New Members Introduction Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Shooz, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Marcus

    Marcus Member

    Thank you for welcome Ability:). Good job on NoTD;). Looking forward to NoTD2:D.
  2. McGregger

    McGregger New Member

    Hey there everyone, McGregger here, survival genre addict, i used to play NotD: Aftermath on WC3 way back when and NotD and NotD II on SC2 have sparked my interest... Got allot of learning to do. :p Hope to be able to play and learn the ropes with some of you NotD Vets. :)
  3. Markus_Black

    Markus_Black Member

    Hey there NOTD I am Markus everyone's favorite Rofl-man I have been playing NOTD for sometime now and thought it would be nice to be apart of the community so Hello there if yo ever need a extra hand for a NM you know who to call
  4. welcome markus :D hope you enjoy your time here
  5. Markus_Black

    Markus_Black Member

    Thanks dood
  6. ozzy

    ozzy Member

    notd was the second arcade game I played and it is one of the best I see

    most time I play 2 vs 2 or random arcade games
  7. amberboy

    amberboy New Member

  8. Blaqk
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  9. Markus_Black

    Markus_Black Member
  10. woosa

    woosa New Member

    Hello all, I'm Woosa.

    I'm an old player that recently came back to notd because i missed my engi so much.
    I have no exp, no stat pts...basically nothing since i logged back in and loaded up notd 2.
    I'm open to play any level...once i unlock them ofcourse. any of you guys want to help out an old player and get me some solid exp to at least unlock AC and Marksman, it would be appreciated.
  11. Markus_Black

    Markus_Black Member

  12. JohnyM

    JohnyM Member

    I started to play few months ago on EU. I get interested in game thanks to CPR guys who's taught me what i know now. Now i play on NA and EU and look forward for some practice in AC and SEC.
  13. MissHumpz
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    Welcome to the NOTD Forums JohnyM :)

    Feel free to participate in any of the discussions on the forums, there are plenty of informative threads about NOTD strategies and class guides you may be interested in!
  14. JohnyM

    JohnyM Member

    Thank you.
    I certainly will check all i can.
  15. Yukitaka Oni

    Yukitaka Oni Member

    YukitakaOni :V
    Server: NA
    Current xp: 27-28k
    Skill level: Demo 4 life >.>
    Hobby: Laugh at pub hero because of their (logic) <.<
    Special skill: Used to win solo vet sec with recon :3
    Like: Crowbar:3, arc reactor, XS, C6, RA and med kit :3
    Dislike: All the gun, mags, newbies do civs and let them dead..... Then....escape their crime by rage quit
    Real life: Vodka, sushi, fennec fox, communist girl friends. ;-;
    Nickname: Snow devil eagles
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  16. EdowardoLMP

    EdowardoLMP Well-Known Member

  17. Yukitaka Oni

    Yukitaka Oni Member

    Nuuuuuuu ;-;
  18. MissHumpz
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    Hahahaha! Glad to see you're visiting the forums regularly Yukitaka :)
  19. Yukitaka Oni

    Yukitaka Oni Member

  20. Kuijibo

    Kuijibo New Member

    Hello Kuijibo here
    pretty new, less than 2k exp, just about to make sgt. Keep dying in any game but recruit, but would love to actually get some vet/apollo under my belt. Exclusivly play medic.

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