New Gameplay Mode - Mercenary Mode (Yes from RE Series lol)

Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by Peerawatz, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Peerawatz
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    Peerawatz NOTD Staff: Sound Mixer and NOTD Troll Chieftain

    Am I the only one getting bored of the same old stuffs with nothing to do but trolling pubs or do a surv and grinds credits, bah its time for something better XD



    Mercenary Mode
    (Or whatever you want to call it)

    The general concept is totally an opposite to Survival, in that your primary objective is to KILL as many enemies possible within the time limit using limited ammo, weapons and items) with a boss appearing once or twice, it should also be able to re-match in-game as it's seem to be fairly fast (each round should not be longer than 15 min)

    But since there's alot of enemies in NOTD, instead of kills, we can use score based system (aka stronger zombie gives higher score).

    Basic Rules

    - A total of no more than 6 timer increase can be spawned within that area (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DONT USE ENTIRE MAP AS THE ARENA)

    - Only spawns with certain weapons and items, and very very minor loot

    - Starting Timer should be around 5-6 min, gathering all timer upgrade (each upgrades by +1 min) will allow you to stay for up to 10-12 minutes, killing a boss gives you 0.30+.

    - Deadlier zombies appears the longer the game proceeds.

    - Player should start with lv.9 and is given 20 seconds to adjust all stats and talent points


    Rifleman - 15 mags, Gauss Rifle, Shotgun, 2 bandages, c2, AP Ammo, Thermals

    Medic - 12 mags, SMG, Marksman Rifle, 6 medkits, ARC, AP Ammo, C2

    Assault - 20 mags, Ammo Box, HMG, CB, HCM, HP Ammo, AP Ammo, C6, NHA

    Recon - 12 mags, Marksman Rifle, Gauss Rifle, ARC, CMA, Therms, 6 road flares, 2 bandages, KA Armor.

    Marksman - 15 mags, Marksman Rifle, Barret, Pistol, Ammo Box, FMJ Ammo, HP Ammo, ARC, KA Armor.

    Demolitions - 15 mags, L3 Gren L, CB, XS-4, 6 road flares, HE Ammo, ARC

    Combat Engineer - 12 mags, Gravity Gun, Shotgun, 3 medkits, HE Ammo, C2, ARC,

    Commando - 15 mags, HK, Pulse Rifle, Flamethrower, Ammo Box, x2 HP, C2, 6 medkits

    Psi Ops - 12 mags , Pulse Rifle, Marksman Rifle, ARC, CMA, 4 bandages,c2

    Flamethrower - 15 mags, Flamethrower, Laser Rifle, x2 HE, ARC, C6 medkits.

    Forward Observer - 12 mags, Marksman Rifle, Gauss Rifle, Ammo Box, CMA, ARC, 2 bandages,c2

    Technician - 15 mags, Shotgun, CB, c4 armor, ARc, x2 NHA

    Pathfinder - 15 mags, Pistol, 4 bandages, ARC, CMA, XS-4 Armor

    Chem Experts - 15 mags, Flamer(ChemSprayer), Gauss Rifle, c2, x2 ARC

    We can discuss about item list later XD

    Possible Fight Locations

    - Within Apollo City

    - From Scrapyard up to near Fort (but not included Fort)

    - Comms Tower Area

    - Factory/Airlock to Ere Lair area

    - Bergman Lab - for hardcore ppl only duh


    To avoid camping, zombies will spawn far away from players, and should not automatically seek out players if they're too far.

    No Ratings, XP, Credits or whatever should be lost/gained in this mode (cuz I can sense heavy grinding here), but perhaps there can be a score recorded to show the team's best score.

    Note ; Keep in mind that it's still team-game so score is for that team, not individually - but there can be a record too of each individual's most kills using which class.

    Suggestions ?XD
  2. ArcanePariah
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    ArcanePariah Miracle Worker

    Hmm the concept sounds intriguing. See what team can unleash the most destructive power while staying alive.

    Another possible game mode that would be interesting to add is basically the last stand mode right out of DoW 2. People pick classes, and just hold as long as possible. Probably have entire apollo city to hold off, with each gate being a spawn point for enemies.
  3. Ability
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    Ability NOTD Creator

    I like the concept. NOTD will not have a PvP mode (we've already agreed on this way upfront), but other coop modes are something to discuss about. I like that it promotes faster games too. More like an Arcade mode.
  4. Peerawatz
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    Peerawatz NOTD Staff: Sound Mixer and NOTD Troll Chieftain

    Enemies to appear in order would be

    Start of Match

    Zombies, Hulk, Ghouls, blindlings (No blindtrain plz), stalkers, parasites

    1 min of game starting

    Hulk, Seeker, ghouls, huggers, stalkers, agrons, parasites, baneling, infested marines

    3 min of game starting

    Hulk, Seeker, huggers, moar stalkers, agrons, devouvers, parasites, nydus worm, baneling, fest rines, tartarus.

    5 min of game starting

    Seeker, Immortal, huggers, agrons, devouvers, slashers, nydus worm, baneling, clicking, fest rines, gargoyles, wraiths, Tartarus

    7 min of game starting

    Seeker, Immortal, huggers, devouvers, slashers, nydus worm, clicklings, fest rines, wraiths, Menos, Erebos, Deimos.

    9 min of game starting

    Immortal with Seeker speed, huggers, slashers, devouvers, clicklings, wraiths, Lelantos, Menos, Tartarus, Sheeps

    11+ mins of game starting

    Mass Sheeps, mass immortal, mass sdevouvers, slashers, wraiths, lelantos, mass tartarus, Black Ops.
  5. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    Required Combat Rolfs? Only easy way to remove Masses of Sheeps. This seems extremely unforgiving. At least you start with an ULT though. The only worry I can actually say is that Lelantos would be nearly impossible to remove / destroy.

    Should be a troll wave of Sentinels though. Like, just Sentinels, with them doing 1 flat damage without reduction. They should explode into Napalm.

    Demolitions will feel the <3, as will Chem Expert when he comes out. I Look forward to seeing 8x Combat CE's Overdriving and ravaging this.
  6. Lord NiteShade
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    Lord NiteShade NOTD Staff: Wiki Founder/TeamSpeak Admin

    Naturally it would be most efficient to just mass dps classes. Anything that conserves ammo becomes increasingly valuable. Grenades, Mono, Crawler Drones, Mines, The freaking turret, Mobile Infantry, ect ect ect. The hard part, borderline impossible part, would be decided what actually qualifies as overpowered, and how exactly to address it. Something tells me just going 8 air FOs and sending Mini Marines in all directions to hunt n kill would be a popular tactic. Same applies to the Engineer's infernal X1.

    If you wanted it to be a more "even" gamemode, you could limit it to a specific class, like Rifleman, start him at max level, and drop items in static locations (or award them after X kills). Then it becomes more of a "my micro beats your micro" contest.
  7. Arturia

    Arturia Well-Known Member

    I can imagine 8 Gunships at once.

    Artillery would feel no need to conserve its shells, as they would be replenished. No kidding, that would just be hardcore, with Napalm all over.
  8. Peerawatz
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    Peerawatz NOTD Staff: Sound Mixer and NOTD Troll Chieftain

    Afterall it's just to see who can gets the highest score, I think it's fine if people want to go cheap and do like 8 FO and get very high score, but then ppl just that, so wut, you get that high just cuz you did 8 FO duh, nothing special xd.
  9. Lyanden

    Lyanden Well-Known Member

    Suggesting it now

    Hardmode = Vomit cam!
  10. CaptainKaos

    CaptainKaos Member

    whatever did happen to this mode?

  11. Kith
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    Kith NOTD Staff: Anti-Fun Wizard Skeleton

    It got put on the "to do list" and never got around to being done, like many designs. It's being adapted to NOTD 2 with the Slaughter Race competitive mode.
  12. CaptainKaos

    CaptainKaos Member

    what a shame, would've been nice to have a more competitive game type for notd:(

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