New Players' Guide to becoming more integrated with the Community

Discussion in 'Strategy and Tactics' started by Extifer, Mar 16, 2012.

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  1. Extifer
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    So I've been reading on how a player was complaining about vets and how their elitist in the community and don't want to play with newbs. Then I also read how he killed someone for randoming a Pathfinder in pub because he felt it was unfair. So I thought to myself that players of this kind are very unwarranted and something should be done to prevent new players towards becoming this.

    As a result, I decided to write a guide of some sort to help new players become more integrated with the community. This way they come off as more knowledgeable, friendly, and someone that any player would want to play a NOTD game with. As opposed to becoming a player that's unbearable, selfish, greedy, hard headed, and overall someone you don't want to be play with at all.

    So here it is in no particular order except for the first one:

    1) First and foremost DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT HACKING, SUPPORTING HACKERS, OR INSULTING PLAYERS OF THE COMMUNITY. Its utter b.s for HACKERS to have something they truly didn't earn and this will not only piss off the community, but it will also warrant retaliation from the community when they see HACKERS in pub games and what not. Also, HACKERS will be put on a list Community Watch which will make it impossible for them to play private games with veterans of the community.

    Also, although one may think its "innocent" to support hackers by playing with them or whatever the case. We as the community will never tolerate their supporters. As the saying goes "The one who supports the murder of an innocent person is just as guilty as the person who comitted the murder".

    Furthermore as a new player, don't go and insult other players for whatever reason you have. Its not necessary and its quite pathetic to be insulting someone you don't even know. Members of this community and forums will find out about such action and you will be banned from the forums and playing private games with veterans of this commmunity.

    2) Play a variety of classes when they become available and don't just stick to one class. Although its great to specialize in one class, your most likely not always going to play that class. This is because when it comes to certain private games like "Nightmare mode" ones someone might have your specialized class role taken and you may end up not getting it. So if your're offered another class role and are unfamiliar with it, unfortunately you'll most likely get kicked from the game lobby or it'll only spell doom for the team if you manage to play that "nightmare mode" game.

    3) Don't tk other players for any reason other than the fact that their a hacker (although leaving the game or vking the hacker is fine too). This is because if you do tk for any other reason than the one aforementioned, you'll only look petty. Also, if you do accidentally tk someone, do apologize its the least you can do.

    4) If you ever do manage to get into a game with veterans and knowledgeable players, don't leave when you die. This is because although your dead, you can at least watch how they play to beat the game. This allows you to obtain more knowledge on survivability, team tactics to beat the game, and various strategies for various situations.

    5) Always thank any fellow players/veterans for inviting you to their games. This way you'll leave a better impression of yourself overall in the community and its the least you can do.

    6) Always be willing to learn regardless of xp or rating. Although I've been around this community for over a year now there are many things I'm unaware of in the game. However, when new/old players tell me of this info and what not, I don't act like elitist telling them off. Instead, I say, "wow I didn't know that, thanks for the info/advice".

    7) Just because you have xp around 5k - 10k it doesn't mean your a veteran. Also don't assume high xp players are veterans/knowledgeable in the game. A true veteran in my regards is a player that has been around the game for a long period of time and has a significant amount of knowledge in the game. Its not necessarily a reflection of the amount of xp they have. There are many players in the NOTD channel with high xp, but really have no knowledge of the game.

    8) Try to keep your rating high. This is because although the amount of lives you receive will be decreased, I personally find it makes you a better player because of so.

    9) If a veteran gives you advice or tells you to do something please do it or at least try to. We are not trying to come off as dictators commanding your every move. We are trying to tell you to do something that will ensure your survivability and enhance your game and ours overall.

    10) If a veteran asks for a specific item to have for themselves or others, try to at least give it to them. We aren't trying to come off as greedy bastards hoarding everything for ourselves and other veterans. We are only trying to get items that better fits for our class and others in general. In other words, there are certain items in NOTD that are better for one class over the other.

    Ex. A medic using a Barret Sniper rifle will not use it as effectively as a Marksman.

    11) If you ever do manage to become a certified veteran, don't become an elitist to new players. You were a new player at one point and were fortunate enough to have veterans teach you the ways of playing the game so return the favor to newer players. It'll encourage them to play more and expand the community overall.

    12) Integrate yourself in every aspect of NOTD you are able to so you can help yourself and others(wiki/forum/vent/channel-in-game) - credits to Shooz for this advice
    NOTD Ventrilo Information by Shooz
    NOTD Wikia originally started up by Niteshade with other members of the community contributing various articles

    13) Be willing to experiment as well. Learning from others is all fine and dandy. You can be told "Build X or Item X is the best way to go for that Class", but you need to figure out Why, and if it is actually true yourself. Guides are fine and dandy, and veteran advice helps, just be willing to go outside the lines yourself and test things out. - credits to ArcturusV for this advice.

    14) Doing something unique (not only in game of course) is a great way of standing out (in a good way hopefully) and therefore earning the respect of your peers in a way other than through your combat prowess on the battlefield. Of course, that's the most common way, but should you have a stupidly slow computer like me, doing something here on the forums that people appreciate is just as good.- credits to Nicarco for this advice

    15) Enjoy the game and have fun. This is what NOTD is all about after all.

    I want to thank and credit this guide to my fellow veterans and friends that I play with frequently on Vent and in the NOTD channel, you guys know who you are. It's players like you guys, where games are created where we are able to have fun and a good laugh. I also want to encourage the community and players alike to share this guide with any new players you come across in a pub game or so. I hope this will lead new players in the right direction.
  2. Lord NiteShade
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    RE: A guide for new players on how to become more integrated with the community

    So good I had to Sticky It as well.
  3. Diode

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    RE: A guide for new players on how to become more integrated with the community

    Prove your worth to the people you are trying to win over. If you fail then you become second string to those that can lead.
    -There is always order in true organized games.
    -Play your roles smartly and not act like a dick.
    -Gain experience by following others.
    -Play is what required and not what you want.

    Sooner or later you will have carved a name for yourself to let others know you are dependable to be played with. Follow these things and you will do well in NOTD.
  4. Extifer
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    I don't know if this was suppose to be posted under strategy and tactics. I just wanted this to be seen by all people of the community and new players alike so I put it in NOTD discussion. Hopefully, I did a good job on writing this and it will help with new players becoming better when they become true veterans of the community and not high xp a**holes who think they know everything and complain about how veterans such as ourselves are elitist and never want to play with them.
  5. Blaqk
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    Heed Diode's advice. There are many in the community whose respect is not easily earned, but the ability to enjoy the game and not overstep the bounds of your role will go a very long way in earning it. Too often do I see players do idiotic things because they're bored in their current role. There have been games, specifically Apollo B, where we've managed to find almost no weapons of value, so I've stood around with an M45 rifle on hold fire and just talked, because I knew my role was to not waste ammo, and to keep Athena at bay with Force Push when the time came, not to try to run out and try to find a better weapon.

    At the root of it all, you have this. If you only play NOTD for the gameplay, your experience will be shortlived. This is not to say that NOTD is a boring game, but it does get repetitive if you only value that sole aspect. In order to truly enjoy NOTD, you have to explore the other facets. Gameplay, community, and development are the triumvirate of NOTD, and the more you "integrate", as the others have said, and participate in those facets the greater your enjoyment of NOTD as a whole will be.
  6. Extifer
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    Extifer Stiffy is what Lyanden calls me.

    I don't want this thread getting too long or potentially off topic. If you feel like I need to add a certain advice, please PM it to me instead of replying with it and I shall take a look at it. If I think the advice is important, I shall add it to the 1st post and give you credit of course.
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    If it does I just cut the topic in half.

    Requested posts deleted.
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