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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ghost, Jul 25, 2012.

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    Ghost Warden


    I'm planning to buy a new one soonish and wanted some advice on what would be a good option since I haven't kept up with developments for some years.

    My minimum reqs are
    i7 2.3+ 4 core 8 thread (ideally not overclocked too much)
    12gb Ram
    Geforce 580, though a 3gb chip would be better
    17" screen 1440x900
    Capable mainboard (no cheap stuff)
    Excellent and easy to clean fans (it need to stay cool)
    As few junk add ons as possible (led, fancy arts)

    Price isn't that big of a deal. I got cash to burn.
    Ideally should be available to buy in UK or Europe but I'm going to Canada for a week soon so I can access that market too.

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    Or this:
  5. Ghost
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    Ghost Warden

    Thanks for some ideas, keep them coming.

    What do you think of the MSI GT70 0NE and 0ND builds? The E has GTX680 at 3GB while the D has GTX675 at 4GB. I'm not quite sure which one's better.

    Are MSI generally any good quality in terms of cooling (quite important at high end) and hardware?

    I quite like the ASUS for being silent and extremely well cooled from the sound of it, but the performance reviews don't seem very convincing.

    Yeah I had a look at the M18x but I heard the mainboard was pretty shit according to some reviews and the performance wasn't that much better than the 17 model but nearly double the cost.
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    What about building a Personalize laptop? There is a big chance to get a high-end gaming laptopt for probably the half price of those above and also DELL suck. Its cheap hardware that blow up in a matter of weeks
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    ALienware is WAY overpriced for the bang per buck

    The asus Computer that squish linked is actually the laptop that i have. Runs amazingly well. the problem is the odd design made it difficult for finding a case for it. look at the side picture of it and u'll see what i mean. for a little reference, i can run sc2 notd at high graphics with no issues. The fans work really well but i tend to put my wallet under the back side so that more air can get into the vent. The fan pushes a lot of air. don't put this laptop on ur lap though for a long time, unless u like the smell of burnt flesh. All the vga and hdmi jack's are on the right side. the rest looks like its on the left.

    Personally i like the way the MSI laptop has the plugs in the back. more out of the way imo. the OND build looks better imo but it comes down to the price u want to push out. I dont care for the color keyboard tbh. Like the ssd's tho.

    I used this website for my references and searching. ... -Notebooks
    all the specifications i typed on the left.

    ***Edit: they dont ship overseas. Used purely for item searching due to their large selection of....well, everything...***
  8. Ghost
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    Ghost Warden

    Hm, ordering from the US seems to be a no-go. Too high import taxes to anywhere and I'm not a fan of paying the taxman for no reason.

    GT70 0NE seems to be a new release (in fact, due out only in a few days) but maybe available by the time I am in Canada? Who knows...

    In any case, is it worthwhile waiting to get my hands on a GTX680M as opposed to the 670/675 with a view to using the 'book for at least 4 years?
    I read something about 680 being having some new gen architecture (Kepler vs Fermi) or somesuch.

    If its not that huge of a deal, I might go with the 0NC-0ND range of GT70s which use GTX670/675 and are available locally right away.


    Well looks like 675 and 670 are rebrands of 570 and 580 and the lower cards and be vbios flashed to run the same as the newer cards. That makes the asus a hell lot more attractive.

    Would love a faster processor on it though and 1600mhz ram
  9. QuantumMech

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    I ordered an Asus g75 recently (has yet to arrive, which is a different story) and depending on where you get it, it can come in beast mode. Mine has the most recent i7, I haven't got a clue about this 8 thread thing, but its one of the most recent types. It has a 3 gig nVidia GTX 670M, which is also the most recent, and it came with 12 gigs of ram. Like I said, it depends on where you get it. Considering you are way across the pond, I would not recommend the place I bought my laptop, but look for the asus g75vw-rs72 which is what I got (except I upgraded to kingston hyperX ram, different backlit keyboard, and blu-ray)

    EDIT: It can support up to 32 gigs of RAM 1600 MHz, or 16 gigs of 1866 MHz
  10. Lyanden

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    Well aren't we the lucky boi. Hope all goes well when that thing arrives.
  11. Ghost
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    Ghost Warden

    So in Canada now and got my GT70 0NE.
    Except the graphics card (GTX 680M) doesn't work.

    Error code 43, windows has disabled the hardware
    NVidia Cpl claims display is not attached to a NVIDIA GPU.

    Went to NVIDIA site to check for drivers, none found for 680M.
    The preinstalled ones interestingly are not signed by NVIDIA and seem to be custom from MSI.

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    How unlucky can you get?
  13. Ghost
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    Ghost Warden

    So I'm getting a replacement but was wondering if there's some good way such as a software/diagnostics I can run which can check hardware problems I might not spot right away?
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    im sure arcane will post something soon, bc i have no idea! :p

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