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Discussion in 'NOTD Discussion' started by Ramses II, Aug 12, 2012.

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    One of the great benefits of the new arcade system is that it encourages those unsatisfied with NOTD to easily give feedback as to what turned them off. We can use this to make the game more friendly to new players. Here are three of our most helpful critical reviews on NA:

    Pacing isn't something we can really mess with at this point, it would probably be a good idea if we figured out a better way to show new players where to go. I'm thinking have a button for new players that shows the typical path taken by players during whatever the current objective is, looking similar to the train routes on the minimap from the train robbery mission in the campaign. A 15 minute kite-fest is probably referring to the queen, as typically the other recruit mode bosses either go down fast or the mobs take you out within 5 minutes.

    To my knowledge there is no bug with antivenom. This person probably had multiple stacks of venom. There could be a tip that triggers when a new player gets more than one stack of open wound or venom explaining that there are multiple stacks.

    I assume instructions are being worked on for the "how to play" tab in the arcade, might be nice to make the tips a bit larger, repeat the tip about team location multiple times throughout the game.
  2. ArcanePariah
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    Most of these should be addressed once a tutorial is release. NotD learning curve has always been less then forgiving. Hopefully with a dedicated tutorial that shows up each major aspect of the game (ailments/ammo/weapons/inventory), we will have less issues with people playing once, confused/bored, ragequit.
  3. Ryan III

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    what we could do to fix this is to do what NotDSO did, add a command to ping mission objectives. Such as if the team is supposed to go to Espilon, the newer players could type the command to ping the location of Espilon on the map. Maybe use -mission or -objective for this command
  4. QuantumMech

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    And, more important, MAKE IT OBVIOUS. Make it flash on their screen, all strobe like (not literraly), one of the things I hear noobs complain a lot about is not knowing how to do something or not seeing the tips
  5. Ryan III

    Ryan III Well-Known Member

    You could also add more tips to F12 and have a tip saying press F12 for more hints.
  6. Thermidor

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    If you do that, do what QuantumMech said and make the "press F12 for more hints" obvious.
  7. Miracle
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    The problem is that, Night of the Dead is too fast paced in most situations for people to stop and read through the help contents without risking their life.

    I wish the tutorial mode for it is up for teaching new players the basics soon...
  8. Ghost
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    Ghost Warden

    A lot of reviews on EU ask for disabling of friendly fire due to prevalence of TKers. (Part of which is banned people getting new SC2 accounts to grief the new players)

    I atually think that this would be a good idea since there is no reason for friendly fire in Recruit Mode anyway using weapons. We can continue to let skills deal friendly fire there.

    Other stuff I think for Recruit Mode might be a good thing is to reduce the spawn on the right side of Mine Site Epsilon so stragglers coming from spawn aren't killed quite so easily. Make the spawn from south Mine Site (crystals) and north Mine Site heavier to compensate.

    That and a brief tutorial at the start as per the screenshot I posted which is mandatory for recruit mode. ... 5#pid21745

    There's also a number of reviews which find the long rather uneventful walks after airlock civs very boring, and I'm not sure what could be done in that regard, other than make eggs not require the entire team so that someone (even 2 or 3) deciding to lone scout won't hold up everyone else.

    I think 5 player (in 8p game) or 4 player (in 6p) or 3 player (in 5p or less) would be a good thing.

    To further improve quality of reviews and get more people playing with a full house, it is imperative that we somehow merge the 2 channels or decide that the Blizzard provided one should be the only channel. Currently there is a split between the 2.
    It may be worth thinking about just calling the map NOTD if you want to keep the channels together.

    There also seem to be quite a number of reviews which vote the map down due to players being fanboys of another.
  9. Arturia

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    Just require 75% of the # of players to be present to trigger eggs (3/4).
  10. Thermidor

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    Agree, for Recruit Mode only.

    Hmm, I've only been on sc2 once since 1.5, but I only saw 5 people in the Blizzard one as opposed to the 30+ that were in the usual notd channel.

    Those people are asses, unless they provide an actual reason as to why notd is bad, no one will find their review helpful except their fellow fanboys.
  11. Ryan III

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    Why would you ever need to TK in anything but pubs?
  12. Ramses II
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    Madness, MotM, and extra difficulty.
  13. Ryan III

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    when does madness tk?
  14. HipHopDragon
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    Thats the problen. New players join the Official one which has 5 people in it, if they are lucky someone is around that points them to the notd channel. If we dont find a better solution to this we will lose even more new players because they just dont know about the real channel.
  15. Arturia

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    When you Kithrixx tries to cure it with shotgun therapy.
  16. Thermidor

    Thermidor Well-Known Member

    I see your point then.
  17. Blaqk
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    If you need me to, I can voice the new player tips to make them a LOT more conspicuous and a lot less cluttered. As it stands, new players are being shown so much that those little blips of text might actually hurt as much as they help.
  18. Blaqk
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    Since none of you assholes replied, I'll go ahead and record a couple of the tips as an example. It wont happen until later today as I have a to-do list that just doesn't end.
  19. Ghost
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    Ghost Warden

    I posted a bunch on the old forum when I put a lot of thought into it. Maybe you can find them (its locked)

    Other than that, write what you got and I'll add to it.
    Something on the side worth noting is long load times, ram reqs and a labelled map overview from editor

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