when they die. It's not a position you can hold for very long, so get your stuff done quickly and fall back. The one advantage this location has is a high ground perch to the East which has only one entrance up it. There is also a magazine which always spawns here, just in case your ammo whore is suffering from lack of magazines.

    [align=center]The Laboratory[/align]


    The Lab, a place that features prominently in all three storylines. Just goes to show how much the intellectual elite is fucking you over in Apollo Colony. A crowbar can always be found here, and usually someone will drop additional power weapons out for you, depending on which Scientist du jour is manning the post of Screwing You today. The Lab has some nice open areas for kiting, a good high ground location on the West end for camping, and even comes with two Auto Turrets just for additional Doom Insurance.

    In Easy Company here you find the tragic Dr. Bergmann. Hero of the early hours of the outbreak "something" has happened to him and he is no longer himself. He will lead Easy Company in the cleansing of the Biodomes and provide them with two Laser Rifles. However later he spins some lies to set the Black Ops Team and Easy Company against each other while he makes his escape and releases Eos on Apollo. It's a perfectly serviceable location to fight the Black Ops Team, due to one narrow entrance into it. You also take on Dome D from this area, ripping it down from inside or just outside the Laboratory.

    In Alpha Company the scientist of the day is the Asshat Dr. Tanaka. When the marines approach he'll infect the, perhaps, less evil Dr. Gunjan with an advanced form of the virus, unleashing a boss fight on Alpha Company in the confines of the Lab. Soon after he's put down you are forced to camp in the lab and protect Dr. Tanaka while he works to assure your Doom. But at the very least he's kind enough to hand you a M5 Pulse Rifle and Laser Rifle in return for protecting him until he can escape and murder you all.

    The Apollo Security Team however has little to do with the lab in the grand scheme of things. The Laboratory itself is used as bait for the marines, HAL setting up a "Distress Call" to draw the marines out of their highly defensible Fort and to the much more vulnerable position in Apollo City. Entering the lab triggers the trap where HAL unleashes Nazara, The Machine King against you. He doesn't even have the small kindness that Dr. Asshat has to provide you with a decent weapon. It's just pure screw. Just know that later you will get your revenge and shut down that insane prick. [hr]
    Now it's done, that's it for the Tour, you've seen it all, you know all the high lights and low lives of Apollo Security.
  9. Nicarco
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    Nicarco Warden

    I think you forgot one place:

    The place that the civs run through if you do happen to break the rocks on their way to the south truck.

    That place with the hologram and the magazines and rocks and so forth.
  10. i cannot see the attachments which makes this useless
  11. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    Well it is a year and a half old, the creator has been afk for something like 6 months, and the map has been changed somewhat since then. Regardless, it's a good read and I had fun reminiscing looking through it just now.

    Old threads aren't supposed to be relevant anymore. Thats why we make new ones :D
  12. EdAWACSdenyY

    EdAWACSdenyY Member

    A very detailed and informative thread at the time this was posted but at least you made the effort. Not all parts of this guide is invalid though. Also do you have some kind of grudge against Dr.Tanaka or something? or do you just write that this way?
  13. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    ... You do realize Arc hasn't been online for most of the past year, right? And it's probably because, I dunno, Tanaka is debatably the most evil human in NOTD still in control of his own mind.
  14. DamonIsa

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    Well, I"m back now. I see that something happened to the Attachments that were originally on it.

    And yes, Tanaka hate was, at the time at least, very warranted. Tanaka was the ONE game over in the game that wasn't a result of "Everyone sucks and dies". Combined with a headache inducing visual segment, and the fact that the character himself kind of made the Marines look... well... stupid. As this was basically the sequence of events:

    Alpha Company gets to the Laboratory... they see Tanaka inject Dr. Gunjun and turn him into Cronus the Death Bringer of Disco.
    Tanaka after the fight immediately goes to the Marines, "Hey, you totally didn't just see me turn someone into a monster... here have a Laser Rifle and a M5 Pulse Rifle... yes I know Laser Rifles are entirely useless in this campaign... I mean nooooo... I didn't know that. Tough break huh, with no bosses with over like... 2 Armor. He he he."
    Then goes to the Marines, "Hey, chumps, protect me while I Escort Mission NPC myself into enemy hordes. I am totally not doing something that will screw you. Remember I'm totally not a monster creating traitor who just tried to kill you."
    Followed by, "... ooops, wrong button, I just doped you with Hallucinogens... GGnoRe while I Zoidberg Away!"
    And capped with, "... oh, you found me. I totally wasn't leaving you for dead and trying to escape. Hey, I JUST HAPPEN to have this nerve toxin that totally only hurts infested... you wanna use it on the Deathtrap Air Duct Terminal?"

    Keep in mind Alpha Company was always my favorite storyline. So it came from love.

    Anyway, Necromancy aside, I want to know if anyone wants me to redo this guide with my old pictures which I believe are still on my hard drive. Also wants to add in any changes to lay out/gear locations/storyline importance I don't know. Since I've been back, only had Easy Company Recruit games so not sure how the Real Easy Company is being played out, much less Alpha Company or Security Team.

    Blame Unknown Soldier for reminding me about this... <.<
  15. guilty as charged :) if you need help i can do that (except i am terribly busy lately :p )
  16. Ramses II
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    Ramses II Help, I can't change my title!

    Actually if it's not too much trouble it might be nice to return it to its original state and then archive it wherever we put cool historical documents.
  17. Stan

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    yeah, it probably should stay here
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