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    NOTD Community and Kickstarter Backers,

    I'm happy to announce that we will be adding FunkyUserName to our NOTD 2 development team. We don't lightly make decisions to add members to NOTD's development team as the current team has worked together for several years - with a strong bond and a lot of trust built. We've personally spoken with Funky several times the team has unanimously agreed to have him on board. He will be working with Kithrixx and ArcanePariah, with a 60/40 responsibility split between implementation/design. His addition will help speed up the groundwork we need in order to get NOTD 2 ready by the time Legacy of the Void (SC2's 3rd and final expansion) launches.

    Here are a few words from him:
    I am modding since SC1 and I am a huge WC3: NotD II fan since 2006. Through my membership in clan NotD (EU) I was able to get my hands on the original unprotected NotD II 1.3. We then developed NotD III (not to mistaken with another discontinued project called NotD III started at kingsforum) to rule out bugs and add major improvements. After Starcraft 2 came out I have created several maps and would call myself to be pretty good with the editor meanwhile. Queen Survival and The Rising Dead are the most popular ones. TRD is a remake of Notd III but with the intention to remove the most annoying things from NotD III and to introduce some new mechanics to the gameplay. I also created a lot of prototype maps to test new map ideas and concepts (artillery fight, banshee fight, planetary cleaning service). Each map taught me something different I am happy to bring this experience into SC2: Notd II.

    Congratulations once again on joining the team, FunkyUserName!
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  2. welcome to the team funky :)
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    Stereo Paper Boy

    Welcome aboard Funky! I never invested myself into TRD quite like Lefty did, but I enjoyed the game for the brief time I tried it.
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    FunkyUserName Development Team

    lefty really is into this kind of genre :D. thanks for the welcome.
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    Mirage ಠ_ಠ What are you looking at?

    Bro Bro.. I was added to the team back when it was cool.

    Do you even have a single digit forum user id bro?

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