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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Shooz, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. i do not want to disappoint you but i am an older member than you :p
  2. ChocSix

    ChocSix Member

    Hello NOTD! First post in the forum.

    ChocSix (SEA, NA, EU, KR&TW) from NSW, Australia.

    Originally played NOTD in SEA, but for some reason, there's no more players there so I started again in NA servers. I probably will start making a new bank in EU rather than migrating my NA bank. I don't mind starting over.

    It was a hard climb up to 10kXP, learning new tricks and teaching FNGs (fresh new gamers) how NOTD goes.

    I play mostly as AMM providing long range DPS with OSOK, but can play a medium range DPS as SMM.
  3. FranktheTank

    FranktheTank New Member

    Hey NOTD. Long time lurker, first time poster here. I'm FranktheTank on the NA server; Not to be confused with the original Frank that some others have mentioned here. Sorry for the confusion. I've had this handle since the WOL Beta. :-D

    Discovered this game earlier in the summer. Never really paid much attention to the Arcade section of WOL/HOTS until finishing both campaigns and was looking for something different to try. So here I am.

    I'm an old Starcraft/C&C/Ground Control/Tribes 2 player - for those that played these classics.

    Typically, I play C/S ROFL, AMM, or FA MED. I don't mind being the steady hand on a diverse team that can handle the basics well enough to contribute to the higher level games. I've been known to FO or Tech as well in certain game modes. I play mostly pub, but I recently discovered the NOTD channel and have been building on my 11k XP.

    This is a really fun game mod - the developers did an awesome job. In high school, I worked on a mod for C&C Red Alert with a few friends, so I acknowledge and understand the time and sacrifice (and frustration) that goes into such an endeavor. Excited for NOTD2.

    See you guys in the fold.

    PS. Special thanks to Shamu, KurtSwanson, and CommanderAce (none of which post here) for taking me in as a <1k noob and basically teaching me the game. Treat new pub guys nicely, they may just stick around. =)
  4. EdAWACSdenyY

    EdAWACSdenyY Member

    Hi Frankie!!!!! welcome I'm so happy to see you!!!! hope to see you sometimes on here Check out some of my works if you have time!!
  5. EdAWACSdenyY

    EdAWACSdenyY Member

    I like your Avatar remind me of Bill Nye the science guy "Consider the Following"

    I like that image in your signature it looks very nice I'm also a fan of Gundam Seed
  6. CooL

    CooL Member

    Hi folks.. I wonder why no more player in SEA.. :confused:
  7. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member

    global play being enabled made sea obsolete. or so they say
  8. EdowardoLMP

    EdowardoLMP Well-Known Member

    True, most of em gathered and even created a TmSEA (SEA clan of some sort) at NA.
  9. CooL

    CooL Member

    Agree.. But when we have sucks internet connection, playin at "home" is the only option. Well.. it's just my problem I think :(
  10. Shooz
    • Donator

    Shooz NOTD Staff: Killjoy

    Back on topic please.
  11. Silvanus

    Silvanus New Member

    Hi my name is aaron. I used to play aftermath all the time back in the day. I was mainly an of and I loved it. Since then I've been in the army for a little over three years now and deployed in an infantry recon platoon. i am east coast at fort drum andI would love to get back into playing a fun video game again and meet some new friends online. I also have a new curiosity for programing specifically with python and would love to know if anyone else can write code. Anyways, I haven't even bought the game yet as I just rediscovered notd was still around; however, I would like to know how it is and if there is good traffic on it before I buy the game. Thanks
  12. Silvanus

    Silvanus New Member

    Sorry I meant FO*
  13. EdAWACSdenyY

    EdAWACSdenyY Member

    Hello Silvanus I'm EdAWACSdenyY welcome to the NOTD community we are very glad to have you join us!!! If you have time.. check out my fan fiction in the Universe Forums!!! hope you like it here!
  14. welcome, you can try NOTD on starter edition of SC2 on Americas server to try it so you can see for yourself without buying the game
  15. Shooz
    • Donator

    Shooz NOTD Staff: Killjoy

    If you like to program. You should meet our resident NOTD Staff programmer.
  16. Silvanus

    Silvanus New Member

    Well I just bought it and its taking awhile to install. Will I need the expansion also? Cause that's a lot extra just to play notd.
  17. Shooz
    • Donator

    Shooz NOTD Staff: Killjoy

    NOTD never upgraded to HOTS content. This means that if you're new and want to try the game. The starter edition of the game will get you in game and learning how to play.
  18. Ability
    • Development Team
    • NOTD Creator

    Ability NOTD Creator

    Welcome Silvanus - no expansion needed for NOTD.
  19. Alice

    Alice New Member

    Soooo....I use to play NOTD:AM a lot and I was wondering if this starcraft version is similar or it just using the whole you vs zombies thing. Oh by the way I'm new hi
  20. EdAWACSdenyY

    EdAWACSdenyY Member

    Welcome Alice!!!! My name is EdAWACSdenyY and I am very glad to welcome you to this wonderful community!!!! If you have time I'm mostly be in the Universe Forum.

    Anyways Welcome to this digital Wonderland!

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